BERLIN POPUP SHOW                                      ARTIST PROSPECTUS                  Park n Front                    ...
INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEWYou are invited to participate in:	       TEMPORARY GALLERY BERLIN	       ART EXHIBITION	       Nov...
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSHow large is your display area? How much room do I have?               How does the purchasing p...
INSTRUCTIONSInstructions For Handling Your Artwork For A Successful ExhibitThe INSTRUCTION PACKAGE with the PICKUP AND DEL...
INSTRUCTIONSD)	   PACKING YOUR ARTWORK                                           5.	 If you wish, you may make arrangement...
INSTRUCTIONSF)	   INSTALLING YOUR ARTWORK                                             3.	 If you will pick up your artwork...
PICK UP & RETURN FORMMy artwork will be:q Picked up by the artist at the exhibit siteq Picked up by an authorized represen...
BERLIN POPUP SHOW                                                                                                         ...
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Call for Art - Artisan Direct at Temporary Gallery Berlin


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We are pleased to announce that we have been invited to participate in an art exhibition in Berlin, Germany. A relationship that began a year ago has lead to our invitation and subsequent participation in the Temporary Gallery Berlin's annual art exhibition held from November 19th through December 31st, 2012.
We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to show and sell your work overseas. Berlin, Germany happens to be one of the great art markets in the world. Artisan Direct has taken space in the exhibition and has room for ten artists and their work. All transportation and logistics will be handled by Artisan Direct.

The price for this month and half show will be $3250, which will cover transportation, promotion and a show catalog. We are prepared to finance this over a six month period.

Because of the enormous interest, we have agreed to do our own Artisan Direct Berlin shows there with more artists eligible to participate for the months of January, April and July of next year.
More information about Temporary Gallery Berlin can be found at

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Call for Art - Artisan Direct at Temporary Gallery Berlin

  1. 1. BERLIN POPUP SHOW ARTIST PROSPECTUS Park n Front Visual Artist Watsart NOVEMBER 19 – DECEMBER 31, 2012 Stretched Canvases Stretcher Bars: 1.50" x 1.50" or 0.625" x 0.625" Wrap Style: Black, White, or Mirrored Image Fine Art Prints Choose From Thousands of Available Frames, Mats, and Fine Art Papers Temporary Gallery Greeting Cards All Cards are 5" x 7" and Include White Envelopes for Mailing and Gift 8.00" x 4.88" 10.00" x 6.13" 12.00" x 7.38" 14.00" x 8.63" $92.04 $92.04 $109.96 $151.37 8.00" x 4.88" 10.00" x 6.13" 12.00" x 7.38" 14.00" x 8.63" $63.50 $63.50 $67.00 $94.50 Berlin, Germany Single Card Pack of 10 Pack of 25 $5.00 / Card $3.70 / Card $3.00 / Card 16.00" x 9.75" $162.37 16.00" x 9.75" $109.00 20.00" x 12.25" $204.98 20.00" x 12.25" $129.00
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEWYou are invited to participate in: TEMPORARY GALLERY BERLIN ART EXHIBITION November 19 – December 31, 2012 Berlin, Germany Display Area: Each artist will have a wall placement approximately 9’ high x 6’ wide. Placement of the art is at the discretion of each artist in conjunction with Artisan Direct and should be planned ahead and communicated to Artisan Direct. Logistics: Each artist will need to make arrangements with Artisan Direct to have selected works in addition to tag information by date indicated on application. Tagging: Each work of art or sculpture will require tagging. Artisan Direct will prepare the tags. The following information is required: Artist’s name; nationality; year born; title of work or medium; dimensions; signature and price. Please add Artisan Direct’s 15% sales commission on to your price. Shipping: Responsibility of the artist unless other arrangements have been made with Artisan Direct. Artists will ship to Cleveland, OH for repacking and crating to Germany. Marketing: Artisan Direct will prepare marketing materials for each artist that will be displayed next to each artist’s work of art. Tickets: To be distributed to participants. Cost: $2250 Contact: Jayson Samuel, Artisan Direct, Ltd., Director of Sales and Marketing P 585.586.3535 | C 585.330.2715 | | ABOUT Temporary Gallery Berlin Despite the international economic crisis, the art world The Temporary Gallery Berlin opened in December, with has not suffered as much as other industries and this the primary purpose of creating an exhibition space for is