Directi Case Study Contest - Team Rendezvous from IIM Kozhikode


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Directi Case Study Contest - Team Rendezvous from IIM Kozhikode Business plan for an Online Dating Website

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  • networking (SN) zone
  • networking (SN) zone
  • networking (SN) zone
  • Users v/s Business:TangibleTangible: Value for money to User and Monetary benefit to businessUsers v/s Business:Tangible Intangible: User benefits (access given to other users, privacy levels’ relation with no. of connections is countable)Users v/s Business: Intangible Tangible: User Engagement and Monetary benefit to businessUsers v/s Business: IntangibleIntangible: User Engagement and Firms’ publicity
  • Directi Case Study Contest - Team Rendezvous from IIM Kozhikode

    1. 1. TEAM: RENDEZVOUS IIM KOZHIKODE rendezvous Sumedha Sobti Dhaval Thakkar Chetna Sharma Madhukar 9048723373 +91 9048723184 +91 9048709498 +91 8086371815PGP14 (2nd Year) PGP14 (2nd Year) PGP14 (2nd Year) PGP14 (2nd Year) Innovative IDEATORS Challenge 2011
    2. 2. rendezvous …because some moments are specialRationale for the logo:Rendezvous is not an ordinary dating website, it is an amalgamation of various activities that the individuals canexplore and experience with their dates. The idea is to remove the taboo of dating in India about dating beingbad and waste of time.
    3. 3. Online Usage ScenarioOnline Usage ScenarioDecoding the Customers MindCustomer Perception Map
    4. 4. ONLINE USAGE SCENARIO - INTERNET| SOCIAL MEDIA | KEY TRENDS Key Trends – Internet Usage Key Trends – Internet Penetration Source:• 51 million active internet users in India YEAR Users % Penetration• Reaches 10% Indian households and 4.4% Indians 2001 7,000,000 0.7 %• 2/3rd households have multiple users in them 2002 16,500,000 1.6 %• 97% are regular users and 79% use daily• High base of daily users and increased base of online buyers indicates growth 2003 22,500,000 2.1 % in depth 2004 39,200,000 3.6 %• Listening to music, cinema & gaming are biggest hobbies• 19-40 years age group constitutes nearly 85% among Internet users 2005 50,600,000 4.5 %• Mumbai has the maximum number of internet users (3.24 million) in 2006 40,000,000 3.6 % India followed by Delhi (2.66 million) 2007 42,000,000 3.7 %• Top 10 cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, S 2009 81,000,000 7.0 % urat and Nagpur. 2010 100,000,000 8.5 %• 10 cities has 37% of the total no. of Internet users in India No of usersThere is estimated 15 million online dating users in India Chennai USERS OF FACEBOOK 1214100 Bangalore 1526080 Surat 191420100% Correlation in use of internet and social networking sites Nagpur 273240 Ahmedabad 350760 Calcutta• The dating industry is expected to top $1.049 billion & likely to grow at 10% Pune 585050 830260• At least 10 % of new accounts created each day are from scammers Hyderabad 1180720• 10 % of members pay for the dating service and stay for less than 3 months Delhi 1566500 3672500• For singles who use dating sites, 33% form a relationship, 33% do not, and Mumbai 33% give up on dating online 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000
    5. 5. CUSTOMER PERCEPTION MAP- JOINING DECISION | INFLUENCER Aesthetics Price PrivacyPeople dont join just for online connection but want to Information Annoying features enjoy common interests and leisure pursuits Engaging features Suggestions Usefulness Website Features Genuine Claims? Security Confusion Suspicion Authentic? Meaningful Trust, Reputation Connections? Online Dating Website Offline assistance Online Post Social Media Platform Connectivity Joining Dis(Satisfaction) Date Planning E - shopping portals Influencers Service Recommendations Funny and engaging External Word of sites Internal Factors Factors mouth Time Pressure Experience Personality Culture Reference Groups Knowledge Family Behavior: Connect Usage: Online Dating Engagement
    6. 6. DECODING CUSTOMERS MIND- NEEDS | BEHAVIOUR | INFLUENCERS | IMPLICATIONS NEED Security, Privacy, Low price, large number of members CONSUMER ANALYSIS DESIRE Connection, relationships, engagement and meaningfulness BEFORE JOINING • Number of members • Aesthetics and features Current State Desired State • Usefulness Confused and suspicious Engaged User • Membership fee RENDEZVOUS Dropped Users Repeat Visits Joining Dating Site EXTERNAL FACTORS INTERNAL FACTORS • Service and Security AFTER JOINING • Knowledge of the online dating  Reference Groups : friends, peers • Best Deal Available • Experience with ONLINE DATING  Culture/Subculture • Offline Assistance • Involvement & personality of person  Word Of Mouth • Easy Navigation • Concept of extend self  Website branding and promotion • Engaging features • Actual decision of joining is about attracting customers by good aesthetics, low cost and number of users IMPLICATIONS • After joining the dating site task is more crucial – engaging and retention of customer becomes important for success • Source of information for getting critical mass as well as retention can be: - Internal (perception and experiences) - External (reference groups, marketing communications)
