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May 2008 School Newsletter

  1. 1. Issue No. 5  May 2008  Eggar‛s celebrate with Year 11 Tuesday 13th May 2008 will stay in the gathering reflected on the many memory of many at Eggar‛s as this was achievements by Year 11 at Eggar‛s, the last day in school for Year 11. which brought lots of laughter and a After many months of preparation for few tears to many. their GCSE‛s which finish in June, the We wish Year 11 the best of luck in Year 11 were able to celebrate their their exams and look forward to seeing final day with a Leavers Assembly. them at their Leavers Dinner on With Senior Staff, Tutors and Thursday 3rd July and celebrating their Teachers in attendance, this special exam results in August.
  2. 2. It is always nice to experience something The students looked at new and for me this happened twice in one the properties of these day! As not only did I accompany the Y-half species many of which of Year 7 on a school trip for the first time, produce timber, fruits, but also made my first visit, and hope not spices, fibres, last, to Kew Gardens. perfumes and Despite the appalling weather, which didn‛t medicines. dampen our spirits, we arrived at Kew This magnificent Gardens to visit two of the glasshouses. The glasshouse houses some purpose of this trip was to enable the enormous palms which students to gather information about now reach the top of the roof, which we eco-systems for their Geography studies and were able to view from a roof top walkway also have the opportunity of drawing some of reached via an iron spiral staircase. A the many plants for their Art lessons. second spiral staircase takes you to the Our morning was spent in the Palm House, basement which houses four important which is a very impressive marine habitats, complete with fish, crabs, and beautiful glasshouse corals and marine plants. built in 1844-48 and is After a busy morning, lunchtime soon arrived classed as the world‛s most and we joined the rest of the Year 7 groups important surviving for a quick break. Victorian glass and iron After lunch we swapped topics and venues structure. with the rest of the year group and visited We were quite pleased to escape the wet, the Princess of Wales Conservatory. This grey weather outside and enter the warm glasshouse commemorates both Diana, and humid atmosphere in this glasshouse. Princess of Wales, and one of her The Year 7‛s immediately started their predecessors, Princess Augusta, the mother Geography work to study the many different of George III, who founded the botantic palm species, which would normally be found gardens at Kew in 1759. in tropical rainforests and plants of great Within this new house there are ten economic significance which included rubber, different environmental zones. Here, under banana, mango, coconut, Ylang Ylang, pepper the guidance of Art Teacher, Mr Colburn- and cocoa to name just a few. Jackson, our Year 7‛s had the opportunity to study and choose where and what they wished to draw using oil pastels. Th ere w er e many displays to choose from i n c l u d i n g b r i g h t l y c o l o u r e d orchids, cactus against desert backdrops, waterfalls and huge lily pads.
  3. 3. The students produced some wonderful artwork with many Kew visitors stopping to admire and comment on how good they were. Unfortunately the afternoon went all too quickly and we were soon on our way back to school. I have to say this day was made all the more enjoyable due to my group of George Burton, Joshua Cockram, William Chong, Ben Hannon, Madeleine Anderson and Carmella Faithfull of 7JM, as they were really good company and their behaviour was excellent throughout the day. Mrs N Headleand School Secretary
  4. 4. We have had another really successful few To finish, I would like to weeks in school with Year 7, and the congratulate the following pupils brilliant weather recently bringing out the on achieving some outstanding best in everyone! I hope it lasts… merit totals – Alice Ilsley and I‛m still chuffed to bits with the Bill Baker of 7NS, Lydia Wang, Rebecca enthusiasm and motivation Year 7 are Hawkes and Sam Wood of 7JM, Alex showing across the whole school, which will Holmes and Stan Burrows of 7SD, Doug be of great importance with next year‛s Lowe, Alissa Kirkwood and Tyrone Girling- new Year 7 coming to visit us very soon. I Florio 7CMc. am very excited at the prospect of us Very well done Year 7 – have a great final becoming the ‘new‛ Year 8 and the