December 2007 School Newsletter


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December 2007 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  Issue No. 2  December 2007  ACADEMIC AND PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT CELEBRATED AT EGGAR‛S We were delighted to invite our The evening was a great success 2007 Leaver‛s back to Eggar‛s on with musical presentations, under Thursday 15th November for the direction of Mr Farris, from Presentation Evening. the Eggar‛s Big Band, and the Our past Year 11 students former Tutors of the pupils achieved many successes in their introducing them as they stepped exams this year, which reflect forward to receive their awards. the strong work ethic of our It was wonderful to see these students and also the high quality young adults so full of confidence teaching they receive. and hear of their chosen further Therefore, it was a memorable educational paths and ambitions ev e ning wh e n th ey we re for their future careers. presented with their GCSE The evening closed with the Vote certificates and prizes by guest of Thanks given by Hayley Ward, speaker, Louise Brierley, Area Head Girl and Richard Hibbert, Director, Education and Head Boy. Inclusion).
  2. 2. Yours sincerely  Felicity Martin  Head Teacher
  3. 3. Year  7  have  been  seen  around  the  Keep working hard and trying your best  school recently covered in cuts, bruises,  to achieve even more next term!  lumps  and  gashes…not  through  any  The  charity  reps  fault  of  their  own!  Through  an  inspired  have  been  working  session  of  Citizenship  lessons,  which  hard  this  half  term  you  can  read  about  later  in  this  e s p e c i a l l y   i n  Newsletter,  Year  7  are  learning  some  preparation  for  the  very  important  basic  first  aid  skills,  and  Senior  Citizen’s  from  what  I  can  see  are  doing  a  great  Christmas Party.  job!  Well  done  and  thank  you  to  Miss  At  the  time  of  Sandeman!  writing  each  Tutor  Miss  McCready  has  been  letting  group  is  entering  a  table  decorating  everyone know how successful the Year  competition,  and  I  have  to  say,  Miss  7  Netball  team  have  been  since  the  Masterman’s  Tutor  group  have  an  idea  beginning  of  the  year.  Apparently,  they  which I think will be tough to beat!  are  still  unbeaten  in  all of  their  fixtures  As  well  as  this  excellent  event,  Year  7  so  far,  which  is  an  outstanding  are  now  starting  to  plan  ways  to  raise  achievement.  Congratulations  to  all  of  money  for  our  chosen  charity,  the  the regular players in the team and lets  Kware  Project.  The  poverty  in  this  area  keep winning!  of Nairobi, Kenya is a massive problem,  Interform  sports  have  kept  and the  aim of the charity is to provide  all  of  the  form  Tutors  busy  healthcare and education for the people  at  Tuesday  lunch  times  this  of Kware, which has been ongoing for a  term,  with  a  very  close  number of years with a new school and  UniHoc  competition  looking  hospital  already  built.    We  are  to end soon. As the results stand at the  continuing the fund raising in a number  moment,  any  one  of  the  six  Tutor  of  ways,  from  sponsored  silences  to  Groups could win – it is excellent to see  magazine making!  such  a  closely  fought  event,  so  make  Year 7 have settled in brilliantly to life at  sure  you  continue  to  support  your  Eggar’s, going from strength to strength  groups every match!  in  all  aspects  of  school  life.  The  The rewards for Year 7 this  progress being made is outstanding and  half  term  are  outstanding,  I  am  looking  forward  to  hearing  with  over  10,000  merits  continued  praise  from  many  subject  being collected – I am sure  teachers  throughout  the  school  after  this  is  the  highest  number  Christmas.  ever,  which  probably  Well  done  on  all  of  your  achievements  explains  why  we  have  handed  out  over  so far Year 7!  200  merit  certificates  and  150  subject  Mr J Wordsworth  certificates!  Year 7, Year Leader
