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July 2008 School Newsletter

  1. 1. Issue No. 6 July 2008 Eggar’s celebrates with Awards Evening 2008 On Thursday 10th July we celebrated the This year awards were presented for achievements of our students at our annual excellence in curriculum subjects, work in Awards Evening Ceremony. We were the school community, school sporting delighted to welcome Jim Roberson, who was colours and Tutor and Year Leader Awards. born and raised in the Bronx, USA, and for Throughout the evening proud parents, the past ten years has been working with pupils, staff and guests were entertained by young people in the UK developing a unique Eggar’s Barbershop Choir, ‘Perfect Pitch’. classroom-based strategy he calls the The evening closed with a speech from Head ‘Disciplined Approach’. During his Girl, Eleanor Boardman, Head Boy, Taliesin entertaining introduction before presenting Burkitt-Jones and Chair of Govenors, Mrs the awards, Mr Roberson applauded the Margaret Crowe. parents in supporting their children in such All our students should be congratulated on an impressive manner, as it was standing room their achievements. only in the hall.
  2. 2. On Thursday 3rd July we welcomed the speeches thanking the teachers for all their class of 2008 to a Leaver’s Prom held at the hard work and reflected on the many good Grange Hotel. times they had enjoyed throughout their Students arrived in an array of transport time at Eggar’s. from vintage cars, motorbikes, sports cars It was truly a wonderful evening and we and an amazing Humer - not forgetting of wish them all every success in the future. course the ‘three bears’! Our thanks go to school student Despite a few rain clouds the sun shone as photographer’s Joe Buller 7KG and Ben proud parents, family, friends and teachers Coleman 7SD also Mr Coleman and Art looked on in awe at the stunning dresses Curriculum Leader, Mrs Kinteh for the and dashing suits worn by our students. fantastic photographs of this memorable After a delicious dinner, Head Boy, Richard event. Hibbert and Head Girl, Hayley Ward gave Head Boy, Richard Hibbert and Head Girl, Hayley Ward
  3. 3. Lizzie Harvey, and Anna Youngs with Miss Curtis. Year 11 Leader Mr Peebles, Mr Carter and Mr Eost Emily Denton, Louise Small and Mr Serridge
  4. 4. As I write this now, fellow tutees and I in I really enjoyed the trip to Kew 7CMc have enjoyed our first full year at Gardens because I liked looking at Eggar’s School and can’t wait for the new term all the plants. I also enjoyed the in Year 8. One of the things that we really freedom of the school field can’t wait for are the school trips coming soon. because I can let out my energy. ‘I can’t wait for our Osmington Bay trip next Next year I am looking forward to year’ says Ciara. ‘I have enjoyed all of our going to Osmington Bay because it is a chance other school trips, such as our trip to Kew to have a few days away with my friends. Gardens and our visit to the Dr Dolittle play’ Georgia Hay 7SD says Phoebe. ‘One thing that we have really enjoyed are our creative lessons such as art and drama. ‘I have really enjoyed technology I have and music’. says Tyrone. Another enjoyable enjoye shows d the in asse Scienc thing has been the individual music mblies e I love becaus lessons that some of us have seein e being experi g with m ments. the chosen to take. ‘I have really y frien I also looking ds. N enjoy enjoyed all of my guitar lessons and forwar ext ye becaus d to th ar I a e i t s ou e Osmi m have really improved!’ says Darryl. n ds r ea ngton B lly exc ay trip I know that I and my Tutor can’t iting! Emily wait for the new term and could probably give Littlew ood 7S you a very long list of all the things that we’ve D enjoyed - but it would take just too long to do! e ar Jay Norton — Form Captain 7CMc gy this y y liked Technolo aking I’ve reall ry and m machine with all t he big year I am c h. Next ye a r om scrat ore music th is things fr o doing m ce my orward t Scien s an d looking f loved periment iss y ROCK! alyon 7S D I ha ve he e x s, M especiall Jasper M se of all t Tea cher bani. becau ence an d Mr Ra Sci rd to great upper forwa Mrs T g man, lookin ter t he Sande I am in af I have year aga enjoye Next ends d Mu s m y fri 7SD and Sc ience t ic, Art , Dram seeing ! unce were n his yea a er break Zoe B ew and r beca use th summ Next y differ ent. ey ear I a looking m forwar seeing d to and be all my ing wit I’ve enjoyed being with my new friends friend h t he s u s afte this year as well as my old friends. I’m mmer r holida looking forward to seeing the new Year y. Floren 7 because I know some of them and it ce Cla rke 7S will be good to see them again. D Lisa Palmer 7SD