new term! challenges this will bring. Mr Wordsworth Year 11 are currently sitting their GCSE Year Leader, Year 7 exam, so I would appreciate students continuing to move around the Hall area and other designated exam areas as quietly as possible at this important time. It won‛t be too long before you are sitting in those seats, which is a scary thought! With her love of dance and music, Parents and pupils will now have received Justine Jerrold of 7JM, is setting her sights high. their Year 7 Reports, which will give you a Justine excels in Ballroom and Latin good indication of the progress being made dance and her ambition is to become a at school. We would like to invite you to professional dancer or instructor and Parent‛s Evening to discuss these reports perhaps one day performing on the further on Thursday 5th June, where you television sh ow ‘Strict ly Come Dancing.’ will get the chance to meet your child‛s Luckily, her new dance partner Bradley teachers. Parent‛s Evenings are incredibly Evans (aged 12) has the same passion important and I would urge that you attend and commitment when it comes to to ensure that staff, parents and pupils can dancing, and this is certainly shown in work together to maximise the progress of the distance they have to travel to every child at the school. You will shortly practice, as Bradley lives in Crewe and attends a dan ce sch ool in receive a letter home with details of this Wolverhampton! evening and your child will have the This dancing duo are currently opportunity to make individual appointments t r ain in g h ar d for th e ir fi r st on your behalf with their teachers from competition ‘Stars of the Future’ which 4pm until 7pm. will be held at Brentwood, Essex on 7th June. These talented dancers also Year 7 are still achieving a great h ave th e ‘Nor t h of En g l an d’ attendance of 95% but I would love to see competition to compete in too. this improve and finish the year with 100% - We wish Justine the very best of luck remember, you cannot learn unless you are and look forward to hearing about the in school! competitions.
  5. 5. June Open Mornings for  Years 3, 4 and 5  Once  again  this  Summer  we  open  our  doors to welcome parents and pupils of  our  primary  feeder  schools  to  come  and visit our school.  We  are  always  happy  and  proud  to  As we still occasionally have show  visitors  the  excellent  facilities  queries from parents as to how and where and  opportunities  on  offer  at  Eggar’s  they can purchase school uniform, we would School.  Please  come  along  between  9.00am  confirm our current school uniform supplier and 12.00pm on either Tuesday 24th or  is 1st Grade and we have order forms Wednesday 25th June.  available from the School Office. To place your order please return the completed form to the school office with We  have  recently  your payment by cheque to ‘1st Grade‛. All received  complaints  orders are collected on a Friday and if the regarding the dropping­off  item is in stock, they will be delivered to the of  children  at  the  school  school office the following Friday for entrance  with  the  driver  collection. If you wish to order by credit then turning around in the  card please telephone 1st Grade direct on entrance  to  depart,  or  drivers  coming  01252 795559. into the front car parking  area  and not  As we are sure you will appreciate, with the pulling  over  to  the  left  handside,  new intake of Year 7 in September, 1st instead they are stopping in the middle  Grade is inundated with uniform orders and therefore blocking through­traffic.  during July. We would advise our current We would appreciate all drivers having  parents to order any uniform consideration  for  other  drivers  and  before the end of term to avoid pedestrians.  Please  use  the  school  the rush and allow the supplier entrance and exit from the Holybourne  to have plenty of size options in Road  junction  –  this  will  ensure  the  safety of all drivers and  pedestrians. stock . It has been brought to our TESCO  attention that many students are COMPUTERS FOR SCHOOLS  not bringing a drink to school with them each day. It is very If  you  have  any  ‘Computer  for  important that all students have Schools’  vouchers  at  home,  then  plenty to drink throughout the please  bring  to  school  as  this  day and following sports scheme has now finished.  activities. There are water dispensers in Thank you for your support.  school for use during break and lunch times. 
