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香港教育城 行政總監 鄭弼亮先生

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. 建構互通易用的電子學習環境 鄭弼亮先生 香港教育城 行政總監 14 Jun 2014
  2. 2. Need for a systemic approach and changes at organisational, technological & pedagogical level for the sustainable implementation and progressive scaling up of eLearning.
  3. 3. Technologies impacting education in Hong Kong
  4. 4. ITE4 in a Nutshell WiFi for every school (and everywhere?) BYOD (but with standards and AUP?) Cloud-based Services to replace school servers Outsource IT management Single-Sign-On for teachers and students eResources and e-Textbook – connect and exchange Coordinated evaluation and purchases of eLearning solutions More – eAssessment
  5. 5. WaaSchool – WiFi-as-a-Service A Service Model to replace school based network, based on 802.1X and EdCity Single Sign On system (800,000 accounts). Quick to implement, simple to use Classroom based Cost model flexible and easy to understand Safe network for children
  6. 6. Cloud based Services – outsourced IT management School technical support staff shortage and budget problem Progressively migrate to cloud based service • Learning Management System still a question • Multiple content providers can connect via EdCity Single Sign On (EdConnect) • Learning Data Exchange to be developed
  7. 7. eTextbook for Hong Kong Cross platform – iOS, Android, Browser Synchronize Annotation / Highlight / Notes Online / Offline Contents Print-on-Demand Single Sign-on
  8. 8. Distribution
  9. 9. Distribution
  10. 10. Online Shopping Model (EdMall) Checkout @ My Shopping Cart
  11. 11. Normal Delivery Methods  Online service with keys/login  Download File Normal Payment Methods  Visa/Master  PPS Online / by Phone  Offline Payment at Convenience Stores Make Payment Online Shopping Model (EdMall)
  12. 12. Download the file / Push to eBookShelf once payment confirmed Online Shopping Model (EdMall)
  13. 13. WaaS and eBookShelf Student School Publisher A Publisher B Publisher C WaaS
  14. 14. Planned eLearning Infrastructure • Connecting WiFi (900 in 3 years)WaaSchool • Connecting Publishers eResources (50+)EdMall • Connecting eLearning Web Services (20+)EdConnect • Connecting eLearning Tablets (Sep 14)eBookShelf1 • Connecting eLearning Data (Sep 15)eBookShelf2
  15. 15. What eResources ? Personal Learning Tools Explain Everything Powerpoint Education APP… Internet Resources – TV News, EdV, OQB, Smallcampus… eBook Textbook Other books, readers Classroom Activities E.g. Edmodo, Nearpod Learning Management and collaboration – LMS?
  16. 16. Q & A