  5. 5. As some of you may have seen in the Alton Gazette in June Year 9 pupils were given the Congratulations to Joshua Cockram opportunity to spend a day learning about 7JM, Megan Simmonds 7JM, Xantia money management and enterprise. Quinn 8JH and Cleony Brohier 8OW for Although Sir Alan Sugar was unavailable - hosting a successful lunch party for a Carol Mitchell and an old girl of the School, small group of teaching staff. Andrea Vincent, from the NatWest bank were able to give valuable advice and part of a The students had been working on a panel along with two Senior Managers from special project to plan a lunch party the School. They then had to judge the which included organising the budget, presentations given from each Tutor Group. menu, invitation, design, shopping, food The pupils were amazing and their ideas were preparation and presentation. Our outstanding, representing the enthusiasm and guest of honour was Mrs Martin. effort of the whole of Year 9 making the job of the judging nigh impossible. The theme for the day was ‘The Big Band Mrs C Mathieson & Mrs S Cox Bash’ and it is hoped that the winning entries Teaching Assistants from each tutor group will be amalgamated and that pupils will be offered the opportunity to run a real event based on their work from the Economics Awareness Day, with the aim of raising funds for the Eggar’s Big Band. Xantia Quinn, Megan Simmonds and Joshua Cockram ready and waiting for their guest This will be a real opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt about team of honour. work as well as budgeting and money management. Many thanks to everyone who was involved, and to the Year 9 pupils in particular. Miss J Sandeman PSHE & Citizenship
  6. 6. On 1st May 2008, 119 Year 7 and 8 pupils pupils Joshua Grant, Emily Bailey, Henry participated in this year’s Junior Mathematic Harrison, Matthew Verrier, Joseph Bennett, Challenge. This is a test of logic and reasoning. Beth Martin, Cobi Innes, Poppy Kaluszniak, Pupils are not permitted calculators, so they had Samuel Mealing and Samule Helas. to use their natural ability, and as you can see Bronze awards went to Year 7 pupils James from the following results, they certainly had in Skilton, David Kirby, Andrew Cook, Jay Norton, abundance! In all 49 pupils received a Tamsin Ward, Vicky Carpenter, Tom Bugler and certificate and Douglas Lowe 7CMc was awarded Florence Clarke, and Year 8 pupils Cameron Gold and Best in School with Alice Ilsley 7NS Reid, Lucy Hart, Amy Campbell, Leo Rossiter, and Tom Gladman 7KG also being awarded a gold. Tom Schwenke, Jake Benstead, Jethro The Year 8 gold awards went to Evie Day 8MF, Barnsley, Shannon Andrews, Hannah Steel, Michael Surtees 8 LL and Paulo Ledesma 8JH. Kamari Akers, Mathew Miles, Emma Young, Silver awards went to Year 7 pupils Julia Matthew Clarke, Becky Brown, Catherine Moulton, Rebecca Drury, Lucy Walker, Blundell,Thomas Jewell and Benjamin Stonard. Alexander Holmes, Lisa Palmer, Ben Coleman, Well done to all those who took part. Ben Miller and Georgia Harsham, and Year 8 Mrs S Woodward Mathematics Teacher
  7. 7. I would first like to reflect for a moment Finally, my biggest thank you goes to on the past year. It has been a mixed Eggar’s staff. They regularly give year in terms of results. The weather has freely of their time to enrich the lives curtailed the cricket season but the of Eggar’s students. athletics squad did Eggar’s proud with a record number representing in the District, Mr S Laycock County and National competitions. PE Curriculum Leader On June 18th Eggar’s school hosted a very successful, if a little In the team games, netball are the clear windy, primary school winners of the most successful team sport rounder’s festival. There award, closely followed by the 1st XV were over 80 pupils rugby squad reaching the Hampshire Bowl participating from 6 Final. different