IBM Social Business Briefing, Royal Exchange 26th Oct


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Here are the slides from an innovative IBM Social Business Brieifing

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  • the questions from our second Social Business briefing at Royal Exchange on 8th Feb are now available here
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  • Hi David - yes the next SBB Wicked Wednesday event will be at the Royal Exchange on 8th Feb, but attendance is by invitation due to space restrictions. We will share the slides with all however as we did for the first one. Also we are planning on taking the SBB Wicked Wednesday format to the UC Expo show at Olympia on 6 & 7 March, 2012 so that more people can participate in the debate and the live collaboration.
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  • Hey Rooven - so glad the deck from the first show is getting so much interest. BTW I hear that the next Social Bus Briefing (aka Wicked Wednesday) is set for Wed 8th Feb, 2012. Let me know when I can subscribe. David
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IBM Social Business Briefing, Royal Exchange 26th Oct

  1. 1. Welcome to #ibmsbb
  2. 2. Format
  3. 3. Introductions Rooven Pakkiri Veteran of the revolution, social business evangelist, Head of Social Business at leading agency and IBM Business Partner Digirati. Digirati @roovenp Rooven is an author and speaker on the way in which Social Business technology , adoption and usage will transform the enterprise. Follow Rooven on Lee leads the Strategy practice at Headshift where he and his team help large global clients with Lee Provoost Digital, Social Business and IT Strategy definition and implementation for global rollouts, post-merger Headshift|Dachis Group integration and top-line/bottom-line growth initiatives. @leeprovoost Lee is an active advisor to several startups and a mentor at the startup incubator Seedcamp. Lee has previously lived and worked in Belgium, the Netherlands and India. He now lives in London. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Simon Collister Simon is We Are Social’s Consultancy Director where he works with clients to plan and implement strategies that enable organisations to become more social and porous through changing their We are Social business knowledge and processes. Prior to We Are Social, Simon worked in digital @simoncollister communications for leading PR firms, Weber Shandwick and Edelman. A founder member of the Chartered Institute of PR’s Social Media Advisory Panel, he is currently researching a PhD in networked communication. Stuart Mcintyre Stuart McIntyre is cofounder and CTO of Collaboration Matters. With over 2,500 followers, a network of millions of LinkedIn contacts and a weekly podcast that reaches thousands worldwide, his Collaboration Matters social reputation is proven. However, Stuart is not just another social networking guru, his @stuartmcintyre organisation has delivered more IBM Collaboration projects than almost any other IBM Partner, deliver regular Connections-focused Social Business training sessions for organisation executives, and run the UK IBM Connections User Group. Dale Roberts Dale is half way through his second decade helping organisations make better decisions. Much of this time was with Business Intelligence giant, Cognos where, as a European Services Director, he Artesian Solutions oversaw hundreds of business intelligence solutions for major corporates. Most recently he is part @decisionhacker of the Executive team of Artesian Solutions, an innovator in social media monitoring and analytics. He is a commentator, blogger and regular speaker on the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management circuit. Follow him on
  4. 4. Social Business Social Analytics Collaboration Decision Making Influence Mentions Sentiment Engagement Talent Management MarketingSocial Brand
  5. 5. Where Brand, Business and Analytics Converge
  6. 6. Whichdepartments aredriving Social ?
  7. 7. Gartner predicts that over 70% of IT- dominated social media initiatives will fail through 2012Source: IBM White Paper “measuring the value of social software – June 2010
  8. 8. Is Social Being Driven by Culture or Leadership ?
  9. 9. “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders...... instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea...”
  10. 10. Social Brand versus Social Business, isthere a correctorder of play ?
  11. 11. From social brand to social business "Our chief listener is critical to making sure the right people in the organization are aware of what the conversations on the web are saying about us, so that relevant people in the business can connect with customers" Richard Binhammer Communications Executive, Dell
  12. 12. Are organisations defining clear objectives for Social or attempting to learn from the outcomes ?
  13. 13. Strategy versus Culture “Culture eats Strategy for lunch” Sandy Carter IBM
  14. 14. Social Business Objectives Listening – using social media as “real time” research and gaining insights from listening to customers Talking – using conversations with customers to promote products or services Energizing – building brand stewardship; and identifying enthusiastic customers and using them to persuade others Supporting – making it possible for customers to help each other Embracing – turning customers into a resource for innovation
  15. 15. The Reducing Cost of Failure “Change is powerful, but change always comes with failure as its partner. This might not work isnt merely something to be tolerated; its something you should seek out” Seth Godin Poke the Box “Social Analytics are the new Black” Sandy Carter, IBM
  16. 16. next