    7. 7. Competitor
    8. 8. COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT -WWW.FROPPER.COM Fropper is about meeting people, making new friends & having THEME No one’s a stranger fun with photos, videos, games &Offerings blogsOfferings People Photos Videos Games Groups ezBlog Features provided in offerings Meeting & Storing, managing, Adventure Action, Racing Active Groups Share opinions Chatting sharing photos Bollywood No limits on Travel & Events Networking Sports Popular Groups Create own blog storage Health & Fitness News & Politics Personal Zone Full privacy control Strategy New Groups Make ezMoney Sports Missing links Photos not No concept of No linkages Aspect of security No interesting No social dating arranged as per converting virtual provided to other and content blocks gaming concept concept demographics and groups to social online blogs like not introduced for women other categories dates Blogger etc.Interesting 1 Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger Concept of sharing ideas, interaction Aspect 2 Fropper Zone social networking (SN) zone Alternative to popular SN sites like Orkut , Hi5 Privacy Issues 3 Fropper mobile platform with mobiFUN SMS-based social networking tool
    9. 9. COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT –DATINGS.CO.IN is an online THEME Community of singles looking for serious relationship. community wherein singles are looking out for partners Offerings Missing and relationships links Extremely lengthy signup process  Too many details asked  Too much content required mandatory like 150 Feedback to improvise upon Guestbook helps to send characters for description the website message to unknown users Low Engaging Platforms  No video chats  No engaging games Additional benefit to record your own voice etc on audio Video platform as another  No platform to share views in the form of blog engaging key feature platform Chatting procedure tedious Listing of users  No simplicity in chat screens  No option of video chattingHot members Blocked members Friend membersKissed members Viewed members Private members
    10. 10. COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT –INDIADATINGS.COM Find partners for fun,dating and long term relationships No scientific formula of someone else finding your soul mate. THEME Find local singlesOfferings Missing Interesting Aspect Link 1  Rate meter for personality Privacy promised but not Community  No lengthy description 1 checkedBlog Chatroom Dating News Photos violate the content rules and regulations PhotosBe A Star Concept Chatroom 2 Authenticity not checked 2  Photo setting enabled Relationship/ Dating advice  Better privacy concerns Profiles not verified as per statement Blogs Poetry, Art Feelings Quiz, Survey Life & Society 3  More access to people with 3 Fun Goals profile pictures, Be A Star concept Relationship/ Dating advice
    11. 11. COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT –INDIAPROXIMEETY.COM Devoted to "serious" and "general public" introductions with a view to finding love, but also simply to chat amongst friends THEME Make new friends or find love MissingOfferings Link Engagement platform Limitations 5 photos per user Features 1 video per user 10 points per hour spent on Proximeety. The profile gets to be featured as Ms/Mr. Proximity Low Engaging Platforms  No video chats Language customizability  No engaging games  No platform to share views in the form of blog English as well as Hindi Social Media presence Clutter More formal appeal  Too many advertisements + links on the same page  Creates confusion in the minds of users
    12. 12. COMPETITORS’ MESSAGES TO USERS – MESSGE ANALYSIS THEME OF THE WELCOME MESSAGE All engaging features of Fropper are mentioned Engaging No message Welcome note Welcome IndiaDatingcom Finding the right match Flirting
    13. 13. COMPETITORS’ ASSESSMENT – SUMMARY Features that Features that Rendezvous willcustomer values provide Security Limited to Limited to Limited to Not present Mobile & Offline verification online online onlineTrustworthiness Not present Not present Not present Not present Money back guaranteeEngaging Features Limited Not present Not present Limited Innovative featuresCustomer Service Not present Not present Not present Not present Feedback, helpline number Transparency in Actual number of users in numbers Limited Limited Not present Not present outer, middle and inner circle Virtual Better offline experience Not present Not present Not present Not present date, social, adventure, customised dates Extra Charges 2 types of payment Not present Not present Not present Not present ** explained in revenue Social presence and awareness
    14. 14. Product FeaturesHome PageProposed FeaturesProduct OfferingsIndiaproximmety.comSummary
    15. 15. PRODUCT OFFERINGS RENDEZVOUS.COM – HOMEPAGE• Tagline: Because some moments are special• One Stop platform (connect, enjoy, purchase , plan ) for dating; genuine, innovative, interactive & hassle free dating site• Rendezvous not just helps to meet people but also enjoy common interests and leisure pursuits with them E -SHOP SPECIAL OFFERS INNOVATIVE FEATURES : ENGAGING THE USER AD SPACE
