E-Classroom of Differentiated Learning


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Differentiated Learning respects the readiness, interest, learning styles and gadget use of the learner in aligning the content, process, products and gadgets that teacher provide in the classroom. E-classroom is the platform that allows both the teacher and learners to interactively engage and produce the expected outcome of the curriculum through the use of computer gadgets, Internet, websites and software.

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  • The discussion and demonstration is all about e-classroom of differentiated learning. The source website is at www.aralanetdesk.com
  • Differentiated learning speaks of engagement principles, motivation, content, process, products and gadgets of differentiation. The pedagogical components of differentiated learning have been part of every teachers. the challenge is how the teachers can exploit the gadgets and digital content that are affecting their daily lives.
  • The challenge of today’s teachers is the how and means of bringing the interactive engagement and positive motivation that will make them lead effectively the unique learner towards achieving the knowledge outcomes of K-12 curriculum. Differentiating learning is bringing inside the classroom the content, process, products and gadgets that match the learners’ readiness, interest, learning style and gadgets of information , communication and games.
  • The challenge of today’s teachers is the how and means of bringing the interactive engagement and positive motivation that will make them lead effectively the unique learner towards achieving the knowledge outcomes of K-12 curriculum. Differentiating learning is bringing inside the classroom the content, process, products and gadgets that match the learners’ readiness, interest, learning style and gadgets of information , communication and games.
  • Differentiated learning pays attention to learner’s profile of readiness, interest, learning style and gadgets that condition the kind of engagement and motivation.
  • Differentiation is the response of the teacher to the needs of the learner. The teacher is guided by core principle of differentiated learning, namely respectful tasks, flexible grouping and continual assessment and adjustment. Differentiation is actualized through alignment of content, process, product and gadgets of teacher to the context of the learner. The context means the profile of readiness, interest, learning style and gadgets of the learner, on which the teaching strategy and class management are configured to enable the targeted learning results. Discussion: Strategies and tools to define readiness, interest, learning style and gadget use of the learning. Categorize the learner’s context to the kind of content, process, product and learning gadget that the teacher must have the capability to deliver.
  • The clouds of e-classroom provides the content, process, product and gadgets of differentiated learning to the unique learner. It provides the platform of enabling variation for knowledge formation, creative expression, critical thinking, collaborative project, and self publication. The clouds of e-classroom experience connects both teachers and learners to interactive content and communication platform to realize objectives of learning.
  • The “E” classroom experience is connectivity, access devices, content and platform of interactivity and communication.
  • Identify the products and services that define the kind of experience associated to play, learning, interactivity and conversation of today’s generation of learners.
  • Identify the products and services that compose the “E” life of a teacher in today’s context of knowledge making and consuming.
  • E-classroom is connectivity, searching, creativity interactivity, communication, remembrance, productivity, collaboration and sharing through the use of digital gadgets, Internet, web apps, and learning software.
  • The "E" serves as the platform of enabling the classroom to recognize the readiness, interest, learning style and electronic gadgets of the learners. The "E" is the context of learning on which the teachers live the art of teaching
  • The only way for teachers to plan differentiated learning is to connect themselves to the experience of content delivery, strategy of teaching, and portfolio of learning products. To get started check the aggregated learning content at www.opendesk.blogspot.com
  • E-Classroom of Differentiated Learning

    3. 3. DIFFERENTIATED LEARNINGLearning brings the interactiveengagement and positivemotivation to every unique learnerto follow their way of achieving thecompetency goals of K-12curriculum.
    4. 4. DIFFERENTIATED LEARNINGIt means content, process,products and gadgets that maketeacher differentiate learning tothe context of the unique learner.
    10. 10. “E” LIFE OF LEARNER
    11. 11. “E” LIFE OF TEACHER
    12. 12. “E”- CLASSROOME-Classroom is connectivity,searching, creativityinteractivity,communication,remembrance, productivity,collaboration and sharingthrough the use of digitalgadgets, Internet, web apps,and learning software.
    13. 13. “E”- CLASSROOMThe "E" serves as theplatform of enabling theclassroom to recognizethe readiness, interest,learning style andelectronic gadgets ofthe learners. The "E" isthe context of learningon which the teacherslive the art of teaching.