schools plus Not to forget, however, our ever large numbers of parents who came to watch dependable trampoline squad. For the this great spectacle. The schools taking part second year running they qualified and were; The Butts (2 teams), Chawton, Anstey, were placed at the National School Finals. Bentworth, Wooteys and St Lawrence, all the A thank you has to go to Mr Longcroft- teams took part with a fantastic spirit and Wheaton, his support for his Tutor Group the noise of all the cheering and supporting I’m sure was heard for miles around. The 8OW has been second to none. A real eventual winners were Chawton School who example to the other Tutors! This is managed to win every single game, with their largely due to his commitment and support, final game against Anstey proving the title 8OW are looking good for the Year 8 decider. Award. Many thanks to the fantastic support of Overall, a promising year. I would like to Becky Froy, Hannah Martin, Emma Carter, congratulate all those students who earned Caitlin Stenning, Alice Pearson, Jess Hoare their colours by representing the school. and Sophie Johnson who all did a fantastic Participation rates have yet again gone up job umpiring and scoring in a very competitive to 71% of the school population taking part situation, well done girls. in regular physical activity - well done Mr C Michael and keep it up! PE SSCO
  8. 8. U13 Girls U13 Boys rd *Rebecca Hawkes 3 in 80m sprint Lawrie Hamer 3rd in 1000m Lucy Walker 2nd in Discus Harrison Stanistreet 4th in Javelin *Rebecca Bell 2nd in Javelin Charlie Hibbert 1st in Discus *Julia Moulton 1st in 600m Rosanna Stewart 1st in 1000m Angelika Grzybowska 1st in Javelin Georgia Harsham 1st in Shotput U14 Boys *4 x 100m relay 5th Josh Grant 2nd in 100m Jethro Barnsley 3rd in 800m Tom Arnott 4th in 1500m U14 Girls Josh Humphrey 5th in Long jump Anna Harris 6th in 800m Jack Marvin 2nd in Triple Jump Natasha Ellens 6th in 1000m Tom Schwenke 6th in Javelin Kim Newman 5th in Shotput Jamie Rawlings 6th in Shotput Will Foster 1st in Discus
  9. 9. For the best part of an hour and a quarter, the Nazi command on his behalf, despite the Mr Steven Frank enthralled Year 9 students and danger to themselves, in order to attempt to many members of staff with his life story. have this talented lawyer to be set free. Sadly Steven’s life began in 1935 in a peaceful unsuccessful, Steven’s father died in the gas Amsterdam. He knew nothing that marked him chambers of Auschwitz. Nevertheless, Steven out as “different” until the Nazis invaded in 1940 and began the isolation and eventual survived, his message of the simple need to attempt to eliminate European Jews. As a small “remember”, as, we all need to be aware that boy Steven experienced the increasing isolation great evils can take place when good people – losing his place at a modern school to move to stand by and do not act or speak up when a dingy “Jewish only” building. He described the freedoms are challenged. Our individual identity feeling of being a pebble in a stream. “One day a and the right for that not to be ripped away is friend who was always next to me disappeared ‘downstream’, then others in the classroom an important right to protect. disappeared, until one day the full force of the Eggar’s School thanks Steven Frank for visiting stream dragged me away too”: to the notorious in person to tell his story. transit camp of Westerbrok. Steven’s audience Mrs C Gerlach listened with empathy and disbelief at the Religious Studies Curriculum Leader suffering of an eight year old boy subjected to the cruelty of a mauling by an Alsatian dog released by the vindictive guards all within a year of starvation disease, cramped conditions and the ever present fear of the Tuesday lists – the next victims to be “sent East” on the loathed cattle trucks so “efficiently” employed by the Nazis. Steven’s family were talented, his mother especially resourceful – a tribute he paid to her that her ingenuity helped keep him and his two brothers alive. She always managed to ensure they had some food and even found a way to help the children keep clean during the latter stages of their ordeal, when so many died of diseases such as typhus. Many listening to Steven would agree that his Pictured above from left to right - Laura message was of the importance of friendship Fitzgibbon 9RCo and Connor Fielder 9NW and being brave enough to stand up for what is with special guest Mr Steven Frank - holding just. He remembers those who tried to help his the framed Jewish star which he had to father – a brave lawyer who had stayed with his wear as a little boy in Nazi occupied family in Amsterdam to help defend the needs Amsterdam. and rights of mentally ill Jews. When he was arrested, non Jewish friends wrote pleadingly to
