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5 Major Shifts in Identifying & Activating Social Communities


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Eric Jones, VP of Digital Marketing from R2Integrated was the guest speaker during the presentation of 2012 Marcas que Marcas Study.

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5 Major Shifts in Identifying & Activating Social Communities

  1. 1. 5 Major Shifts in Identifying & Activating Social Communities Presented by Eric Jones, VP Digital Marketing from R2integrated, at SME Puerto Rico Brand Study Marcas que Marcas 2012
  2. 2. ABOUT R2iFull-Service Social & Digital Marketing AgencyR2i At-A-Glance:• Founded in 2004• 104+ Full Time Staff• Social & Digital Marketing Specialists, Web Technologists, Designers, Analysts• Locations in Baltimore/Washington and SeattleKey Partnerships: A few clients:
  3. 3. OVERVIEW: KEY TAKEAWAYSKey Takeaways1.Understanding how information is being consumed in Socialproperties2.How new Social Channels are driving your customers decisionmaking3.Mapping the Conversation Layer = Your Social Strategy &Customer Understanding4.How brands can engage & activate these social channels5.Shifting the focus of measurement and understanding effectiveness
  4. 4. Social ConsumptionTakeaway 1: Understanding Information Consumption Peer-to-peer online networks have changed the way people discover information, evaluate, and purchase products and services The decision to buy occurs around people, places and content of interest- known as the “Conversation Layer” and is happening in both owned and un-owned social properties Consumers joining the “Conversational Layer” represents risk reduction behavior– fundamental when designing a social & content strategy .
  5. 5. Social ConsumptionThe Homophily Principle – “el amor de la misma”Homophily (i.e., "love of the same") is the tendency of individuals to associateand bond with similar others. The presence of homophily has been discovered ina vast array of network studies and is a specific guiding principle in SocialCommunities of Interest.This structured network creates ties of every type including; friendship, work,advice, support, information transfer, exchange, co-membership, and other typesof relationship.
  6. 6. Social Consumption “#1 reason people worldwide wrote about brands online was to offer advice. Brand advocates can be both positive and negative: 61% wrote praise and 52% did so to criticize.”*eMarketer - 2012
  7. 7. TAKEAWAY 2 : DECISION MAKINGTakeaway 2: Decisions are made in the “Conversation Layer”
  8. 8. TIMELINE : THE SOCIAL CONSUMEREvolution of Decision Making
  9. 9. TAKEAWAY 2 : DECISION MAKING “92% of internet users worldwide said they completely or somewhat trusted recommendations from people they knew and 70% said they trusted consumers opinions posted online. “*Nielson - 2011
  11. 11. NETWORKED PEOPLE PLACES & CONTENTSocial PPC for Brands:Where do you start?
  13. 13. TAKEAWAY 3 : MAPPING THE CONVERSATION LAYERTakeaway 3: MAP the conversation layer = Social Strategy .
  14. 14. TAKEAWAY 3 : MAPPING THE CONVERSATION LAYERSample Exercise: 400+ Communities of Interest, Influencers, & Opportunities are Identified 200 Communities of Interest based on Content & Audience Relevancy 100+ Communities Scored using Data Points that cover the Scoring Criteria Best for Reach, Relevance, Connectedness
  15. 15. TAKEAWAY 3 : MAPPING THE CONVERSATION LAYERSample Exercise: Distribution (20%) Popularity (15%) Influence/Effectiveness of each (15%) Engagement/Discussion (15%) On Target (20%) Provides Value (15%)
  17. 17. TAKEAWAY 3 : MAPPING THE CONVERSATION LAYERContent Themes that Resonated & Were Shared the Most Confidential 6/28/2012
  18. 18. TAKEAWAY 3 : MAPPING THE CONVERSATION LAYERContent types which appeal tothe target audience are created
  19. 19. TAKEAWAY 4 : Engage & ActivateTakeaway 4: Engage and Activate Social Channels
  20. 20. TAKEAWAY 4 : Engage & ActivateThe New Org Chart: Conversation Layer Marketing
  21. 21. TAKEAWAY 4 : Engage & ActivateIntegrate
  22. 22. TAKEAWAY 5:Shifting the Focus of MeasurementTakeaway 5: Shifting the Focus of Measurement
  23. 23. TAKEAWAY 5:Shifting the Focus of Measurement Define your Brands Goals Awareness Engagement Acquisition• Awareness: drive traffic with increased relevant online searches, messaging reach, impressions, visits, online conversations and recognition• Engagement: create engaging experiences to capture your audience utilizing an organizations digital assets and online properties• Acquisition: capture market share through revenue, sales, leads , followers, and fans
  24. 24. TAKEAWAY 5:Shifting the Focus of Measurement Define your Brands GoalsAwareness Engagement Acquisition
  25. 25. TAKEAWAY 5:Shifting the Focus of Measurement
  26. 26. CONCLUSION Brands must bridge the customer conversation between your branded social platforms, digital properties, online communities and influencers 1 2 3 4 5 Identify people Listen to the Find your brands Reach out & Analyze results and places who conversation voice engage & optimize play a role in the decision to buyCopyright © R2integrated, LLC 2011 – confidential and proprietary Confidential 6/28/2012
  27. 27. R2INTEGRATED: CONTACT Eric Jones VP, R2integrated R2integrated- Digital Marketing & Technology [P] 410-369-3747 Twitter: @R2integrated