Personal Branding 'Full General Presentation'


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Personal Branding, Resumes, Networking, Cover Letters, Image, Finding a Job

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  • Experience is Paid or Unpaid
  • Buffalo Bills – Airplane / Student @ Splash / Party/ Bentley Seminar, You all give me examples/
  • Personal Branding 'Full General Presentation'

    1. 1. About MeName: Natascha ‘Poochie’ SaundersEducation: UMASS Amherst (BS) Johnson & Wales University (MBA) Northeastern University (MS) Northeastern University (Ed.D) ,Current Harvard Kennedy School, (Exed. Ed. Leadership), Current CEO/Founder: The Youth Career Coach Inc. Current: Leadership Professor, Northeastern University and Univ. of Rhode Island | Consultant, EnCompass Education Former Employers: MIT Sloan | Boston University | Johnson & Wales University |State Street | A.G.Edwards |Wachovia Securities | Macy’s/Neiman Marcus | Saks Fifth | Swarovski | Candy Ford Modeling | Bally’s Total Fitness | Reggie Lewis Hobbies: Tennis, Piano, Cooking, Tae-Kwon-Do Greek Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha | Delta Sigma Pi | Sigma Epsilon Rho Cool facts: Goodwill Ambassador, Gambia (as Miss Black RI USA ‘06|’07) Harvard ‘WECAN’ Woman of the Year 20102/28/2012
    2. 2.  Topics: Branding &Networking Quiz Topics: Cover Letter & Resume Quiz Summary | Questions “It’s not who you know it’s who knows you.” Jeffrey Gitomer2/28/2012 |
    3. 3.  Personal branding, by definition is the process by which we market ourselves to others. It’s how you position yourself for success using today’s resources. | 2/28/2012
    4. 4. Many people think personal branding is only for individuals such as:2/28/2012 |
    5. 5. 1. Assessments: Myers Briggs/Jung Typology, Transferable Skills, Job Assessment, Habits/Natural etc.2. Have you ever been called intelligent, humorous, arrogant, networker, or analytical by peers? Ask?3. Look in the mirror ! What is your Vision?4. Write your obituary “Start with the end in mind. ” ~ Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People2/28/2012
    6. 6.  When you walk out the door Events/Gatherings Family Online On the street2/28/2012 |
    7. 7.  Why do you write them? Styles (Paragraph | Bullets) Addressing the letter to whom Content ▪ Why are you interested in the position, and this company (brochure, mission, values, leaders)? ▪ Review the Job Description! What did they say they wanted in a candidate? ▪ Make the Match (Skills/Qualifications vs. What you have) ▪ Transferable skill set | Explain that you have the skills (jobs, courses, volunteer etc.) (Handout) Cover Letter Evaluation Checklist (Handout)2/28/2012
    8. 8. Please take out your Resumes Purpose | Legal Document Length Accomplishment Statements (PAR, Verb Tense) #’s (People, Hours, Money, etc.) Headings (Career Accomplishments, Project Based Experience, Presentations, Hobbies | Interests) Not just Spell Check Websites (On resume & Online Resume Websites/Portfolios) Resume Evaluation Check List (Handout) Extra:  Letters/Verbal Recommendations (Can impact you getting hired, Must verify your cover letter & resume)2/28/2012 | www.nataschasaunders
    9. 9. 2/28/2012
    10. 10. What employers are saying…. 70% of jobs at Google are filled by internal candidates -Google 70-80% of jobs are filled by Networking - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    11. 11. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections 6.5 AssetsFor Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships Quiz….“It’s not who you know it’s who knows you.” Jeffrey Gitomer , Author
    12. 12. WHO IS IN THE ROOM? WHO HAS THE CONTACT?2/28/2012 |
    13. 13.  Why (explore, identify, build, your future) Who (family/friends (auto detail shop), alumni, hs, parents (Bruins Hat), teachers) What (a system to share information, personal) When (church, bus, food, mechanic) Where (Social Media including: Blackplanet) Groups/Member of Associations, AKA, GMU, Church (ex. My project) How (Old School Letters, Elevator Pitch (Handout), Give a Presentation, Informational Interview, Business Cards)
    14. 14.  Linked In (handout) Demonstration  Create a strong profile (handout)  Read other profiles in your field Simply Hired & Glassdoor  Requesting an Introduction  Ask everyone & anyone if you can add them & search who they are connected to  Groups (Alumni, Industry, Start your Own)  Add projects, books etc. on your profile Blogger |Word Press | Newsletter | Magazine/Paper  Google Search Youtube Channel  Expertise, Any features of you online anywhere? Facebook  Essence Magazine  Black Enterprise Magazine  Subscribe even if you can friend, Read their About Tabs, Simply Hired Twitter  Direct Message to the President of  Macy’s Marketing Department for a Student Perfume Creator2/28/2012
    15. 15. DO’S Ask for business cards & organize them in excel, linkedin & write on the back of them Update your contacts w/ what your doing – you may need a reference, send notes once a year Positive attitude and SMILE (pearl white teeth and great breath) Listen and follow through, make a personal connection Practice your Elevator Pitches A 2012 survey of more than 2,000 adults conducted by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive found that 52% trust friends and family when making job decisions, 14% trust reviews, 5% trust a companys website and 2% trust the companys recruiters.
    16. 16.  “I think that it would be useful to reiterate that young professionals should send a follow up email. Over the past few weeks, I received several e-mails from individuals who were applying for the … position. I answered their questions and concerns, and then I never heard back from them again. It would have been nice to hear whether they made it to the next round or even if they did not get the job. In the latter case, I could send their resume through a different channel or perhaps even get some feedback for them as to why they did not get the job that might be useful in future interviews.”
    17. 17. ……. The INTERVIEW
    18. 18. 1. Ask parents, friends, family members to set up meetings with HR Directors2. Associations Databases3. Career Services Advisors (Example: Google, Apple)4. Do you find problems to solve?5. Do you have a headhunter/recruiter?6. Do you have a Top 10 Target list?7. Former Employers (Volunteers, Internships, Summer Jobs etc.)8. Help wanted ad’s in the Newspapers9. Industry job fairs, Not just school10. Informational Interviews11. Job Websites12. Professors, Teachers, Mentors, Ministers (Ex. Dr. Reid, Mr. Thomson Security at the Church)13. Send out letters of inquiry14. What boards do you sit on (non school related)?15. What organizations are you a member of?16. Who have you helped? Are you of service?17. Who knows you?18. Your Brand2/28/2012 |
    19. 19. 2/28/2012
    20. 20.  Materials ▪ Business Card, Resume, Cover Letter, References Image ▪ Apparel, Hygiene, Hair Style, Hands, Shoes, Pictures, Avatar Communication ▪ Introduction, Elevator Pitch, Etiquette (Silent Language-eyes, arms, legs etc.), Email, Phone, Text, IM Reputation ▪ Family, Friends, Associations, Network, Return the favors, Giver Online ▪ Portfolio, Blog, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube Presentations2/28/2012 | CREATED BY NATASCHA SAUNDERS ™
    21. 21.  (Resume, Cover Letter, Vision & Goal Guide) (Everything you NEED) (Hire her to speak or facilitate a workshop) (JUNG Personality TEST) (Has everything) Books:  How to Become CEO, Jeffrey J. Fox  Little Black Book of Connections, Jeffrey Gitomer  Ask for it, Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever  The Girls’ Guide to Power & Success, Susan Solovic2/28/2012 |