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Temple U Tip For Grads


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23 tips for marketing graduates presented 10/22/2010. Tips gathered from LinkedIn participants answering the question: "What would you tell a marketing grad?"

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Temple U Tip For Grads

  1. 1. Real World 101 | Getting Your Brand to Market October 22, 2010 Presented to
  2. 2. Denise Williams Director of Strategic Marketing, Goodman Marketing Partners 1985 Graduate, Temple University, Journalism Major Member Philadelphia AMA Board Member, Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association
  3. 3. 23 Tips From Your Target Audience
  4. 4. What You Need to Know to Stand Out 1. Understand analytics – the math behind the great marketing ideas 2. Know how to plan for – and hit – Return on Investment (ROI) 3. Specialize in an area of marketing – not only in an industry but also a channel , how marketing is delivered, especially now with mobile devices 4. Take a course in Microsoft Office products – really know Excel and PowerPoint 5. Know the pros and cons of social media 6. Understand how Search engine strategies work 4
  5. 5. How to Act to Stand Out today 1. How you market yourself will reveal your grasp of marketing principles 2. Fine tune your resume for each job by playing up skills or leadership roles relevant to that company and the job description 3. Read as much as possible and stay “in the know”: Sign up for e-newsletters (addendum) 4. Sign up for a free membership at www. and get involved, stay connected, donate time, be seen, join the internship program, get a personal coaching session! 5. Search for marketing related Bloggers on Twitter and follow them/read their insights 6. Don’t wait for the perfect job – get real work experience now 7. Keep your expectations in check – don’t expect to be a great success right out of the gate 8. Be able to explain what makes you different – what is your USP and elevator pitch? 9. Network 10. Focus on what’s in it for the person hiring you and share how you can help them achieve the results they want 11. Secure a mentor 5
  6. 6. How to Act to Stand Out today 12. What is your brand? If someone is looking at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, are they looking at the same person? (Remember employers aren’t looking for the best candidate; they’re looking to eliminate from a big stack.) 13. Examine what others are doing and saying online and learn from them 14. Use spell check 15. Be on time for an interview: 5 minutes early is good 16. Dress professionally– you can always dress down when you get the job and learn the dress code of the office 17. Don’t forget to say thank you 6
  7. 7. In Summary Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. -- Robert Louis Stevenson 7
  8. 8. Addendum for e-Newsletters 1. Marketing Sherpa 2. BtoB Magazine 3. Go to Market Strategies 4. SMEI 5. Business Watch Networks 6. Marketing Profs. 8
  9. 9. Addendum for Must-Haves on the book shelf 1. First, Break all the rules (Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman) 2. Now, Discover your strengths (Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton, PHD) 3. Marketing Secrets that will make you a star | Steal these ideas! (Steve Cone) 4. Marketing to the Social Web | How Digital Customer Communities Build your Business (Larry Weber) 5. Traction | Get a Grip on your Business (Gino Wickman) 6. It’s Not What you Sell, It’s What You Stand For | Why Every Extraordinary Business is Driven By Purpose (Roy M. Spence, Jr.) 7. Buzz Marketing | Get People to Talk About Your Stuff (Mark Hughes) 8. The Ultimate Question | Driving Good Profits and True Growth (Fred Reichheld) 9. Managing Your Mouth | An Owner’s Manual for Your Most Important Business Asset (Robert L. Genua) 10. The No Asshole Rule | Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One that Isn’t (Robert I. Sutton, PHD) 9
  10. 10. Questions for the Audience 1. Have you decided what industry you want to work in? 2. Agency side or client side? Do you know the pros and cons? 3. What kinds of internships are you doing? Where else might you get relevant experience? 4. Will you be continuing your education for management training? 5. Are you interested in staying local, moving nationally, or going abroad? 6. Have you thought about a channel specialty? 7. Are you left brain or right brain? Does it matter? 8. Can you recite your elevator pitch in 30 seconds? 1 0
  11. 11. Thank You 1 1 Denise Williams Director of Strategic Marketing, Goodman Marketing Partners 877.586.6466 Linked In: