How Laptops Change Teaching And Learning Survey Timed


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Survey of HHH 2007-08 laptop pilots

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How Laptops Change Teaching And Learning Survey Timed

  1. 1. Has the “Laptop Pilot Program ” Changed Teaching and Learning?? We asked the “Experts”… These are their responses…
  2. 2. Laptop Pilots report… <ul><li>“ My laptop serves me as my plan book, grade book, blackboard, research tool, all in one.” </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>“ I now have my Do Now, Aim, and key points of my lesson, and homework on my lap top ready to go.” </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>“ I always have a clip from UnitedStreaming ready and a P owerPoint about the concept on my desktop.” </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>“ Now I walk in, plug my laptop and projector in and am ready to roll!” </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>“ I now have records of my lessons on my laptop hard drive and when an absent student comes back I can share with her/him exactly what they missed.” </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>“ I can present my content in more ways than I ever did before.” </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>“ The training I received has made me confident and I'm constantly seeking ways of integrating technology in my classroom because I know I have the required equipment at my disposal.” </li></ul>
  9. 9. <ul><li>“ Through this laptop and the associated training I provide my students with relevant and challenging learning opportunities each and every day with ease and convenience.” </li></ul>
  10. 10. <ul><li>“ I had three students who missed my classes right before my test and they needed me to review so I went to them at lunch and I shared the lessons they had missed as they could not come for extra help because of play practice..” </li></ul>
  11. 11. <ul><li>“ I am motivated to spend more time planning my lessons because I know I have all the required equipment at my disposal.” </li></ul>
  12. 12. <ul><li>“ Because of the laptop, projector, and the speakers, my days are extremely productive. I am learning to use my laptop for everything and am spending less time on looking or locating various papers and I feel so organized having information available at a click of a button.” </li></ul>
  13. 13. “ Communication with the parents, students, faculty, and administration has been a breeze with e-mail, Infinite Campus, and my eBoard.”
  14. 14. “ I easily use PowerPoint to introduce class notes both during class and later posted on eBoard for the future use by students, parents, and tutors.”
  15. 15. “ The laptop gives me the freedom to access e-mail, Infinite Campus, research, and PDP courses from both home and from school.”
  16. 16. “ Having access to the web during “teachable moments” is just incredible as is working at home and transporting the computer back to school with my work on it.”
  17. 17. “ I am using technology in many more lessons than I used to.---I’m even using wikis with my students!”
  18. 18. “ The best part of the laptop pilot program is having the network of professionals provide the expert support. It is a very valuable additional tool.”
  19. 19. “ As I become less intimidated by the technology and more capable of free and ready access to the cyber-world, my store of knowledge has been increased tremendously, as has been my ability to utilize this skill to the advantage of my students.”
  20. 20. “ I could not praise this program more highly. It has elevated and inspired me. It is a continuing privilege to be a part of this program.”
  21. 21. “ I’ve had so many positive experiences with the laptops. I've had occasions where I was stuck in a waiting room. I just pulled out my laptop and worked on report card comments and other school related activities.”
  22. 22. “ It's just so great to be able to teach all the content areas in a new way geared towards students who relate to multimedia.”
  23. 23. “ I keep telling my colleagues--- if they offer this again JUST DO IT!!”
  24. 24. “ The best part has been being able to use the laptops with the kids when needed rather than at a scheduled computer time.”
  25. 25. “ I have loved being able to work on our eBoard , developing wikis , and webquests from home.”
  26. 26. “ There have been several times that I've forgotten my class list/ telephone #'s and I've been able to call parents from home by getting #'s off Infinite Campus.”
  27. 27. “ The laptop has helped my AP Art History classes come alive through creative Powerpoint and i-Movie presentations.”
  28. 28. “ I have been able to create unique study guides on my laptop through the use of podcasting with GarageBand-- great applications I don’t have at home.”
  29. 29. “ My laptop has made it extremely convenient to be able to work on school presentations and lesson planning ANYWHERE.”
  30. 30. “ It has been so convenient to be able to work on lesson planning and activities on ONE computer and not have to e-mail or transfer &quot;at home&quot; files for classroom use!”
  31. 31. “ In preparation for the NYS Social Studies test I created a PowerPoint slide show on government. I used the laptop, projector, and speakers to review for the social studies test in an engaging and exciting manner.”
  32. 32. “ I am more easily able to grade assignments quickly, especially my Honors Economics portfolios handed in on”
  33. 33. “ My workload is more evenly spaced out because I can do work whenever I want, and not just while in front of a computer attached to the wall at school.”
  34. 34. “ My students get feedback and grades much sooner than in the past, which allows them to correct mistakes in a more timely fashion, thus making their learning more meaningful.”
  35. 35. “ Having the laptop is one thing, but the training that has gone along with the technology is indispensable.”
  36. 36. “ I love the fact that one of my students has purchased the same computer because it's so easy to use.”
  37. 37. “ The most useful activity has been the ability to create podcasts of my own and that of my students. Having a Mac laptop allows me to make podcasts of Spanish unit vocabulary so easily with Garageband. I don’t have this program at home.”
  38. 38. “ I never thought I would embrace technology but I'm loving it.”