  10. 10. The newly formed barbershop group now named ‘Perfect Pitch’ provided the entertainment for the Award’s Evening on Thursday 11th July. The group performed three pieces during the eve- ning ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’, ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Barbershop Blues’. Each piece was greeted with great applause from the audience and it was good to see such an enthusiastic response for boy singers! Such has been the success of the barbershop group that they have been invited to the next music tour planned for 2009. The school was immersed in the sounds of Latin, Swing and Rock music on the evening of Friday 27th June. Members of the Eggar’s School Big Band Members of the Eggar’s School Big Band were were hosting their annual showcase event proud to be chosen as one of the bands to titled ‘An Evening with the Big Band’ where perform at the South East Artsmark celebration at the Corn Exchange, Brighton on Thursday the audience enjoyed a relaxed evening of 19th June 2008. music in a cabaret style atmosphere whilst Bands were selected from schools across the enjoying their picnic dinner and whole of the South East region to perform. refreshments. The audience was made up of representatives The band played superbly throughout the of all of the schools receiving an Artsmark evening and many performers were happy Award for this year, from the Arts Council for to take improvised solos. A fantastic England. Eggar’s received the Silver Award in 2007. surprise came at the end of the evening Several performers were invited back to when the band spontaneously performed perform with the band including ex-members ‘Chameleon’ led by bass guitarist Matt How, Claire Colbran and Meredith Tiala Dan Glazier. Joining the band at the piano who all left Eggar’s last year. We were also was Harry Yarrow (who left Eggar’s last very pleased to welcome back Chris Colbran as year) who performed a great solo and on a featured soloist. Chris is now in his first year at Leeds College of Music studying jazz for his drums James Glazier (who left Eggar’s two Music Degree. year ago). Thank you to everyone that attended and Thank you to our talented musicians for all your supported this fabulous annual event and if hard work this year & have a good summer you missed it this year make sure you come break. next time! Mr M Farris and Mr N Smith Music Department
  11. 11. On Tuesday 15th July our Year 7 students attended the Founder’s Day Service in Church Pictured below is Assistant Head of the Holyrood, Holybourne by special Teacher, Mr Kevin Peebles and invitation of Reverand James Croft. Govenor, Mr Ted Browning This important event attended by Mrs Martin, Teachers and Governors is held each year to commemorate Eggar’s Founder, John Eggar. The service included musical presentations by the School Choir and readings by Senior Prefects and a collection was taken in aid of Kware Project, which the school supports. John Eggar, a local farmer in Crondall, wished to provide a ‘free schole’ (school) to serve the needs of its community. Under a Trust Deed dated 21st March 1638 he appointed ‘Feoffes’ (Governors) and negotiated the purchase of 39 acres of land at Anstey. Unfortunately he did not live to see his scheme come to reality as he died on the 20th March 1641. There is a brass to the founder’s memory on the wall of the Itchell pew in the parish church of All Saints, Crondall. The brass bears a skeleton and a quaint inscription: ‘You earthly impress that here behold this picture with your eyes remember the end of mortal men and where there glory lies.’ Picture above is Assistant Head Teacher, Mr Kevin Peebles and Following the Founder’s Day Govenor, Mrs Jackie Keen Service and on return to school our guests were invited to attend a buffet lunch.
