QR Codes, what they are and why you should care


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Using 2D bar codes to turn your print advertising into memorable mobile marketing.

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QR Codes, what they are and why you should care

  1. 1. QR codes What they are and why you should care Emily Davis, September 2011Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  2. 2. Who am I?• What do I do? – Digital Marketer for Firehoop www.firehoop.com• Where did I come from? – CIM post-graduate, Academic Publishing, Retail, and Financial Services marketing experience• Where can you find me? – On Twitter as @emilyevelina – Part of the Digitalks team, Cheltenham – Co-manage Social Media Club, CheltenhamKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  3. 3. Why am I talking about QR codes? Firehoop has developed QR Seen: QR Code generator and campaign tracking tool www.qrseen.com for inspiration and resources for QR code marketingKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  4. 4. What are QR codes?• 2D bar codes• Scanned with a smartphone• Resolve to a variety of functions – Website – Contact details – Video – Music download – SMS text, email, a text-based note – Any function that a mobile device can performKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  5. 5. What do you need?Consumer• Smartphone with camera• QR code scanning app (available free from your phone’s app store)You• Code generator (many free online, but beware of quality issues)• Something to print it on• A campaign! (Don’t just use them for the sake of it)Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  6. 6. How are they being used?The Big Boys• Tesco Korea Opened virtual store in underground train stations to become no. 1 online retailer.• Used product images accompanied by QR codes.• Goods delivered by the time customers got home.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  7. 7. Image source: geek.com Watch http://youtu.be/nJVoYsBym88Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  8. 8. How are they being used?The Big Boys• Bulmers Cider QR codes added to bottles linking to a survey asking a series of questions such as ‘what sort of socialiser are you?’• Adds a bit of fun to the product complementing the social aspect of drinking.• Bulmers can now track different product lines and gather email addresses for future marketing.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  9. 9. Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  10. 10. How are they being used?The Clever Guys• The World Park campaign Central Park, NY wanted to reach out to a new demographic of younger people.• Added QR codes around the park resolving to a variety of ‘added value’ information.• Videos of movie scenes shot in the park, orchestras playing in the amphitheatre, and historic facts about the geography of the park.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  11. 11. Image source: mobilebehaviour.com Watch http://youtu.be/D7JRfz9Jc_MKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  12. 12. How are they being used?The Clever Guys• Brickhampton Golf Course A local example of adding value to attract and retain customers.• QR code added to hole on the course to give tips and guidance on how to play the shot.• Also gave golfers a challenge for the hole for added competition.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  13. 13. Pointless QR codesDon’t bother when:• It’s online Don’t put them on a website or in an email (unless there is benefit to printing it out). Remember, you want to take customers from offline to online.• It can’t be scanned Don’t put them out of scanning distance, on a moving vehicle, somewhere that will be obscured, or on clothing which won’t be flat e.g. a scarf.• The code doesn’t work Your code might not work if there’s not enough contrast, or it’s not the correct size or quality.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  14. 14. Ask yourself• Where is it going?• Will people have enough time to scan it?• Is the code too complex?• Does it have enough contrast?• Have I tested it in situ?Lots of free code generators available but beware of poor quality andhigh complexity codes (it will be harder to scan).You don’t have to keep it black and white but do ensure it has enoughcontrast so scanning apps can read the data.There’s nothing worse than a printed code that doesn’t work.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  15. 15. Why should you care?• Relatively inexpensive• Relevant for any size of business• Gets your business in people’s pockets!• Measurable• Reusable (if you use the right campaign tool!)QR Seen lets you to manage where your printedcodes resolve to and see when, how and wherethey were scanned.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  16. 16. Why should you care?• Growing popularity of QR codes – New Windows Phone 7 has built in QR code scanner• Increasing adoption of smartphones – 40% of all mobile phones in US (Nielson, Sep ‘11) – 52% of total mobile phone shipments in UK (IDC, Sep ‘11)• Big brands driving adoption BBC (Good Cook), Harley Davidson, Betfair• No reason not to get involved now – stay ahead of the competition and in people’s pockets!Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  17. 17. Who scans them?• Men 60%• Women 30% Age QR Code Audience 13-17 7.4% 18-24 16.6% 25-34 36.8% 35-44 19.6% 45-54 12.4% 55-64 4.1% 65+ 3.0% Source: comscore.comKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  18. 18. Where are they found? Location QR Code Audience Magazine or newspaper 49.4% Product packaging 35.3% Website 27.4% Poster or flyer 23.5% Business card or brochure 12.4% Storefront / window displays 12.8% TV 11.7% Source: comscore.comKeeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  19. 19. So what do I do now?• Go to www.qrseen.com• Enter your email address• We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest information and creative ideas.Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com
  20. 20. Thank you...Keeping track of codes www.qrseen.com