  4. 4. School Calendar 2008 ­  Dates for your diary  January  3  INSET DAY  4  INSET DAY  7  School term begins  SPRING TERM  Y11 receive their GCSE Mock results  10  Y9 GCSE and KS4 Information evening from 18:30 in the hall  14­17  Y11 Alton College Interviews  17  Y9 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  20  Y11 GCSE Geography Disneyland, Paris Trip cancelled  24  Y8 X­half to Natural History Museum  25  Y8 Y­half to Natural History Museum  February  1  Y9 Trip to National Portrait Gallery  4  Y8 Exam week  Y11 GCSE final Music performances in the hall  5  Y11 GCSE final Music performances in the hall  6  Y11 Reports to parents  7  Intermediate Maths Challenge in the hall  Y7/8 Valentines Disco from 19:00­21:00 in the hall  11  INSET DAY  12  Y11 pupils with incomplete coursework to attend after school sessions all  week  14  Y11 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  15  Ski Trip departs for Austria  18 ­22  HALF ­ TERM  25  Return to school following half­term  March  5  Alton College Open Evening from 18:30  10  Y9 KS3 Mock SATs week  11  Date changed from 19.03.07 for Science Lecture  Enigma – from 19:00 in the  hall  19  Farnham College Y11 Opening Evening 18:00­21:00  20  Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents  Bank Holiday  21  Good Friday ­ school closed  Bank Holiday  24  Good Monday ­ school closed  25  Y7 Exam week  26  Y8 Reports to parents  27  Rehearsals all day for Spring Concert  Spring Concert from 19:00 in the hall  29  Selected Music students attending rehearsals at Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke  30  Selected Music students performing at the Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke  31  Y11 Drama exams this week  April  2  Y11 Music Showcase  3  Y8 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  7 ­ 18  Easter Holiday  SUMMER TERM  21  INSET DAY  21  Y10 GCSE Geography trip to Calshot departs  23  Y10 GCSE Geography trip returns from Calshot  28  Y10 Exam week  29  Y7 X­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  30  Y7 Y­half Geography/Art trip to Kew Gardens  Farnham College Y10 Opening Evening 18:00­21:00
  5. 5. May  1  Junior Maths Challenge  Bank Holiday  5  School closed  6  Y9 KS3 SATs begin  12  Y10 Work experience begins  14  GCSEs begin in the Hall with Richard Robinson lectures for:­  Ys 7/8 – Sense and sensibility  Y10 – Why the one you fancy never fancies you?  Community Lecture from 19:00 – Why toast always lands butter side down?  20  Y5 Wootey Primary pupils visit for the day  21  Y5 Andrews Endowed primary pupils visit for the day  Y7 reports to parents  22  Y5 Bentley primary pupils visit for the day  26 ­30  HALF­TERM  June  2  Return to school  5  Y7 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  6  Y10 Drama exams  9  Y9 Field studies all week  Y10 L&T visit to Guildford Spectrum and Y10 H&SC visit to Treloars College this  week  10  Y7 Art experience  11  Y7 Art experience  16  Y9 Field Studies  Y9 Non core exam week  18  Y10 Reports to parents  19  Y6 Induction Evening  20  Y10 Drama exams  21  Eggar’s School Fete  24  Y3­5 Open morning from 09:15 ­ 12:00  25  Y3­5 Open morning from 09:15 ­ 12:00  Farnham College Y11 Induction Day  26  Y10 Parents Evening from 16:00 in the hall  27  Evening with the Big Band  30  Y10 Modular Science exams  July  1  Y10 Repeat Modular Science exams  2  Sports Day  3  Y11 Leaver’s Dinner at The Grange  4  Y6 Induction Day  8  Y7 X­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  9  Y7 Y­half Geography/History trip to Winchester  10  Awards Evening from 18:30 in the hall  11  Y9 History trip to Belgium  Reserve Sports Day  16  Music Challenge in the hall 19:00  22  Y9 Reports to parents  23  Last Day of Term  For regular updates please visit
  6. 6. Two years ago a number of pu­ Feedback from previous projects pils from Eggar’s and Amery Hill suggests that the pupils find it to be School participated in a unique an amazing experience which builds concert called ‘Points of self confidence, opens new horizons Departure’ at the Anvil Theatre and affords them unique in Basingstoke. In the fourth and final opportunities to work with some of the year of the Sarum Orchestra’s residency best musicians in the land. at Amery Hill School a new project has This is a joint concert involving pupils been set up to provide an exciting and from both secondary schools in Alton inspirational musical experience for our and is an exciting yet very