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Oct arev presenation oct. 27 2011


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Oct arev presenation oct. 27 2011

  1. 1. Career Tech is at acrossroads.CHOOSE TO…BE AMARKETING/DATADRIVEN SCHOOL
  2. 2. It’s Tough out There• Decreasing Student PopulationsOld 25% “Rule” may not work• Levies on the ballot “constantly”• Staff Reductions• Tight Finances• Uncertainty• Doing more with less
  3. 3. • Students today on the average have 15+ educational options.• Our audiences want proof that what we are doing makes financial sense.• Poverty levels are increasing. Businesses are hurting.
  4. 4. There are a lot ofMarketing “gurus” outthere offering advice.Suggestion…Slow Down! Thinkabout what worksfor your school inyour area.
  5. 5. What is Marketing? Marketing 101: The most important element of any marketing plan is a good product.It isn’t about marketing and PR. It’sabout communications, and it’s acollaborative effort. Pr can’t improve areputation without the cooperation ofgood products, good practices, goodmanagement, good IR and HR…
  6. 6. Essentials of GoodMarketingDoes your product match your message? It’s not just word of mouth anymore. It’s instant communication, online with 1000’s of people You can only fool the public/customer for a short time.
  7. 7. What is Marketing?
  8. 8. What Marketing Isn’t• It is not Recruiting and Retention. Those are separate functions.• Marketing supports recruiting and retention efforts.
  9. 9. Creating an Image:A planned andcontinuous series ofmaterials andactivities tocommunicate withinternal & externalpublics.
  10. 10. Mike Rowe Video here
  11. 11. Facebook, Twitter,Etc.They aren’t goingaway…
  12. 12. Social Media Video will be inserted here
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