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  1. 1. IBM Social Media Boot Camp Alumni Update Helping Build Your Social Authority August 8, 2012 Kick-Start Your Content Embeddable Marketing Videos for Your Program BlogContent marketing is all the Employees want to bring theirrage these days, but what own devices into the workplace,exactly is it and how do you but many havent consideredmanage a content marketing security challenges these devicesprogram? create.At IBM Midsize Business, IBM has been a leader in raisingweve had a successful awareness about mobile securitycontent marketing program in place for more trends and helping midsizethan a year. We publish new articles of interest businesses balance the need toto midmarket professionals every day. These satisfy employee demands withkeyword-optimized stories are designed to the need to protect information.attract search engines, and since our Midsize This three-minute video highlightsInsider site was added to Google News, traffic some of the most significanthas exploded! security threats that haveContent marketing is all about attracting emerged on mobile platforms.customers to your website with information that Embed it in your blog when youinterests them. In July, we recorded a webinar communicate about thisthat showcases the IBM influencer program important topic.focused on the essentials of content marketingand how we apply them at IBM midsize Heres another embeddable videobusinesses. The webinar is free, and I invite you you can use. "Smarterto watch and learn whats working for us. Then Commerce and the Value Chain"apply these techniques to your own content is about putting customers at themarketing program. center of your business andHeres a link to the webinar. Let me know what serving them on their terms. Ityou think! gives examples of how real Best, customers have reinvented Leslie Reiser themselves by creating real-time visibility into their businesses. Use it as a building block for your own thoughts on this important area.
  2. 2. Tweeting Thought LeadershipHeres a good way to use Twitter to promotecontent assets: Pull out interesting data pointsand tweet them individually.For example, this IBM/Frost & Sullivan whitepaper on new approaches to CRM talks abouthow mobility is changing customer behavior.While that topic may not generate a lot ofexcitement on Twitter, some of the statistics Mobile Apps Grabcontained within the white paper are fascinating.For example, here are some factoids that can Customers Whenbe posted on Twitter to promote the whitepaper: Theyre Away from the Desktop · 12% of the US population refers to Mobile computing is growing by social media before making a purchase. leaps and bounds, and mobile #IBMCRM apps are one of the best ways to · Up to 85% of data is unstructured. How capture the attention of do you try to capture it? #IBMCRM customers when theyre out of the office. IBM has two apps that · On average, 23% of an organizations demonstrate the companys data is inaccurate, incomplete or out of thought leadership and date. #IBMCRM technology innovation in areas that are top-of-mind forThe secret of Twitter is to arouse peoples technology professionals.interest. Factoids are an excellent way to dothat. The IBM THINK app for kids, innovators and forward thinkers captures the best of the 2011 NYC THINK exhibit, where visitors were immersed in a film and interactive experience across 40 oversized digital screens that displayed how technology can improve our daily lives. The app provides an illustrated timeline documenting our quest to measure the world and shows how maps help us to explore new ways to organize information. Available for both iPad and Android platforms, its a free download that stimulates the imagination while reinforcing IBMs creativity. Learn more here. Making the Case for The IBM Cloud for Midsize Businesses iPad app is full of case studies, videos, white
  3. 3. papers and other resources about cloud solutions for midsize Managed Services companies. It includesAndy Monshaw has a bylined article on comprehensive content fromHuffington Post that could provide some good third-party analysts, IBM, ourfodder for your own customer outreach. Andy Business Partners and othermakes the case that small retailers today can experts. Learn more here.get an advantage over their larger competitorsby anticipating what customers need before You can use these apps in yourthey specifically ask. "All small retailers have to own social channels by buildingdo is take a step back, look around and gain a content around ideas presentedlittle analytic insight to see the next big trend in them and by tweeting detailsaround the corner that will attract the individual that are relevant to yourconsumer," he writes. audience. Promote these apps toOne way to do this is through the use of your customers as part of yourmanaged service providers, which can deliver own content marketing efforts.the best technology quickly via the cloud. Ifcloud services are part of your growth plan, thenlink to this article and embed the accompanyingvideo to build on Andys proposition. Featured Alum: Tip of the Wirehead TechnologyWe like to keep an eye on what our Boot Camp Week: Curatealumni have been doing to build social capital,and weve been particularly impressed by the Factoidswork of Wirehead Technology. Theres no shortage ofWirehead is a small, Chicago-based IT service remarkable informationprovider that specializes in the mobility, about the growth of socialhealthcare, retail, real estate and education media, and the folks atmarkets. It doesnt have a big staff or budget, Wikibon have done a nicebut you wouldnt know that from its big social job of assembling some offootprint. the more notable statistics into this aggregation of We particularly like the facts. This is a tactic you Wirehead Mobility Blog, which can use in your own content is a curated collection of marketing programs. thematic articles drawn mostly from other sources on When you come across the Web. Wirehead CIO statistics that validate the Howard Lee (left) updates the importance of yourblog at least three times a week, with Mondays marketing services,post devoted to mobile and social media bookmark them and
  4. 4. marketing, Wednesdays to wireless industry assemble them into a singlenews and Fridays to healthcare, mobile health page. Then tweet individualand security. statistics and link back to your master collection. BeNearly all of the content is summaries and links sure to include a source linkto articles on other websites. This technique is for each bit of information ascalled "curation," and its one of the most cost- a way of thanking theefficient ways to generate material for your blog. originator.Content creators appreciate the link fromWirehead, and the topic selection helps If youre really ambitious,establish the companys expertise in target steal a page from Wikibonmarkets. Readers appreciate the way the blog and create a big infographic.keeps them up to date on developments in their People love to share theseindustry. visual summaries on Facebook, Pinterest, RedditHoward started the blog about 18 months ago and Digg, and the trafficand maintains it rigorously. He explained to us they can generate is nothingthat social media drives most new business at short of amazing.Wirehead."Nearly all of our clients have come inbecause they see the blog and get in touch with This collection of 72us," he said. As a result, Wirehead doesnt have Fascinating Social Mediato do any advertising. "This is all about Marketing Facts andinformation, which is more important than Statistics for 2012 is anotheradvertising," Howard said. example of how you canIt doesnt stop there. You can also find aggregate relevant contentWirehead on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, to build your own socialGoogle+ and even Pinterest. And did we capital.mention its 14 Facebook pages? Thats a topicfor another article.