    16. 16. PROPOSED FEATURES – FCB GRID | CLASSIFICATION OF FEATURES Strategy Both Involved One stop for Online and Offline Dating Experience Think Feel High Involvement Informative Affective • Staged feature development strategy • Affect & information followed by experience i.e. invoking feelings & then behavior COGNITIVE & AFFECTIVE -> BEHAVIOUR • Low Habitual Satisfaction Essential features in first 3 months (provide information, highlight utility, engage aesthetically and through activities) Dominant Decision Method • Innovative features for engagement and quality experience Highlight number of users Comparison chart with Customised date package: Existing users act as brand - men, women, users competitors Date planning by giving champions, their word can joined today, week & this choice make/break a deal COMPREHENSION/EVALUATION month User stats (who viewed Take genuine feedback from BEHAVIOUR/ USAGE Highlight genuine Grooming Services: beauty ENGAGEMENT who added , membership users , ask new features andATTENTION claims, security feature consultation, fashion advice status, online indicator include them in website Provide information like : navigation, how this site is Promotion features: Sales & Engaging features: virtual Maintain relationship with unique, search features discount, free memberships gifts w/o charge, update existing premium users buy etc. , other incentives what’s HOT!, contests giving discounts Promotion features: Sales Innovative online apps: Privacy and security features Incentivize them to spread and discount, free Gaming, Tattoo me! , virtual : Mobile security, blocking the word online memberships and other dates and parties, innovative and spamming incentives videosSELLING DATING EXPEREINCE
    17. 17. PROPOSED FEATURES – TIMELINE | RATIONALE CLUTTER!!!! STAGES BEFORE JONING – development priority based on 4 stages of Which one shall I join??? consumption STAGE 1 – GRAB ATTENTION STAGE 2 – COMPREHENSION/EVALUATION NEED FEATURE NEED FEATUREWhere will I find maximum members? Real time user stats Is this secure? Level wise securityI want a site that looks cool , easy to use One step login, innovative design What about my privacy? Special privacy featureWhy not get some additional benefits! Sales and discounts for users Is it for me? “DATING” has more to it !My friends suggested it… Search for friends Genuine Claims? Money back guaranteeFree to join and try? Free membership & QUICKPICKUS Lots of time waste! Really Social dates & adventure why should I join? dates, membership statusWhat new here? why not other sites Comparison Chart
    18. 18. PROPOSED FEATURE –TIMELINE | RATIONALE VIRTUAL PARTY! VIRTUAL DATE! MAKE OVER! ADVENTURE DATE! STAGES AFTER JOINING development priority based on DATEVILLE! 4 stages of consumption PLAN MY DATE ! STAGE 3 – CONNECTION AND ENGAGEMENT STAGE 4 – MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIP NEED FEATURE NEED FEATUREHow to I connect to right person? Membership status Any help for offline dating? Customize dateNo prior experience of dating Dating tips I want to surprise my date Grooming ServiceHow can I impress my date online Dateville, Tatoo me!, virtual gifts Benefits for premium user? Special packages/discountI want to know my date better Online activities, virtual date Quality time with date Social and adventure dateHow can I meet more people Virtual parties Is first offline date secure Let Us Know featureWhat other activities can I do Contests
    19. 19. PRODUCT OFFERING #1 User Statistics REAL TIME USER STATS AND SEARCH FREE MEMBERSHIP/QUICKPICKUS ONE STEP LOGINHow will this work :Users will see who How will this work:First 10,000 lifetime How will this work: Basic information forviewed or added them, number of emails memberships free (Quickpickus any user to join & continuously shows thewaiting, site stats (number of option), free registration, free membership current status of profile. User can fill moremen, women, users joined today, week and for people who invite other friends to join information to increase the % of profilethis month, most viewed completedprofile, membership status, onlineindicator, total members from city)Benefits for users: Regular updates will Benefits for users : Lifetime free Benefits for users: Easy joining & incentivereflect what’s in fashion and popular membership for initial users for top hit profile by filling more infoBenefits for us: The website looks active and Benefits for us: Gaining critical Benefits for us: More no. of registration &live data helps to track status mass, popularity and referrals & WOM easy data management & security check due Scope of expansion : Sales & incentives for to appropriate informationScope of expansion: Monetization- refer ring different happenings onSubscribed list of most popular dating gifts website, to convert them into brand Scope of expansion : NAand place ambassadorsWhy will this feature click : Popular themes Why will this feature click: Referrals & Why will this feature click: Easy login feature& sentiments are always valued activities with incentives are picked quickly not filling of complete information at one go
