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A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE                                                MARCH 2007 

      Issue No. 4 

                           Eggar’s musical
                      extravaganza of the year!

“The smell ...
It all began six months ago when the                                We had a good reaction from the audience
                                                        Special  congratulations should go to Jess who 
Well done to Emily Bailey 7PJ and
BOY‛S RUGBY                                     Ellen Reid 7CG who raised over
The     Y...
This  half  term  seems  to  have  flown  by,  and 
Year 8 have been working incredibly hard.  I 
am delighted by the prog...

Now into its seventh year,   the  Geographical               This  project  will  take...
“An Incredible Experience”

Amery  Hill  and  Eggar’s  Schools  visit  to  None of the impact of Auschwitz was lost on 
School Calendar 2007  ­  Dates for your diary
Summer Term 
April             2 ­ 13 EASTER HOLIDAYS 
On Saturday, 3rd March, the Mock Trial team       Performing under such professional scrutiny and
arrived at Aldershot Mag...
        Hampshire County Council
       Parent Partnership Service
  Totton Coll...

                                                           Examination  Invigilators Required 
We  have  recently  received  complaints 
regarding  the  dropping­off  of  children 
at  the  school  entrance  with  the...
Miss Carew‛s Year 8 Art students have created fantastic headdresses as
part of a Native American Art project. Well done to...
Well, another term has passed and what a
                                          busy one it has been!        However, t...
Just a few words about the ski trip to        My thanks go out to the students,
Austria last half-term…it was brilliant!  ...
Ski trip
During  my time on the
                  ing time. I
I  had an amaz
                      gs every
experi enced n...
                the  Ski trip n I
I   thought        d so m u
                             ch fu
           c, I ha   ...
The      Eggar’s   The purchase of pens, pencils,
               Finance Team would       planners and ties etc are availa...
March 2007 School Newsletter
March 2007 School Newsletter
March 2007 School Newsletter
March 2007 School Newsletter
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March 2007 School Newsletter


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March 2007 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  MARCH 2007  Issue No. 4  Eggar’s Maths Challenge Winners!  In February, 106 pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11  Josh  Brown  and  Emily  Wheeler  10MR,  Matthew  entered  the  Intermediate    Mathematics  Jeffs  9HR,  Hanna  Gilbert  9SCa,  Christian  Challenge.  Goacher 9JF and Louis Fox 9J.  We are delighted to report that 40% were awarded  24  Bronze  Certificates  went  to  Morgan  Fripp  certificates  in  this  exacting  test  of  logical  11MB,  Will  Mitchell  and  Emma  Sharpe  11JS,  reasoning.  Laura  Ellens  and  Nick  Bagley  11CH,  Sarah  This  year  two  students,  Tom  Fabian  9SCa  and  Carter  11AS,  Harry  Martin  and  Meredith  Tiala  Stuart  Gagen  11SD  have  been  very  successful,  11SD,  Thomas  Husbands  and  Adam  Ellis  11AS,  their scores mean that they are through to the next  James  Smith  and  James  Luff  10MR,  James  round, the Kangaroo Challenge.  Cameron  10KMc  ,  Christian  Rossiter  10MR,  Both  Tom and  Stuart  obtained a  Gold  Certificate,  Kimberley  Brigdale  10CB,  Chris  Capper  9HR,  as did Hayley Ward and Heather Rowland, both of  Jasmin Steel and Cameron Alexander 9DW, Izzy  10CB.  Bulpitt  and  Jennifer  Saunders  9JF,  Vikki  Minett  There  were  a  further  14  Silver  Certificates  and  Guy  Randall  9DS,  Kathryn  Whitehead  9HR  awarded  to  Lydia  Hutchinson  11JS,  Laurence  and Bryony Jones 9AV.  Taylor  and  Sarah  Moore  11SD,  Ben  Lynn  11AS,  Well  done  to  all  those  who  took  part  and  good  Eleanor  Regin  11KM,  Alistair  Jenner  11MB,  luck  to  Tom  and  Stuart  in  the  forthcoming  Peter  Allen   10SW,   Rosemary    Croft    10KMc,  Kangaroo Challenge!
  2. 2. ‘ANYTHING GOES’ Eggar’s musical extravaganza of the year! “The smell of the grease paint, the Adrenalin was certainly pumping all week roar of the crowd.” This was the spirit and much learning was done both on and and atmosphere in Eggar‛s school hall on off stage. the week of 5th March 2007 as the The cast really played their best and curtain went up on the Eggar‛s production particular note must be made of Ben Lynn of ‘Anything Goes‛. Even though grease- and Alex Gillan in Year 11, both of whom paint has now been superceded by more portrayed unusual and entertaining modern and comfortable makeup, the roar characters, leaving the audience in fits of of the very large crowds were still in giggles. The show went on even through evidence, and they were not roaring as a sickness as Oli Buckingham in Year 10 result of the wonderful refreshments knows only too well. The audience would offered by our very supportive PSA - not have known the backstage trauma‛s as although well they might - but in response he professionally performed out front! to the superb performance which was Now that is commitment. given by the 70 strong cast, supported by The truth is that all who were involved in our excellent school band, backstage the production, in any capacity, had a crew, teachers and helpers. wonderful time and should be fully and There is no doubt that pupils excelled generously congratulated. themselves during the five performances One final word (or three), next time of the show and dreaded the anti-climax auditions come round pupils had better of the following weekend! sign up fast, in fact I would recommend them to ‘Step in it!‛
  3. 3. AND MUSIC ….
  4. 4. REVIEWS...  It all began six months ago when the We had a good reaction from the audience auditions took place for the school and the atmosphere each night made us feel production of Cole Porter‛s Broadway musi- at ease. My favourite night was definitely cal ‘Anything Goes‛, which is set on a cruise the last night, because I thought everyone liner in the 1920/30s, sailing from America tried their hardest to do their best as they to England. knew this was the last time we were ever The auditions consisted of acting, singing going to perform ‘Anything Goes‛. The and a dance routine. Once the roles were teachers and helpers were presented with given out, along with the scripts, rehearsals gifts and applauded by the audience, we then began. My part in the musical was as one of all sang the finale again. the SS American‛s passengers. I hope everyone who came to see the musical The rehearsals took place on a Monday and had as much fun as we did making it and Wednesday after school, but after performing in it. I am also looking forward Christmas rehearsals increased and the taking part in the next school production. pressure was on! The teachers must have felt very anxious By Olivia Walton 8SWa the night before the first performance hoping everyone would remember their lines and songs. I attended th e school stage production on   would  Thursday  i f y ou be gr ateful tions a nd 8th March.  I I should my congratula ‘Anything t proved to  pa ss o n to all in vol ved in be a wonderfu th anks l evening, far es.’ acting, dancing , beyond my ex   Go andard of w a s ve ry hig h pectations.  T he s t layin g a nd I congratulate a nd p usiasm  all involved  singing ith enth credit to ve red w al requiring ma and deli nalism ‐ a re d edic ated ny hours of  pr ofe ssio nd th eir dents a dedicated pra b oth stu a g r ea t ctice.  te achers. nd the re was mutual The evening f I u ndersta maraderie and t, or me proved  ca . T ha the wonderfu se n se of t t he cast m e I l talents of  amongs lco su pport he w e se today’s youth w i th t Front of Hou .  c o u p l ed from the the eth os eceived al tribute to Well done ev r re eryone!  team, a hool. w are n ot Ted Brown in sc and cre such a of y o ur a st ll the c lat after g  I ho p e a f of ed and months too tir k (plus ave us wee t they will h strenuo and tha s for years to al!) rehears py memorie ow . many hap erful sh f suc h a wo nd com e o u once again. o Thank y dry  en Mr s E H
  5. 5. AND DANCE …. Special  congratulations should go to Jess who  learnt  the dances  from  scratch  in  a  very  short  time.    As  the  performance  nights  drew  ever  closer, tension mounted, months of hard work  were gradually coming to a close.  During half term costumes were decided upon  and  the  dancers  had  time  to  rest.    Back  to  school,  final  rehearsals  took  place  including  a  gruelling timetable over the weekend before.  th  On  Monday  5  March  the  cast  and  dancers  finally  had  the  chance  to  perform  in  front  of  local  primary  schools.    It  then  seemed  a  long  Back in October 2006 the decision was made  wait  before  the  first  performance.    Opening  for Eggar’s School to show the production of  night  eventually  arrived  and  emotions  were  `Anything  Goes’.    After  a  vigorous  audition  running high.  process  and  hard  decisions  made  by  the  The first performance took place and was very  teachers  the  lead  roles  were  cast  as  well  as  successful  and  continued  in  the  same  way  for  twelve  lead      dancers  for  the  dance  group.  