    14. 14. E-CLASSROOMDIFFERENTIATEDLEARNINGwww.openwise.blogspot.com
    15. 15. TEACHER TOOLCLASSIC WHITEBOARDwww.aralanetdesk.com
    16. 16. TEACHER TOOLCLASSIC WHITEBOARDBASIC TASKS• To use the digital marking pen tohand write talked ideas, discussionresults, question and answers, etc…on the whiteboard• To draw images representing ideas,direction, procedures, etc… on thewhiteboard• To save or erase written and drawninformation in the whiteboard• To share the written and drawninformation in the whiteboardwww.aralanetdesk.com
    18. 18. TEACHER TOOLUNIVERSAL DIGITAL WHITEBOARDBASIC TASKS• To hand write, draw objects and savecontent on the whiteboard• To post picture, documents, video,web content, animation , ebook• To show desktop and run interactiveprogram and open digital files• To annotate or highlight presentedobject or written ideas• To create learning presentation fromposted digital images, video,document, animation, presentation,sound, scribbled word, drawn ideas• To record the learning dialogue, andreplay the saved product of classinteractionwww.aralanetdesk.com
    19. 19. TEACHER TOOLMATH DIGITAL WHITEBOARDwww.aralanetdesk.com
    20. 20. TEACHER TOOLMATH DIGITAL WHITEBOARDBASIC TASKS• To hand write and draw mathproblem and equation models• To use measuring, modeling, graphingand calculation tools to demonstrateor illustrate mathematical conceptsand problem• To compose learning presentationusing posted objects from varioussources and the embedded mathtools of math digital whiteboard• To record the learning dialogue forclass review and lesson’s learnedwww.aralanetdesk.com
    21. 21. TEACHER TOOLDRAWING DIGITAL WHITEBOARDwww.aralanetdesk.com
    22. 22. TEACHER TOOLDRAWING DIGITAL WHITEBOARDBASIC TASKS• To draw images using the familiardrawing tools and color pallete of freehand drawing• To create storyboard compose ofimages and inserted textualannotation• To save and print composed drawingand storyboard• To open and edit saved drawing andstoryboardwww.aralanetdesk.com
    23. 23. TEACHER TOOLMUSIC MAKING WHITEBOARDwww.aralanetdesk.com
    24. 24. TEACHER TOOLMUSIC MAKING WHITEBOARDBASIC TASKS• To show the key and play the sound ofmusic• To create the notes and compose themusic• To play the instrument and save thesound• To review the concepts and skills toplay the sounds of musicwww.aralanetdesk.com
    25. 25. TEACHER TOOLEBOOK READERwww.aralanetdesk.com
    26. 26. TEACHER TOOLEBOOK READERBASIC TASKS• To download and open e-book filesfrom different publishing and libraryresources• To create e-book files from otherdigital file sources• To organize the library of e-bookmaterials• To guide the students in their learningactivities using e-book reading deviceswww.aralanetdesk.com
    27. 27. READING FOR CHILDRENREADING SITE NAME WEB ADDRESSROSETTA PROJECT CHILDREN’S BOOK www.childrensbooksonline.orgCHILDREN’S STORYBOOK www.magickeys.comCHILDREN’S BOOK FOREVER www.childrensbooksforever.comFICTION EBOOK ONLINE www.fiction.usINTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S LIBRARY www.en.childrenslibrary.orgREAD PRINT www.readprint.comARCHIVE ORG CHILDREN’S BOOK www.archive.org/details/iaclOZ BOOKS www.sites.google.com/site/freechildrensbooks/home/oz-booksBALDWIN LIBRARY OF CHILDREN BOOK www.ufdc.ufl.edu/juv/allMANNYBOOKS YOUNG READERS www.manybooks.net/categories/CHIBOOKRIX www.bookrix.com/read_free_childrens_books_online.htmlwww.aralanetdesk.com
