Everybody Loves Bertie #9: A Lack of Drama Here


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Everybody Loves Bertie #9: A Lack of Drama Here

  1. 1. To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge, created byprincedeej28, full rules available HERE. (Or, since the Exchange rarelyworks anymore, at point 4.1 HERE.) The point of the challenge is toromance more than one Sim and earn enough points to make Hugh Hefnerjealous.Last time, there were purple hearts galore (plus points), assorted romanticinteractions (plus points) and an outbreak of the sparklies (no points). Mycurrent total is 460, more than double the official High Score, and almosthalfway to treble. …Did I miss something somewhere?
  2. 2. To begin with, Albert Grew Up Well when he headed off to college. Ithink it’s fair to count the points, but if you don’t let me know. Goodnessknows I’m not hurting for points at this stage in the game…This makes 480, by the way. High score is 200. Just so’s you know.
  3. 3. Which is why I decided that the car had to go. The rules don’t say that carsare off limits, and they provide a quick and easy way to earn thirty points.But then, the rules were written before Nightlife, so cars weren’t exactlyan option. If my score is this high, then those “quick and easy” points aretoo easy.Now you see it.
  4. 4. Now you don’t.
  5. 5. Bertie is still working on growing those strawberries, though. Furiousmeters weren’t an option when the rules were written either, and hesuffered a major setback in growing due to the rebuild.
  6. 6. I increased the potential for drama, and still nothing happened.Beverly and Gerard had multiple pillow fights.
  7. 7. Bertie earned a Body point, since I expect all my rock stars to be fully Fit.
  8. 8. Vanessa took her turn sleeping with Bertie – in pajamas.Corey and Vanessa alternate who gets to sleep in Bertie’s bed: Mondays,Wednesdays, and Fridays are Corey’s days; Vanessa gets Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sundays Bertie sleeps alone. Simple sleep doesnot trigger any jealously coding.
  9. 9. Beverly found a job, mostly because having so many stay-at-home Simscontributing nothing to the challenge is annoying. I mean, once the toiletsare all clean, there’s nothing for them to do.And they can’t come over to my house and clean my toilet, so they mightas well get jobs, no?
  10. 10. Corey and Vanessa continue to be on excellent terms.COREY: Here, Vanessa. I might still be at work when you age up, sohappy birthday a little bit early.VANESSA: Oh, thank you, Corey! What is it?COREY: It’s a cell phone so you can call Bertie at school even whensomebody else is hogging the landline. I got one for myself, too.VANESSA: Corey, you’re a sweetheart! So thoughtful! Thank you!
  11. 11. When Vanessa aged up later that day, she continued the fine McClellantradition of raiding other people’s wardrobes.BEVERLY: Hey, Vanessa, happy birthday!VANESSA: Thanks!PROFESSOR ARIANNA: You know, Vanessa, that outfit didn’t lookgood on me even when I was young and charming. Let’s go see if we can’trustle you up something better, hey?VANESSA: Good idea! I hate the way I look in slacks.
  12. 12. And so ends my little experiment in allowing Bertie and family completeromantic autonomy – an ignominious failure. Next time I will try harder,and perhaps there will be actual drama. And points scored.One quick note: Today’s chapter title is inspired by the Death Cab forCutie song “A Lack of Color.” Not that this fact has anything to do withanything – I just believe in giving credit where credit is due.Until next time, Happy Simming!
  13. 13. Score for this roundChild Grew Up Well: 20TOTAL: 20Score as of last round: 460GRAND TOTAL: 480Relationship standings (Daily/Lifetime)Albert > Bertie: 94/94. Best friends.Albert > Corey: 100/100. Best friends.Albert > Vanessa: 85/85. Best friends.Bertie > Albert: 94/94. Best friends.Bertie > Corey: 98/98. Best friends. Married.Bertie > Vanessa: 90/90. Love.Corey > Albert: 100/100. Best friends.Corey > Bertie: 98/98. Best friends. Married.Corey > Vanessa: 100/96. Best friends.Vanessa > Albert: 93/93. Best friends.Vanessa > Bertie: 98/98. Love.Vanessa > Corey: 100/96. Best friends.