    20. 20. PRODUCT OFFERING #2 Content checked No spam Identity verified LEVEL WISE SECURITY PRIVACY FEATURE MONEY BACK GUARANTEEHow will this work:Activation code sent to How will this work: Separate public and How will this work : Money backmobile needed at time of registration, option private chats, privacy settings option guarantee in case of dissatisfactionto block or declare spam, removing the (within 2 months)account from website in case of any Benefits for users : Users can share theirobjectionable behaviour content with people of their choice apart Benefits for users : They can experience from the public profileBenefits for users : Protection from our offering and join stay with it they likespammers and clean and secure website it Benefits for us: Clean and hassle free website, development of close circles andBenefits for us: Increase in credibility & lot Benefits for us : More users will join and more sharing of dataof good word of mouth image of credibility and trustworthiness Scope of expansion: The privacy can beScope of expansion: Offline security added to photos, sharedWhy will this feature click: This feature is content, advanced personal informationnot present in most websites & security & , videos chatting etc. Why will this feature click : Yes as moreprivacy acts as a big deterrent to the success people will like to experience paidof such venture. Both online & offline Why will this feature click: People online service because of the clause of returnsecurity status will be visible on profile like to maintain privacy initially & later of the money attachedadding to user authenticity share content with known people
    21. 21. PRODUCT OFFERING #3 Online shopping Enjoy shopping from e-stores Don’t miss out on the hot discounts and sale, Shop more and gather points and scores. For more details, don’t forget to check your mail. SALES AND DISCOUNTS E-STORE How will this work: Customised gifts like mugs/t-shirts/How will this work : Discount store for loyal customers also calendars/wall paintings, photo frames, memoirs can becoupons and discounts by our advertising partners for using purchased . Also things like flowers, cake, gifts for dates will betheir service availableBenefits for users: Apart from making connections they also Benefits for users : One stop solution for buying gifts for dateget discounts on items they purchaseBenefits for us : More advertising and purchase from our Benefits for us: Source of revenuewebsite, loyal customer base generationScope of expansion: Discounts on services Scope of expansion : In number of products and servicesWhy will this feature click: Loyal customers look for extra Why will this feature click: Online shopping is an easy way to getincentives , besides sales and discounts spread like viral in gifts for date and more variety is available also familiarity withonline media Rendezvous will help the business
    22. 22. PRODUCT OFFERING #4 Dateville is an online game of decorating dating place by buying virtual gifts, music, themes etc.  Online contest help to engage the customer and increase repeat visit  Virtual gifts can be monetized as well Best entry will be on the basis of facebook likes Dateville Virtual DateVille setting Bonus Gifts Exciting Prizes for winners Virtual DateVille gifts DATEVILLE
    23. 23. PRODUCT OFFERING #5 Nature, Adventure, Art, Entertainment, Music, Artis ts… Explore the videos Try on something interesting. Get yourself Tattoo’ed’ Tatoo Me! Engaging User Created And Celebrity Videos How will this work: Funny video - celebrity spoof, datingHow will this work : Get virtual tattoos to impress your tips, ‘Perfect date ‘& tattoo me along with entertaining videos ofdate, make video, have a best tattoo contest! Roadies ,Dance India Dance & Indian IdolBenefits for users : Express liking for date! Benefits for users : An activity to have funBenefits for us: Engagement from users and closer interactions Benefits for us: More time spent, engagement of usersonline Scope of expansion: User contributed video about ‘bakra’ &Scope of expansion: Body Art spoofsWhy will this feature click: Since many youngsters will be joining Why will this feature click: Videos are spontaneous hit and leadthis site they will find this feature ‘cool’ & ‘trendy’ to viral, they are one of the most engaging thing online
    24. 24. PRODUCT OFFERING #6 Visual Merchandise Rose Cake Champagne T-shirt Virtual gifts and online music to gift to friends – key tool to break the ice , decorate Dateville, or decorate profile page Kiss Football Postcard Watch Know your date’s interests, liking and present your virtual avatar on a virtual date before offline datingChocolate Jewellery Comics Virtual parties and virtual dates Call friends for online virtual parties to become the most popular member on the website VIRTUAL DATES, GIFTS AND PARTIES!
    25. 25. PRODUCT OFFERING #7 Live a second life, cerate your virtual avatar, dress in the trendiest way, choose a trendy hairstyle & provide yourself a virtual identity Choose your Avatars! Choose your virtual aavtar Share story or video of your perfect dating experience: It adds to more traffic, engagement of users and loyalty Day of Love Contest! Tell us a story of your perfect evening date and you could win exciting prizes, for more information keep Contests will be held watching this space for best avatar and best perfect date CONTESTS – VIRTUAL AVATAAR,PERFECT story DATE!
    26. 26. PRODUCT OFFERING #8 Select the perfect ambience for your date! Choose the perfect place Select the sumptuous food from the menu! Customize your menu Select gifts for the date to win her heart. Choose your mode of transport Pick your date in royal style! Choose for variety of gifts Perfect offline date • Users can charm their date by perfect date setting without much effort. • They just have to choose the place, menu mode of transport & any gifts or Have a happy date! music required online . CUSTOMIZE DATE! • Rendezvous provides these dating packages by charging very little premium
    27. 27. PRODUCT OFFERING #9 Surprise your date with complete maker over! Experts provide complete makeover of your personality before a offline date Do you need a makeover before the date? What are you waiting for :) Take our expert guidance and choose your personification. • Do you want to pleasantly surprise your date by • Changing your wardrobe • Changing your hairstyle • Looking more funky • Changing your make up! • Make Over Helps you do that! Create videos of Make over & let people know about MAKE OVER! your experience
    28. 28. PRODUCT OFFERING #10 Helps to shed the cultural barrier and taboo in India about dating being bad and waste of time. Dating is not just waste of time! Contribute your bit to society! Shed the taboo! Do you feel that dining Do you want to enjoy and wine is not your the thrill with your idea of date! date! Go Adventure!! Spend some quality time with your date doing stuff close to your heart! • Teach a child Come together • Participate in Marathon And • Participate in clean drive Be The Change Take your date on: • Bungee Jumping • Paragliding • Rafting • Trekking • Rock Climbing Helps users to enjoy leisure pursuits with their dates apart from plain vanilla dating. Have a meaningful date. SOCIAL / ADVENTURE DATE!
    29. 29. PRODUCT OFFERING #11 Profile Meter For this, various Very high parameters are identified in one High go interest in: •Dance Neutral •Music •Adventure Low •Love/Relation •Flirt Very low •Intellect •Social Work •Reading •Sports DANCE INTEREST METER MUSIC INTEREST METER •Shopping SOCIAL WORK METER ADVENTURE METER •Fashion SHOPPING METER INTELLECT METER READING METER FASHION METER SPORTS METER FLIRT METER LOVE METER Public viewability The profile view is private, only profile meter is made public so Profile Meter avoid privacy concerns
    31. 31. High fidelity mockup screens #AFeature #1 Create a buzz ‘Be yourself’Feature #2 Ease of loginFeature #3 Simplification in choosing interestsFeature #4 Creative home page with additional features
    32. 32. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstreamLife is about being yourself.Someone only YOU can be. You are uniqueSomeone only YOU can understand.Someone that is unlike everyone else.Someone that doesnt copy others to look the same.Someone who is extremely unique.Because YOU are YOU.Be original. Be creative.BE YOURSELF. Intellectual? Dancing away? Tell us who you are? Find someone special. You are distinctive. You are different. Let them know who you are. Click to move on
    33. 33. Rendezvous… because some moments are special Someone, somewhere is looking out for you :) Bookmark who you are. Enter your personal details and get started! Choose your interests. Personal Details Wordsworth? competition Do you give Nick Name ∗ Enter your nick name to Must be unique, 2-20 characters √ Real Name ∗ Enter your real name Sex ∗ Male Female √ So you think City∗ Enter your city you can dance? Postal code ∗ Enter your city postal code Welcome! Country Select your country from the list √ You are on your way to join the Religion I prefer not to say fascinating community of Rendezvous. Agnostic Jazz, Blues, Rock running in your Membership is free, not time-limited. Atheist Is music You should keep your profile up-to-date Buddhist veins? and expose communication activity. Catholic Christian Every profile is thoroughly checked Hindu before joining the system. Muslim √ Enjoy networking! Enjoy dating! I prefer not to say Marital Status because some moments are special Single and high on High on life that you? :) fashion, is You are just a few steps away from Divorced completing your profile… Separated Married Widow Profile 60% complete Language Enter your first languageExtract your profile from Occupation Enter your occupation Click to move on
    34. 34. Rendezvous… because some moments are special Bookmark who you are. Additional Information Contact Information Choose your interests. Body Type I prefer not to say Average E-mail ∗Do you haveadventure? Confirm mailadrenaline Ample rush for Athletic Cuddly Additional contact Information Slim √ Phone Education I prefer not to say High School Home Address College Password details A streak of Diploma Service? Social Graduation Post Graduate Password ∗ √ Smoking I prefer not to say Confirm Pwd No Details of the one you’re looking for Rarely Often Sex∗ M Ffood, are you a Very often big foodie? Age Range to delicious Savoring Drinking I prefer not to say No Seeking for Friendship Rarely Marriage Socially Relationship √ Romance Description Pen down, how witty are you. ;) Casual Travel PartnerDo you like ‘painting’ the town Pen Pal General Self Description red? Social work Description √Extract your profile from Click to move on
