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This book will explore 16 websites that the educators can use to help students to learn via online. Lets make the learning and teaching according to their ways!

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Online Educational Resources

  1. 1. Preface T he focus of this e-book is to share ideas on the resources on the Word Wide Web in advancing the current educational practices. It is understood that educators felt accountable for their students’ learning outcome, needing to ensure that the students receive balanced time in playing, up-dated with latest news and grow in appropriately developed classrooms. Educators also need to make sure parents are continuously engaged and informed of their children’s development. I wrote this book with all these tasks in mind, hoping to make educators understand that the tasks they juggle each day can be simplified through collaboration. Writing with the understanding that learners nowadays are the Learners 2.0, this book also compiled a series of useful online educational tools derived from the Web 2.0 world in the effort to promote more meaningful teaching and learning. It resulted in 16 separate chapters, with each chapter describes an online resource and how the online resource can be helpful in promoting learning. Each chapter starts by simply introducing the name of the online resource and its web address. It then goes on with a succinct description of the online resource and suggests how activities can be carried out with that particular resource. Readers will appreciate the myriad screenshots included in this book to help educators navigate themselves in making the most out of the online resources. It can also be seen as a simpler version of the tutorials commonly available on the localised websites of the resource. Besides that, the step-by-step guide only focuses on the important features of each websites which directs its usage for educational purposes. I certainly hope that this book will provide a resource to advocate for the best possible ways of how learning can be carried out creatively. My goal is that the ideas in this book will help support educators in deriving creative lessons, while also nurturing their sense of joy in learning for a lifetime. “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” - Bill Gates
  2. 2. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 PINTEREST.................................................................1 CHAPTER 2 SMORE.......................................................................5 CHAPTER 3 EASEL.LY..................................................................10 CHAPTER 4 INKLEWRITER...........................................................16 CHAPTER 5 MYHISTRO................................................................23 CHAPTER 6 FLIPSNACK...............................................................33 CHAPTER 7 BIBLIONASIUM..........................................................39 CHAPTER 8 LITPICK....................................................................48 CHAPTER 9 WORKFLOWY............................................................53 CHAPTER 10 19PENCILS..............................................................57 CHAPTER 11 SERIOUSLY AMAZING..............................................67 CHAPTER 12 EDUDEMIC.............................................................73 CHAPTER 13 SCIENCE NETLINKS..................................................82
  3. 3. CHAPTER 14 TEDEd....................................................................88 CHAPTER 15 CODEDAMY.............................................................96 CHAPTER 16 DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY OF AMERICA (DPLA).........104
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1 PINTEREST Website : Description Pinterest simply creates connections, ignite discussions, encourage collaboration or share mutual interests. Users can upload or “pin” images and videos from websites, blogs, or even from user’s own computer, smartphone, or tablet to create boards. These boards can be privatized or made public, and others can be invited to pin on any of the boards. Any “pin” can be "repinned", and all pins will link back to their sources when the images pinned are clicked. Suggested Activities Have students work in groups to create research projects and share their sources visually. Pinterest allows you to pick your favourite pins and you can discover all the linked pins with just with a simple click! 1
  5. 5. 2
  6. 6. As a Pinterest user, you may also follow any favourite board by simply clicking the ‘Follow’ button. You can also stay connected with your Facebook and Twitter friends through Pinterest who share the same interests. Follow different boards to keep up with the pins you love! 3
  7. 7. Pinterest application can also be downloaded into your smartphones and tabs to keep you abreast with the latest updates. The application can be downloaded through the Android Play Store or Apple App Store and you will have an online educational resource at the tip of your fingers! Pinterest has recently expanded with various categories that users can choose from, including the “education” category. 4