the following three nights.  Immediately rehearsals began.  The  dancers  rehearsed  twice  a  week  for  months learning the choreography helped by  myself.    In  the  New  Year,  rehearsal  times  increased  to  three  times  a  week,  everything  was  running  smoothly,  the  dances  were  complete,  the  girls  were  feeling  confident  when  disaster  struck.    Sarah  Moore,  a  lead  dancer and ‘Reno Angel’ fell in the snow and  broke  her  ankle!    After  much  deliberation  Jessica  Withers,  already  a  cast  member  became a dancer.  Melissa Ogden became an  Angel and Beke McLean successfully filled the  lead  Angel  role.    Rehearsals  then  became  once  again  very  hard  as  the  dancers  had  to  I  would  personally  like  to  add  a  huge  ‘thank  re­learn several routines.  you’  to  our  dancer’s  Ella  Goldsmith,  Jenny  Happel,  Beke  McLean  and  Melissa  Ogden  as  Reno’s Angels, along with Amira Sahraoui, Jess  Nixon,  Malaika  Oyortey,  Lindsey  Childs,  Becky  Froy, Alice Pearson, Shannon Davis and Jessica  Withers a Reno’s Angels.  It was very tiring at  times,  and  they  didn’t  complain…much!    Their  hard  work  paid  off  and  they    performed  fantastically.  Well Done!!  Sally Carter  PE Department
  6. 6. Well done to Emily Bailey 7PJ and BOY‛S RUGBY Ellen Reid 7CG who raised over The Year 7 Group £40 for Comic Relief by holding a contains a great number tombola stall during breaktime. of natural athletes and sports people. This years They sold all their tickets in 15 Charity for Rugby match minutes!! was a huge success raising over £65 for the Kware Project, and revealing an enthusiastic attitude towards RISING STAR!!! rugby that has been unseen in recent years. Aimee Mackenzie 7JH is certainly a The boys have trained hard over the last few talented musician. On Saturday 10th months and their commitment to training, February, Aimee performed her own learning and improving is commendable. composition ‘Worth It‛ at the EHDC Mr Gibb is confident this hard work will pay Show Off Talent Contest. She has off over the next few fixtures, and see the received the brilliant news that she has Year 7 rugby team establish themselves as a qualified for the finals which will be force to be reckoned with. held at Barton Hall, Horndea n Special thanks must go to Mr Gibb for taking Technology College on Friday 13th April. the training sessions. Well done Aimee! We look forward to hearing how GIRLS‛ NETBALL you get on Congratulations to the Year 7 at the Girls‛ netball squad who finals!  competed in the Aldershot and Farnham District Tournament. They not only faced other schools but battled against the elements as they played in sleet, snow and biting winds. They eventually came fifth out of fourteen schools. Well done!! Miss Carter has commented that the squad has fantastic potential. Those in the squad are: Hannah Steel, Fleur Walker, Jasmine Weston, Megan McLachlan, Holly Winstone, Emily Bailey, Evie Day, Lottie Trigg and Beth Well done to the whole of Year 7 on an  Martin. A huge thanks also must go to Miss awesome  half  term  and  Happy  Carter. Easter!!  Mr Wheeler  Year 7 Leader
  7. 7. This  half  term  seems  to  have  flown  by,  and  Year 8 have been working incredibly hard.  I  am delighted by the progress and attitude of  Year  8,  and  this  has  been  reflected  in  the  Spring Progress Reviews.  Thank you to all those who attended Review  Day and don’t forget your targets over Easter  A selection of pupils took part in the  so these can be transferred into your Student  TES Newspaper day and  produced  Planners next term!  a  newspaper  to  an        exceptionally  high  standard.  This  has  to  be  completed  in  just  one  day  and  all  I was delighted by the amount of t h o s e   i n v o l v e d   s h o u l d   b e  Year 8 pupils who took part in the congratulated,  we  are  now  waiting  for the competition results .  school production “Anything Goes”. A big cheer to all especially Year 8 pupils Claudia Vogt as American Heiress Hope Harcourt, Charlie Yarrow as Elisha Whitney, Keiran This term we had a visit  Lenachan as the SS American‛s to the Natural History  Purser, Connor Fielder as Fred the Museum in London  Bartender and Ben Gillan as an FBI organised by the  Science and Geography  Agent - you were all fantastic!  Departments.  During the trip the  pupils  During this half term learned about Natural  Year 8 have been Hazards  and  Ecology  topics  which  are  involved in the Mock covered in the Key Stage 3 Curriculum.  Trials. As  this  trip  was  during  National  Science  All those involved did week  Year  8  were  able  to  focus  on  Global  really well and the best Warming  and  the   potential  effect this  could  of luck for the next have in our lives.  round of Trials in May.  Congratulations  to  Gemma  Kingshott  I look forward to seeing you all at the Year 8  Parent’s Evening on Thursday 26th April.  8KN  for  winning  the  SNAP  disco  poster  competition!  The poster competition was  open  to  local  schools  and  Gemma  has  a  Miss L Rogers  prize  choice  of  either  an    MP3  or  DVD  Year 8 Leader  player!
  8. 8. YOUNG GEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2007  Now into its seventh year,   the  Geographical This  project  will  take  you  to  the  north­western  Young Geographer of the Year  competition  regions of the Namib Desert, traditionally known  aims to  inspire    and    encourage   the    next  as  Damaraland.  This  harsh  tribal  wilderness  generation    of    geographers,   travellers and  area  runs  parallel  to  the  Skeleton  Coast  explorers.  National  Park,  and  is  home  to  a  small  popula­  tion  of  desert  adapted  elephants.  You  will  be  assisting  the  project  staff  in  This year‛s question: Can recycling following  and  monitoring  the  movements  of  save the world?  these  elephants.  We  spend  days  out  in  the  desert  on  patrol,  camping  wild  and  living  close  to  the  earth,  elephants  and  people.  As  well  as  For older readers, we want a magazine article  the  desert  that  brings  the  issue  to  life.  It  can  be  in  any  e l e p h a n t ,  style you wish – a dramatic first­person report,  expect  to  a  balanced  and  reasoned  argument,  a  report  find  black  on one crucial aspect of the debate or any in­  r h i n o ,  terview  with  a  key  figure.  But  it  must  inspire  o s t r i c h ,  and  enthral;  it  must  make  us  all  think  about  s p r i n g b o k ,  the world’s future.  giraffe  and  k u d u . A t  YOUNG GEOGRAPHER 13-15 YRS night,  you’ll  almost  certainly  hear  the roar of desert lions!  WIN! A volunteer placement for This project is part of a  long­term initiative   that  you and a guardian to work with is aimed at finding solutions to the ever growing  desert elephants in Namibia, problem of facilitating the peaceful co­habitation  courtesy of Global Vision between subsistence  farmers  and  the  desert­  adapted  elephants  through  research,  education  International and Elephant–Human and  development.  The  project  was  launched  in  Relations Aid.  December 2001.  Young Geographer  COMPETITION ENTRIES TO prize from Global  MRS SUTEHALL BY WEDNESDAY Vision International 18TH APRIL 2007 ALL ENTRIES WILL RECEIVE A SMALL PRIZE. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE JUDGED AT EGGAR‛S AND THERE WILL BE PRIZES ALLOCATED BY THE GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT ALL ENTRIES WILL BE ENTERED INTO THE COMPETITION!  For further information  GOOD LUCK! 
  9. 9. “An Incredible Experience” Amery  Hill  and  Eggar’s  Schools  visit  to  None of the impact of Auschwitz was lost on  Auschwitz and Krakow.  the  students,  many  of  who  were  visibly  upset by what they saw.  But they acted with  This was a unique event   in   more  than   one  great  dignity  and  sensitivity  and  were  a  respect.  Neither  school  had  previously  taken  credit to themselves and their schools. They  students to Auschwitz and there had not been  questioned  how  such  events  were  allowed  a joint residential visit of this kind between the  to  happen.  Some  questioned  the  nature  of  two  schools.  The  visit  was  going  to  present  humanity, one Year 11 student said that she  several challenges, not least of which was the  “felt  dirty  as  a  human  being;  how  could  focus  for  the  visit  –  the  issues  raised  by  the  people  do  this  to  each  other?”  The  visit  to  holocaust  as  embodied  by  Auschwitz.  The  the  massive  Birkenau  complex  ended  with  visit was a joint venture between the Religious  our  guide  inviting  us  all  to  light  a  candle  in  Studies Departments with the aim of ‘bringing  remembrance  of  those  who  died  and  to  to   life’   the    issues   being   studied   in   the  “leave  behind  the  badness,  and  to  take  classroom.  away a sense of hope”.  Day One  The  evening  was  a  contrast  to  the  sombre  The  visit  was  intensive.  We  left  Alton  at  mood  of  the  day.  Our  evening  meal  was  at  th  1.00am    on     Wednesday    15  February,  the  Klezmer  Hojs  Jewish  restaurant.  We  travelling  to  Stansted  to  meet  our  guide  and  were treated to an excellent traditional meal  catching  the  6.20am  flight  to  Krakow.  Ahead  accompanied  by  a  live  band  playing  of us  was  a full  day  exploring   the    ancient  traditional  Klezmer  music.  The  students  Jewish  quarter  of  Kazimierz;  a  visit  to  Oskar  really  loved  it,  joining  in  the  singing  and  Schindler’s  factory  and  the  site  of  the  clapping.  