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Joan miro


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Miro´s life and work for yoing children

Published in: Education
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Joan miro

  2. 2. JOAN MIROJoan Miro was born in Barcelona in 1893. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  3. 3. JOAN MIRO The chiropodist Miro started to paint when he was 8. His work was very simple. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  4. 4. JOAN MIROThe farm Then he started to paint in more detail, adding bright colours, shapes and black outline. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  5. 5. JOAN MIRO FRANCE In 1920 he visited Paris for the first time. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  6. 6. JOAN MIRO PICASSO MIRO In Paris Miro met famous painters and artists such as Pablo Picasso. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  7. 7. JOAN MIRO Morning star After this visit he started to paint his dreams using bright colours, lots of shapes and symbols: moons, suns and stars. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  8. 8. JOAN MIRO He also was a great sculptor … ALBERTO GARRIDO
  9. 9. JOAN MIRO Miro’s MuseumHe also created very beautiful tapestries. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  10. 10. JOAN MIRO And fantastic ceramic paving work ALBERTO GARRIDO
  11. 11. JOAN MIRO In 1959 he went to live in Majorca. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  12. 12. JOAN MIRO This was his studio in Majorca. ALBERTO GARRIDO
  13. 13. JOAN MIRO He died in Majorca on 25 December, 1983. He was 90 years old. ALBERTO GARRIDO