expensive pupils, which will stay with them for the project. rest of their lives. With this in mind the A major fundraising event for the ‘Out ‘Out of the Oasis’ of the Oasis’ project is a spectacular project was born. ‘Auction of Promises’ to be held at During workshops, Amery Hill School on 130 secondary Friday 1st February 2008. school children will Tables for the evening can be booked be taught how to for groups (up to 10) and tickets are respond instinctively available directly from the school to the music they priced at £10.00 each. Your ticket will are hearing and learning, through the include a delicious hot supper. Wine art of improvisation. They will learn the and soft drinks will be available for 5 movement piece ‘Just Deserts’ which you to buy from our bar and has been written, for them to play, by musicians will be present to serenade the renowned Jazz Saxophonist and you at various points during the composer John Surman. The ‘John evening. Surman Trio’ and the Sarum Orchestra will join the pupils to perform their piece at the Anvil Concert Hall in Basingstoke on Sunday 30th March, in what will be an unforgettable experi­ ence for performers and audience alike. 300 primary school children will learn the oratorio ‘Songs of the Forest’ If you feel you could donate a written by Howard Moody and inspired promise, no matter how small, please b y o u r w o o dl an d e n vir o n m ent . contact Karen Magill or send her an Inspirational professional musicians will email: conduct workshops in all of our local primary schools. They will compose their own music and perform it within If you need ideas – she has a list the community as well as performing at of suggestions! the Anvil in March. They will also sing Mr M Farris in two movements of ‘Just Deserts.’ Music Curriculum Leader
  7. 7. Autumn term is now at an end and so are the In November an intrepid mock examinations for Year 11. I expect we group of Year 11 students took are all waiting with bated breath for the part in an activity trip to the Brecon results in January. Especially as this year Beacons in South Wales. Our accommodation was an isolated Welsh for the first time, students will be given cottage on a self‐catering basis, so the their results in a brown envelope, very much students had to cook and clean for like the actual results in August. It has themselves during the trip—so no pizza proved to be a successful venture with take‐away that weekend! A few of our tasks included negotiating a other comprehensive schools and I know very deep river valley that eventually led to that it has raised expectations with the a position from which to ascend the highest majority of Year 11, so I feel it will be a mountain in the region, Pen y Fan; posting each other through a tiny gap called, worthwhile experience for all. appropriately enough, 'The Letterbox' in a We also had a Revision Seminar this term deep an extensive cave system; and also with Learning Performance which has proven managed to go underground at the 'Big Pit', to be beneficial to our students in the past. and old coal mine. It was a very packed weekend indeed and Some very valuable tips were discussed and the adventurers are to be congratulated for put into practice but the most important the mutual support which led to the success idea of all was to be organised. However, that they all achieved at every activity that this and the knowledge that pupils gained we tackled. from the session must not be forgotten as they will be valuable in the approach to the GCSE examinations in May and June. It seems a distant prospect at the moment but considering how quickly the Autumn term has passed I expect the Summer term will be here before we know it! I wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year and here's to a successful, if busy, 2008. Miss N Curtis Year 11, Year Leader Miss J Sandeman Citizenship/PSHE Teacher