    35. 35. Rendezvous… because some moments are special Welcome to your profile What’s your mood today? Shopping cart Notification Friend request Messages Plan my date Invite friends Status Have been listening to John Mayer’s numero uno song since morning: message ‘Heartbreak Warfare’ :) Tease someone Description Like/ Dislike Bold, witty, adventurous, fun loving. Looking out Pour your for adventure partner. Comment Send a smile Profile Meter What’s on your mind right now? to someone My Account Videos Photos Congratulate Express someone Chat yourself DateVille Find your Your Virtual Luxury All Friends e-date Avatar Lounge Sales Poke Reminders someone Buy | Click to move onindulge yourself
    36. 36. High fidelity mockup screens #BFeature #1 Online virtual storesFeature #2 Online virtual dating experienceFeature #3 Converting virtual date to real date
    37. 37. Rendezvous… because some moments are special Congratulations, you have entered virtual dating. Chose your options and explore the possibilities of converting to live date. Start Chatting, Start ConnectingSarika: Hi What’s up? Experience the online stores Choose the perfect placeSaransh: Hello, ………. Explore the option of Customize your menu scribbling on the canvas Choose your mode of transport Start Video Chatting Next Next Choose for variety of gifts Click the icon No need to search by name, check people with for online online status and connect instantaneously assistance Have a happy date!
    38. 38. Rendezvous… because some moments are special EXPLORE AN UNIMAGINABLE DATING EXPERIENCE A place to shop in e-stores A place to show love and emotionsCreate your aavatar A place to connect A place to connect A place to socialize A place for adventure
    39. 39. Rendezvous… because some moments are specialHave a date? So what’s your pick? Convert your e-date to live-date. Choose your city first √ A lot can happen over coffee. Food for the soul. A special place for children. Come and savor the great taste of Choose from the exotic location Come & experience the joy of coffee with your date. to the exotic cuisine. giving, sharing and teaching with you date. Send an invite to your date. Choose your style. Invite your date via an SMS too Do you wish for an additional gift? Complete your payment Hope you have a great time. Give us a chance to serve you again. Adrenalin rush just keeps getting High on life and on fashion? higher. Gear up and jump on for a Perhaps you would like to attend Don’t forget to fill the feedback which Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. will be mailed/message after your joy ride of adventure with your date. date. Help us in serving you better.
    40. 40. Marketing PlanCampaignCampaign TeaserMarketing InitiativesMarketing Initiatives Teasers
    41. 41. CAMPAIGN TO CREATE BUZZ–ANALYZE | TARGET SEGMENT | CHANNEL SELECTION Target Segment Young Users of Social Media  Facebook has 25 million users in India  Number of twitter users in India would be around 16 million Channel YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger120% 96%100% 88% 82% 86% 89% 73% 80% 57% 58% 63% 53% 60% 40% 23% 29% 22% 26% B2C 20% B2B 0% Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube Blogs Bookmarking/News Forums Sites Taken on basis of ranking in India : Facebook (3), YouTube (4),Blogger(6), Twitter (11) Some when who EXPERT HUB: Helps to convey Uses my Product has his own blog value and image of brand Trend Setter Two different for the first time Sets of Spreads across PeopleTrend Spreader Some when who media has 1000+ SOCIAL HUB: Helps to get friends on numbers Facebook VIRAL MARKETING SEED MARKETING STEALTH MARKETING
    42. 42. CAMPAIGN – KISMET CONNECTION Campaign KISMAT CONNECTON - Rendezvous with your STARS ! KISMAT CONNECTION signifies that website is about connecting you to people of your choice and interests Going Viral Series of viral video will be prepared which will ask people to take part in contest for connecting with ‘X’, without revealing who ‘X’ is , Slowly names will be released online.(Time 2-3 months) Contest Prepare a 30 sec video and upload on YouTube – “WHY SHOULD ‘X’ SPEND A DAY WITH YOU?. Share the link on Facebook. Winner selected on basis of number of likes. Rendezvous will sponsor meeting with ‘X’ Who is ‘X’? Adventure Star Singing StarPublicity for Dance Star Social Star‘X’, Visibility for Real Life SHAKTI MOHAN/ TIA KAR/ AANCHAL KHURANA /Rendezvous – STARS DHARMESH SREERAMCHANDRA NAUMAN SAITWIN -WIN DANCE INDIA DANCE IDIAN IDOL 5 ROADIESSituation 50,976 and 483,179 10,976 and 32,179 6,133 & 35,125 fans fans on Facebook fans on Facebook on Facebook Benefits  Instant publicity due to sharing of Video on social media, directly market to target segment  Association with Public figure helps to get lime light and critical mass  Fans will join the campaign, linking campaign page to Facebook page of celebrity gets more visibility  Integrating videos of Roadies, Dance India Dance and Indian Idol on website also increases the traffice The campaign targets trend setters (people with unique interests)as well as trend spreaders (people with online network) The use of name KISMAT CONNECTON helps to pass message of Rendezvous – i.e. experiencing a different kind of date!
