Qantas Grounding Takes Off in Social Media


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When Qantas Airways grounded its fleet in a dispute with unions it ultimately effected 110,000 travelers world-wide. The event caused a social media storm, and we track some of that in this analysis. The question is now, will Qantas step up to the plate and transform itself from a social brand into a social business in order to help it's recovery?

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Qantas Grounding Takes Off in Social Media

  1. 1. Qantas Aircraft Grounding Analysis How Qantas was describediGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  2. 2. Contents Twitter Analysis  Sentiment  Brand Defectors Overall Digital Media Activities Brand Conversations Tourism Sentiment Compensation Sentiment People  CEO Alan Joyce  PR Virginia Wirth Conclusion and Actions Overview of iGo2 Group iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  3. 3. Twitter Reach was Enormous 278 Million – 22.10 to 2.11.2011Twitter reach for Qantas or #qantas
  4. 4. Twitter Sentiment Actual TweetsTwitter Sentiment Statistics (sample of 3000): Positive: 4% (115 results);None+Neutral: 85% (2565 results); Negative: 11% (320 results)
  5. 5. Tracking brand defectors A molehill can become a mountainRetweeted by @brenton_crookNumerically both @brenton_crook and @jamesmachorton are reportedto have a small number of followers and “Authority” ranked in the low range.However, digging deeper finds that Brenton Crook has followers with High Authority...
  6. 6. Brenton Crook has followers with high Authority and reachThe ex-Prime Minister follows him, and he is gregarious.Worthy of some brand recovery action?
  7. 7. Started from a small base Who is James Maclean-Horton?James Maclean-Horton, the original Tweeter, has a lowAuthority score and a small number of followers.Only 103 followers, and ZERO High Authority amongst those But the amplification of his tweet could lead to serious brand defections.Analysis needs to run deep.
  8. 8. Overall Digital Media ActivityThe Qantas grounding ofaircraft caused a massive spikeIn Twitter and News traffic.And attracted more attention frommen than women.And had a reasonable high 15%negative sentiment (measured inthose items which mentionedBoth “qantas” and “unions”).
  9. 9. Discussion dynamics – more maleThe conversations centred on the Qantas CEOAlan Joyce grounding the fleet, and older maleshaving a high share of the conversation.
  10. 10. Brand conversations negativeWhere the terms “qantas” and“brand” appeared in a conversationthen the Sentiment was stronglynegative.Among those people discussing brand36% had an explicit negative feeling.
  11. 11. Tourism sentiment negative Understandably, where tourism was discussed negative sentiment was also high – higher than the negative brand sentiment.
  12. 12. CompensationHow did people feel? Of people that spoke about “qantas” and mentioned forms of compensation, distress, or customer service, those mentioning compensation were most negative.
  13. 13. People Alan Joyce CEO High Authority sourcesOverall, sentiment aboutthe CEO was not too bad.Although only 3.8% madea positive comment, versus19,6% making a negative one.
  14. 14. People Virginia Wirth PRThe Qantas PR spokeswoman,Virginia Wirth, was at the forefrontof the build-up to the grounding.Her BuzzGraph* illustrates the key topicsin conversations which also mentionedher.All the key players are there.*817 mentions over all sources, including 431In News sources.
  15. 15. ConclusionThe recommendations for Qantas are:1. To make a decision on whether they want to be a social brand, or to become a social business (see next slide);2. Based on response to #1, invest in people, process and technology to support their strategy;3. Tactically continue to: – Track key customer defections; – Understand who they are, as key individuals in social media; – Map over time: • Brand sentiment • Compensation sentiment Becoming a social business will assist in recovering brand value and customer loyalty.
  16. 16. Social Strategy : Creating Customer Value From Social Brand To Social Business  A social brand focuses on external  A social business focuses on internal communications communications.  A social brand is all about  A social business is all about engagement with the social engagement with employees. customer.  A social business should be owned by  A social brand is owned by the entire organization marketing  A social business is measured by  A social brand is measured by organizational change. clicks, impressions, reach, Likes, comments, RTs, etc.  Most investments in social business initiatives revolve around internal  With a social brand, budgets are communities, social technologies, and usually allocated toward agencies, training. community management, Facebook applications, blog development, etc.Thanks to Michael Brito
  17. 17. The Power of Social Media Social Media is disruptive Social Media is dynamic Social Media changes everything for a business – Sales, Marketing, Service – Human Resources – Product Management – Channels – Processes – Organisational Models
  18. 18. Who is iGo2 Group? iGo2 is a Social Business product and services company. iGo2 helps organisations like yours leverage the power of Social Media and Networks through relevant, focused and business oriented solutions. We assist to connect you with your markets and customers; convert your social data to business intelligence and manage your Social Media presence for maximum impact. Whether your business is already active in Social Media – but needs to do it better – or whether you are just starting out, iGo2 can provide everything from consultancy to a complete tailored solution. A holistic approach to Corporate Social Business All members are Certified Strategists in Social Media Utilise proven methodologies for : – Social Media Assessments – Social Media Strategy Development – Social Media Programs and ROI – Social Business Intelligence and monitoring – Creating Social Communities
  19. 19. iGo2 Focus Areas Strategy : formulating policy and strategy throughresearching your brand, customers, partners and competitorsTactics: building your social presence and integrating toyour business processes; training and empowering employees and partners.Intelligence: monitoring, collecting, and analyzing social data to make informed and agile business and policy decisions.Communities: building ‘owned’ social platforms for listening, support, building, collaborating, content
  20. 20. 8 Point Framework for Social Business Assess Monitor Strategise Social Engage Business Create Framework Share Protect Participate
  21. 21. Social Business Intelligence Services• All social data streams• Drilldown analysis• Sentiment analysis• Comparative Analysis• Drilldown to influencers• Drilldown to sources• Slice and dice• Periodic reporting –weekly, bi weekly,monthly, real time iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  22. 22. Potential Value of Social Intelligence Crisis Management Reputation Management Project Monitoring Improve customer service Competitor intelligence Partner intelligence Improve product and service development Improve target marketing Grow revenue Deflect costs Improve Customer Loyalty Policy or initiative review
  23. 23. The Social Ecosystem WikisParticipatingListening, establishing reputation(I’m one of you)ManagedListening, supporting, buildingreputation, marketing External CommunitiesOwned Closed NetworkListening, supporting,building relationships,collaborating Example: customer communities Internal Example: channels, members Communities Example: Intranets, communities of practice
  24. 24. Many Social Tools Available Today Author(s) write articles Variety of people edit the content of Users comment to author a single piece of contentEngagement focus: On the author Engagement focus: On the content Individually, these tools do not equal communityVariety of people publish comments Individuals publish files, picture, or on specific topics or questions video for users to comment on Engagement focus: On the topic Engagement focus: On the media
  25. 25. Communities Enable Relationships Owned CommunitiesRegular interactionamong members who are united by a common interest allows forrelationships to be formed Member to Member Collaboration
  26. 26. Different ObjectivesSocial Networks Online CommunitiesRelationships Business Objective Primary Purpose Primary Enabler Common Activity Relationships
  27. 27. Community Use Cases (80% of clients)Internal Communities External Communities Corporate Customer-Driven Communication Support Employee Networking & Interactive Marketing Collaboration Innovation Association Marketing
  28. 28. The Leader in Social Community SoftwareWhy social communities?Enhance customer supportEmpower employee collaborationEngage customersGain valuable insightHow? World-class social suiteOnline customer communitiesEnterprise employee communitiesSocial analyticsWhy Telligent?Serving the industry since 2004Offices in Dallas, London, Parisand SeattleMore than 3,000 customers
  29. 29. Tactics – Presence Development
  30. 30. Some of Our Customers
  31. 31. Our Partners
  32. 32. The Founders of iGo2 Group  All Certified Strategists in Social Media  All have more than 20 years business experience in IT and industryiGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions