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February 2008 School Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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February 2008 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  Issue No. 3  February 2008  NATIONAL AND LOCAL RECOGNITION FOR EXAMINATION RESULTS In the recently announced Government 5+ A* to C grades, including English and league tables, Eggar‛s was again Mathematics, and last year were placed recognised as being in the top 25% of 7th most improved school in the country. schools nationally for the value we add This year we have performed equally as to pupils‛ progress. This year we well and have been placed in the top 10 of achieved this in two categories: ‘KS2 to secondary schools in Hampshire. KS3′ and ‘KS2 to KS4′. We are extremely Last term Eggar‛s was identified as a high pleased and proud to be nationally performing specialist school and, as a recognised for the academic progress by result, we have successfully applied for our pupils and believe this reflects the Training School status. This will begin in hard work of teachers, pupils and April this year. Eggar‛s is already working parents over the last academic year. to support and partner several other For the last four years Eggar‛s students schools to help them to raise attainment. have achieved approximately 75% 5+ A* In December we were notified that we to C grades; 10-15% higher than the have achieved the Gold Advanced level national average. Eggar‛s pupils have also accreditation for the Specialist Schools & performed well in the new standard of Academies Trust, Consultant School.
  2. 2. Yours sincerely  Felicity Martin  Head Teacher
  3. 3. By the time this Newsletter has been printed, Year 8  Year 7 have had a fantastic first exam week will have been completed and the pupils  term and we are now working will know most of their marks. I am sure there will be  plenty  of  smiles  from  good  results  and  outstanding  hard towards our second term at achievements.  Year  8  is  a  year  when  students  can  Eggar‛s. Some of the pupils have build the foundations and learning blocks for success  achieved over 300 Merit points in Year 9.  which will mean an ‘Eggar‛s Award‛. We have It  is  important  for  pupils  to  review  their  Academic  also had a very high attendance level in the Review  Targets  and  focus  on  what  they  need  to  first term — keep it up complete in readiness for the next Academic Review  Year 7! Day on  Thursday 20th March.  So far this year all Year 7 We  have  plenty  of  extra­curricular  clubs  available  tutor groups have taken after  school  which  I  know  many  Year  8  students  attend,  and  there  are  plenty  of  budding  athletes  part in interform, which is showing  great  promise.    If  you  did  not  attend  any  a sports competition last year – have a go this year.  You may discover a  between year tutor groups. Last term 7CMc hidden talent! won the cone run, with the next event of Andy Murray Watch Out!  uni-hock (which is a form of hockey) between Alex  Gasson  (8LL)  is  an  aspiring  tennis  player.  He  finalists 7CMc and 7HW, which came down to a plays to county and national standard.  In fact, there  goal difference and resulted in 7HW winning. is a chance that Alex will be going to Rome in April  This will mean 7CMc having 11 points, 7HW to play in an international tournament. having 8 points and 7 KG having 8 points to- 2012  Oliver Davis (8JH) recently won two gold medals in a  wards their final scores at sports day in the swimming competition in Cranleigh.  Congratulations  summer term. Oliver! At the end of every half term we have tests to Dancing On Ice  make sure that we are keeping up with our Alice  Easton  (8JH)  has  achieved  a  gold  level  in  work. The results are in and apparently we are ice­skating.  Well done Alice! all doing really well — which is great news! Spiderman  The Valentine disco arranged Ed  James  (8JH)  has  just  taken  part  in  a  rock  for Years 7 and 8 was sizzling climbing competition.  He  is still waiting the results.  So fingers crossed for you Ed! Let us know how you  with fun and we all enjoyed got on. dancing the night away (well, until Singing  9pm!), thank you to the teachers for arrang- Aimee  Mackenzie  is  taking  part  in  the  ‘Show­offs’  ing this event, it was great fun. talent  competition.    Aimee  is  a  talented  performer  The Year 7s are currently raising money for who  has  composed  and  written  her  own  songs.  their chosen charity, the Kware project. This Please let us know how you get on. Good luck! is a very worthwhile cause that helps young Rounders  children and families living in slums of Kenya, 8AL will be planning a rounders charity match, boys  Over the coming months we will be taking part versus girls. The boys will be anxious to avenge the  netball defeat. This will take place once the weather  in more fundraising for this charity and hope improves.  you will all support us. Have a good half­term break! By Rebecca Drury, Lettie Buxton and Mr A Wheeler  Alissa Kirkwood of 7CMc  Year 8, Year Leader
  4. 4. School Calendar 2008 ­  Dates for your diary  February  18 ­22  HALF ­ TERM  25  Return to school following half­term  27  Mock Trial rehearsals until 17:00  March  1  Mock Trial Competition at Aldershot Magistrate’s Court 09:00­13:30  5  Alton College Open Evening from 18:30  6  Y11 AS Students visit to Critical Thinking Conference at Conway Hall,  London  10  Y9 KS3 Mock SATs tests week  11  Science Lecture  Enigma – from 19:00 in the hall  18  12 x Y10 Students visit to Conference ‘The Use & Abuse of our Oceans’ at  Southampton University  19  Farnham College Y11 Opening Evening 18:00­21:00  20  Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents  Bank Holiday  21  Good Friday ­ school closed  Bank Holiday  24  Good Monday ­ school closed  25  Y7 Exam week  26  Y8 Reports to parents  27  Rehearsals all day for Spring Concert  Spring Concert from 19:00 in the hall  28  Musicians workshop at Amery Hill School 13:00­18:00 for performance on  30/03/08 at the Anvil Theatre  29  Musicians workshop at Amery Hill School 14:00­17:00 for performance on  30/03/08 at the Anvil Theatre  30  Musicians performing at the Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke from 12:30­15:15  and 18:40­19:00  31  Y11 Drama exams this week  April  2  Y11 Music Showcase  3  Y8 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  7 ­ 18  Easter Holiday  SUMMER TERM  21  INSET DAY— No pupils in school  21  Y10 GCSE Geography trip to Calshot departs  23  Y10 GCSE Geography trip returns from Calshot  Y7 ‘Dr Dolittle’ trip to New Victoria Theatre, Woking from 18:00­23:15  24  GCSE Music students trip to ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre, London  17:00­12:00 28  Y10 Exam week  29  Y7 X­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  30  Y7 Y­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  Farnham College Y10 Opening Evening 18:00­21:00  May  1  Junior Maths Challenge  Bank Holiday  5  School closed  6  Y9 KS3 SATs tests begin  12  Y10 Work Experience begins  Y8 depart for residential trip Fairthorne Manor, Botley  14  Y11 GCSEs begin  Richard Robinson lectures for:­  Y7/8 – Sense and sensibility  Y10 – Why the one you fancy never fancies you?  Community Lecture from 19:00 – Why toast always lands butter side down?  16  Y8 return from Fairthorne Manor, Botley  20  Y5 Wootey Primary pupils visit for the day  21  Y5 Andrews Endowed primary pupils visit for the day  Y7 reports to parents  22  Y5 Bentley primary pupils visit for the day  26 ­30  HALF­TERM 
  5. 5. June  2  Return to school  5  Y7 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  6  Y10 Drama exams  9  Y9 Field studies all week  Y10 Leisure &Tourism students visit to Guildford Spectrum and Y10 Health &  Social Care students  visit to Treloars College this week  10  Y7 Art experience  11  Y7 Art experience  16  Y9 Field Studies  Y9 Non core exam week  14  Y10 GCSE Drama Trip to Stratford­Upon­Avon  18  Y10 Reports to parents  19  Y6 Induction Evening  20  Y10 Drama exams  21  Eggar’s School Fete  Y10 Drama students visit to Stratford­upon­Avon  ­ depart at 08:30am  22  Y10 Drama students return from Stratford­upon­Avon at 16:00  24  09:15 Open morning for Ys 3­5  25  09:15 Open morning for Ys 3­5  26  Y10 Parents evening from 16:00 in the hall  27  Evening with the Big Band from 19:30 in the hall  30  Y10 Modular Science exams  July  1  Y11 Repeat module Science exams  2  Sports Day  3  Y11 Leaver’s Dinner at The Grange Hotel  8  Y7 X­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  9  Y7 Y­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  10  Awards Evening from 18:30 in the hall  11  Y9 History trip to Belgium  Y6 Induction Day  Reserve Sports Day  16  Music Challenge from 19:00 in the hall  22  Y9 Reports to parents  23  Last Day of Term  Some dates are subject to change, please check by visiting out website at or by contacting the school office on 01420 541194
  6. 6. GCSE & KS4 Information Evening Thank you to all Year 9 pupils and parents for attending this event. It was an ideal opportunity for me to introduce myself to you all as your new Year 9 Progress Leader, Fourteen  dance  students  (seven  and I look forward to getting to know you all from  10AV)  represented  Eggar’s  over the coming months. School  in  the  Hampshire  Schools  This event was highly successful and we Dance  Festival  at  Thornden  Hall,  hope it provided you with the information Winchester.  They  had  been  required to make the best decision practising  for  the  prestigious  event  regarding Option choices. for  four  weeks  and  had  been  Year 9 Parents Evening rehearsing  every  lunch  time,  three  The very high attendance by pupils and days  after  school  and  for  two  parents meant teaching staff were kept Sundays. All the  hard  work paid off  th  very busy right through the evening. All of as  on  Wednesday  6  February  they  our parents evenings are a valuable performed  a  ‘phenomenal’  dance.  opportunity to discuss your child‛s progress Miss McCready and Miss Masterman  within subjects and, for Year 9 in particular, helped  with  the  routines  and  in having the opportunity to discuss and ask organisation.  Eighteen  schools  took  any final questions with regard to the GCSE part  overall  and  Eggar’s  was  Options. definitely  one  of  the  better  From the parent feedback we received, it performances.  appears you all very much appreciated the quality of the consultations regarding your sons and daughters. One parent wrote, this is an exceptionally well organised and informative event. The planning for the evening was much better than I have experienced at other schools with all the teachers in one room. Moreover I am really impressed at how well the teachers know not just the performance of my child but also his personality and potential. In summary an excellent evening. Thank you. On this note I would personally like to thank all the teachers and well done to our Year 9 So  well  done  to  all  of  the  girls  who  pupils who are working really well and making took  part  especially  Zoe  Walker,  excellent progress towards their SATs and Alice  Rhodes,  Jess  Sheppard,  Ella  KS3 levels. Goldsmith,  Jess  Nixon,  Amy  Hide  Mr J Foley and Bethany  Dickinson.  Year 9 Progress Leader  By Catie Davis 10AV
  7. 7. 2008 has got off to a great start with Oli Jenner of 10AV and the rest of the MUSICAL SUCCESS… Back in November, seven pupils, including myself, went to Petersfield to take our music exams. I took my Grade 3 flute exam and, I have to admit, I was pretty nervous! To start with we were ushered into a small waiting room and after a short wait I was called in first. Eggar’s school Rugby team winning the With my flute and music in hand I was semi-final against Henry Court. It was welcomed by the examiner and I played 5-0 at half time to Eggar’s and they my pieces which consisted of performing continued to build up the score and my study, aurals and scales. when the final whistle blew, the score It took a month for my results to come was 31-0 to Eggar’s! through. A pass is 100 points and I Unfortunately our boys lost the final 19-0 to Hounsdown School. However, managed to pass with 117! I am really they can hold their heads high pleased and relieved I passed. I would as apparently the other team like to say thank you to my flute were ‘huge’! Well done Oli and teacher, Mrs Lacey, for helping me learn the rest of the team for getting and play my pieces. through to the final. Our Tutor, Mr Varndell, has also been Rebecca Martin 10JO getting sporty and on Sunday 13th April will be taking part in the London M a r a t h o n . On Wednesday 6th February, Mrs Hayward Apparently this will took myself and two other Year 10 students to be marathon number visit the British Museum in London. This was a three for Mr Varndell chance to look at ceramic pots to help with our and this time has GCSE Art studies. Due to our work experience decided to ‘walk’ the at Sparsholt College, we had missed the original trip. We travelled to London on the train and course with a friend underground and as one of the group didn’t (as last time, he told want to use the lift we had to climb 175 steps! At us he took part when he was in his the museum we took time looking at the thirties!) and will be wearing a costume ancient Turkish and Egyptian section. We also and dying his hair! He is walking the went to view the construction of the glass 26.2 miles in aid of the Samaritans, so domed roof. any sponsors are welcome, and Tutor The best part of the day for me was travelling Group 10AV wishes Mr Varndell the on the underground as I have never been on it best of luck! before, but I would hate to live in London By Catie Davis 10AV because there are too many flats and too much graffiti. Ryan Heighes 10AV
  8. 8. PUPIL ATTENDANCE  We would appreciate your We  are  pleased  to  be  able  to  tell  you  that  our  school  support in ensuring your child attendance  figure  is  in  the  region  of  94%.    As  I  am  brings to school a bottle of sure  you  are  aware  attendance  figures  are  collated  by  the  Department  for  Children,  Schools  and  Families  water every day. It is very (DCSF)  and  are  used  as  an  indicator  for  the  important that all students performance of a school.  We  have  managed  to  achieve  a  relatively  high  have plenty to drink through- attendance  figure  by  ensuring  that  we  have  in  place  out the day and following effective  systems  for  recording  and  monitoring  pupil  sports activities. Although it attendance.  For  those  parents  who  may  not  be  aware  of  the  is the winter children can get dehydrated, procedures,  should a child be absent from school, we  which can lead to lack of concentration would like to take this opportunity to explain:­ and headaches. ¨ If  your  child  is  unable  to  attend  school  please  telephone  the  school  on  the  Our students have the opportunity to buy morning of your child’s absence, using the  drinks bottles for 25p each from the school automatic   telephone    message  service office which can be filled at break and ¨ Should a parent not telephone to  explain  lunchtimes using the fresh water their  child’s  absence,  you  may  be  dispensers in the school hall. contacted    by    the   school ¨ On your child’s return to school,   following  any  absence,  a  letter  must  be    provided  to  explain  the  absence  The DCSF deems that should your child arrive after  ACADEMIC REVIEW the register is closed, they will be marked as absent.  