  8. 8. CHAPTER 2 SMORE Website : Description Smore helps you to design and create professional online flyers by choosing from an array of templates, styles, and colors to compliment individual style and audience. With Smore you can embed links, audio, video, pictures, and text into your flyers and newsletters and then publish instantly to get your message and information out quickly. Suggested Activities Use Smore to create handouts and flyers to announce school and community events. 5
  9. 9. Before you start using Smore, you must first sign up if you do not own any account yet. You may sign up manually or through your Facebook account. If you have already registered yourself as a Smore user, you can just login and get started! The templates help you design flyers which are creative and attractive. 6
  10. 10.  Once you have chosen your own template, you will be directed to the page shown below. In this example, the ‘class’ template has been selected. Other templates may be chosen to suit your needs.       Start designing your flyers and choose a design that suits your flyer the most. Add creative titles to make it an interesting flyer!  You may also add additional information to your flyer as in the examples shown below. 7
  11. 11. Useful and interesting information can be added to make flyers more appealing for the public. 8
  12. 12. After you have done editing your flyer, you may save it for later use or immediately share it with others. In the era of today’s advanced technology, there is no need to print your materials out because online sharing is more effective. You can share your beautiful and creative flyers through Facebook, emails and other sharing mediums. It promotes your hard work and its hassle free! 9
  13. 13. CHAPTER 3 EASEL.LY Website : Description allows users to quickly create infographics and share visual ideas online. has an expansive library of elements and visual objects that can be added to personalize all kind of infographics. Students and teachers can choose from pre-formatted infographics or start fresh by creating their own infographics. is intuitive and easy to use, relying on drag-and-drop features and streamlined menus. Suggested Activities Use as part of a research or inquiry project by combining math, research, and digital storytelling skills in the classroom. Click the ‘Get Started’ button once you have signed up or logged into your account. 10
  14. 14. Once you have clicked the ‘Get Started’ button, you will be directed to this page and you may start decorating your canvas!  provides its users with many editing features that aid the users in decorating and making their canvas looks more interesting and eye-catching. Examples of the features such as adding texts, backgrounds, shapes and many more are shown in the pictures below. 11
  15. 15. You can also choose the many different themes that are being offered to suit your style and preference. In order to apply the chosen theme to your canvas, just drag the selected theme onto the canvas. You can also add objects such as food, people, animals and many more simply by clicking the ‘Objects’ button at the top of the page. 12
  16. 16. Add backgrounds to your canvas to give it a more exciting and colourful look! You may also change the orientation of your canvas. You may also insert different shapes onto your canvas to indicate transitions of points or even direction, depending on your topics. Simply drag texts onto your canvas to give it more depth and information so that it could be easily understood. Click the ‘Upload’ button to add any photos from your computer. 13
  17. 17.  Despite all of the other features mentioned previously, there is also some other extra features provided on the top of the webpage as shown below. You may go to your homepage but remember to save all your hardwork first! Name your visual and do not forget to click the ‘Save’ button. You may open a new visual or even an old one which you have already saved. You can empty you canvas simply by clicking the ‘Clear’ button. 14
  18. 18.  Other than that, you can also view visuals that have been created by the public and view or share them! You may also click the ‘Like’ button to show your appreciation or interest towards the visual. The visual can also be downloaded or shared with others via the links given. 15
  19. 19. CHAPTER 4 INKLEWRITER Website : Description Inklewriter provides the format for writing interactive branched stories. While students focus on writing, Inklewriter handles the story paths that end and those yet to be developed. Students who love the "choose your own ending" stories will enjoy writing, editing and reading on this dynamic site. Branched stories with the potential for multiple endings will also intrigue those interested in game development. Finished projects can be shared with a limited or global audience at the author's discretion. Suggested Activities Use Inklewriter to explore decision makings and consequences in secondary Health, Social Studies, Science, and English classes.  Before you can start getting creative with Inklewriter, you must first sign in first or sign up if you have not had any account yet. 16