    44. 44. MARKETING INITIATIVE – STAGE #1 AIM  Indicate the value proposition of website and gaining critical mass CORE  Genuine, innovative, interactive & hassle free dating website made for a different and unique datingCOMMUNICATION experience online as well as offline  One Stop Platform (connect, enjoy, purchase , plan ) for dating ACTIVITIES  Highlight features in communication:  Trustworthy: Money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction (within 2 months)  Best Experience : A comparison chart posted on site that shows how we are different from competition  Increase Visibility and provide incentive for impulse behavior  Search Engines Optimization and attractive messages and aesthetics of website  Roll out plan of first 10,000 membership free for lifetime Online: CHANNELS  Advertising: Dating Blogs, Targeting emails, online advertisements, easy downloadable mobile app  Social media: Facebook, Twitter, creating videos of users about experience with us & posting on YouTube  Co-branding : Fan pages of our brand campaign IDOLS Offline:  Sponsorship of cultural events in college (Fashion shows, couple dance, Salsa etc.)  Advertising in multiplexes between movies (movies which resonate with our target segment)  PR campaigns :Programs that youth watch; educate about dating and relationships  Advertising: On movie tickets, menu cards, use of standees in malls TIMELINE  Initial 6-8 Months
    45. 45. STAGE #1– TEASER Because some moments are special Meet your Idols! Bored from Online dating sites? Get some additional benefits! Do you think dating sites are not Genuine? How to take online dating to offline? Quick- Pick Us! First 10,000 memberships freeLog On to: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogger
    46. 46. MARKETING INITIATIVE – STAGE #2 AIM  Increase popularity (encouraging repeat visits and acquiring new customer) CORE  Rendezvous not just helps to meet people but also enjoy common interests & leisure pursuits with themCOMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES Engaging features in communication:  Social dating: beach cleaning drive, donation, teaching school)  Adventure dating: Rafting ( offer a service of doing some meaningful activity with your date)  Discounts: Valentine week discounts on products and services, discounts on large ticket size, bundling of services, premium memberships, customised date etc. Viral:  Post grooming service videos (A day of makeover with on YouTube  Post videos of events organised, free distribution of gifts and merchandise etc. Contests and Referrals:  Contest of online apps like “Dateville”, “Perfect Date with”  Earn a Free Paid Membership: A free lifetime membership on certain amount of referrals CHANNELS  Partnerships & Events: CCD/Barista/Pizza Hut/Dominos/Landmark/Archie’s & other hangout places  Organising events and distributing free gifts(key chains, mugs, tshirts) and merchandise, putting standouts and advertising on display screens  Distribute free movie tickets by organising events in malls and shopping complexes  Advertise between movies and display screens of hangout places  Advertising: On movie tickets, menu cards, use of standees in malls TIMELINE  After 8 Months
    47. 47. STAGE #2– Because some moments are special Our partners Log On to: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogger
    48. 48. Monetization PlanAssumptionsMonetization Plan #1Revenue ProjectionMonetization Plan #2Revenue ProjectionMonetization Plan #3Revenue Projection
    49. 49. ASSUMPTIONSTime Of Launch : March 2012 CURRENT FUTURE Online services - All over India Services expansion- All over India Members Offline services – Only to Tier 1 Cities Offline services –Tier 1 and 2 CitiesCompanies Online services - All over India Services expansion- All over India Offline services – Only to Tier 1 Cities Offline services –Tier 1 and 2 Cities Partners Online services - All over India Services expansion- All over India Offline services – Only to Tier 1 Cities Offline services –Tier 1 and 2 Cities DATA AND ASSUMPTIONS 6 CITIES 11 CITIES1. Yearly inflation rate = 10.1% in India Expansion Class Class2. Total Number of Online dating User in India: 15000000 for next 3 1A 1B years3. Penetration Percentage : 1.0%4. Percentage increase in dating users per year : 50% *SOURCE : CNBC Class Class Expansion5. Increased penetration of rendezvous : 50% CAGR **Benchmarking with fropper 2A 2B beyond 36. The Indian online matrimonial & dating industry is worth at least $63m years 21 CITIES 23 CITIES
