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Improving Accessible Publication Delivery Globally With DAISY Online


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[Presented at CSUN 2015] The DAISY Online Delivery protocol is a web service Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates the delivery of digital content from service providers to end users. Can be used to deliver various types of accessible content (DAISY, EPUB, Braille, podcasts etc.). More information is provided on the DAISY Consortium website at [].

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Improving Accessible Publication Delivery Globally With DAISY Online

  1. 1. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish Improving Accessible Publication Delivery Globally with DAISY Online Dave Gunn: DAISY Consortium Claudio Montalban: Vision Australia Andrew Furlong: Vision Australia Greg Stilson: Humanware
  2. 2. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish Session Outline • Features of the DAISY Online Protocol • The Service Experience • The User Experience • Questions
  3. 3. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish DAISY Online what? Delivery Protocol • Used globally to manage communication and content delivery between services and users • Enables timely access to content • New!!! Version 2
  4. 4. What is the DODP?  The Standard by which Reading Systems communicate with online services  It covers a wide range of functions from content discovery and delivery to announcements and bookmarks  Updated to version 2, simpler, more powerful and less ambiguous
  5. 5. Not just DAISY  Can be used to deliver any type of accessible Content  DAISY  EPUB  Braille  Podcasts
  6. 6. The Bookshelf  All the online content available to the User  Reading System informs the Service which action it will take on the content  Streaming  Download  Restricted Download  Automatic Download
  7. 7. Rights Management  Content metadata informs the Reading System of the Permissions for that Content  Stronger requirements on “Return by Date” to ensure content expires when it should  Download Restricted  PDTB2
  8. 8. Content Discovery  Dynamic Menus  Better defined Standard and Guidance  User History now list previously borrowed titles and Acquired Content  Recommended Titles Dynamic Menu  Service providers able to issue lists of recommended titles to a specific User
  9. 9. Automatic Configuration  Service Providers able to Automatically Configure Reading Systems prior to delivery  Users able to “Discover” Service providers in their area  Easy configuration of new systems for non technical Users
  10. 10. Alert System  New Priorities are defined  High – Interrupts Playback and renders immediately  Medium – Renders on the next natural pause  Low – Renders when idle  Polling Rate Defined by the Service
  11. 11. Bookmarks  Bookmark System vastly improved  Less Operations  Bookmark Set  Last Mark  Multi Device support  Synchronizes bookmarks across multiple devices  Time Stamps allow for offline use
  12. 12. Conclusion  Universal Way to deliver Accessible content  Easier to implement for Reading Systems and Service Providers  New Features give Service Providers and Reading Systems better control of the UX  Mainstream Adaptability – Public Libraries
  13. 13. Vision Australia Our challenge  Aging population - average age of our client is 79 years  People are happy with the ‘free’ CD service  CD is becoming unsustainable & redundant  How do we motivate people to move online?  Low use of PC, smartphone and internet
  14. 14. Our Solution  Developed an online library – i-access  Sustainable for VA  Value to the user  DAISY Online Protocol  Developed a simple online reading solution  Transparent technology  Transitions our ‘traditional’ client  Targeted highest CD users  20% of clients consumed 80% of CDs
  15. 15.  Partnership with publishers: • 400+ daily national newspapers & magazines • Available before print  Partnership with a Carrier: • Options include 3G Mobile broadband • Affordable online accounts  Player Manufacturer: • DAISY Online capability • Familiar interface Collaboration
  16. 16. Flowchart i-access Library Narrator OCR Electronic file from Publishers DAISY Online Protocol Web Services and Distribution Server DAISY Converter Production Manager Synthetic Voice DAISY 2.02 & DAISY 3 Automated Internet DAISY Text and Audio 3G or 4G
  17. 17.  84% of collection available online  42% of our clients now using i-access online  18% of those don’t have a PC or smartphone  80% of users have remained online  38% decrease in CD use  Increase in consumption of titles online Avg 3/month on CD Avg 8/month online (actual) Since launching Success!
  18. 18. Its Simple Add titles to your Online Bookshelf:  i-access web – ‘self serve’ at any time  Call a Librarian  Automatic ‘profile’ based allocation Press Play!
  19. 19. Benefits of an online service for VA 1. We can provide news and topical information immediately 2. Directly deliver announcements, important alerts 3. Automatic configuration reduces workload 4. Content production, management and delivery is integrated 5. Environmentally responsible 6. Increased client satisfaction - increased choice, ease of use, speed of delivery, delivered to the device
  20. 20. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish The User Experience Greg Stilson – Humanware
  21. 21. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish Summary: DAISY Online is • Highly effective content delivery system • Great for Services • Life changing for Users • Version 2 even more exciting
  22. 22. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish Find out more… Websites:
  23. 23. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish Thank you for your time Websites:
  24. 24. Creating the Best Way to Read and Publish DAISY Consortium The DAISY Consortium is a global partnership of organizations committed to create the best way to read and publish, for everybody. More than 100 members in 47 countries