evident in the Berlin art scene as well. There is still independent artists in Berlin as well as connecting these a readiness to invest in art, seen especially in October artists with similar exhibition spaces all over the world, in 2010, when there were seven different art fairs throughout cities such as New York, Miami and Spain. The Temporary the city, ranging from a fair for independent artists to the Gallery Berlin will provide artists with the marketing and Art Forum Berlin, an internationally recognized art fair. general organizational skills required to hold an exhibition. The Temporary Gallery Berlin will provide a place for artists to exhibit their works in a city where the art market is steadily rising and where many young collectors come to buy works by new emerging artists. 2
  3. 3. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSHow large is your display area? How much room do I have? How does the purchasing process work?The walls of the space are 9 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Someone likes a piece, decides to purchase it, an invoice is generated, a check is made to Artisan Direct, Ltd., or a credit cardHow many artworks can I fit? transaction is generated, or cash is paid to the designated showCut out the sizes to plan your wall or make a space on your floor staff, and Artisan Direct, Ltd. will send you a percentage of the sale.about the size of the wall, then put the actual artwork there to seehow it will fit. Remember to allow for the size of your frame and When will I receive my check?for enough white space between the artwork. If the wall is too Shortly after the money transaction clears.crowded, your artwork will not stand out. Do not send more artthan can fit on the wall. There is no storage for additional work, If I am at the booth, why can’t I receive the money right then?and if we put your artwork with the packing boxes, they run the Sales during the exhibit are between the purchaser and Artisanrisk of being damaged or stolen. Direct, Ltd., not between you and the purchaser.Can I bring my work in person? Can I bring my portfolio?Yes. Hand carry move-in day for our booth is indicated in the Artisan Direct, Ltd. will send press materials on each artist. Youinstructions. may bring your portfolio to show potential clients you meet. You will need to hold your portfolio because the table will display theCan I pick up my unsold work in person? materials prepared by Artisan Direct, Ltd.Yes. Come to the space at the designated time at the end of theshow to sign out for it. Hand carry move-out day is indicated in the Can I send invitations?instructions. Definitely! Your collectors are your best allies! For more information on ordering invita­ions and print materials, tCan I replace sold work? view our web site, a piece of artwork is sold, you can bring another one to replaceit. You will have to make sure it fits the empty space, otherwise itwill not be accepted.Can I put work on the floor in front of my wall?No. Artwork may not be stacked against walls, on the floor, or ontabletops.Can I have prints to sell at the show?Yes. We will have a print bin next to the table. All prints will gothere. The public will be free to browse and purchase.How do I prepare my prints?Be sure your prints are made rigid with cardboard at the backand wrapped in cellophane. Put a sticky label at the back withyour name, title, size, and the price. Remember that they will behandled often; therefore, they have to be protected. Prints thatbecome dirty will not sell. 3 | 585.586.3535
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONSInstructions For Handling Your Artwork For A Successful ExhibitThe INSTRUCTION PACKAGE with the PICKUP AND DELIVERY C) PREPARING YOUR ARTWORKFORM must be signed and returned to Artisan Direct, Ltd. to ensure 1. Print your name, title of the work, dimensions in inchesthat you and Artisan Direct, Ltd. have a successful exhibition. Please (H” x W”), medium, wholesale price (price for dealers,refer to the show Exhibitor Manual for additional infor­ ation on the m publishers, galleries, and licensing agents) and retailrules and regulations of this exhibit. price (price for the individual cus­omers) on a label t and place it on the back at the top of the work or onA) GENERAL the base of the sculpture. Each artist will have a wall area of approximately 9’ high by 2. Provide a corresponding list of all the artwork you will 6’ wide. Placement of the art is at the discretion of Artisan be showing at the exhibit to Artisan Direct, Ltd. by: Direct, Ltd., but suggestions and comments are welcomed and should be communicated to Jayson Samuel, Artisan ______________________________________ Direct, Ltd. Show Director. Jayson can be reached at 3. All artwork must be framed and ready to hang. or