  20. 20.  After signing in, you may choose to either start writing or to read a story. In the examples shown below, we will first start with how to start writing with Inklewriter. After clicking the ‘Start Writing’ button, you will be directed to a page as shown in the image above. Give your story an interesting title and just write the title and your name in the space provided.  Inklewriter gives its users a chance to be creative when writing a story. The users or writers may add more options to the story to make it more interesting and fun for the readers as they get to shape the story and be a part of it. For further understanding, kindly refer to the examples given below. 17
  21. 21.  As illustrated in the example below, two options have been added to the story and this enables the readers to actually choose and shape the story along the way. However, with every option, there must be a story following it. Once you have clicked the arrow button as in the example shown previously, you will be given a new ‘text box’ to add a continuation of your story to your created options. Do not click the ‘unlink’ button unless if you wish for the continuation to be a loose end and not connected to your option. 18
  22. 22. You may also add a marker to your story by clicking the red ‘ribbon’.  You may use the ‘map’ option provided at the top right corner of the page to direct you to a mind map page which will definitely make writing easier for you.  Other than the advantage of having a mind map to write your story, you could also use the ‘content’ feature that is provided by Inklewriter to keep up with your progress in an orderly manner. 19
  23. 23.  There are also some editing features that are provided by Inklewriter that you may use in your work. Examples are shown below. 20
  24. 24. Make your story more interesting simply by clicking the ‘if’ button to add conditions!  After you have done editing your story and you are ready to view it in its final form, which is in a book form, simply click the ‘read’ button at the top of the page similar to the examples shown below. 21
  25. 25.  Last but not least, share your creative writings with your loved ones and the public simply by clicking the share button via a unique URL! 22
  26. 26. CHAPTER 5 MYHISTRO Website : Description Myhistro provides a venue for stories displayed on maps. Watch and read thousands of fascinating timelines, or create your own complete with text, video, and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mash up. Use professionally developed maps or have students develop their own working collaboratively or individually. Export maps in a variety of formats including .csv, .klm, and pdf for offline viewing or embed them on school’s website, blog, or wiki for easy access. Suggested Activities Use myhistro to tell stories that include what, when, and why across curriculum areas and grade levels that work like a dream on your interactive presentation surface.  Log in or create an account first if you do not have one yet to enjoy the features provided by myHistro. 23
  27. 27.  After you have logged into your myHistro account, you will be directed to your dashboard and see a notification as shown below. You can either choose to ‘create story from Geni’s family tree’ or to create your first event. However, in order to choose the first option, you must first have a Geni account which will not be focused on in these examples. Therefore, let’s just create your first event and post something about your own life!  A simple example has been made in order to illustrate on how to create an event. In the example shown below, a simple event such as grocery shopping with its details has been made. Kindly refer to the pictures below for more understanding. 24
  28. 28. myHistro allows its users to not only create an event, but it also allows its users to map it out on a map!  After you have created an event, click the ‘events’ button at the top of the page to direct yourself to the events that you have previously created. As can be seen in the example below, you can filter your events according to types, uses or even dates. This is really user friendly especially when you have so many events and instead of wasting time searching for it, you can just filter it! 25
  29. 29.  Other than creating events, you can also edit your profile and fill it up with interesting details about yourself so that others can get to know a little more about you! 26
  30. 30.   Other than completing your profile, you may also create a new story. Every good story needs to have exciting events. Add yours to spice up your story! 27
  31. 31. 28
  32. 32. After you have saved your story, you will be directed to a page as shown below and you will get to play your story and watch it in the timeline with the map that is provided. Add more stories and events to make it a more enjoyable story!  29
  33. 33. If you are using myHistro for educational purposes, you may also add quizzes on the stories and events that you have made earlier. For instance, if you are a History teacher, you may use the timeline given to map out important historical events for the students. You may later test them on their knowledge and understanding by creating quizzes for them to take. 30
  34. 34.  In order to keep up with your events and stories, just give your gallery a short visit!  You can also search for other stories and events from many people all around the world simply by clicking the ‘Explore’ button and search for a tag that interests you the most! 31
  35. 35.  You can also send messages to your friends in myHistro.  Last but not least, you can share your interesting stories and events via various networks such as Facebook and Twitter as shown below! 32
  36. 36. CHAPTER 6 FLIPSNACK Website : Description Flipsnack is an application used to convert PDF files into a flipping book that is easy to use. Simply upload a PDF file, customize the book, and share. The online flip books are designed to resemble regular print books. You can choose a classic, hardcover, coil, or interactive flip format for your book, as well as a book size. Color options for the cover and background are also offered. Finished flip books can be published privately or publicly and edited at any time. The final flip book is attractive and professional-looking. Books can be shared on Facebook and Twitter or emailed and embedded with a watermark. Suggested Activities Students can combine reports or creative writing with pictures and graphics to create flip books that can be shared with parents. 33
  37. 37.  FlipSnack provides its users with many various methods of logging into their respective accounts. Users of FlipSnack may log in either through their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter or they can just simply sign in or register using their email.  Once you have signed in into your FlipSnack account, you can get started by making your very first flipping book!  In order to make a good flipping book, just follow the step-by-step instructions that are provided by FlipSnack. Examples can be seen in the following images below. 34
  38. 38.  An example has been done for you in the illustrations below. A title and description has been added into the creation of this flipbook. Other than that, a picture has also been added under the ‘Add documents’ tab. You may do the same for your very own flipbook! 35
  39. 39.  Kindly move to the next step once you are done with the first step. Start to customize your book in the second step and get creative with it! While you are customizing your flipbook, you can preview the book as shown in the example above to constantly view the changes you make to the book. 36
  40. 40. As shown in the image above, you may customize the settings of your flipbook and design it the way you want it to be. You may also choose the option for your cover page that will suit your book the most. There are also many options to be chosen from for your flipbook’s background. 37
  41. 41.  After you are done customizing your flipbook, you can finally publish it!  Last but not least, share it with your friends so that they too can read your interesting flipbook! 38
  42. 42. CHAPTER 7 BIBLIONASIUM Website : Description Biblionasium is the social network which students can use to set up virtual bookshelves and keep track of what they have read, what they like, and what they plan to read. Students will read more consistently when they connect with friends to share and recommend their favorite books. English, ELL, and Reading teachers will appreciate the inclusion of Lexile ranges. Suggested Activities Use Biblionasium in flipped libraries and classrooms to inspire independent reading. 39
  43. 43.  In order to use BiblioNasium, kindly sign up first or simply sign in if you are already a member. Refer to the examples below. 40
  44. 44.  In the previous example, it is shown that you have to either sign up as a teacher, educator or parents. In the example below, an educator account has been created and you can setup a class right away! Once you have successfully established a class, you will have a group code similar to the example shown above. You may give the code to your students so that they could use the code to sign up for your class. 41
  45. 45. As the educator of your class, you may add new users especially your students into your class.  After you have managed your class, you may start by going to your homepage simply by keeping the ‘Home’ button at the left side of the page to keep up with the latest news and updates. You may also click other buttons to get to other pages. 42
  46. 46.  As the teacher, you should have books to recommend to your students for their further readings and this is the best method of doing so! Recommend books to your students simply by going to ‘My books’ tab and start making a list of books for your students to read. You may also search for books as shown in the example below. 43
  47. 47.  Every good teacher has to come up with an activity at the end of his or her lesson to test the understandings and knowledge of the students. BiblioNesium enables you to do just that! Create a challenge for your students at the end of your class to end the class marvellously! 44
  48. 48.  In order to keep up with the progress of your class, you may look at the report of your class at the end of the day. 45
  49. 49.  You can just click the ‘Suggested Reading’ button to pick the best books to be recommended to your students for further reading. Simply click the green coloured ‘plus’ button at the side of every book in order to add it into your class. 46
  50. 50.  Parents should be notified on the enrolment of their child into a certain online classroom so that they too could also monitor their children’s progress. The parent letter provided by BiblioNasium is just the kind of letter the parents need to receive. After you have finished your online class, do not forget to sign out from your account and just look forward to your next lesson on BiblioNasium! 47