The  band  couldn’t  really  believe  it  infamous  Plazow  labour  camp,  both  featured  when  many  of  the  students  wanted  to  buy  in  Spielberg’s’  ‘Schindler’s  List’.  After  such  a  their  CD at  the  end  of  the  evening,  and  our  long day it was a welcome relief to get back to  Polish  coach  driver  was  equally  surprised  the  hotel  before  the  evening  meal  in  the  when asked to put the CD on for our journey  centre of Krakow.  back to the hotel!  Day Two  Day Three  We  set  off  for  the  centrepiece  of  our  visit,  a  We  spent  our  final  day  in  the  centre  of  tour  of  the  former  death  camps  of  Auschwitz  Krakow.  It  is  a  stunningly  beautiful  city  and  Birkenau.  Whilst  the  students  and  staff  centre,  dominated  by  the  incredible  main  had been well briefed prior to the visit, nothing  square.  Students  had  time  to  explore  and  can  really  prepare  you  for  the  stark  reality  of  buy souvenirs. We also visited Wawel castle  what Auschwitz represents; that is the means  before more sightseeing and preparation for  for carrying out the mass murder of millions of  our return home.  people.  What remains is a terrible reminder of  what  human  being  are  capable  of  and  a  This was truly a moving and memorable trip  warning  to  future  generations  that  prejudice  for us all.  and  discrimination  are  powerful  and  Mrs C Gerlach  destructive forces.  RS Curriculum Leader 
  10. 10. School Calendar 2007  ­  Dates for your diary Summer Term  April  2 ­ 13 EASTER HOLIDAYS  16 INSET DAY  19 Y7 Geography/Art trip to Living Rainforest (Group X)  20 Y7 Geography/Art trip to Living Rainforest (Group Y)  23 Y10 Geography Calshot trip departs  25 Y10 Geography Calshot trip returns  Spring Concert 19:00 (originally listed as 22nd March)  26 Y7 Science Reptile Day (TBC)  Y10 Art Full GCSE  Y8 Parents Evening  27 Y10 Art Full GCSE  30 Y10 Exam week  May  3 Y11 Full GCSE Art  4 Y11 Full GCSE Art  7 MAY DAY BANK HOLIDAY  9 Y10 Drama GCSE  14 Y10 Work experience begins (2 weeks)  Y8 & Y9 Geography Calshot trip ­ 1st half departs  16 Y8 & Y9 Geography Calshot 1st half returns/2nd half departs  Y11 Leavers dinner at The Grange Hotel  18 GCSE Music  Y8 & Y9 Geography Calshot 2nd half return  23 Y7 Reports to Parents  24 Y9 Trip to Barcelona ­ return May 28th  28 HALF TERM  June  4 School returns  7 Y10 GCSE Drama  Y7 Parents Evening  11 Y9 Non core exam week  12 Y10 Leisure & Tourism visit to Guildford Spectrum  Y10 H&SC visit to Treloar College ­ TBC  14 Y6 Induction Evening  19 Y4, Y5 & Y6 Open Mornings 9:00­12:00  20 Y4, Y5 & Y6 Open Mornings 9:00­12:00  Y10 Reports to Parents  Parents Drop­in Session in the Library 17:30­18:30  22 Y7 Modern Foreign Languages trip to Boulogne  23 School Fete PSA 13:00­17:00  25 Y10 Modular Science Exams  26 Y11 Repeat Module Science exam  Y6 Induction Day  27 Sports Day  28 Y10 Parents Evening  29 Evening with the Big Band 19:30  July  2 Progress Review Y’s 7, 8 & 10  3 Founders Day  5 Awards Evening  6 Y9 Belgium Trip  9 Music Tour of the Black Forest, Germany  13 Music Tour of the Black Forest, Germany returns  16 Y7 X­Half ­  Science trip to Marwell Zoo  17 Y7 Y­Half ­  Science trip to Marwell Zoo  18 Dress rehearsal for Music Challenge in Hall  19:00 Music Challenge in Hall  20 END OF TERM 
  11. 11. On Saturday, 3rd March, the Mock Trial team Performing under such professional scrutiny and arrived at Aldershot Magistrate‛s Court in under the watchful eye of the many cameras nervous anticipation of the day ahead. After present, required a lot of courage. The Eggar‛s months of preparing as lawyers, magistrates, Mock Trial team were certainly brave and their witnesses and court staff, today they would performance on the day was spectacular. Despite battle against two other local schools, Robert the nerves, every member of the team was May‛s and Mill Chase, as prosecution and exceptional and after an impressive showing, defence, with their performance judged by real managed to seal the judges‛ approval. The magistrates and legal professionals! As if this Verdict; Victory for Eggar‛s! wasn‛t incentive enough for the frantic Following this first round success in a National butterflies in many a stomach, BBC South and Competition, the team certainly felt that justice various other local newspapers, decided that had been served. They will now go on to compete they too wanted a piece of the action. at the Regional Finals at Southampton This years ‘case‛ was contributed by the RSPCA Magistrate‛s Court later this May, where a place and involved a neglected rabbit. Georgi Boyce in the National Finals will be up for grabs. 8KN as defendant Sam Beatter, pleaded not For the Mock Trial team, this is a very exciting guilty of the crime and successfully played the proposition. Catherine Davis spoke for the whole part of an innocent nurse, who had been team. “We had a really great time at the court wrongfully accused. With such strong defence and are looking forward to going to Southampton. lawyers in Natalie Owen 8KN and Ellie Sorsby Hopefully we can win that round too and get 8RCo behind her, she was in good hands. The through to the final.” prosecution however, did not give them an easy They were praised by the MP for Aldershot, ride. Catherine Davis 9AV, lead prosecution Gerald Howard, shortly after he handed each lawyer, had an eye for detail and a very student their certificate. “You have put in so authoritative demeanour. Charlotte Pugh 8SWa, much preparation and what you have done today our second prosecution lawyer, was extremely is amazing. I thought the confidence you showed confident. Her more strategic approach belied and the ability to think on your feet was the killer questions. The witnesses were also a absolutely tremendous and I congratulate all of credit to the team. Harriet Granville-Jones you.” 8KN, Kathryn Drury 8SMo and Emily Wang 8SWa certainly had to use their skills in improvisation and remain calm under demanding, and sometimes aggressive, questioning from the opposing teams. Our legal adviser, Kate Chapman 8RCo, was very precise about the law, which she dictated in a clear and confident manner. Behind the scenes, the magistrates, Summer Rawlings 8KN, Emily Hodkin 9AV and Joshua Atkins 8LH, worked extremely hard to arrive at a fair verdict. But the star of the show was Thomas Rasburn 8RCo, the court usher, who was even offered a job at the end of the day! Congratulations to the team and good luck in the Regional Finals! Mrs K Nessa English Department
  12. 12. SPECIAL NEEDS INFORMATION DAY Hampshire County Council Parent Partnership Service Totton College, Totton, Southampton Schoolcomms is a system that allows  Saturday 28th April 2007 the school to communicate with all its  members ­ students,      parents and  staff, by email, SMS text message and  This Special Needs Information Day is paper.  aimed at offering information and advice to parents and carers of children and young people with special needs. Representatives from a variety of Key benefits organisations will be available through- · Get your school letters direct to your  out the day to answer questions and email address. provide information about their services · No more important letters lost on  and activities. the way home or in the bottom of a  Information will be available about a school bag. wide range of special needs, including autism, dyslexia, hearing and visual · Text messages direct to your mobile  for short or emergency contact. impairment, and learning difficulties and how parents and carers can access · Help the school to save money and  support in their area. time. The event is open to visitors from · Be up to date with the latest  10.00am to 3.00pm Totton College, information. Southampton, and admittance and parking are free. · Attendance features allow the school  to contact you promptly if your child  There will be a variety of talks and has not been in registration. workshops throughout the day, on topics included ADHD, Understanding Chil- · You can be notified by text or email  dren‛s behaviour, Transition Planning, if your child is not in school without  Communication Difficulties, Brain Gym, explanation. Diet and Nutrition and Wills and Trusts. · School can prompt you with links to  Places on the talks and workshops will other useful sources, their web site,  be limited, must be booked and priority Parents’ gateway or DfES sites. will be given to parents and carers. · Newsletters can include photos and  The Honeypot Bus will be coming along pictures. to offer some play activities for children accompanying their parents to · High security and compliant with  data protection legislation.  the information day. For further information please contact the Parent Partnership Service on Find out more information in the  01962 845870 or email meantime at or by telephoning the school office.