  39. 39. “ I've actually used it more as a tool at home because it has software available on it (like Geomter's Sketchpad and Adobe Professional ) that I did not have access to on my home computer.”
  40. 40. “ I always have a computer to use now. I can use my laptop on hall duty, in my classroom, at my desk and at home! I don't have to compete with others for a computer!”
  41. 41. “ Just the amount of file storage has tremendously increased as a result. I'm not limited to 100mbs---I can use all the multimedia resources I want now!”
  42. 42. “ I teach two blended sections and I can not begin to explain how many parents call me to tell me how they love the podcasts I record at home. For my struggling students, these podcasts are an invaluable resource.”
  43. 43. “ The laptop has allowed me to extend the classroom into the homes of my students. As a result the amount of time my students use the Spanish language is no longer constricted to forty minutes a day. Instead, I can host discussions at night to facilitate student use of the language outside of school.”
  44. 44. “ The ability to move between both Mac and PC platforms has provided me with great flexibility for creating & showing various curriculum presentations, demonstrating necessary computer techniques in IRON CAD , creating video screen recordings, as well as mobility of working at home and at school.”
  45. 45. “ Recently I attended a four day conference in California. I brought my computer with me and was able to access my school email in the hotel and convention center. I knew what was going on in my class while I was gone and was able to answer some important emails.”
  46. 46. “ The best part has been the continuity that I have felt everywhere I go. I am always connected. I can keep in touch with parents better, update assignments, learn new software, and incorporate more technology into my lessons.”
  47. 47. “ I now have the ability to quickly show students strategies related to technology - navigating the eBoard , techniques of word processing, etc. Also, being able to prepare from home and implement at school is just great.”
  48. 48. “ It allows the ue of Pasco probes to show students in real time the heating curve for water. I’ve increased use of Brainpop and PowerPoint to increase student understanding. It facilitated retrieval of student information while creating &quot;at-risk&quot; lists during conference day.”
  49. 49. “ I have more knowledge about the applications, I have an opportunity to plan at home and I am able to download things to utilize in class with my students.”
  50. 50. “ The ability to plan and design lessons and presentations at home, at school, or while traveling is fantastic. I'm not locked into spending hours just in school, or at home.”
  51. 51. “ I have been able to differentiate instruction for those kids who have trouble with writing.”
  52. 52. “ During our reading response projects I was able to create personalized templates using Comic Life . This helped students respond to the story in their own way. Each student sat with me while we created their template.”
  53. 53. “ I have created PowerPoints and i-Movies for my students as well as created a great visual bank of information to use in class. I can use it at anytime which gives me more access to tools to use on breaks, etc.”
  54. 54. “ Having a laptop with me during the day gives me the ability to freely move throughout the building yet always be connected to my work!”
  55. 55. “ If I need to go to the library to read up on ideas for my lessons, I have the ability to transfer these ideas to a presentation while I'm on-the-go. I can then display different websites and links that correlate to what students are learning in the curriculum.”
  56. 56. “ The best part of having a laptop at school is having all of my lesson plans, files, and student information at my finger tips.”
  57. 57. “ I have used my laptop to write student evaluations of projects and presentations as they are sharing their work in class--- This has helped me provide students more detailed feedback and suggestions in a more professional format!”
  58. 58. “ The best part about using the laptop has been the many different ways I could introduce content--the laptop is a great tool to facilitate the development of Podcast episodes, picture slideshows, multimedia presentations, and teacher prepared handouts.”
  59. 59. “ Having easier access to a computer at school has also allowed me to keep my eBoard updated much more easily!’
  60. 60. “ I have used i -Movie and i -Tunes to bring exciting lessons and cultural music to my students--I don’t have these programs on my home computer to learn.”
  61. 61. “ I love the laptop’s ability to have a student email me an essay and then to project it on the board for peer critiquing.”
  62. 62. “ The program facilitated the ability to view/listen to my podcasts via eBoard from my laptop. I have succeeded in the creation of the 7 elements of design pod casts which I continually use in lessons/units.”
  63. 63. “ Being able to work anywhere with it and being able to bring it into school with all my work that is ready to be used has helped me to be organized. Big help with organizing my student's IEP's. I feel more energized about teaching!!”
  64. 64. “ I created a PowerPoint lesson on the laptop on Related Rates and projected the lesson on the overhead. This allows me freedom to walk around and help students. I am able to use helpful computer software and project it on the screen, such as Calculus in Motion and Algebra in Motion--programs I did not have at home.”
  65. 65. “ Projects I begin at school, I can easily work on at home. This is especially beneficial when creating podcasts since I need a quiet environment for the audio track.”
  66. 66. “ The best part about using the laptop has been the many different ways I could introduce content.”
  67. 67. “ It gave me the opportunity to search for and cull interactive websites to help students practice essential language skills.”
  68. 68. “ As a result of being able to use the laptop I have decided to conduct a study on the effects of technology intergration in the Spanish curriculum. I am currently writing an action research paper and conducting a study on the effectiviness of podcast in foreign language.”
  69. 69. “ Most importantly, I can work at home.”