by phone at 585-330-2715. Paintings, drawings, photographs and any other To ensure uniformity, Artisan Direct, Ltd. will prepare formal artwork that is intended to hang on the walls must tags for each participant at the booth. Marketing materials include a hanging wire. Be sure the wire is not higher for each artist will also be prepared and displayed at than the top of the frame and that it is strong enough the booth. We encourage each artist to attend the show, to support your artwork. Paintings that are unframed meet the public and other artists, visit other booths, help must have finished edges and be gallery wrapped sell their own work, and take advantage of this great (see Gallery Wrap Instructions below). networking and sales opportunity. Be sure to let Artisan 4. Use plexiglass when framing your work on paper to Direct, Ltd. know if and when you will be at the show space prevent accidental breakage and ensure safe handling to participate in promoting and selling your work. of your artwork.B) LIABILITY 5. For artwork exceeding 150 pounds and for sculptures exceeding 300 pounds, you must supply ap­ ropriate p Artisan Direct, Ltd. will take every possible care for the safety display accessories. of your artwork. However, Artisan Direct and its staff are not responsible for any artwork that is lost, stolen, or damaged during the shipping, storage, or exhibiting of the artwork. You, the artist, are responsible for obtaining insurance for your artwork while it is in transit to and from the gallery, in storage with Artisan Direct, and while in the exhibit. Gallery Wrap Instructions Correct Incorrect GALLERY WRAP refers to the way your canvas is stretched. The staples should be on the back of the canvas rather than the side so they will not be visible when your artwork is hung. For more information on gallery wrap, please visit the following site: 4
  5. 5. INSTRUCTIONSD) PACKING YOUR ARTWORK 5. If you wish, you may make arrangements to ship 1. Shipped works must arrive in a strong, protective your artwork ahead of time to: and reusable package. Only strong new cardboard boxes and packing materials should be used to __________________________________________ pack your artwork. Your unsold artwork will be returned to you in the same boxes; therefore, be __________________________________________ sure that it is easy to unpack and that the packing material is reusable. __________________________________________ 2. Print your name and booth number neatly and clearly on the boxes. Materials should arrive between 3. Do not use wood crates or boxes over 4 feet _______________________________________ and without prior written authorization. Any crate that arrives without prior authorization will be refused. __________________________________________ In addition, you will be responsible for any fees associated with the storage of your crates. 4. Use bubble wrap instead of “popcorn” packaging. 6. All vehicles arriving on site for unloading must first check to be cleared for staging. A licensed driverE) SHIPPING YOUR ARTWORK must attend vehicles at all times. 1. All shipments to: 7. If you are delivering your work by Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) you will need to check in. Artisan Direct Cleveland Hotel personnel will direct you to the appropriate 4600 Carnegie Ave. unloading area. Cleveland, OH 44103 8. Hand Carry Move-in: Cannot arrive earlier than November 1, 2012. __________________________________________ 2. You are responsible for all shipping charges to and from the exhibit. All shipments must be sent with Hand Carry Move-out: freight charges PREPAID. Collect shipments will not be accepted. __________________________________________ 3. You are responsible for any and all custom charges for shipment from outside the continental United States. We will not release your work from customs on your behalf. 4. Ship your work to:____________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 5 | 585.586.3535
  6. 6. INSTRUCTIONSF) INSTALLING YOUR ARTWORK 3. If you will pick up your artwork at the show space, it 1. Artisan Direct, Ltd. is responsible for the unpacking must be done at the end of the show and at a pre- and hanging of the artwork at the show space. If you arranged time. (see PICKUP AND RETURN form). wish to help with the placement of your artwork, prior 4. If your artwork will be picked up by a person other arrangement must be made with Artisan Direct. than yourself, be sure to indicate that on the PICKUP 2. Artisan Direct, Ltd. has final say on all placement and AND RETURN form. lighting of the artwork. 5. Your artwork will be returned to you by the carrier of 3. It is imperative that the show space is pleasing to the your choice. You must arrange with your car­ ier and r eye as to attract prospective buyers. The overall ap­ charges must be PREPAID. pearance will override individual preferences. 