  6. 6. During the week of 12th May, Year 8 attended The Year 8 homework project is now in full flow, a residential activity centre at Fairthorne and as you are reading this Manor near Botley, Southampton. newsletter, the History This trip was an excellent success and all of project deadline has just the students who went had a great time. For been passed. some of the students, it To re-emphasise, the Year 8 was their first time students should use the sleeping in a tent. After projects as an opportunity to the first night, many of sharpen up their organisational skills, arranging them understood the their time management and to show off their importance of wearing knowledge. The Humanities and Art staff are many layers! really looking forward to seeing the completed Fairthorne Manor has projects. many organised activities on offer, ranging from kayaking to orienteering, from climbing to an aerial runway. These activities gave students the opportunity to try something new, take on their fears such as heights and perhaps even spark an interest in a new interest/hobby. The trip was blessed with great weather, particularly at the start of the week. Even Our congratulations go to Emily Bailey of though the sun was out, the 8PJ for her recent success at the water was still cold especially for those students who Hampshire Schools Swimming Championships capsized. I am still trying to 2008. Emily took part in the Girls Junior work out how Alice Easton, 100m and 200m Butterfly and came in Chloe Chandler, Izzy Dymock and Lauren fourth and first place!! In the Girls Junior Connor capsized their four person canoe!!?? 200m Individual Medley Emily came sixth After a very busy and rewarding week, I would and in the 100m Freestyle she came in like to thank the school staff who accompanied eighth place. the students to Fairthorne, as without them it would not have been possible. Congratulations to all the students. The Keep up the good work Year 8, I look Fairthorne staff were impressed with their forward to seeing your completed projects attitude, effort and behaviour. over the next few weeks. A more detailed report by students and Have good half term break! photographs will appear in the next Mr A Wheeler Year Leader, Year 8 newsletter.
  7. 7. USE  OF THE  INTERNET FOR  Some of our Year 9 and 10 students were selected to represent Eggar’s at the District Athletics, HOMEWORK  Basingstoke on Wednesday 21st May. Our sporting students should be congratulated on their achievement against 14 other schools from across Hampshire. We  are  becoming  increasingly  concerned  about  the  use  of  the    internet  for  homework.  Although we support the use of the internet  for  research  and  in  helping  the  understanding  of  concepts,  we  are  increasingly  finding  that  the  internet  is  being used as a short cut in the production  of homework across all year groups.  Year 9 Girls Student Event Position As I am sure you will agree printed internet  Megan Aitchinson 200m 1st pages  do  not  promote  good  learning  and  Long Jump 2nd are  not  themselves  acceptable  for  school  Beth Burns High Jump 2nd Year 9 Boys homework,  just  as  it  would  not  be  Antony Beard 400m 1st acceptable  for  college  or    university  work.  James Bevis Long Jump 4th This  type  of    response  gives  no  indication  Mark Linegar Shot 5th of  a    student’s  progress  in  the  subject  Year 10 Girls apart  from  the  fact  that  they  are  able  to  Jess Hoare 100m 2nd locate an informative web site.  Amira Saharoui 200m 4th High Jump 4th In the Upper School the use of the internet  Hannah Gray Long Jump 6th to  research  information  is    entirely  Beth Dickinson Long Jump 2nd Year 10 Boys acceptable  and  recommended.    However,  Sean Smith Shot 4th plagiarism  is not acceptable and no credit  Ollie Jenner Shot 6th can be given by the Examination Board for  any  part  of  the  work  directly  copied  from  Anthony the internet.  Beard 9AS and Megan Please  can  you  remind  your  child  about  Aitchinison this issue.  9REo pictured with their medals Thank you for your  Well done everyone! continued support. Mr S Laycock PE Curriculum Leader
  8. 8. School Calendar 2008 ­  Dates for your diary  May  26 ­30 HALF­TERM  June  2  Return to school  5  Y7 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  6  Y10 Drama exams  9  Y9 Field studies all week  Y10 Leisure & Tourism students visit to Guildford Spectrum  Y10 Health & Social Care students  visit to Treloars College this  week  10  Y7 Art experience  13  Y10 Imperial War Museum  trip  16  Y9 Field Studies  Y9 Non core exam week  18  Y10 Reports to parents  19  Y6 Induction Evening  20  Y10 Drama exams  21  Eggar’s School Fete  24  09:15 Open morning for Ys 3­5  25  09:15 Open morning for Ys 3­5  26  Y10 Parents evening from 16:00 in the hall  27  Evening with the Big Band from 19:30 in the hall  30  Y10 Modular Science exams  July  1  Y11 Repeat module