  12. 12. It has been an amazing year for an amazing We have recently attended Year Group. I could not have asked for a Awards Evening and were better attitude towards all GCSE subjects. presented with our Senior Prefect I can’t believe that we have only ten months Awards by the guest speaker, Mr to go before the Year 10 leave Eggar’s. They Jim Roberson and our final duty are already looking extremely mature in their before the summer break is to read prefect ties and have taken to the for the Founder’s Day Service at responsibility very well. Church of the Holyrood, I must urge all students, with parent and Holybourne. teacher support, to focus on any outstanding We hope you have a good summer coursework over the summer holidays. If holiday - make the most of it as it’s coursework is updated it will make Year 11 going to be a hectic final year at much less stressful! Eggar’s!! Well done Year 10 and I wish you all a Before we go we would like to say relaxing and safe summer holiday. I look a fond farewell to Mr Rabani, Tutor forward to seeing you in September when to 10HR, we will all miss him and the final countdown begins! wish him the very best of luck in his Mr R Eost new job. Year Leader, Year 10 Els Boardman & Talie Burkitt-Jones Head Girl & Head Boy Well where do we start? It has been a very busy start to our roles as Senior Prefects and our congratulations go to all the nominated Prefects and Senior Prefects and the support they have shown. We started off with the Year 6 Induction Evening and we have been informed that it was the best turn out of prefects ever in the school! We also had open mornings for Year 3 to 5 and many prefects with the help of Year 8 showed parents and pupils around and Deputy Head Boy, Cameron Alexander, helped answer their questions - so Head Girl, Eleanor Boardman, Guest our thanks go to all those that Speaker, Jim Roberson, Deputy Head supported this important event in our Girl, Jenny Happel and Head Boy, Taliesin Burkitt-Jones receiving their school calendar. awards at Awards Evening.
  13. 13. On the 3rd and 4th July Year 7 tutor groups recreate these images on a large scale with took part in a three period Art experience. the aim of exhibiting them in the school as a We looked at artists such as gallery of masterpieces. Students were able Hundertwasser, Kahlo, Miro, Picasso, Van to practice their skills in mixing colours and Gogh, Lempika, Mondrian, Monet, Warhol tones making brush strokes and textures and Caulfield, Cezanne and Matisse. together. Students enjoyed working in teams to Mrs S Kinteh & Mr P Colburn-Jackson
  14. 14. g bril- fun doin I had so much favourite My liant ac tivities. uilding d raft b was kay aking an et! ot very w alth ough I g Fairthorne was really, really good. Some of the activities were really scary like the towers. When we went kayaking I fell straight in to the water. It was really fun and I am glad I went. u- opport t he as d I had gh I w I wa s so gla Althou s Wow! trip. de load go o n this friend s, I ma nity to of m y ic idea many fantast h r was a as a not wit e Mano ne together Fa irthorn o more. t every brough , and really visitors oup. uture e year gr e for f ause th f advic en bec piece o y ou are giv is won der- P.S. A chance ivities tak e every with t h e a ct ou get thrill y Amazing, wet, sc ary and cold ful. are the best word s to sum up our stay at Fairtho rne Manor. I had an absolu tely fantastic week but the hi ghlights have to be raft bu ilding and kayaking — it’s so much fun The activities were amazing though to get drenched! some were scary like the top of the towers where you walk along two thin ropes. Raft building was brill because after we sailed on the rafts and went for a swim in the freezing water.