  13. 13. SITUATIONS VACANT  Examination  Invigilators Required  We currently have vacancies for  Examination Invigilators to supervise  examinations at Eggar’s School in May  and June this year.  Eggar’s School  The pay scale for these positions is Lo­  London Road, Holybourne, Alton,  cal Government Scale 2: £7.18 per  Hampshire GU34 4EQ  Telephone: 01420 541194  Fax: 01420 593412  hour.  If you are interested, please write to or  11 – 16 Mixed Comprehensive, 810 on roll  telephone our Examination officer,  Mr Nigel Holmes, by 27 April 2007 on  Head Teacher:  Mrs F Martin MA  OFSTED JULY 2004 – ‘This is an outstanding  school’  Senior Science Technician  We require an enthusiastic person with a Science  or  Technology background. Previous experience  preferred but not essential, to join this successful  School team from May 2007.  Eggar’s School  London Road, Holybourne, Alton,  The role includes management of the Science  Hampshire GU34 4EQ  Technical team as well as the preparation of  Telephone: 01420 541194  Fax: 01420 593412  equipment for lessons, support with equipment in  the classroom, equipment ordering and budgeting.  11 – 16 Mixed Comprehensive, 810 on roll  We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of  Head Teacher:  Mrs F Martin MA  young people and expect staff to share this  OFSTED JULY 2004 – ‘This is an outstanding  commitment.  If successful you will be required to  school’  undertake an enhanced criminal record check.  Design and Technology Technician  We require an enthusiastic person with a Technology  background and previous experience preferred but not  Food Technology Technician required  essential, to fill the above vacancy from May 2007.  (Temporary post)  This role includes the preparation of equipment for  If you are an enthusiastic person prepared  lessons as well as some support with equipment in the  to turn your hand to a variety of tasks to fill  classroom, equipment ordering and budgeting.  the above vacancy to cover long­term  sickness and can start as soon as possible  then this is the job for you. Post and hours  During the Easter holidays please access  can be flexible. This role includes the  job application forms via our school website  preparation of equipment for lessons as  well as some support with equipment in the  or contact Eggar’s School on 01420 541194 or email  classroom and equipment ordering.  Pippa Ellwood with your application and CV to
  14. 14. We  have  recently  received  complaints  regarding  the  dropping­off  of  children  at  the  school  entrance  with  the  driver  SCHOOL TIES then  turning  around  We have a few children who in  the  entrance  to  are regularly coming to depart.  school not wearing a school We would appreciate  tie and are borrowing a tie all  drivers  using  the  for the school day. We are school  entrance  and  finding either the ties are exiting  from  the  not being returned or the same children are, Holybourne  Road  junction  –  this  will  by habit, choosing to forget their ties. ensure  the  safety  of  all  drivers  and  Please could you ensure your child has the pedestrians.  correct school uniform for school, if a new tie is required these can be purchased for £4.00 Cyclists  from the school office.  We have had a number of calls recently from  Thank you to all  parents for  members of the community reporting  using  our  automated  students not wearing cycle helmets.  Please  Absence  Telephone  Line  to  remember that students wishing to cycle to  report a child’s illness on the  school need: first  day  of  absence  from  school. This system helps us  · Front and rear lights in  knowing  whether  a  child  · Safety helmet should  be  in  school,  or  if  · Working brakes something  may  have  happened  on  the  journey  · Cycle permit  to school.  Should  a  pupil  need  to  leave  school  part  way  through  the  school  day  for  a  medical  appointment, please write a note to this effect in  their  Student  Planner,  as  we  are  not  able  to  We know Year 7 and 8 were allow students off site without parental consent.  extremely disappointed to have the On  your  child’s  return  to  school  following  an  absence,  please  write  a  note  in  your  child’s  Valentine Disco postponed due to bad Planner or a letter sent to your child’s Tutor.  weather. We are pleased to announce the PSA are currently organising a Please  note  from  September  Summer Disco. We are hoping this 2007  the  price  of  a  replacement  Student  Planner  will take place during May and we will will  be  increased  to  £4.00,  confirm the details as soon as these can be purchased  from  possible. the school office. 