Science exams  2  Sports Day  Current Y8 Information Evening for September 2008 Y9 Sicily  Trip at 19:30 in the hall  3  Y11 Leaver’s Dinner at The Grange Hotel  7  Y7 X­half Geography/History trip to Winchester — date change  8  Y7 Y­half Geography/History trip to Winchester — date change  9  Holocaust Survivor visiting Y9  10  Awards Evening from 18:30 in the hall  11  Y9  History trip to Ypres, Belgium  Y6 Induction Day  Reserve Sports Day  16  6th Great Music Challenge from 19:00 in the hall  22  Y9 Reports to parents  23  Last Day of Term  Autumn Term  September  3  Inset Day  4  Y7 + Prefects in school only  5  Y7 Bonding Day  Y8 to Y11 return to school  Some dates are subject to change, please check by visiting out website at or by contacting the school office on 01420 541194
  9. 9. th  On  Thursday  24  April  we  took  50  students  to  London to see the award winning show The Lion  King  at  the  Lyceum  theatre.  Luckily  our  seats  had  a  really  good  view  of  the  stage.      We  all  thoroughly  enjoyed  the  performance  and  were  particularly  impressed  with  the  costume  designs  and  the  232  puppets  which  included  rod  puppets, shadow puppets and full sized puppets.  Apparently  it  took  37,000  hours  to  build  the  Yes it’s back, ‘the’ talent show many masks and puppets.  open to any live music act. Do you have the talent, skill, presence, confidence and ‘WOW’ factor? Auditions will be held during the first 2 weeks back At  one  point  in  the  performance  a  whole  after half term. procession  of  animals  came  down  the  aisles  which  allowed  us  to  see  the costumes  up  close.  The music included some popular songs from the  Good luck! original Disney film as well as some new for the  musical.  The  choreography  was  lively  and  The successful acts will perform on enthusiastically performed with precision.  A fun  Wednesday 16th July from 7.00pm time  was  had  by  all  and  we  look  forward  to  Tickets on sale soon!  experiencing  another  musical  again  soon.  Perhaps  Hairspray,  Billy  Elliot  or  We  Will  Rock  You? We are spoilt for choice!  Mr N Smith  Music For Youth 2008  Music Teacher  Earlier in the year the Big Band, Chamber Choir and percussion ensemble ‘The Rhythmatists‛ travelled to Southampton to compete in the Regional Festival of Music Friday 27th June at 7.30pm For Youth. We received some excellent This has become the annual showcase event feedback from the judges on the day and for the Big Band to host an entire evening of have been awaiting news as to whether any musical entertainment. The audience is of the groups had progressed to the National encouraged to bring a picnic to enjoy whilst the band provide the music. No need to worry Finals in July. Unfortunately, we were not about washing up as plastic plates and cutlery selected this time and will just have to try will be available! again next year! Tickets will be on sale from the school Mr M Farris office shortly. Music Curriculum Leader
  10. 10. ABRSM SUCCESS!  Congratulations  to  the  following  pupils  for  passing  their  recent  Associated Board Music Exams:  Florence  Clarke  7SD  Grade  3  Flute  with Merit  On the evening of Thursday 1st May we were entertained by Year 11 GCSE Chris  Capper  10HR  Grade  4  Alto  Music students. This was the second Saxophone  Eggar‛s Showcase evening and was attended by an enthusiastic audience. Henry Harrison 8JH Grade 1 Piano  The evening was dedicated to the work of the students who performed Rosanna Stewart 7NS Grade 2 Piano  compositions and pieces which they had prepared for their coursework. Rebecca  Hawkes  7JM  Grade  2  Piano  The evening was hosted by the students with Distinction  involved and as they stepped forward, they shared with the audience the Nick Love 10DW Grade 3 Trumpet  reasons for their choice of piece, or the brief to which they had composed to. Andrew  Townsend  10AV  Grade  3  Memorable performances came from Cornet with Merit  Katie Brook 11SL with a powerful performance of the Eva Cassidy classic Michael Bissett 10HR Grade 3 Cornet  ‘Wade In The Water‛, Emily Denton 11SKi singing ‘Realise‛ and Mike Ashmore 11SKi and his band performing a rendition of ‘Hunting for Witches‛ by Bloc Party. As with last year, a good number of Eggar‛s Big Band have been chosen to Year 10 music students attended the represent the South East Area at the concert to hear the standard expected Artsmark Awards ceremony which will take of them and have already been informed place at the Corn Exchange Brighton on that it will be their turn next year! Friday 20th June. This is a very Thank you to everyone who attended prestigious event as it showcases the very and supported our students. best in the South East area. The band will be performing in front of representatives Mr M Farris and Mr N Smith from hundreds of schools in the area. Music Department  Eggar‛s won the Artsmark Silver award for the previous year.
