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Education 2.9 "Bicycle and Tricycle of eLearning"


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Mr. Jeff Ng, Programme Manager, WebOrganic

Published in: Education
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Education 2.9 "Bicycle and Tricycle of eLearning"

  1. 1. Bicycle and Tricycle of eLearning 電子學習的單車與三輪車 23rd February, 2013 Jeff Ng Programme Manager Enquiry: Jeff@weborganic.hkBMW Mountainbike WebSite: Taobao RMB 100Enduro USD 4,534 1
  2. 2. Bio of Jeff Ng1. Previously worked in IBM as a Senior Consultant for business consulting services2. Service leader in IBM to drive a 9-month volunteering service with 40+ colleagues3. The only successful applicant from Hong Kong for IBM’s Centennial Grant for community service4. Master in marketing (on Dean’s list)5. Currently program manager from WebOrganic to lead K12 practice6. Son of a secondary school teacher7. Father of a 9-month-old baby boy 2
  3. 3. Bicycle vs TricycleProject Bicycle for 21st century skills(Ref: Safe Family Tricycle EUR 5,000 3
  4. 4. Bicycle vs TricycleBicycle Tricycle1. Easier to reach higher 1. Easier to learn Easier to speed Easier to achieve start more in eLearning) 2. More stable at low speed2. More agile / flexible Less risky to start eLearning More adaptive to 3. More balanced when carrying changes in eLearning heavy items Stronger to journey tackle difficulties on eLearning3. Easy to fell down Less 4. More parts / components for support and more risk maintenance More effort to4. Require higher skills operate eLearning Learning curve is steeper 5. More comfortable for long trip Parents have different level of importance in Less TOC over long run eLearning for different type of schools. But ENGAGING parents as key stakeholders is crucial for successful eLearning journey. 4
  5. 5. You may have known…• What if parents are NOT ready?• What if students are Student NOT ready? Parent Teacher 5
  6. 6. How to measure readiness?• Gut feels / Reasonable Guess• Framework / Model – Proxy questions Subjective Scientific 6
  7. 7. Value Proposition to Schools 1. Not-for-profit organization Neutral opinion 2. Strong connect with community center Training courses for parents @school 3. Expertise in eLearning Enablement service to start / deepening the use of digital media 4. Strong vendor network Sourcing special eLearning equipment 5. Expertise in proposal development Funding proposal development for eLearning initiatives 7
  8. 8. WebOrganic Tree School Program ProfessionalInfrastructure Ownership Project Mgt. Content Development Community基礎建設 購置資助 項目管理 內容 專業培訓 社區連系• 無線裝絡 • 融資 • 影像 • 出版商聯繫 • 班房整合 • 家長溝通• 協作服務 • 保養 • 帳號管理 • Apps • 領袖規劃 • Apple 活動 • 保險 • 發送• 通訊工具 • 追查及鎖機 • 開盒體驗 • iTunes U • IT技能 • 教師培訓• 一次登入 • 技術支援中心• 資產/行為管理 Currently we have 80+ schools in our school program 8
  9. 9. Why 1-to-1 eLearning for teachers and students?eClass EdmodoNearPod 學生完成課業或 DropboxYouTube 練習後,可以傳 WebDAVEdmodo 送予老師 Box 多元化的回應: 即時紀錄學習 教師和學生可就教學內容 筆記 即時互相回饋和討論 即時 透過多媒體的應用, 增加學生建構學習 Awesome Notes 內容的機會,豐富 Evernote 因應學生學習差異, 學習內容 有效調節學習步伐, 即時進行分組活動,同 Popplet 時可共用學習筆記,增 協助他們建立信心和 Mindmapper 強同學間的互動和合作 學習動力iBook 隨時重播學習資源YouTube 和活動 KeyNoteExplain Everything YouTube Grouping Wizard Khan Academy Dyknow Edmodo Globster 9
  10. 10. What does that mean to parents? Schools are using mobile apps to communicate with parents. 10
  11. 11. Training Courses for Parents27 Training/ Support Centers are offering avariety of courses: 基礎社交媒體應用•基礎社交媒體應用 有機上網 有機上網-•有機上網-「南亞電腦班」 青少年網上流行文化•青少年網上流行文化 網上娛樂重點推介•網上娛樂重點推介 沉迷上網的預防與處理講座•沉迷上網的預防與處理講座 如何辨析孩子是否沉迷上網及受到網上欺凌?•如何辨析孩子是否沉迷上網及受到網上欺凌? 如何辨析孩子是否沉迷上網及受到網上欺凌 網上情緣•網上情緣 - 正視網上交友問題 網上•如何協助子女健康上網(家長講座) 如何協助子女健康上網(家長講座) 如何協助子女健康上網 11
  12. 12. Student Offers 12
  13. 13. Take Away1. How parent and student’s ICT readiness / maturity affects school’s eLearning development2. Our value proposition to schools3. Our offerings to schools, parents, and students 13
  14. 14. ContactYouTube Channel 14
  15. 15. Thank YouConference Bike @ Berlin 15