Twitter Revolution - How to Mobilize


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Twitter Revolution - How to Mobilize:
How to Get Photographers to Take Action

by Jim M. Goldstein

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Twitter Revolution - How to Mobilize

  1. 1. Twitter: How to Mobilize How to Get Photographers to Take Action Jim M. Goldstein Photography & Web Strategy Services Twitter: @jimgoldstein All Photographs © Jim M. Goldstein, All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Identity
  3. 3. Identity Who are You? Individual Company Co-Op Superhero What do you Represent Interests Skills Personality
  4. 4. Trust & Reputation
  5. 5. Trust & Reputation Networks Are King Will People Lick Like You William Dawes or Paul Revere? Agent Zero Build an Online Reputation Trust & Be Trusted “Within about 15 minutes her first tweet, Oprah had more than 76,000 followers” - CNET News (4/17/09)
  6. 6. Transparency
  7. 7. Transparency Marketing Saturation & Skepticism Humanizing Communication Be Open & Honest
  8. 8. Purpose & Passion
  9. 9. Purpose & Passion Tweet with... Purpose = Win Passion = Win Purpose & Passion = Win² Generate Content Reflecting Purpose & Passion
  10. 10. Communicate
  11. 11. Communicate Converse vs. Broadcast Going It Alone Amplify with Twitter Tools Expand Reach to Other Communities Leverage the Power of Links
  12. 12. Strategy
  13. 13. Strategy Open Your Eyes to What’s Beyond the Horizon Identify Your Objectives Know Your Audience Plug In to Multiple Communities Build a Tribe Know Your Limits
  14. 14. Action Through Value
  15. 15. Action Through Value The Single Most Important Question To Ask Yourself What Value Does This Provide to My Followers? Trust + Value = Action
  16. 16. Action Types
  17. 17. Action Types Build Roads for Others to Follow Reply Re-Tweet Share Comment Vote Subscribe or Sign-Up Purchase
  18. 18. Selectivity
  19. 19. Selectivity Don’t Just Follow Your Nose How & When to Tweet Followers / Following Communities Tools
  20. 20. Repetition
  21. 21. Repetition Reminders Scheduling Leverage Good Etiquette
  22. 22. Etiquette
  23. 23. Etiquette Always Say Thank You Re-Tweet Often Always Respond to Others What You Say Is Permanent Don’t Spam Don’t Spam Don’t Spam No Excess Tweeting No Blog Spam No Robot Messaging No Facebook App Invites
  24. 24. Commit
  25. 25. Commit It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon Be Authentic, No Ghost Writers Map Out Goals Develop A Strategy Temper Activity to Your Comfort Level This is NOT a Fad, This is the Future of Marketing
  26. 26. Favorite Tools
  27. 27. Favorite Tools Tools That Don’t Bite ReTweet Tweet Reach TwtPoll Twitter Facebook App FriendFeed Facebook App TrueTwit TweetBeep BackTweets / DISQUS SocialToo SocialOomph
  28. 28. Thank You Web: Twitter: @jimgoldstein Download This & More At Email: