Gamification - Level 1


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A presentation explaining the basics of gamification and techniques that brands can use to include gamification in their digital marketing strategy.

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Gamification - Level 1

  1. 1. Gamification – Level 1 Compiled by Ethinos Digital Marketing
  2. 2. What is Gamification?Gamification is the use of game design techniques, gamethinking, and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.Typically, Gamification applies to non-game applications andprocesses, in order to encourage people to adopt them, or toinfluence how they are used.
  3. 3. A day in the life of an Indian consumer Watches television for Reads the newspaper two-three hours before (exposed to at least 300 heading to bed (exposed ads) at least 300 ads) Watches the morning Travels back home after news before heading to office (exposed again to office (exposed to at at least 300 billboards) least 50 ads) Travels by Surfs the internet for bus/train/personal work related information vehicle (exposed to at (exposed to at least 1000 least 300 billboards) ads) When we take the younger audience in picture, the numbers will be higherA typical Indian consumer is exposed to at least 3000* ads in a day *Source: Association of Indian Magazines
  4. 4. So how does Gamification help?• Gamification allows advertisers andmarketers to promote a certain kind ofbehavior among their target audience;and this helps them breakcommunication barriers.• It allows brands to market themselveswithout making the audience feel thatthey are being marketed to.
  5. 5. So how does Gamificaton help?• Gamification allows brands toencourage a richer engagement withtheir customers; often resulting into thedevelopment of a strong brand loyalty.• Gamification techniques in marketingdo not guarantee success; butcompletely ignoring Gamificationtechniques from the marketing mix is adefinite route to failure.
  6. 6. Examples of GamificationFoursquare users can claim mayorships, Microsoft struck a chord with traditionalunlock badges, receive special offers gamers when they first rolled outand rewards such as discounts to achievement points with X-Box Live.specific retailers, etc. while also tracking Users playing the X-Box Live gamesagainst friends via a leaderboard. could earn a certain amount of ‘Gamerscore’ by completing specific tasks or actions in a game; and could also compete with other users. Linkedin offers a small example of Gamification by drawing users’ attention towards a profile completeness percentage in order to trigger behavior that drives users towards completing their profile.
  7. 7. Gamification techniques• Achievement badges• Achievement levels• Leaderboards• A progress bar or other visual meters toindicate how close people are towardscompleting a task that the company istrying to encourage.
  8. 8. Gamification techniques• Virtual currency• Systems for awarding,redeeming, trading, gifting, andexchanging points.• Challenges between users• Embedding small casualgames within other activities.
  9. 9. How Brands Are Using Gamification
  10. 10. Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Hero• Microsoft added somethingcalled PowerPoint Ribbon Hero as agaming component to PowerPoint.• The idea was that the morefunctions a person used, the morerewards he earned.• When a person progressed beyond acertain level in PowerPoint, he couldunlock PowerPoint animations thatwere not available to the regularuser.• This helped engage many moreusers as people got very curiousabout the new animations that wouldbe made available to them.
  11. 11. NIKEiD• Nike came up with something called‘NIKEiD’; a game mechanic where a personcould personalize his shoes.• Through their ‘NIKEiD’ site, a person couldfully customize the colours, materials, sizing,and fit to create his own exclusive pair of Nikeshoes and NIKE would ship it just for him.• The fact that teens could customize anddesign their own shoes made the wholeprocess of ordering shoes a lot more excitingand engaging.• NIKEiD was a property that went viral.
  12. 12. My Starbucks Rewards• Starbucks has incorporated gametechniques into its popular loyaltyprogram called ‘My StarbucksRewards.’• Starbucks incorporated multiplelevels and associated rewards andperks per level with a progressiontracker; which gave users theincentive to continually engage withthe brand and earn maximumrewards.
  13. 13. American Airlines• American Airlines uses a simplegame mechanism on their mobileapplication to visually represent aflyer’s current Elite StatusQualification.• The users can see how manyrewards they have and how manymore they need to achieve a goal.• Over 40 million people globallyuse this application.
  14. 14. Mint• Mint offers a financial fitness scorebased on task completion andachievements.• The more tasks you do with theonline financial site, the higher yourscore goes; and unlocks moreopportunities.• Mint takes an ordinary exerciseand creates a casual gamingexperience that helps the creationof an opportunity to drive new useracquisition.
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