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Byod update march 12, 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Byod update march 12, 2012

  1. 1.  Dictionaries Calculators Personal calendars Quick reference Wiki posts Notetaking/composition Webquests Quizlet
  2. 2. “Child Development 2 students havebeen using them to find new lessonplan ideas. The program has trulybenefited from the technology mixedwith the creativity of the HSstudents.”
  3. 3. “Foods classes have been usingsearch engines for recipes as well aswebsites and apps such as Big Ovenwhere they can plug in ingredientson hand to create a recipe.”
  4. 4. “students use pictures on their phones topresent family members and discusspeople in the target language. I find thatit really motivates them to complete theactivity since sharing/discussing picturesis something they already do in English.”
  5. 5. “Students are muchmore willing to look upwords or allusions theyare unfamiliar withwhen they arereading, when I let themuse their personaldevices.”
  6. 6. “for art projects, it is so much easier for astudent to do a quick image search with amobile, rather than sending them all theway down to the library”
  7. 7. “I find them useful for quick research.Also used the school Ipods to accessgreat apps for a science concept thenhad kids find other resources similar tothe apps on their own devices toenhance the mastery of the concept”
  8. 8. “I find it very efficient for quick use when randomquestions arise! Real time research that enhancesclass!”
  9. 9. “Wellness classes use them to investigatethe new MYPLATE nutrition page tofigure out their own individual caloricintake and also breakdown caloriesacquired from school lunches usinglunch menus and web site.”
  10. 10.  “ Instead of making paper flashcards, students may make digital flashcards on a new website called Study blue. In the future, I am going to add the audio component so students will need to record the pronunciation of the vocabulary as well.”
  11. 11.  “I have been turning my relevance objectives into QR codes posted in the room. I give my students my ipod touch and then they read the objective to the class.” ”Also, have been "tweeting" my assignments and important reminders on twitter.”
  12. 12.  Increase in disciplinary/behavioral issues involving personal devices Increase in non-academic use and abuse Student access to blocked sites through personal 3G/4G connections. Monitoring lunch, hallway, study-hall usage S