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Production companies -_dave

  1. 1. Music Production
  2. 2. What Does The Industry Area Do?Music production is a key area of the musicindustry as it deals with the physical or digitalproduction of songs.This is a field of the industry where is deals withthe creation of the music and sometimes thefinance (such as the cost of studio time).
  3. 3. What is/are the product(s)?The product made from music production isactually the music itself and the format it isreleased on, these can CD, MP3, Vinyl and tape.a key and most well know part of musicproduction is music producers working with theartist to create the music. The producers alsowork with the audio engineers to try and makethe music sound as good as possible so they cansell as many of the product as possible
  4. 4. What factors of price do they have to consider?Some of the factors of the price they have toconsider is money to pay people this could be topay for music producers, audio engineers or studioequipment etc. Also have to consider the cost ofpaying to have the music put on to albums ratherthan singles (as you get more money from albumsas people are more inclined to buy albums with lotsof songs that are cheaper than expensive singleswhich they get less songs) this would mean theymake more profit.
  5. 5. What and how do they promote their product/service?There are many ways of promoting the productis through these following things (these are themost common)…• Billboards• Magazines• Radio• Internet
  6. 6. Who Is their target market?The target market for music production iseveryone as the aim to sell as many products aspossible if this means producing a pop or ametal song they will to get the most profit.For example if the producer is working with apower pop band then their target market will bethe bands current fans but it is also people whoare into that genre who may not yet be fans.
  7. 7. Where do they do their business?• The usual place for their business is in a recording studio as this is where the music is produced. It can also be at a live performance to get a live album of the band/artist
  8. 8. What market research do they undertake?• The main market research they perform is seeing what music is the most popular/has the largest audience this is so they can try a make a large profit from producing the music because if they do not see much of a future in that genre they will not work on it as it could be a waste of time and money they could have used on another genre/band/artist.