  15. 15. On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th July, Year 7 were Trail’ and had a greater understanding about taken to the former capital city of England, what makes Winchester Cathedral such a sacred Winchester. place, as well as appreciating the buildings The objective of the day was to spend time on importance to Christians. each of the Humanities subjects of History, For Geography, Year 7 conducted a Settlement Religious Studies and Geography. Study. This included a traffic survey, pedestrian In History Year 7 visited the City Museum, the count, environmental quality assessment and oldest Museum in Hampshire and learnt about how completion of a Goad Map (Land use) at four the area used to be from Roman times through to sites in Winchester. The data collected will be the modern day. They also visited Westgate, used in lessons following the visit. climbed the wobbly staircase and had a As you can probably tell it was a day that rushed magnificent view of Winchester. past in a haze... but Year 7 worked very hard In Religious Studies we spent time in the completing their booklets and they all behaved magnificent Cathedral. It was an extremely well and once again were a credit to the school. interesting visit where students followed a ‘Sacred Well done! Mrs A Sutehall Geography Curriculum Leader During our Geography studies we walked along the high street and around Winchester completing our questionnaire booklet. For part of this we had to divide up into small groups and find four sites to do a traffic and environmental survey. After we had done this we then rejoined the rest of Year 7 to come home. By Lettie Buxton & Rebecca Drury both of 7CMc On our visit to Winchester we went into the Cathedral — it was huge! Whilst there we were shown around by our group leader. We looked at what some of the Christian symbols meant and looked around the chantry chapels and, to get a good view of the ceiling, we laid on the floor! As part of our History studies we went to the City Museum and saw how much Winchester had changed and there were lots of hands-on activities and quizzies to complete. We then went to the West Gate, which is a fortified medieval gateway. A few of us tried Year 7 students enjoying a well earned on armour and we went to the top to get a view lunch break! of the city.
  16. 16. As you are aware, Eggar’s prides itself on the enrichment activities we offer as well as Every two years we like to find out how specific subject educational visits. we’re doing at Eggar’s by sending out a However, it is very difficult to questionnaire to all our current parents. provide the pupils with the Historically this was sent as a paper attention to detail that we need if payments/ survey, but this year we wanted to try an consent forms/medical forms are submitted online version. The Survey takes no more after the deadlines that are indicated in the that 10 minutes to complete and your invitation to participate letter. answers are anonymous. This is your We appreciate that children forget to give chance to let us know how we are doing forms to parents; however, all the visits are and to help us identify the areas where advertised, when possible, well in advance on we need to improve. The survey can be the school website www.eggars.net, in found at the school website home page: newsletters, pupils constantly reminded in assemblies as well as in the subject lessons www.eggars.net involved. So if you think there is a forthcoming visit please check blazer pockets as you never We look forward to hearing from you. know what you might find! Together, we can ensure that all pupils are able to enjoy and learn from these arranged With the summer holidays upon us activities. many of you may now decide your child needs replacement school uniform. We do have order forms We are still having many students coming available from the school office and into school without a drink for the whole these should be accompanied by cheque day. We would also mention that those payment to ‘1st Grade’. If the item is in students taking school dinners should also stock it is usually delivered to school for bring to school a water bottle. We do have collection each Friday during term time. water dispensers in school which enables However if you wish to order during the students to replenish their bottles during summer break or make payment by credit card morning break and lunchtime. please call 1st Grade on 01252 795559. We would appreciate parent For those students starting Year 7 this support in ensuring that all September that have placed uniform orders by children bring a water bottle to the 15th July deadline, these should be available for collection on Thursday 21st school every day from August (am ONLY) or from Monday 1st September. September (9am—3pm).