  51. 51. CHAPTER 8 LITPICK Website : Description LitPick provides free electronic books to students. Students take on the role of a book critic, reading books, developing and posting reviews anonymously on the LitPick site where other students can read them. Members can also participate in the LitPick threaded discussion forum with authors, publishers, publicists, and parents who are interested in learning about young adult literature. Suggested Activities Use LitPick to provide access to free eBooks and promote reading reviews for students by students. 48
  52. 52.  Kindly sign up for an account in order to be able to be a part of LitPick. You can either sign up as a member or you can sign up as a student reviewer. Refer to the examples below for more understanding.  After you have signed in, you may edit and view your profile just as shown in the example below. 49
  53. 53.  You may keep up with the latest updates or trends on books in the lists such provided as in the examples below. 50
  54. 54.  For instance if you would like to know about more books that you have been wanting to read but have not had any chance to do so, just view the list of books that have been reviewed by others and simply add it to your wishlist as shown in example below.  51
  55. 55. LitPick also provides a forum whereby its users are able to communicate with each other and share opinions or knowledge together. 52
  56. 56. CHAPTER 9 WORKFLOWY Website : Description Workflowy is an easy to use outliner/organizer that also functions as a to-do list. Logging on, you see a blank page that looks like a word processing document. After you type your first item, everything thing you type becomes part of one giant list. You can have sub-lists and nested-lists and the best part is that you can click on any topic and you will see a new page with all of the related items. Workflowy can easily be used in many educational settings, but can really be helpful in organizing assignments. Suggested Activities Use Workflowy to plan and organize a educational group project or to collaborate with others on shared tasks. 53
  57. 57.  WorkFlowy allows you to organize your thoughts in a systematic and neat way. As soon as you sign up or log in into your account, you will be directed to an empty page and you may start filling in the page with your ideas or chores that need to be done as shown in the example below. You may click the bullets in order to add more notes to your ideas.  54
  58. 58. Another feature which is useful is the icon which allows you to indicate thoughts which you prioritize more. Click the ‘star’ button at the left side of your page and you will not have to go through any trouble of searching for it. 55
  59. 59.  You are also able to share your ideas or list to your friends and families via a secret shared link or you can just share the list to specific email addresses.  Other than sharing your lists, you may also export them out to other programs similar to the example shown below. 56
  60. 60. CHAPTER 10 19PENCILS Website : Description 19Pencils is an easy-to-use online platform for locating and sharing educational resources, assignments and quizzes. The site’s quality search engine enables teachers to explore the 19Pencils library for resources specific to their students’ needs. Teachers can also add their own content and customize quizzes to target specific learning goals. A helpful feature, especially for younger students, is the display of each resource as a thumbnail image instead of just the URL. After creating class pages of resources, teachers can monitor student progress and assignment completion. Suggested Activities This website is a great tool to use across the curriculum for blended learning and the flipped classroom. 57
  61. 61.  Kindly sign up for an account to be a member of 19Pencils. You may either sign up as a teacher or as a student. In the next few examples, an account for teachers has been created. 58
  62. 62.  After you have logged in into your account, you may go to your dashboard and get started. Firstly, you may start to add contents to your classroom as can be seen in the example below.  You may also create quizzes and games for your students. The quizzes are free of charge. However, you will need to pay to create your own games in this website. 59
  63. 63. 60
  64. 64.  You may also have your favourite websites and simply add them under ‘My Favourites’ for your own convenience. 61
  65. 65.  In ‘my class page’, you may monitor your students and update yourself with their progresses. You may also add more students to your classroom similar to the example shown below. 62
  66. 66.  As a teacher, you will definitely assign your students with some tasks sooner or later. Therefore, make your life much easier just by assigning them with tasks on this assignment tab as shown below. 63
  67. 67.  You can also update your account once in a while. Other than that, you are able to determine your search preferences under ‘My Account’ tab. 64
  68. 68.  ‘My Widgets’ enables you to share or inform others of your class, be it parents or students, using a unique code. This code can be displayed on school blogs or even your blog for others to view it.  Other than that, you can also provide your students with your search widget so that they could have an easy educational focused research. 65