  8. 8. Merit Success!  Football Glory  Congratulations  go  to  8OW  for  the  Tom  Markham­Sole  (8AL)  was  highest merit total this half term with  selected  for  the  Aldershot  &  1,905  merits.  Overall,  Year  8  gained  District  football  squad.  He  is  now  9,507  merits  for  the  half  term.  Well  part  of  a  16  man  squad  selected  done  to  you  all!  It  has  been  well  from 50 players. This is quite an achievement  deserved.  Further  congratulations  go  as  the  selection  process  is  highly  competitive  to  8OW  for  having  the  highest  attendance  and  the  standard  is  high.  Congratulations  figure  for  the  second  consecutive  half  term.  Tom!  Well done!  Connor  Rimmell  and  Tom  Kingshott  (both  Interview with Miss Lewis  from  8JH)  will  be  off  to  Holland  next  year,  to  Miss  Lewis  joined  Year  8  team  in  September  take part in a football tournament involving 90  this  year.  Francesca  Godenzi,  Alice  Hiller  and  teams  from  the  UK,  Holland,  Germany  and  Fleur Walker interviewed Miss Lewis to see how  France!!!  They  both  play  for  Farnham  United.  she has settled in.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.  Q:  How  did  you  find  out  about  the  job  at  Netball News  Eggar’s?  Tutor  group  8AL  organised  a  charity  A: I stayed at the hotel over the road, and read  netball game of girls versus boys. The  the job advert and applied.  game  was  to  raise  money  for  Naomi  Q: Where did you work before?  House.  Miss  Lewis  played  for  the  A: I worked in Basingstoke.  girls,  whilst  boys  were  joined  by  Mr  Q:  How  do  you  like  Eggar’s  compared  to  your  Colburn­Jackson  and  Mr  Wheeler.  It  was  a  old school?  highly  competitive  game.  Some  of  the  boys  A: Eggar’s is a lot smaller and friendlier, so you  struggled  a  little  with  the  rules.  The  girls  get to know more people.  eventually won 4­2.  Well done to the girls!  Q: How have you found the school?  Maths  A: I have found it very friendly, but I still don’t  Amy  Thornley  and  Naomi  Hide  know my way to Technology!  (both  of  8CG)  attend  a  ‘Better  Q: How is the new room?  Maths’  club  every  Thursday  at  A: It’s nice to be in my classroom, it was a little  Alton  Community  Centre  from  4.30­6pm.  tricky in the library.  Naomi said that the club has helped her Maths  Q:  Did  you  always  plan  on  being  an  English  skills.  If  you  would  like  further  details,  please  teacher?  speak to Naomi.  A: No. I wanted to be a lorry driver, and then a  ‘Ups and Downs!’  lawyer.  But  I  cannot  imagine  my  life  without  Nathaniel Ward (8JH) recently  teaching!  achieved  third  place  in  a  Q: What do you like about teaching English?  r e c e n t   t r a m p o l i n i n g  A:  It’s  very  rewarding  to  see  people  do  well  competition  on  the  Isle  of  Wight.  Well  done  and try.  Nathaniel!  Q: What don’t you like about teaching English?  A: There is a lot of marking. But it means that  students are writing a lot, which is great.  Have a safe and happy Christmas and  Q: What do you think makes a good teacher?  a  wonderful  New  Year!    I  look  A: I do not give up on anyone.  f orward   t o  sh aring   th e  new  Q:  And  finally,  what  else  do  you  enjoy  doing  challenges  and  opportunities  of  2008  apart from being an English teacher?  with you.  A:  I  like  to  play  netball.  I  like  to  read,  Mr A Wheeler,  especially  murder  mystery  stories  and  I  enjoy  thriller films. Year 8, Year Leader 
  9. 9. On Tuesday 11th December the school was Following an excellent lunch filled with festive excitement in prepared by Mrs Varney preparation for the annual Senior Citizen and her catering assistants, Christmas Party. the guests were The Tutor Charity Representatives did a entertained by our Year 11 fantastic job of each decorating a table Prefect s and their for our guests, which ranged from the rendition of the ‘12 Days of Christmas‛, traditional to jungle themed and one even the Year 8 singers and also the GCSE had a santa‛s grotto at the end of the Dance Group. table, and we mustn‛t forget the chocolate fountain and marshmallows! With over 100 guests arriving for a traditional Christmas lunch at 1:00pm there was much to do and thanks must go By mid-afternoon the Big Band sprang into action lead by Music Curriculum Leader, Mr Farris and was followed by a dance performance by Poppy Allen (10DS) and Lauren Eade (8AG). to Mrs Smith for co-ordinating this event, along with our Teaching Assistants, PSA, Mr Farris and Mr Smith from the Music Department and our Caretakers Dal Pun and Stuart Campbell for ensuring everything went smoothly.