  17. 17. On Friday 11th July, 63 Year 9 students There were also many artefacts on display went to Ypres in Belgium to discover such as badges, helmets, saddles and some more about the First World War and how quite gruesome images. it affected the area. We then moved onto Tyne Cot, the world’s Our luxurious double-decker coach left largest allied cemetery, where 12,000 Eggar’s early in the morning and arrived soldiers are buried and some 70,000 names at the Euro tunnel station. It took just of unfound soldiers are displayed, which half an hour under the sea to France and was a very moving experience. then a further hour by road to reach Belgium. Once we arrived in Belgium, we went straight to the ‘In Flanders Field Museum’ which was very interesting and had lots of remains and artefacts from the First World war on display. For a short break in our visit we then visited a Belgium chocolate shop, which many of us were looking forward to, and Our final visit was the German Langemark bought a few gifts to bring home. cemetery, which had a very different Our next stop was the Menin Gate, which atmosphere to Tyne Cot because it was is an amazing structure. This huge arch darker, surrounded by trees and felt colder. is in memory of the 55,000 missing soldiers, which is very poignant. After a really good day we travelled back to England and arrived back to school at 10.30pm. We then drove to Sanctuary Wood, which This visit was very good and we all the current owner’s grandfather owned definitely learnt from the experience. during World War One. The trenches We would like to thank Mrs Buckingham for have remained and are open for the organising this trip for Year 9. public to go into and experience. Our wellies were needed and everyone got Gemma Kingshott and very muddy. Thomas Williams of 9KM
  18. 18. The past year has certainly gone quickly for me. Just seeing the Year 6’s at the recent Induction Evening took me back to our own evening two years ago. The Year 8 students Year 8 Fun Run have certainly come a long way. On the 15th July Year 8’s ran a mile during The forthcoming year will be a very important lunch for the charity Cancer Research. It was stage in the school career of Year 8 with Key a fantastic turnout. Mrs Larkin ran dressed as Stage 4 options and the Key Stage 3 SATs. a chicken! There was an Elvis (Tom Rudman The students will need to start to think 8MF), Daisy the Cow (Sam Davidson and Sam carefully about their Key Stage 4 options Singleton both 8LL) and Darth Vader in a when they come back in September. They wetsuit (Tom Gray 8LL), if it was a wetsuit, should not be afraid to ask their subject looked a little tight! teachers about the GCSE courses so they can Rebecca Cox and Michaela Madgwick (both make the right decision for themselves. 8JH) had the idea for the fun run and it has Well done on an awesome year!!! raised approximately £1,000. A fantastic Have a fantastic and relaxing effort by everyone! summer - be safe and I look Anyone for tennis? forward to seeing you all in September. Alex Gasson (8LL) will be going to Wimbledon Mr A Wheeler in August for the National Championships. He Year Leader, Year 8 won the Hampshire tournament, which is an amazing achievement. He beat the number one seed on the way! Well done Alex — look out centre court! A Budding Richard Hill! Will Foster (8PCJ) was awarded the Porters Trophy for Endeavour at Alton Rugby Club’s On Monday 7th July four members of Eggar’s Student Voice, along with pupils from across the Award Ceremony. Congratulations Will! South of England, got the chance to attend the Year 10 Parents Evening National Conference of Student Voice in Reading. Mr Sullivan accompanied Catie Davis, Emily A huge thanks must go to Ryan Holland and Hodkin, Laura Fitzgibbon and Cameron Reid to Mathew Miles of 8PCJ, Jake Benstead, Cobi the prestigious De Vere Hotel Conference Centre. Innes, Joseph Bennett, Emily Lovelock and When we arrived the group were split up to join Ellen Reid of 8CG, Hai Long of 8JH and other pupils and we had the opportunity to share Camellia Kavanagh, Becky Brown and Hannah our thoughts and