Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 15: Don't I Know You?


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Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 15: Don't I Know You?

  1. 1. To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge,created by princedeej28. The point of the challenge is toromance more than one Sim and earn enough points to makeHugh Hefner jealous.Last time, I chose Plot over Points. We will have to see howwell that pans out. At any rate, Vanessa has acquired animaginary friend with long floppy ears who goes by the nameof Frank. Corey and Bertie have patched up their differences tocare for her.This may get depressing.
  2. 2. Vanessa has her good days and her bad ones. On her good days,she still goes to work. Or at least, Bertie drives her around theblock a few times.Sometimes they “go to work” several times a day. Frank alwayswaves goodbye.
  3. 3. Bertie has started growing strawberries again, regardless of myfeelings on the subject.
  4. 4. I don’t really see any way around it. Vanessa has a tendency tocome over and pick fights. Aggressiveness is part of the naturalprogression of things, but it’s very hard to deal with when it’saimed at you.Bertie makes liberal use of the juicer.
  5. 5. At first, Bertie and Corey tried to go on with life as normal, butthat didn’t work too well.BERTIE: Mmmmm… Mmfff. (pulling back) No, Cowey,sowwy. She’s about to do that thing again.COREY: (groans) Oh, no. Not that thing with the –BERTIE: Yes. (running past him) No no, Vanessa! Put it down,okay?Corey also needs to use the juicer on a fairly regular basis.
  6. 6. The household has developed a schedule of care for Vanessa.Bertie and Corey are more or less on watches, as they used touse on ships: four hours on, four hours off, with the dog watch*to allow for dinner and for rotating shifts.Often, they can get Zenon or Beverly to help out with the dogwatch so that they can have dinner together.*The “dog watch” is a half shift: two hours instead of four. Using a dogwatch means that the same person isn’t doing, say, midnight to four everysingle day.
  7. 7. Beverly is usually their go-to backup caregiver, since Zenonfind it difficult.
  8. 8. COREY: Beverly, I hate to ask this, but –BEVERLY: Do you and Bertie want your break early today?COREY: Yeah.BEVERLY: Sure, no problem.
  9. 9. BERTIE: Squeeeeee! An eawly bweak! And both of us at thesame time! I know just what I want to do!
  10. 10. BERTIE: Whoa whoa wait a minute! Just wet me get mybweath back!COREY: I don’t know if I should do that.BERTIE: I’m not cheating, I pwomise!COREY: No, no. It’s just that I was thinking that maybe wecould put these pillows back now.
  11. 11. COREY: And then I was thinking that, as long as we were inthe bedroom, we could find a better way to make use of ourtime.
  12. 12. BERTIE: Mistew McCwewwan, I wike the way you think!
  13. 13. Inappropriate? Debatable, I suppose. But when you’re acaregiver, you have to take care of yourself, too.
  14. 14. The family comes to visit Vanessa fairly regularly. It’s not a lotof fun for the kids; Cecil spends most of the time outside, andJosephine plays chess with her mother.Mothers probably aren’t supposed to cheat their children atchess, but that’s Buttercup for you.
  15. 15. Albert is the one who spends the most time with Vanessa.VANESSA: Hi, I’m Vanessa. Do I know you?ALBERT: I’m Albert, Mom.VANESSA: Albert? You’re an accountant, right?ALBERT: That’s me.VANESSA: Hmmmm. Do you have any brothers or sisters?ALBERT: No, I don’t.VANESSA: So you’re an only child.ALBERT: That’s right.
  16. 16. VANESSA: I have a son named Albert who’s an only child. Heworks as an accountant too. Are you him?ALBERT: Yes, Mom, that’s me. I’m your son Albert.VANESSA: Well, how about that. (perking up and calling toBertie) Hey, Bertie! He’s your son too.BERTIE: He suwe is. How about that?Albert sometimes has to make an emergency trip to thebathroom after these conversations. He always comes out withred, puffy eyes.
  17. 17. Vanessa seems to enjoy the visits, though.VANESSA: I had some nice visitors today, Frank. I think it wastoday.FRANK:VANESSA: My cousin Jeff, I think. A man younger than me,anyway. He was awfully familiar.FRANK:VANESSA: Yes, I know. But we had a nice visit.FRANK:VANESSA: What did I do when?FRANK:VANESSA: With what visitors? I don’t know what you’retalking about. Hey, will you juggle for me again?
  18. 18. Early on, Vanessa liked to paint. The results weren’t anythingto write home about, but she enjoyed it and it kept her fromgoing around and picking fights. Eventually, she lost the abilityto handle most of the brushes. Her painting came to an endwhen Corey caught her about to eat a tube of cadmium red; shethought it was cake frosting.
  19. 19. After that, she spent a lot of time on the piano, eventuallymaxing out Creativity through sheer number of hours on thebench. Her songs became less and less complicated, and sheended with a repertoire of three songs: “Heart and Soul,”“Chopsticks,” and the one you play using only the black keysthat drives everyone around you nuts after about five minutes.
  20. 20. When she lost even those songs, Vanessa would lounge on thecouch and listen to Bertie play. She would do this in preferenceto anything else, including sleeping, bathing, or using the toilet.She can’t have much longer.And on that downer of a note, I will leave you.
  21. 21. Credit where credit is due: the part about “putting the pillows away” camefrom reader Mzyra, author of The Ryman Legacy. Check it out.Score for this roundAssorted romantic interactions x 4: 20Woohoo x 1: 30TOTAL: 50Score as of last round: 570GRAND TOTAL: 620Relationship standings (Daily/Lifetime)Bertie > Corey: 98/100. Best friends. Married.Bertie > Vanessa: 24/36.Corey > Bertie: 98/100. Best friends. Married.Corey > Vanessa: 23/34.Vanessa > Bertie: -50/-1. Portrait is 5/6 red.Vanessa > Corey: -33/15. Portrait is 1/4 red.Vanessa > Zenon: 90/90. Best Friends. Love. Two bolts.