  10. 10. After a short break for Tea and Mince Pies, Music Teacher, Mr Smith, continued the party with plenty of audience participation and some ‘rocking ‘n‛ rolling around the Christmas tree.‛ The finalé was a raffle of excellent prizes donated by Waterstone‛s of Alton, the Candle Barn of Oakhanger and Eggar‛s Office Support Staff and Teaching Assistants. At the end of a wonderful festive afternoon many of our guests were returned home by the kind generosity of Altonian Coaches. Thank you to the pupils, parents, PSA and staff in supporting this worthwhile event.
  11. 11. We recently had a very interesting letter The old school song, ‘With Eggar’s make from an ex-Eggar‛s pupil, who now at the age the valley ring, from Farringdon to Froyle, of 86, lives in Washington, USA and gives a for Green and gold our watchword bold, to fascinating view of life many years ago. Eggar’s we’re loyal’, was introduced by my father – also the Boy Scout troop, the scout I suspect this letter has caused you to master was Frank Wood, a friend of Baden wonder! Recently my Niece and her Powell (founder of BSA) who started the husband, Ann and Roger, visited Alton, Girl Guides, visited Eggar’s. and sent me the local newspaper, which I was interested to see some names I incidentally used to be the Hampshire recognised, eg Bowtell at East Tisted, in Herald. my day Primrose Bowtell, who had long My father, Charles W Wheatley was fair hair, and her Cousin David were pupils Headmaster at Eggar’s from 1929 until he in the ‘30s as was a Kemp, Alan Stoodley retired in about 1959 – I went to school at (Jeweller) Fenton (garage) was red‐headed! Eggar’s until I was 13, when both my Kenidge, Pitt, Rapkins, Rolfe (butcher). sister and I were sent to Boarding School I was married from St Lawrence Church, – being the ‘Heads kids’, was not too where Dad held Founder’s Day services. envious a position. My brother, Avery The three ‘houses’ were White’s (green) Wheatley, was born in the Headmaster’s after Gilbert White, Naturalist from house, part of the original building. I was Selbourne, Curtis of Crown Hill, opposite married from there in 1943, had all three of the museum and Bickenton , biologist, Red. my sons from there, and later emigrated In my day the playing field was huge and to Canada in 1952. across the road from the school, and an old My Brother, Avery Wheatley, who lives army hut held a music room, carpentry near Portland, was a chorister at shop, first grade classroom and boy’s Winchester Cathedral, and was in the changing room. There were tennis courts Navy for a while and then worked for the at the back of the school, with grounds Civil Service, finally for the 2nd Sea Lord. running down to the railroad. It was interesting to see the school I am now 86(!!) and still have memories – blazers, and that there is still a school – it my father loved the school, as did we all, was mooted to be pulled down, but I and and I am glad it prospers still. others wrote to the Prime Minister asking for its preservation, being still a school is Mrs Helen M Spencer most gratifying. I wonder, are the two Washington, USA Yew trees in the house garden still in existence? They are very old and on the original plots, (available in the Curtis Thank you to Miss Sandeman for kindly Museum) are depicted in the drawings – taking the time to collate pictures of the old they were protected by Elizabeth I, as school site and sending these to Mrs Spencer their wood was used for long bows!! in response to her letter.