  15. 15. Miss Carew‛s Year 8 Art students have created fantastic headdresses as part of a Native American Art project. Well done to all students! Plans to display all students‛ photographs are underway! Amelia Bias-Beale 8RCo, Vanessa Anderson Summer Rawlings 8KN, Natalie Owen 8KN, 8KN , Natalie Owen 8KN, Freya Bradshaw Freya Bradshaw 8LH, Vanessa Anderson 8LH, Ellie Sorsby 8RCo, Katy Taylor 8KN, 8KN Georgie Boyce 8KN FANTASTIC WORK! Dan Shaw 8RCo, James Arnott 8LH, Paul Georgie Boyce 8KN, Ellie Sorsby 8RCo, Esplin 8KN, Stefan Skarbinski 8KN, Katy Taylor 8KN Christian Brohier 8KN, Alex Wood 8RCo, David Boxall 8RCo, Ryan Winter 8LH
  16. 16. Well, another term has passed and what a busy one it has been! However, the summer term will be just as busy as Year 10 have work experience and, not forgetting, the prefect process including head boy/girl and senior prefects interviews. I have received many applications and look forward to being able to inform all the successful candidates Although it has been a short half term when we have our Prefect Assembly after it has been a very important one for the Year 11s leave. Year 9. I have been very impressed Academic Review Day was another with the way that the year group have successful event and I would like to thank chosen their GCSE Options. They have Year 10 parents for attending as I, and many others at Eggar‛s, feel that this day all taken their time and picked options is valuable in helping to keep pupils that suit their abilities. Year 10 and focused on their future academic the start of GCSE‛s does not seem to achievements. This year is a very far away now!! important basis for the approaching year I would also like to congratulate the with GCSE exams and the more that Year group on their mock SATS re- students achieve during this time in their subjects and options then the greater the sults, with the year group doing very successes in Year 11. well. On Thursday 1st March, Year 10 had a With more revision and time spent on Political Awareness Day for their Sam Learning (ten hour challenge – Citizenship Curriculum. Ms Sandeman over Easter!) I look forward to seeing received notification from the visitor the final results. speakers who attended this day to say that they had been very impressed with I hope every one has a relaxing and the work ethos that the students had enjoyable Easter. exhibited during the discussions and activities carried out as part of the Mr Eost delivery of the topic. Well done, Year 10 Year 9 Leader and congratulations for making such a posi- tive impression upon these visitors. Enjoy the Easter break! You all deserve it! Miss Curtis Year 10 Leader
  17. 17. Just a few words about the ski trip to My thanks go out to the students, Austria last half-term…it was brilliant! without whom my first ski trip wouldn‛t Well I did say just a few words! have been so successful and to staff who gave of their half-term to be No really. All the weeks of preparation there. Thank you! for this trip were well, well worth it. The accommodation was excellent as was the Wishing you all long and cherished food. Our host was very hospitable and memories. the scenery was stunning. There were several ‘bluebird days‛ and even a sighting of a lost moose! Ginger Gerbil - on behalf of: Ms AB, Wombat, Plank, Hampster & Grandad! The progression all students made during the week was nothing short of phenomenal – notwithstanding piste markers Emily! My main aim for the trip was that students have long lasting memories and that they will be badgering those at home to go again and again and again...(sorry!)
  18. 18. Ski trip During my time on the ing time. I I had an amaz gs every experi enced new thin of it. day and loved every bit y memories I have so man ith me which will stay w forever!  The experiences and memories that  we  got  when  we  were  on  the  Austria  Ski  Trip  2007  will  stay  with me forever.  I  am  so  grateful  that  I  got  the  opportunity,  thank  you  for  one  of  the best weeks of my life.  ads I mi s s it lo s am a z i n g! ill hav e a 7 wa 8 w Au st ria 200 g in 200 go n n a s ee goin they nyone e el s e are an d a e, wher tim c an ! bri l l i an t in g t he can- co ck do M r L ay
  19. 19. was the Ski trip n I I thought d so m u ch fu c, I ha the fantasti v e r forg e t w ill ne ce. o go e x perien I will b e able t pefully is a Ho if there ain and school s kiing ag ith the o go w the c hance t jum p at I would nity. opportu
  20. 20. The Eggar’s The purchase of pens, pencils, Finance Team would planners and ties etc are available like to take this from Reception, please send small opportunity to remind parents that units of cash, as the changing of when making payments to the large notes can often be difficult. school for educational visits, music, transport etc, please ensure that Due to the overwhelming demand they are placed in a sealed for pupils receiving music lessons, envelope, clearly labelled with your we politely request that payment is child’s name and tutor group. Also sent to School promptly, upon please mark for whose the attention receipt of renewals letters, which the envelope is destined and for you should have all received, which visit payment relates to. requesting payment in advance of Envelopes should be handed directly next term. Currently, we have a to a member of the Reception Team waiting list in operation for many – no money should be left on the instruments, and pupils may lose Reception desk. Cheques should be their place if payment is not made payable to “Eggar’s School” received on time. and should bear your child’s name All cancellations for music tuition on the reverse, especially if their must be sent to the Finance Office surname differs from that of in writing or by email to:‐ yourself. In addition, for security reasons, please do not send large amounts We hope you have an enjoyable of cash to school with your child. Easter. For parents who do not hold a cheque book account, please bring cash directly to the School Reception, where a receipt will be issued. If you have not already done so, you may like to take advantage of our standing order facilities currently in operation for music and transport payments, de‐ tails of which are available from the Finance Office.