  69. 69.  Share with the rest of your friends about your class through Facebook, Twitter, email and many more! 66
  70. 70. CHAPTER 11 SERIOUSLY AMAZING Website : Description How do you spur curiosity? Just ask the six quirky characters of Smithsonian's Seriously Amazing Website. The Wild will share the diversity of the animal kingdom; The Green reflects the wonder of the natural landscape; The New will show how technology and creativity collide; The Masterpiece embodies artistic expression; The Storyteller shares the tales of the people of America; The Discoverer explores the world and universe. Seriously Amazing links the knowledge and resources of the Smithsonian Institution and sparks a spirit of inquiry. Suggested Activities Challenge students to select one of the 6 areas of exploration and learn 5 new facts to share with the class. Click one of these icons at the top of your page to explore more! 67
  71. 71.  Once you have clicked the ‘Discover More’ button, you will be provided with extra links as shown below. 68
  72. 72. The first link in the previous example (Saving America’s Orchid) directs you to a video on YouTube. The second link (The Mysterious Disappearing Orchid) directs you to an online article and also the American University Radio. 69
  73. 73. The third and last link (What do Confucius and Patriotism Have to Do with Orchids?) directs you to an online article.  The next few images are examples of the wonderful general knowledge that Seriously Amazing has in store for you! 70
  74. 74. 71
  75. 75. Last but not least, you can also share the extra knowledge that you have gained with your families and friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and many more. Show them how Seriously Amazing is just seriously amazing! 72
  76. 76. CHAPTER 12 EDUDEMIC Website : Description Edudemic is more than just an educational technology website. For students and teachers its a onestop-shop for forums, articles, ideas, and resources on everything technology. Edudemic is explorable by topics such as How-To, Tools, or Online Learning. It can also be browsed through the videos collection for amazing examples of teaching and learning. Suggested Activities The All Topics word-cloud allows users to quickly see and learn the trending topics in educational technology. 73
  77. 77.  After you have registered for an account in Edudemic, kindly fill in your profile as shown below. Once you are done with your profile, you may get started!  Below are some of the examples of Edudemic’s Teacher’s Guide and see how it could benefit you as a teacher. 74
  78. 78. In order to be a good teacher, it is necessary for you to keep up with the latest trends in technology. Connect with your students on social media such as Twitter can be a good start. 75
  79. 79.  Besides Teacher’s Guide, Edudemic also provides the best educational technology resources that can be used in the teaching and learning process. 76
  80. 80.  Edudemic also provides teachers with some very useful guidance! Kindly refer to the next examples to see what Edudemic has in store for you! 77
  81. 81. 78
  82. 82.  Other than providing information for teachers, Edudemic also focuses on students. Kindly refer to the next few examples for more understanding. Having difficulties to understand your students and their different behaviours? Read these links to find out more! 79
  83. 83.  Submit a post to Edudemic about any ideas or thoughts you would like to bring forth and the post might just be posted up on the website to be shared with the public! 80
  84. 84.  You can also stay connected with Edudemic no matter where and when via your social medias. Edudemic on Facebook Edudemic on Pinterest Edudemic on Twitter Edudemic on Google+ 81
  85. 85. CHAPTER 13 SCIENCE NETLINKS Website : Description Science NetLinks is a dynamic Website connecting teachers, students, and families to resources including lesson plans, interactives, and reviewed Internet resources. The lesson plan and tool databases are searchable by grade level, themes, and content area. Collections spotlight various themes such as Earth Day, Summer Science fun, and Science Apps. There is an Afterschool collection that offers hands-on science experiments which offers student activity sheets, online resources, as well as teacher resources. Suggested Activities Science NetLinks is a compilation of various activities in relation to science that ease teachers from independently thinking about what activities to carry out with their students.  82
  86. 86.  You can search for lessons for students ranging from kindergarten up to the twelfth grade on Science NetLinks. You may also search popular lessons or recent lessons as shown below. 83
  87. 87.  Having troubles finding the perfect activities to do with your students at the end of your lessons? You can simply refer to the science tools provided by Science Netlinks and get some useful tips on how to integrate the activities into your lessons! 84
  88. 88.  Collections groupings of lessons, tools, Science Updates and other sources relating to a single topic. This is an example of a Collection. 85
  89. 89.  Afterschool Resources offers informal, often hands-on, science activities. Each one includes a facilitator page, as well as online and printable pages for kids. 86