  11. 11. Saturday 21st June 2008 1.00pm­4.00pm Come along and enjoy the fun of the fete! Stalls, competitions, sports, beer tent, BBQ and much more… Information on how you can be involved will follow after half-term.
  12. 12. For  this  Newsletter,  we  decided  to  try  Just after Christmas, Year 9 entered into a something a little different!  We have visited all  SamLearning competition to help them prepare the Year 7 Tutor Groups and collected data on  for their SATs. The idea was that the Tutor the types of music that the Year Group prefers.  Group with the most collective hours on We asked four multiple choice questions which  SamLearning would win a prize of a tin of chocolates - how‛s that for motivation! were:­ So they started in earnest and over the last two terms gradually built up their hours. The 1. What is your favourite type of music?  result is that at the close of the competition, the cohort as a whole had amassed over 1200 A. Pop    B. Rock   C. Urban/rap   D. Classical  hours - roughly 7 hours per student. Some of course did more and some a bit less, but overall Overall  ‘Rock’  was  the  most  popular  choice  it is a stunning achievement. with 50 votes. 2. Which of the following male artists do you prefer?  A.  Robbie Williams   B.  Ronan Keating  C.  Justin Timberlake  D. Other  Overall  we  got  ‘Other’  as  the  most  popular  The winning Tutor Group was 9AN with 250 choice hours between them and a very well deserved tin, two tins in fact, of chocolates was handed 3. Which of the following female artists do over to their Form Captain at a recent you prefer?  assembly. I would like to congratulate them all for their hard work and excellent mature attitude A. Britany Spears  B.  Rhianna  C. Madonna  towards their studies and preparation for the D. Other  SATs. By the time you read this they will have completed the SATs and I am confident that Overall the result was ‘Other’ as most popular they will have done themselves proud. The two weeks prior to half-term also brought 4. What is your favourite song?  added responsibility to Year 9, as it is a time for them to experience being the senior year A.  Flo­rider   B. Now You’re Gone   C. Mercy  group in school. With our Year 10 attending D. Other  their two week work experience placements and Year 11 leaving school for study leave prior Overall ‘Flo­rider won with 33 votes. to their GCSEs, it has given Year 9 an insight of what will be expected of them in September By Lettie Buxton, Alissa Kirkwood and when they return as Year 10. Rebecca Drury of 7CMc Mr J Foley Year Leader, Year 9 
  13. 13. Although this has been a short half term, our Many congratulations to four Year 11 students who have all completed a two year course at Year 10 students have certainly been very Sparsholt College and on Wednesday 14th busy! Firstly, many were organising the final May received their certificate of attendance arrangements for work experience from the Vice Principal to an audience of Parents and Tutors. placements and attending their interviews, and of course they had their Year 10 exams. Building Craft Operation City & Guilds Level 2 I was extremely pleased with the focus on awarded to: revision and I am looking forward to the full Ed Barney 11SW results, which I know will be good. Jake Barney 11SW An important stage in the lives of Year 10 Dan Bollman 11SL students at this time of year is the NVQ2 awarded to: opportunity for them to apply for prefect Chris Hiscock 11KM positions in Year 11. I would personally like to congratulate all of the applicants and the now nominated prefects. It was a very difficult process in trying to create a senior team as we had over 60 applications. The standard of the letters was amazing and if I were an employer I would have given them all a job! I very much look forward to seeing the prefects develop their roles and responsibilities. Our sincere congratulations We wish you every success in the future. go to go to our