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An Overview of eLearning standards and practices


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By Mr. Victor Cheng Executive Director Hong Kong Education City Limited

Published in: Education
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An Overview of eLearning standards and practices

  1. 1. eLearning Standards andPractices – an overviewVictor ChengExecutive Director,Hong Kong Education City LimitedOct 2012
  2. 2. Why Standards? Is it common sense? or Common sense is not common…
  3. 3. eLearning Enablers Four Key Enablers:  Ubiquitous Network  Mobile Learning Devices  (Notebook, Tablet)  eLearning Platform  eContent / eTextbook
  4. 4. 暑期數理常識挑戰計劃 HKECL WWF KIDS No login 粵語正音正字王 Login (教育出版) New Magic Login (Oxford) Read Write Inc. Login (Oxford) 朗文常識 Login (Longman) Login (QEF project) 促進多元評估的科學學習網上平台 Cooperate with HKECL Wels 網上學習平台 Login (Welnet) 「我愛香港兒童網」 Login (我愛香港協會) 書唔兇 閱讀網站 Login (EDB) 2012 優秀網站選舉 No Login 「做個智 Net 的」互聯網教育活動 No login Login (EPH) 快樂學語文 STEP 可持續生活模式教育計劃 Login (WWF) 廿一世紀現代數學網 Login (現代) 廿一世紀現代小學普通話 Login (現代) 小學電腦網上資源庫 Login (現代) 小校園學習平台 HKECL 《粵音韻彙》電子版 No loginDr.PcFamily小學電腦「學與教」平台 Login (PC Family) 學校電郵系統 Login (School) 中文備課百寶箱 Login (教育出版) BCA 基本能力評估 Login (EDB) Step Up Website Login (EPH) Aero Drive - Teacher Login (Aerodrive) Aero Drive - Student Login (AeroDrive) E-services Login (e-service) eclass Login (eClass – school) 教育電視 HKECL ETV ( 只供校內使用 ) Nil Google翻譯 No login 課程為本學與教資源庫 HKECL 網上學與教支援 No login Google校本應用服務 Login (Google)
  5. 5. Everyone is re-inventing the wheel Multiple URL Multiple Login Multiple instructional design Multiple user experience Multiple data preparation for schools / teachers . .
  6. 6. Questions Can I use one account to login all services? Can I use one login to login all services? Teacher – can I just prepare my student data once instead of multiple times?
  7. 7. An Example – EdConnect 供應商須提交包括 電子學習服務名稱 及其URL等資料, 申請完成後,將獲 發整合介面文件 (API Document) 以供整合個別平台 之用。
  8. 8. DATA Sharing To ensure interoperability of educational systems, common education data needs to be standardized. An example …
  9. 9. Common Education DataStandards A group, voluntary efforts For p-20 (pre-school to graduate) A data model
  10. 10. Question: All schools are using similar WiFi standards (802.3 a/b/g), can we share our Wifi network ? Yes, by adopted 802.1x standard, you may share with thousands of WiFi access points world-wide. An example – Eduroam (education roaming)
  11. 11. Question Can my learning resources in my learning system be transferred to another system? Yes, but make sure your Learning System is adopting standards like SCORM.
  12. 12. Standards Ensure Share learning resources and data Reduce administration works Make eLearning more user friendly and at lower cost. Make content providers and system integrators more willing to invest.