  90. 90.  Get the latest news on science and other issues on ‘Science News’ by Science NetLinks. 87
  91. 91. CHAPTER 14 TEDEd Website : Description TEDEd allows educators to create and share lessons built around YouTube videos. The embedded lesson creator allows users to 1) FIND video content through an integrated search panel, 2) SELECT a video or lesson to be customized, and 3) FLIP a video by adding questions, notes, and content. The TEDEd library is continually growing and is searchable by series and subject. Suggested Activities Create questions about topics your students have yet to learn and let them explore the answers in TEDEd. Ask them to share their findings and interesting videos with their friends in class. 88
  92. 92.  Create a TED account and kindly add more information about yourself as in the examples below. 89
  93. 93.  As a teacher, you may search for suitable lessons on this website and you can incorporate it into your own teaching.  This is a YouTube video linked to the first lesson in the example above. 90
  94. 94. Once you have watched the video, follow the following steps given at the right side of your page which are ‘Think’, ‘Dig Deeper and ‘Discuss’ in order to better grasp the lesson. 91
  95. 95. 92
  96. 96.  You may flip your lesson, or in other words, publish your lesson once you are satisfied with it simply by clicking the ‘Flip This Lesson’ button and share it on your social media. 93
  97. 97. Other than lessons, TedEd also provides ‘Series’ which is a series of YouTube videos or a compilation of YouTube videos related to the same lesson as shown in the example below.  TedEd provides its users with a ‘Community’ whereby the users are able to communicate with everyone, especially the Ted-Ed team and ask questions or share brilliant ideas with each other. 94
  98. 98. 95
  99. 99. CHAPTER 15 CODECADEMY Website : Description Codecademy has set out to create an online social instructional experience that teaches programming to people around the world. Learn the fundamentals of various programming languages, participate in online coding language labs, and learn how to start a coding academy at your own school. Suggested Activities At the completion of the Codecademy course, have students build their own websites with the code they have learned. Do sign up for Codecademy first before you can get started and lean to code interactively! 96
  100. 100. Once you have signed up, you may get started right away! Learn to code and create your own websites immediately simply by clicking the ‘Explore’ button as shown below. 97
  101. 101.  Kindly follow the following steps provided by Codecademy into making your own website. 98
  102. 102. As a user, you may participate in Codecademic’s Q&A Forum and ask questions or answer the questions posted if you have the extra knowledge to share. 99
  103. 103.  You may also refer to the glossary provided by Codecademic and simply select the topic that you are looking for. 100
  104. 104.  Once you are already excellent at coding, you may teach others to code too on Codecademy. Simply click the ‘Get Started’ button below to start teaching! 101
  105. 105.  Codecademy also provides exercise to enhance the learning to coding. 102
  106. 106.  Your final exercise similar to the examples can be preview as shown below. 103
  107. 107. CHAPTER 16 DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY OF AMERICA (DPLA) Website : Description The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an online collection of millions of photographs, maps, sounds, manuscripts, books, and more accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. DPLA materials come from museums, archives, and libraries across the United States, and provides primary source examples of American Heritage and human history. With DPLA, users can explore resources by topic, map, format, timeline, or exhibition. Although these materials are largely skewed towards the American history, but it nevertheless can be useful for vast audiences who want to learn more on such topics. With a free account, items can be saved to lists and shared with others. Suggested Activities Assign students to compile a scrapbook about the materials that can be found on a topic taught to them, specifically on American history. Sign up for DPLA in order to explore its vast online collection! 104
  108. 108.  DPLA provides its users with something they call ‘Exhibitions’. Exhibition is a section of the online digital public library that displays or shares some articles or journals to the public. 105
  109. 109.  DPLA also provides a map for its users! 106
  110. 110.   You may also search for resources of different times through the timeline as shown below. The bookshelf is an easy way to search DPLA’s books, serials, and journals. The darker the shade of blue, the more relevant the results. Click on a spine for details and related images. Book thickness indicates the page count, and the horizontal length reflects the book’s actual height. 107
  111. 111. 108
  112. 112.  Last but not least, the DPLA is a platform that enables new and transformative uses of our digitized cultural heritage. The DPLA's application programming interface (API) and open data can be used by software developers, researchers, and others to create novel environments for learning, tools for discovery, and engaging apps. 109