    28. 28. E-BOOK LIBRARYE-BOOK LIBRARY SITE NAME WEB ADDRESS• PROJECT GUTTENBURG www.gutenberg.org• MANNYBOOKS www.manybooks.net• BOOKYARDS www.bookyards.com• MEMOWARE www.memoware.com• EBOOKS DIRECTORY www.e-booksdirectory.com• FREEBOOKSPOT www.freebookspot.es• UPENN ONLINE BOOKS www.digital.library.upenn.edu/books• GETFREEEBOOK www.getfreeebooks.com• EBOOK LOBBY www.ebooklobby.com• BAEN FREE LIBRARY www.baen.com/library• PDFBOOKS www.pdfbooks.co.za• E-LIBRARY NET www.e-library.net• BOOKBOON www.bookboon.comwww.aralanetdesk.com
    29. 29. TEACHER TOOLWEB APPS & CONTENTwww.aralanetdesk.com
    30. 30. TEACHER TOOLWEB APPS & CONTENTBASIC TASKS• To search, review, and re-use digitallearning materials from the Internet• To align the use of Internet basedlearning objects to the knowledge andskills objectives of the lesson• To integrate the web based contentin creating presentation and activityon the digital whiteboard that enrichand remediate learning experiencewww.aralanetdesk.com
    31. 31. KNOWLEDGE SEARCHKNOWLEDGE SEARCH SITE WEB ADDRESSINTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY www.ipl.orgINTERNET ARCHIVE www.archive.org/index.phpKIDS CLICK www.kidsclick.orgNEOK12 www.neok12.comFACT MONSTER www.factmonster.comLIBRARY SPOT www.libraryspot.comIBIBLIO www.ibiblio.orgTHINKQUEST LIBRARY www.thinkquest.org/pls/html/think.libraryBUBL www.bubl.ac.ukWIKIBOOKS www.en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_PageWIKIPEDIA www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_PageWIKIPILIPINAS www.wikipilipinas.orgHYPERHISTORY www.hyperhistory.comwww.aralanetdesk.com
    32. 32. LEARNING MEDIA SPACELEARNING MEDIA SITE WEB ADDRESSTEACHER’S TUBE LEARNING VIDEO www.teachertube.comKHAN ACADEMY LEARNING VIDEO www.khanacademy.orgSHOWME VIDEO LESSON www.showme.comSLIDEHARE PRESENTATION www.slideshare.netSCRIBD DOCUMENT SHARING www.scribd.comOPENCLIPART IMAGE LIBRARY www.openclipart.orgFREE GRAPHICS www.free-graphics.comFREE CLIPARTS PICTURES www.free-clipart-pictures.netFREE PLAY MUSIC www.freeplaymusic.comAUDIO MICRO SOUND LIBRARY www.audiomicro.com/free-royalty-free-musicOPEN CULTURE www.openculture.comLIBRIVOX AUDIO BOOK www.librivox.orgLEARN OUT LOUD www.learnoutloud.comwww.aralanetdesk.com
    33. 33. LEARNING MEDIA SPACELEARNING MEDIA SITE WEB ADDRESSCRICKWEB www.crickweb.co.ukGAME CLASSROOM www.gameclassroom.comINTERACTIVE SIMULATION www.phet.colorado.edu/en/simulationsYENKA MATH & SCIENCE TUTORING LAB www.yenka.comLEARNFREE ON-LINE LEARNING www.gcflearnfree.orgwww.aralanetdesk.com
    34. 34. MATH STUDY HELPERMATH LEARNING SITE WEB ADDRESSONLINE LEARNING MATH www.onlinemathlearning.com/index.htmlCOOLMATH4KIDS www.coolmath4kids.comAPLUS MATH www.aplusmath.comDOSITEY www.dositey.comMATH DICTIONARY FOR KIDS www.amathsdictionaryforkids.comALGEGRA BASICS www.algebasics.comALGEBRA HELP www.algebrahelp.comKIDSNUMBERS www.kidsnumbers.comJOHNIE’S MATH PAGE www.jmathpage.comMATH WORLD www.mathworld.wolfram.comWEB MATH www.webmath.comSTATISTICS www.statsoft.com/textbookwww.aralanetdesk.com
    35. 35. MATH STUDY HELPERMATH LEARNING SITE WEB ADDRESSMATHWAYS www.mathway.comVISUAL MATH LEARNING www.visualmathlearning.comTHE WORLD OF MATH ON-LINE www.math.comCOOLMATH www.coolmath.comINTERACTIVE MATHEMATICS www.intmath.comALGEBRA LAB www.algebralab.orgMATH PLAY www.math-play.comMATHEBOOK www.mathebook.netwww.aralanetdesk.com