  12. 12. A cold and damp night on  Wednesday  th  5  December  was  warmed  up  by  our  pupils  involved  in  the  Advent  Carol  Concert in   Holybourne Church.  This term has been a very busy term. After  a  rousing  and  uplifting  opening  Year 9 have been involved in many by  the  school’s  brass  ensemble  activities including intersport and performing ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ parents  musical concerts. settled  down  to  an  hour  of  music  and  There have, at times, this term been a festive  readings.  The  choirs  sang  few lessons where the focus has been wonderfully under the new direction of  a little off track. Therefore, as this is Mr Smith and notable solos came from  such an important year it is vital that Eleanor  Boardman    and  Kati  when Year 9 return after Christmas they Whitehead  both of 10HR  are ready for 100% focus in all lessons. Congratulations  to  all  of  the  pupils  During next term not involved  to  help  make  this  such  a  only will Year 9 be wonderful  start  to  the  revising and planning Christmas period.  for their SATs but they will also need to start Mr M Farris  thinking about their Music Curriculum Leader  option choices for their GCSE’s. The GCSE and KS4 Information Evening will be held on Thursday 10th January in the school hall. Over the next two academic terms we will be hoping to improve on some of the pupils attendance, as there is a strong correlation between attendance and The Lovely Liquid Nitrogen  results. show  was  a  great  success.  The  Year  As most of you will be aware I am going 8 and Primary pupils were amazed by the  on maternity leave at the beginning of cool  demonstrations  by  Margaret  January. In my absence your child’s Clayton,  which  not  only  taught  pupils  Tutor will be available for any queries about  solids,  liquids  and  gases  but  much,  you may have and, I am delighted to much  more.  The  evening  community  say that Mr Foley will be taking over lecture  was  full  to  capacity  with  pupils,  the role as Year 9, Year Leader. parents and friends attending.  I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Margaret  commented  “You  are  doing  break and look forward to seeing you all some  wonderful  work  with  your  Primary  in the New Year. schools,  much  more  than  any  school  we  have  visited  and  your  pupils  have  a  great  attitude towards learning”.  Mrs L Ashover Thank you to all those that supported this  Year 9, Year Leader event.  Mr H Rabani  Science Department
  13. 13. The Year 10 have continued to make an The competition to get through is impression during this second half term. tough and all members have to pass a I continually monitor pupils in lessons rigorous audition and give a lot of and have been delighted with the work ethic, motivation and enthusiasm for time for rehearsals and their GCSE subjects. Can I ask that both performances. pupils and parents look in the Year 10 hand book to check on course work The two tale nte d girls a re deadlines. I will be focusing on the performing in the Royal Albert Hall monitor ing of cou r sework after with Farnham Youth Choir and, Christmas and it is really important that all pupils are up to date. playing alongside them will be the I was delighted to see, at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This Presentation Evening for our ex-Year exciting event is being conducted by 11s, the number of Year 10 pupils that were performing in the Big Band. It John Rutter – such is the popularity takes a lot of time and dedication to be of this concert, all the tickets have a part of this wonderful band and I am always in awe of their talent - well done! now sold out! The recent visit to France by our MFL Oli Jenner played for Eggar‛s Year students to the Lille Christmas market 10 and 11 rugby team against a was apparently fantastic, and I hope that all parents now have some Basingstoke school. This was straight wonderful Christmas presents as a after he had endured his Year 10 result! injections! But despite this, the Merry Christmas to you all and keep up the good work. team won 41-0 and Oli got a try! Well done all of the rugby team! Mr R Eost Year 10, Year Leader Another nice, caring story is that Bryony Jones found two domestic rats dumped at the side of a motorway in a cage. Bryony took in the My Talented Tutor Group two rats and named Tutor Group 10AV not only have t h e m Jimmy and excellent sports people but have two Bobby. They are very talented singers; these being both enjoying their new life and Emily Hodkin and Emily Pearce who are thriving! both members of the Farnham Youth That‛s all from 10AV for now but if Choir. Farnham Youth Choir have been you are in our Tutor group and have to China to compete in the World any other successes please come and Choir Olympics, winning England two tell me! silver medals for their efforts! By Catie Davis 10AV
