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Infozone detailed pitch Feb 2013


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Infozone project - detailed pitch for partners and investors

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Infozone detailed pitch Feb 2013

  1. 1. Trends• Real-time marketing and hyper local targeting• Marketing will be automated by software• Multichannel and multiscreen presence• Very soon businesses without mobile strategy will beuncompetitive
  2. 2. Problem (for businesses)• How to reach, interact and attractmore clients nearby using themobile channel?• How to increase sales bygenerating and managing mobileleads?
  3. 3. Problem (for end users)• How to find what’s new around meand see relevant promotions –everywhere, fast and convenient?• Is there an application which I coulduse as universal mobile searchinstrument? (I don’t want to install tenapps for ten different services)
  4. 4. Problem and Solution (Recap)No software for mobile marketing and hyper-local targeting inthe target regions and no mobile app providing usefulinformation and access to promotions - all in one. Solutions are:1. Providing efficient tool for mobile marketing to the businessesand enabling them to attract clients nearby with special offersand leads.2. Giving easy and convenient access to location-awareinformation, services and promotions to the end users.
  5. 5. The product - description• Infozone is an application for mobile and local search• Everything in the system is location aware• Simplified user experience and intuitive navigation• With Infozone you can check working time, see photos, makea phone call for reservations, view location and many others•It is a self-service platform used by businesses to interact andattract clients by publishing leads – updates, promotions, etc.•The mobile application offers relevant notifications that couldbe personalized based on preferences and interests
  6. 6. Key technology and innovation• Relevant location-aware notifications• Self-service for generating mobileleads• Precise and local targeting in real time• Integration of click-to-action services
  7. 7. Traction and current status• Public beta of mobile app for Android• Website with content management system• Private beta of the mobile app for iOS• Contract signed with mobile operator for co-branded version• 1000+ daily visits in the site without advertising in beta stage• 6000 places/venues in the system form Bulgaria• 5000+ downloads of the mobile app for Android• International partnerships – China, Turkey, Serbia, etc.
  8. 8. The competition - profiles• No mobile app with identical functions in the target markets• Some emerging players on the Balkans ( and with emphasis on entertainment• The big international players have different scope (Yelp isfocused on reviews and Four Square is social networking app)• Daily deals market is slowly declining
  9. 9. The competition – characteristics• The competition in the targeted emerging mobile markets isnot intense in the segment mobile app for generating leads• The barriers for new entrants are not high• Mobile apps drive rapid change in searches and the traditionalsearch with keyword in a browser is not that convenient insmartphone. People bypass Google to go straight to apps.
  10. 10. Differentiation & unfair advantage• Businesses pay for measurable result• Users are engaged with real rewards• Users interact actively with businesses – follow, requestpromotions, etc.• One-stop shop platform for businesses and end users – theyreceive multitude of relevant services and information
  11. 11. What do we disrupt?We capitalize on mobile as a disrupter!We disrupt:•Traditional marketing – in media, outdoor, etc.•Daily deals model•Plastic and loyalty cards•Paper leaflets•SMS marketing and service
  12. 12. The market• Our customers are all businesses looking to reach and attractpotential clients nearby. We give them access to the mobiledevices of the users of Infozone and marketing instruments toimplement their mobile strategy.• On the other hand, potential end users of the mobileapplication are all owners of Android and iOS mobile devices inthe respective regions (Turkey, Balkans, China, etc.)
  13. 13. The business model• Distribution channels – licensing the technology to localpartners against fixed fee or percentage from revenue• Ongoing negotiations with partners from Serbia, Turkey,Romania and China (Shanghai) – pending signing of contracts• Initially promoting of the service in cooperation with mobileoperators and digital advertising agencies
  14. 14. Ways to monetize• Fee for distinctive featured profiles• Tariff for publishing promotions/redeemed coupons• Paid “click-to-action” services and functions• Advertising brands and product placement• Rebranding and customization for new markets
  15. 15. fsdasdfsSecret:Engaging with customersas individuals
  16. 16. Intellectual property• Trademark “Infozone” registered in Bulgaria• Assessment of the software by licensed appraiser of intellectual property – 50 000 EUR (based on actual costs)• Unique and verified content for Bulgaria• Own algorithms for notifications and personalized updates
  17. 17. Cooperation with mobile operator• Contract signed with Bulgarian mobile operator for mutual promotion and advertising• The operator uploaded co-branded version of the application Infozone on its own platform for apps• The mobile operator actively publishes promotions and updates using the platform
  18. 18. Extremely scalable project!• It is easily deployable platform• Adaptable for various regions/industries• Back office do all support / customization• Pending contracts for licensing to partners from several markets (China, Turkey, Serbia and Romania)
  19. 19. The teamEmiliyan Enev – serial entrepreneur with projects mainly in the field of b2band tourism information internet portals. Emiliyan has occupied executivemanagement positions in two companies and chamber of commerce.Emil Stoyanov – has more than 15 years experience in development andimplementation of academic, industrial and business software projects.Currently Emil is an owner and CEO of a company for IT research anddevelopment.Boyan Petkov is a professional designer who have been working in theindustry for over seven years. Proficient in various aspects of design anddevelopment process.
  20. 20. The company• Emiliyan Enev – CEO and Managing Partner• Emil Stoyanov – CTO and Team Leader of developers• Boyan Petkov – Design, Creative and UI• Stoyan Angelov – Sales and Marketing
  21. 21. InvestmentRequired capital - 200 000 EUR used for:•Marketing activities (55% from budget):•Creating content (15%)•New features development (15%)•Technical support (7,5%)•General & Administrative costs (7,5%)Exit – sale to strategic investor or VC
  22. 22. THANK YOU!