6. If your artwork is to be delivered to a place other than the return address, please indicate that on the PICKUP AND RETURN form.G) PICKING UP AND RETURNING YOUR ARTWORK 7. Artwork not picked up after 30 days will become AFTER THE EXHIBIT property of Artisan Direct, Ltd. 1. Please fill out the PICKUP AND RETURN form. 8. Artists with work to be shipped out of the continental 2. At the end of the exhibit, Artisan Direct will repack the United States must take appropriate ar­ angements for r unsold art in its original packing and make it ready for the return of the art with all paperwork and instructions pickup or return to you. from the show manual. I have read, understood, and agree with the above instructions. Name:_________________________________________ Signature:______________________________________ Date:__________________________________________ 6
  7. 7. PICK UP & RETURN FORMMy artwork will be:q Picked up by the artist at the exhibit siteq Picked up by an authorized representative of the artist at the exhibit siteNotes________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I hereby authorize the person named below to pick up my artwork on my behalf:Name of representative:___________________________________________________________________________ Phone number:_________________________________________________________________________________The authorized representative must present a valid photo ID when picking up the artwork.RETURN SHIPPING INFORMATIONMy artwork will be:q Shipped back to the artist from the exhibit siteName of addressee:_____________________________________________________________________________Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone number:_________________________________________________________________________________Insurance amount:_______________________________________________________________________________Artwork must be picked up or shipped out as pre-arranged in writing. Refer to Paragraph G of the INSTRUCTIONS for yourresponsibilities and fees associated with artwork that is left behind.Name:______________________________________________________Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________________________________ 7 | 585.586.3535
  8. 8. BERLIN POPUP SHOW November 19 – December 31, 2012Exhibitor Application Form TEMPORARY GALLERY BERLINContact Information (Please type or print clearly) Exhibitor Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ (as it will appear on signage) Name of Main Contact: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Last Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City State / Province / Region Zip / Postal Code Country Telephone: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ (include country code please) Home Mobile Fax Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Type of works to be exhibited: q Drawing q Sculpture q Photography q Original Prints q Other Exhibit Space Package: Each artist will have a wall placement approximately 9’ high x 6’ wide or agreed upon between exhibitor and Artisan Direct. Placement of the art is at the discretion of each artist in conjunction with Artisan Direct, and should be planned ahead and communicated to Artisan Direct. Exhibit Cost: $2250, depending on size of wall area desired and number of works to be displayed Terms: 50% due with signed contract Balance due by November 1st unless other arrangements have been madeCANCELLATION POLICY: If Exhibitor cancels or reduces its space, written notice must be given and the Exhibitor agrees to pay on demand to Artisan Direct, Ltd. the amounts setforth under the terms above. This agreement is between the above named exhibitor (herein called “Exhibitor”) and Artisan Direct, Ltd. and shall govern the terms and conditions of theExhibitor’s License of exhibition space from Artisan Direct, Ltd. in the Exhibition Facility, for the exhibition schedule as outlined in the exhibitor services manual, plus any additional daysrequired for move-in scheduled by Artisan Direct, Ltd. Artisan Direct, Ltd. reserves the right to accept or reject any Exhibitor in its sole discretion. Notification of acceptance will be madewithin 30 days of Artisan Direct, Ltd. initial receipt of Exhibitor’s deposit. Agreements not accepted will be refunded in the full amount of deposit submitted, less bank fees if applicable.I HAVE READ THE AGREEMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein.This application becomes a contract only upon acceptance by Artisan Direct, Ltd. Applicant’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________________Artisan Direct, Ltd., 82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 • 585.586.3535 • •