  14. 14. There is also a big wheel set up in Grand'Place  Years 10 and 11 celebrate  (Place du General de Gaulle).  Christmas early!  Following  a  very  early  start  to  our  Christmas  shopping….at  4:45am  and  a  very  ‘choppy’  ferry crossing, we eventually made our way to  Europe's City of Culture.  Students  on  the  visit  were  able  to  savour  roasted  chestnuts  as  they  experienced  France's finest Christmas markets and stocked  up  on  traditional  hand­crafted  Christmas  tree  decorations,  local  products  and  original  gifts,  and  festive  spiced  delicacies  that  make  Christmas in Europe so magical.  Lille,  France  is  at  the  crossroads  of  Europe,  offering  a  wealth  of  attractions  including  fine  museums,  historic  buildings  and  welcoming  cafes and restaurants.  The  Christmas  Market  that  we  visited  is  situated  in  Place  Rihour,  where  each  day  between  late  November  and  late  December,  there are usually about 80 different stalls.  After  a  long  but  very  enjoyable  trip  it  was  time  to  take  another  ‘choppy’  ferry  back  home.    Thank  you  to  all  those    that  assisted  with  this  trip  and  I  hope  you  all  enjoy  your  French    festive treats.  Mrs M Rushmere  MFL Department
  15. 15. On Wednesday 17th October, 34 of our Year 9 We arrived back at Monks Bay in time for another Geography students, Mr McKell (School game of football and sliding down the hill at East Governor), Mrs Mathieson (TA) and myself set off Dene and then had a well deserved dinner. for the Isle of Wight. We arrived at Portsmouth in After dinner, Karen recapped our day and the blazing sunshine and had high hopes for a glori­ children contributed what they had learned and ous few days. We were not to be disappointed. I was so impressed with them all. They really The sun shone down on us over all three days! made an effort and considering what a tiring This is surprising as usually you only have to day they had had, they really did the school mention the word “field trip” and the heavens credit! open! However, the trip wasn’t without incident! On the way there negotiating our way to the field centre proved quite tricky, as the coach had to go down a very windy, narrow road only to find a car parked on the kerb blocking our way. So after a quick phone call to the East Dene Field Centre, we realised the only way through was to remove the car, and luckily our driver found the owner in the Bonchurch Inn supping a pint. He kindly moved the car and we arrived at the Centre five minutes later. We settled in and then went on a walk around the site and local vicinity. That evening was the Night Challenge which proved hilarious fun as the students split into groups and had the task of negotiating around Bonchurch, collecting answers to questions as they went. There was Resting after the steep climb to also a spooky churchyard to go through as well the top of Castle Cove! as a dark wood! On Thursday morning after a hearty breakfast we set off for Freshwater Bay, fully loaded up Mind you, the trip wasn’t over yet! That evening with field equipment. was Karaoke night and yes, Mr McKell, Mrs Our Instructors, Karen and Ellie, explained what Mathieson and myself were called upon to round to do and then the Geographers were off, up the evening with a rendition of “We are the taking beach profiles, using clinometers, beach Champions!” pebble analysis, longshore drift analysis, wave Friday morning was survival and we went into the counts, wind speed measuring and field woods on the site and the children spent a sketching. morning building shelters, fires, toasting Following our lunch marshmallows and learning how to bake bread! at the Botanical Finally, the coach arrived and we departed East Gardens we Dene and journeyed back to Eggar's School. walked down to I would like to say a big thank­you to Mr McKell Steephill Cove and and Mrs Mathieson for all their help and continued with our involvement over the three days as well as a coastal work. From huge thank­you to our coach driver, Mick, who here we walked came to our rescue at the last minute. back to Monks Bay, The children were a real credit to the school and via Castle Cove, themselves. The staff at East Dene commented Ventnor Bay and on how well they participated, how confidently Wheelers Bay, not­ they spoke and how motivated they were the ing all the different whole time. It was a pleasure to take them and I types of coastal hope they all enjoyed the visit as much as me. defences along the way. My favourite Mrs A Sutehall was the Tetrapods! Geography Curriculum Leader They look like something out of a Dr Who story!