    36. 36. LANGUAGE STUDY HELPERLANGUAGE LEARNING SITE WEB ADDRESSLEARN ENGLISH KIDS BBC www.learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/READING FOR CHILDREN www.starfall.comENGLISH AUDIO BOOK www.free-books.org/children.phpHANDWRITING FOR KIDS www.handwritingforkids.comEXPLORING ENGLISH www.sharedvisions.com/svuhome.cfm?category=HomeBBC LEARNING ENGLISH www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglishGUIDE TO GRAMMAR & WRITING www.grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammarGRAMMAR BOOK www.grammarbook.comGRAMMAR GORILLAS www.funbrain.com/grammar/index.htmlWORDSMYTH www.wordsmyth.netONELOOK www.onelook.comRANDALL ESL CYBERLISTENING LAB www.esl-lab.comwww.aralanetdesk.com
    37. 37. SCIENCE STUDY HELPERSCIENCE LEARNING SITE WEB ADDRESSSKOOOL www.skoool.net.phTRYSCIENCE www.tryscience.comCHEMCOLLECTIVE www.collective.chem.cmu.eduVIRTLAB www.virtlab.com,MYPHYSICS LAB www.myphysicslab.comPHET PHYSICS SIMULATION www.phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/physicsALICE IN PHYSICS www.aliceinphysics.comBIOLOGY FOR KIDS www.biology4kids.comCHEMISTRY FOR KIDS www.chem4kids.comEARTH SCIENCE FOR KIDS www.geography4kids.comHUMAN ANATOMY ONLINE www.innerbody.comwww.aralanetdesk.com
    38. 38. SCIENCE STUDY HELPERSCIENCE LEARNING SITE WEB ADDRESSSPONGE LAB www.spongelab.comCHEMICAL EDUCATION www.chemeddl.orgCELLS ALIVE www.cellsalive.comCHEMIX LAB DIAGRAM www.micron.me.uk/chemixwww.aralanetdesk.com
    39. 39. VIRTUAL CLASSROOMVIRTUAL CLASSROOM SITE WEB ADDRESSINTERNET CLASSROOM www.nicenet.orgEDU 2.0 www.edu20.orgWIKISPACES www.wikispaces.comEDUBLOGS www.edublogs.orgGOOGLE APPS www.google.com/awww.aralanetdesk.com
    40. 40. TEACHER TOOLCYBERSAFETYwww.aralanetdesk.com
    41. 41. TEACHER TOOLCYBERSAFETYBASIC TASKS• To scan and remove virus in thesystem and data files• To scan and remove malware andother spying program• To removes unused files and invalidregistry, Internet history andunwanted cookies.• To disable startup program that aresuspicious to be doing back doorprocessing• To prevent key logger to steal typedinformation in the running application• To perform back up of data files andfile encryptionwww.aralanetdesk.com
    42. 42. CYBERSAFETYSOFTWARE SITE WEB ADDRESSCLAMWIN ANTIVIRUS www.clamwin.comFILE CLEANER www.fcleaner.comANTI-KEYLOGGER SCRAMBLER www.qfxsoftware.comSPYBOT ANTI MALWARE www.safer-networking.orgFILE BACK UP www.7-zip.orgwww.aralanetdesk.com
    43. 43. RESOURCE PERSONJOHN J. MACASIOjohnmacasio@gmail.comwww.aralanetdesk.comMr. John Macasio is the project lead of theARALAN NETDESK He has been aggregating,reviewing and promoting freely shareablesoftware and web services for teachers from2004 to present. He serveS as manager inRedfox Technologies, focusing on promotingtechnology solution for education andgovernment.Mr. Macasio was ICT Services Consultant tothe Office of the Secretary, Department ofEducation. He was directly involved in theDepEd Computerization Project from year2007-2010. He was the resource person inthe design, review and implementation ofICT based information and learning solution.He was the lead author of the textbookproject – Computer Literacy for Childrenpublished by Rex Bookstore. He was theproject lead in the local implementation ofIntel Skoool multimedia learning project inthe Philippines.He served as ICT consultant to the HumanCapital Development Group, Commission onInformation and Communications Technologyfrom 2004-2006. He was the resourceperson in the development of ICTcompetency standards and ICT for Educationprojects of CICT.He is the training resource person of theNational Computer Institute and CareerExecutive Service Board on ICT managementand services.