ideas. The conference started Steel of 8MF. These student helped at the with a welcome from Ben Sutcliffe, South Central Student Voice Chairman, he briefed us on the recent Year 10 parents evening. They took the agenda for the day. The discussions were an place of the prefects by welcoming the parents excellent chance to gain ideas from other schools. and ensuring that the teachers were well At lunchtime we were expecting just a small lunch watered with tea and coffee. Thank you it was however we were greeting with a huge buffet — certainly appreciated! which was wonderful! The afternoon continued on Music performance discussing ideas on how to improve Aimee Mackenzie 8JH was on hand to perform Student Voice and hopefully we will her own songs at the Year 6 Induction Evening. have the opportunity to put a few of these into action! She goes from strength to strength! Well done Aimee! By Catie Davis and Emily Hodkin 10AV
  19. 19. Year 9 is always a busy year with lots of hard work, both on the part of the pupils and the staff, in preparation for the SAT’s. The Sam Learning competition, won by 9AN, helped pupils to get to grips with revising for the SATs. The end result…an outstanding set of results for the cohort in all the SAT subjects and a huge congratulations to the pupils for their individual achievements. Very, very well done! After the intensity of the SAT’s it is nice to do some extra curricular and develop skills and knowledge in non academic ways, and that’s what we did by offering our Year 9 students the choice from three activity days... The Bowling Trip took place at the Spectrum in Guildford and was great fun. A superbly Into The Hoods at the Novello Theatre – simply entertaining evening was had by all….. AWESOME! – both the production and the pupils. Finally…..to all those pupils who have “given their best” in their work and in their play, very well done to you. Life is what you make it and although it can be a real challenge at times, it shows a strength of character to do your best no matter what the task set. Have a lovely holiday and I look forward to “In the time I’ve been running these courses I’ve seeing you all safe and sound in September. seen a lot of groups take part. This group is one of the best I’ve seen, definitely in the top five Mr J Foley groups.” This was the response by one of the Year Leader, Year 9 Officers leading the day.
  20. 20. School Calendar 2008/2009 - Dates for your diary AUTUMN TERM September 3 INSET DAY – School closed 4 Y7 + assisting Y11 prefects only in school 5 Whole school starts. Y7 Bonding Day to Fairthorne Manor 11 School photographer in school 16 Y9 x 49 students depart to Sicily 18 Y6 Intake Open Evening 18:30 19 Y6 Open Morning 09:15 20 Y9 students return from Sicily 23 Y7 Curriculum Information Evening 18:30 in the Hall 24 Y11 Art Trip to Marwell Zoo 25 Y10 Art Trip to Marwell Zoo Alton College visiting Y11 tutor groups October 3 INSET DAY – School closed 9 Alton College Open Evening 18:30 16 Alton College Open Evening 18:30 20 Alton College + BCOT Information Evening at Eggar's School 22 Y7 am Music visit to Petersfield Theatre 23 Y10 Curriculum & Work Experience Evening 18:30 in the hall 27 – 31 HALF TERM November 4 Revision booklets issued to Y11 12 Y11 Drama Exams 13 Auction of Promises Fundraising Event for Music Department 19:00 14 Y8 PSHE Day 17-21 Y11 Language mock orals all week 20 Presentation Evening for GCSE Certificates 26 Y11 Drama exams 27 Y11 Mock Exams begin 28 Y10 MFL students Day Trip to Lille December 2 Rehearsal for Advent Carol Service at Holybourne Church all day 2 Advent Carol Service at Holybourne Church from 19:00-20:00 8 Y7 Art Trip to National Gallery 9 Y7 Art Trip to National Gallery 10 13:30 – 16:30 Senior Citizens Party 11 Y10 + Y11 D&T Trip to Clothes Show Live 12 Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents 18 19:00 Yuletide Concert in School Hall 19 Last Day of Term Y11 pupils with overdue coursework to stay until 15:10 Some dates are subject to change, please check by visiting out website at www.eggars.net/ calendar or by contacting the school office on 01420 541194