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Promozone short pitch investors


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Promozone short pitch investors

  1. 1. Who we are?Emiliyan Enev - CEO and project founder* Project steering and resource managementEmil Stoyanov - CTO and co-founder* Team leader and software development supervisorBoyan Petkov - Creative and co-founder* Design and user experience
  2. 2. Trends & Perspectives• Smartphones spreading faster than any technology in human history• 800 000 daily Android activations• Mobile devices everywhere - extension of the hand• Mobile app market will be worth $25 billion by 2015
  3. 3. Why are we here?We believe:• Marketing is becoming piece of software• The era of location-based services• New ways to reach and interact with clients• Customers need instant access to special deals
  4. 4. What?A platform and a service for location-based discovery of commercial promotions
  5. 5. Product features• Relevant location-aware notifications• Self-service for promotions publishing• Organized and verified content• User feedback and ratings / bonus points• Contextual and behavioural targeting
  6. 6. Why are we unique?• Strong focus on discounts and promotions• Simplified user experience• Users select and take deals on demand• Businesses can serve themselves• Integration of additional services (click-to-action)
  7. 7. Scalable!• It is easily deployable platform• Adaptable for various regions and industries• Back office do all support and customization• Expansion to multiple markets
  8. 8. Monetization• Fee for distinctive featured profiles• Tariff for publishing promotions/redeemed coupons• Paid “click-to-action” services and functions• Advertising brands and product placement• Rebranding and customization for new markets
  9. 9. Investment140 000 EUR for a period of 1 year for 23% equity
  10. 10. How we will use the money?• Marketing activities (65% from budget): – Attracting business profiles – Reaching critical users base• Creating content (15%)• New features development (15%)• Technical support (5%)
  11. 11. Thank you!
  12. 12. Video