  16. 16. Congratulations to all in Year 7 for  more than just another the  enthusiasm  with  which  they  have     approached their new SAS  Geography lesson... C o u r s e   ( S o c i a l   A w a r e n e s s  Detention with Miss Whiting? Why Skills).  This term has seen classes  else would a group of pupils be sat in e­mailing  pupils  in  Polish  schools  G2 after school on a Friday I hear you to find out about     teenage life in  ask? Well, since half-term a group of another European   country, pupils  working  towards  their  Red  Cross  pupils have chosen to do just that award by  lying seemingly bleeding  because Club Mundo has arrived at and  unconscious  in  the  Science  Eggar‛s. Translating literally into ‘Club World‛ it is a club run by students for students with a little help from Miss Whiting. We cover a wide variety of topics that interest YOU in a fun and original way. Some sessions are run by Miss Whiting; for instance we have debated news items and designed our own henna tattoos; and some sessions are run by pupils, for instance Peter Harvey corridor to simulate an accident!  Classes  examining  the    different  (8JH) wowed us with his presentation forms  of  government  across  the  about his holiday to Dubai and Bill world  and  comparing  them  with  Baker (7NS) has fascinated us with a this  country,  Tutor  groups  working  talk about Ancient Egypt. with  the  respect  resources  and  So, if you are interested in taking your learning  about  self  esteem,  and  Geography further or you would just classes  looking  at  physical  like to fuel you enthusiasm for all well­being  and  how  we  can  look  after ourselves.  things global, come and join us every It  has  certainly  been  a  busy  time  Friday after school in G2. for us all!  All years are welcome. Miss H Whiting Miss J Sandeman  Geography Department Citizenship & PSHE Teacher
  17. 17. In  the  summer  term  the  Science  Department  Our  decision  was  made,  the  highly  placed  launched  the  inaugural  Wildlife  Photography  awards of 1GB pen drives went to:  competition and the response put us into quite  Shannon  Andrews  (8CG),  Jasmine  Weston  a  quandary.  We  had  642  images  entered,  far  (8OW),  Lucy  Hart  (8PJ),  Abi  Boyce  (9REo),  more  than  we  had  ever  dreamt  of  and  these  Georgi  Boyce  (9KM),  Ellie  Sorsby  (9RCo),  covered a wide range of wonderful subjects.  Hannah  Martin (9SWa),  Matt  Cushing (11SL),  It  took  the  Science  Department,  with  the  help  Scott    Woodhouse  (11SW)      and    Michael  of the Art Department, to carefully  consider all  Ashmore (11SKi).  the entries.  The overall winner was an astonishing shot of  From  sunlight  streaming  through  clouds  to  a  frog  peering  out  from  under  a  Lily  leaf  in  a  pets,  garden  insects  to  birds  on  the  wing,  the  pond.    Hearty  congratulations  and  a  USB  range that was entered was breathtaking.  Photoframe  were  presented  to  James  We  eventually  managed  to  select  15  images  Headleand (9HR) for his wonderful picture.  as the crème de la crème, the best of the best.  Thank you to everyone that took part.  These  finalists  were  a  selection  from  year  groups  and  taken  with  a  wide  range  of  cameras from mobile phones to SLR Digitals.  Kirstin McAulay  Science Department
  18. 18. RUGBY NEWS BASKETBALL Rugby continues to be I have been really a popular and disappointed with the successful sport at level of participation in School. We can now basketball over the boast outside coaches for Year 7 last half-term. After & 9 and for Girls rugby. This is an the big strides we took last year I excellent opportunity for pupils to was hoping to build on this and get involved, no matter what your perhaps build winning seasons. This level of ability. These sessions will will only happen if pupils are willing be continuing after Christmas. to come to practices scheduled at The U16 squad continued their lunchtimes and after-school. We excellent run in the Hampshire will continue these sessions after Cup competition. They Christmas, so let‛s see you there, comprehensively defeated a so we can build on last year‛s sp irite d Fo rt Hill School success. Even if you are new to (Basingstoke) 41 – 0. The try basketball, you can learn and get scorers are too numerous to involved! mention but the whole squad have been committed to training and this is now starting to ‘bear fruit!‛ We look forward to a home tie against either Henry Court School (Fareham) or Priory School Once again, thank you to all (Gosport). This is a semi-final tie members of staff who have given against two Sports Colleges so up of their free time to enrich the our home support lives of Eggar‛s students. will be vital! Please Have a very happy Christmas and come and support see you in the New Year! the boys! Mr S Laycock PE Curriculum Leader