new Head Boy, Taliesin Burkitt-Jones and Head Girl, Eleanor Mrs C Priddle Learning Support Boardman both of 10HR, Deputy Head Boy, Cameron Alexander 10DW and Deputy Head Girl Jenny Happell 10HR. As we approach our final half term, there will be lots of energy going into coursework as it is important this is completed by the end of Imprisoned by my own mind Depression sweeps over me Year 10, which takes the pressure off Year Holding me captive 11. I will however, be organising a I feel the last decrepit defences of my brain coursework catch up week following the half collapsing term break which will take place after Bound in a thick black veil of pain and misery school. These sessions will be compulsory for But wait… Light all students that have not met the Pulsating, shimmering, glowing coursework deadlines. Cutting a path through the veil of anguish Then I see something beautiful I hope you have all enjoyed your work I see hope experience placements and experiences and I see you  wish you a good half term break. By Charlie Groves 11CB  Mr R Eost Year Leader, Year 10
  14. 14. I think Club Mundo is the best club in Club Mundo is a really cool club and is the the school! best Geography club that you could go to You may think Geography is boring but and no, it is not only for smart people as you call them (geeks) it is for all years and it it isn’t, and it is something to do on a is for normal people as well! Friday afternoon as well! In Club Mundo When you go to Club you learn a lot about all of the countries Mundo you get to and animals in the world. chat to your friends We have also sponsored a mountain and test your gorilla and have called it MUNDO! knowledge in quizzes and you can win a prize. Club Mundo is a really fun club which runs every Friday after school in G2. By Emily Button 7KG  At  the  moment  we  are  adopting  a  Virunga  mountain  gorilla  called  Mundo, the club is named after him.  Since  we  adopted  him  the  population  has  increased  from  230  to    250.  We  are  saving  Mundo  and  many  others.  It  all  started  when  Jamie  Hannah  7NS  became  a  member  of  the  The  Dian  Fossey  Gorilla  Fund,  which  is  a  UK  registered  charity    founded in 1989.  Its  overall  mission  is  to  secure  the  Miss Whiting makes up lots of quizzes survival  of  gorillas  in  their  natural  for u s to en joy. We e ven do habitats  within  Rwanda,  Uganda  presentations to help us learn more and  the  Democratic  Republic  of  about the world and share the places we have been with our friends. So that is Congo.  pretty much it, but the best part is when we get biscuits and drinks but it is loads By Gemma Boylan and  of fun, so come along and join our Jamie Hannah  7NS club! By Amy Whiley and Bethany Fellows 7HW
  15. 15. On Monday 21st April, the Year 10 GCSE Geography students set off for a three day trip to Calshot Field Centre (part of the Calshot Activities Centre) as part of their Geography GCSE Coursework. Once the coursework had been completed we were able to use the remaining time to relax and take part in some of the many Although the weather was changeable we activities available at were well equipped for our ‘fieldwork‛, Calshot some of which involved working on and learning which included about the New Forest area and riverbeds archery, climbing and at Ocknell Plain; one of the highest points dry slope skiing. of the New Forest and the source of the River Lymington. This proved an extremely useful visit During the day the students set about providing students with plenty of data for collecting data on the river including use in their coursework on return to school. velocity, depth, width and wetted All the students were exceptionally well perimeter. They were then able to use the behaved and were a credit to themselves start of the evenings to collate the results and Eggar‛s school. and work on cross-sectional profiles of the Mrs A Sutehall river. Geography Curriculum Leader