To  improve  your child’s attendance  it  is important  DAY that  any  late  arrival  is   accompanied by a letter of  Thursday 20th March 2008 explanation.  We  would  appreciate  your  help  and  support  in  this  As you are aware we have two Academic matter in improving the attendance of our  students.  Review days planned per school year. Our second 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents will take place on PAYMENTS  Thursday 20th March. These meetings If you are sending in a payment to school for a  will focus on progress and in particular trip/visit  please,  where  possible,  pay  by  cheque  how effectively your child has worked to ‘Eggar’s School’ and write your child’s name  towards the targets set on the last and  tutor  group  on  the  reserve.    It  would  also  be  appreciated  if  these  could  be  sent  in  an  Review Day. Teachers will gather envelope  marked  with  the  child’s  name,  tutor  information which should lead to more group and purpose of the cheque e.g. trip name.  useful discussions about your child‛s Please  do  not  send  one  cheque  for  payment  of  attainment and their potential progress many  items  such  as  a  trip,  music  lesson,  bus  at school. As on the last occasion, the pass etc, please send a separate cheque for each  activity.  If you do not have a cheque book and  school timetable will be suspended. need to pay by cash, this must be made known  Pupils will attend school with their to, and given to, a member of the reception staff  parent or carer for the academic review and  a  receipt  for  payment  over  £10.00  will  be  only at an appointment time convenient issued.  It is important that pupils do not carry  sums of money during the school day.  to yourselves. Thank you for your support. 
  9. 9. Pupils also took part in guided tours of the gallery focusing on a range of self portraits and their meanings. They were pleasantly surprised at how many famous faces they recognised in the spectacular gallery. This proved to be a very successful and informative visit with gallery staff and teachers commenting positively on the pupils behaviour throughout the trip. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY On Friday 1 st February the Art LAUNCH OF GCSE EXAM Department took 47 students on an ON VIRTUAL LEARNING educational visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London. At first we ENVIRONMENT didn‛t think we would get there on time A new resource has been added to the as we were stuck in traffic due to an Eggar‛s Online Learning Centre (OLC) accident in Farnham. Eventually we to assist pupils in their preparation for arrived in London and had an al fresco the GCSE examinations in Art and lunch in Trafalgar Square in the Design. The resource should be glorious spring-like weather. accessed by all pupils completing the Pupils were fasinated by a Falconer and exam this year. Along with many his bird of prey, which now patrols the helpful links and guidance on how to complete the exam, pupils have the opportunity to contact teachers and peers through the forums. We hope that this will enable pupils to ask questions and continue with their exam more quickly if they encounter problems. The resource is being constantly updated and will grow throughout the exam period. News on square and has the job of keeping the the exam is also broadcast via the OLC. pigeons at bay. We would encourage all pupils to check Inside the Gallery pupils had a range of this resource as often as possible tasks to complete. We began by whilst preparing for their exams. studying portraits, which included Prince Charles, Richard Branson and Mr P Colburn-Jackson Damon Albarn (from Blur). Art Department
  10. 10. As we approach the final months of Year 11 We would appreciate parents support and it is very important that our students remain encouragement in ensuring their sons and focused and committed to achieving their daughters are able to attend these full potential in their forthcoming worthwhile sessions. examinations. We have put together, as shown below, a timetable of coursework and revision Miss N Curtis sessions to assist our students with their Year 11, Year Leader preparation and revision for their GCSEs. COURSEWORK AND REVISION OPPORTUNITIES  SUBJECT  DAY  TIME  LOCATION  Technology  Wednesday  3.15 – 4.30  T1  Art (Mrs Kinteh)  Sunday  10.00am – 3.00pm  th  17  Feb  A1  Art  Easter holiday  10.00am – 4.00pm  th  th  (Mr Colburn Jackson)  14  – 18  April  A2  Every day after school  and lunchtimes  PE  (RE)  Monday  3.15 – 4.30  Lunchtime  M1  Music (MF)  Monday & Wednesday  3.15. – 4.30  MS1  English (Dept.)  After ½ term  See list posted in  12.40 – 1.15  E1  English corridor  Maths (Dept.)  Individual pupils see teacher or  M1  Mr Drake for information & appointments  ICT (KP/JF)  Wednesday &  3.15 – 4.30  ICT2 and ICT3  Thursday  Health & Social Care  Leisure & Tourism (SM)  Wednesday  3.15 – 4.30  ICT1  Geography (AS)  Thursday  3.20 – 4.30  G1  Science (JW)  Wednesday  3.15 – 4.15  S6  MFL (REo.&MR)  Monday & Thursday  3.15 – 4.15  3.15 – 4.15  F2  History  Friday  3.15 – 4.30  H1  Drama  Thursday  3.15 – 4.30  Drama studio  RE  Start of Summer Term  3.15 – 4.30  R1