    50. 50. MONETIZATION PLAN #1 Revenue from services Membership Fee Grooming Service Fee (Outer Circle) (Inner circle) (Middle circle) Non paid Yearly fees Per date fees • Access to • Option of not • Access to complete paying fee for complete user user whole year, but information not Parlor Spa Beauty Fashion information, faciliti can pay fees per present Consultants advice es & services • Can enjoy other date (i.e. to get • Pay one full year details of account facilities &services. membership of one person) • Complete makeover of the person for his/her date • Status highlighted • Status highlighted • Parlour/salon ( haircut, spa etc.), beauty • Status highlighted by green colour by blue colour consultants, fashion advice etc. by pink colour • These services will be bundled together thus will be This will provide customers flexibility and increases transparency in available to us at a cheaper rate. system, also lower ticket size prompts more users to join in • Charge service provider for referring clients to them Membership Fee** Grooming Service Fee** TOTAL In lakhs**PROJECTIONS (Inner circle) (Middle circle) FINANCIAL Yearly fees** Per date fees** Year I Year II Year I Year II Year I Year II Year I Year II 300000 742500 1460000 2409000 300000 816750 20.6 39 **CALCULATION IN APPENDIX
    51. 51. MONETIZATION PLAN #2 Revenue from products Complete Dating Package Merchandise and Gifts Hotel Movie Category Flowers Cakes Cosmetics + Mugs T shirt Calendar Photo frames Wall paintings Booking Ticketing Books Perfumes Online store - where users can order complete date package e.g. Can be ordered on special occasions like birthdays, anniversary etc. give bookings for hotels, travel, movie tickets etc. E Store - sell products like flowers, music, books, cakes, candles, Gifts can be customized on doodle pad chocolates, soft toys, perfume, accessories etc. The idea is to provide complete dating package and be one stop Bulk orders for events like fashion shows , band night in college store of date planning. Complete Dating Package** Merchandise and Gifts** TOTAL (In lakhs)**PROJECTIONS FINANCIAL Year I Year II Year I Year II Year I Year II 750000 1856250 300000 742500 10.5 25.9875 **CALCULATION IN APPENDIX Souce :
    52. 52. MONETIZATION PLAN #3 Advertisement on our website from company who target youth Book Café/ Gymnasiums and Eating Joints Movie Theatres Apparel Gifting Shops Beauty Salons Increasing awareness :Giving link to their social media pages – ask users to join ; Revenue on per click basis Increase Sales: Advertising their services and sales promotions; Revenue on number of users of website ( no. of exposures) Provide surrogate CRM: Giving Information about location; Revenue per user basis; Revenue per user basis Event Management: Provide information for events organized by various brands; Revenue on no. of users in city (exposures ) Subscribed Brand list: Have voting on brand of the month Give information and endorse certain brands which are trustworthy; highlight brand of the month ; Revenue per exposure Website m Indian Friend Finder ( I year) II year Penetration 26.7% 4.0% 0.3% 0.01% 1% 1.0% 1.5% Start Year ofPROJECTIONS 2003 2,001 2,007 2010 2003 2012 2013 FINANCIAL Operation Yearly Ad Revenue ( 434 42.03 77 0.0949365 17.0692665 37.50889223 56.26334 Lakhs) Daily Visitor 29,700 22,500 4,800 90 8,400 2,000 2,000 Revenue / Daily 0.0146 0.00186 0.0160 0.001054 0.00203 0.01875 0.01875 Visitor Revenue / % 16.26894375 10.50872625 240.9016875 9.49365 26.67072891 18.75444611 18.75444611 Penetration in Lakh Source: REFER APPENDIX FOR REGRESSION MODEL AND BENCHMARKING
    53. 53. Organizational StructureHierarchy