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The Gift Experience Cracks The QR Code


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Mario Thomas - Managing Director - Chapter Eight

Published in: Business
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The Gift Experience Cracks The QR Code

  1. 1. Chapter EightA Case Study: The Gift Experience Cracks the QR Code
  2. 2. A (little) bit about us...
  3. 3. • Founded in 2002• Full service ecommerce specialist• Specific focus on multi-channel retail• Now have over 500 websites under management• Have an extensive UK reseller network as well as corporate accounts• One of only a handful of PCI DSS Level 1 Certified providers in UK• Also now a Payment Service Provider (including acquiring)
  4. 4. Vital Statistics
  5. 5. • Over 70 million visits to Chapter Eight websites in 2010• Served over 480m page impressions in 2010• Served over 20m unique visitors in 2010• Sent over 28m emails in 2010• Over 500 customers across 25 different industry sectors• Reseller network of 15 resellers (one with a further 250 resellers)
  6. 6. • Over 2 million pages published on our client websites• Over 1 million pages indexed in Google• Over 50,000 page one positions• Over 10,000 number one positions• Publish to multiple platforms; desktop, mobile, tablet• Standards compliant websites• Naturally search engine friendly
  7. 7. • Processed £194m in ecommerce transactions in 2010• Over 528,000 purchases made on our websites in 2010• £457,213,474 of orders taken on our websites• Will hit £500,000,000 in November 2011• Hit 1.5m purchases in February 2010• Over 425,000 product lines (unique SKU’s)
  8. 8. On Cyber Monday 2010 we processed £37 persecond of transactions
  9. 9. What Are QR Codes?
  10. 10. • A ‘new’ type of barcode• Actually been around since 1994• Originally used by a Toyota subsidiary for tracking parts• Marketing take up began around 2009• Advent of smart phones and Apps has seen explosion in use• Seen everywhere and in some places you might not expect
  11. 11. Where Can They Be Used?
  12. 12. • Everywhere!• From clothing labels, to billboards• Business cards• Flyers• Websites• The list is endless!
  13. 13. Should I Be Using QR Codes?
  14. 14. • Are your customers likely to be using QR codes• Are your customers using mobile• Are your customers reaching you online• Try it, you’ll never know otherwise• Limit initial trials if you feel uncomfortable about them• Then broaden scope of use into wider marketing campaigns
  15. 15. • Mobile is everywhere• Customers expect you to support it• QR codes is a great way of driving traffic• Include them in your mobile plans
  16. 16. • 44% of handsets are smart phones - companies need to respond• Gives a personalised service to customers coming to you from them• Mobile marketing - QR codes - bringing web & mobile together• Fully trackable and can be linked to existing customer profile data
  17. 17. How Do I Create Them?
  18. 18. • Lot’s of websites that do it for you• It’s free - so create as many as you want• Not like barcodes - can be generated at will• - easy to use and understand
  19. 19. The Gift Experience
  20. 20. • Client since 2003• Privately Held Company• One of the UK’s top 5 gift websites• Over 150,000 customers• Pure play online retailer
  21. 21. • Wanted to reach a mobile audience• And then drive traffic from mobile in new ways• Enter: • A mobile website • QR Codes
  22. 22. Going Mobile
  23. 23. • Reach a growing mobile audience• All using the existing website on mobile devices• Ensure checkout was as seamless as possible• Try to increase order values and conversion rates over main website• Had to be managed alongside existing site - same back office
  24. 24. • We developed a mobile website• Great for product browsing• The first in the UK to use PayPal Mobile Payments• Targeted at iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry• Optimised for 3G networks, fast and lightweight
  25. 25. • Fully integrated with existing website• Single customer view means joined up customer experience• Support for multiple platforms (removes App/Web debate)• Achieves ‘The Martini Effect’ for customers
  26. 26. • 58% increase in mobile traffic since launch• 123% increase in mobile orders since launch• 1121% uplift in year-on-year revenue since launch• Average order value is higher on mobile than full website• Customers LOVE it!
  27. 27. Cracking the QR Code What We Did Next
  28. 28. • Wanted to drive more traffic to the mobile website• Using QR codes seemed like an obvious route• Integrated with the WebGains voucher code tool• Provided multi-format tracking across web, mobile and print
  29. 29. Cracking the QR Code How it Works
  30. 30. • QR Code is generated• Displayed through active campaigns across • Mobile • Website • Print
  31. 31. • Customer scans QR code with QR Reader App• App reads code and finds URL information• App opens web page using mobile browser• Website detects platform and displays mobile site to customer
  32. 32. • Now for the clever stuff! • URL in QR code contains unique redemption code • When customer goes to shopping basket, code is auto-filled • Code is tracked through WebGains • Sale is tracked and affiliate commissions are calculated and paid to referrer
  33. 33. Cracking the QR Code Results
  34. 34. • Customers love QR codes• Because they are personalised they really engage with them• A wider range of mobile devices are using the mobile site• Not just the iPhone generation• Conversion rates on QR originating orders with custom promo code are 32% higher than non-QR originating orders.
  35. 35. Cracking the QR Code The Future
  36. 36. • Extension of use to flyers sent in purchase packaging• Will play a key part in all collateral (both online and offline)• All campaigns now consider use of QR• Mobile engagement key to future revenue growth
  37. 37. Cracking the QR Code Conclusions
  38. 38. • If you’re not mobile - don’t worry, but try and get there soon• Low cost of entry means anybody can and should try QR codes• Try a small campaign first to gauge how your customers react• Try to go mobile this side of August
  39. 39. Thanks for Listening