Learning from e bay and amazon checkout


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Checkout Process is the crucial part of eCommerce and if designed well increases conversation and repeat sales.

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Learning from e bay and amazon checkout

  1. 1. Learning From & Checkout Procedures Product Landing Page Step 1. eBay shows delivery charges with an option to checkout various methods before deciding to go further. Amazon emphasise on FREE delivery with subscription. There is no option to checkout delivery charges before going further.TAKE AWAY  Give delivery details to reduce basket abandonment later  Show date of delivery so that customer can note them without looking at calendar
  2. 2. Basket Page Step 2 eBay shows item, price & delivery charges. Amazon shows item & price. It is also selling credit card and cross selling related items.TAKE AWAY  Cross Sell Relevant items
  3. 3. Address Page Step 3 eBay shows stored address & option to change the address. It also shows that you can pay with PayPal. Product details are still shown in this page with ability to enter “Voucher Code”. Amazon shows stored addresses along with option to change. Amazon also shows which step of checkout process you are in.TAKE AWAY  Show Stored delivery Addresses  Show various Payment Options  Show which steps of checkout  Show voucher code option
  4. 4. Step 3 eBay shows take you to payment page to enter your PayPal details and Checkout ending the checkout process. Amazon now shows delivery options emphasising to take on FREE delivery with subscription. It also shows date of delivery with Express delivery options.TAKE AWAY  Show delivery promotions repeatedly (ie. FREE delivery on orders more that £20
  5. 5. Step 5 Amazon now allows you to place an order.Step 4 Amazon shows stored card details with anoption to enter voucher codes or change card details.It is still trying to sell its Credit Card. eBay has done very well in the speed of checkout process with 3 steps and Amazon has done very well in terms of cross selling products, repeatedly promoting FREE delivery and Credit Card. Now you can pick and choose which steps you would like in your store checkout system and remember both checkout processes have gone through extreme testing procedure.
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