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Accessible reading solutions from mainstream publishers


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CSUN 2017 presentation by George Kerscher, Richard Orme, and Amaya Webster. Learn more about testing reading systems for accessibility.

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Accessible reading solutions from mainstream publishers

  1. 1. “Digital publishing should mean regular books can be inclusive. Come and learn how to tell which reading systems are accessible (and legal) for everyone.” Accessible reading solutions from mainstream publishers
  2. 2. Accessible reading solutions from mainstream publishers Amaya Webster George Kerscher Richard Orme
  3. 3. What is the DAISY Consortium? The DAISY Consortium is a global Consortium of organizations committed to equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability; a right confirmed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  4. 4. Working domains of the DAISY Consortium • Supporting the DAISY community: provide expertise and technologies to support accessible reading services • Extending the DAISY community: expand accessible reading services in developing and industrialized nations • Enabling accessible mainstream publishing: support various mainstream publishers and content developers to the era of born accessible publications
  5. 5. Accessible materials from publishers • Stick around for the presentation that follows! “Finally, Certified Accessible Educational Materials from Publishers” • A baseline for accessible titles is now established • Built on WCAG and EPUB open standards • EPUB a11y now managed by W3C
  6. 6. Working together • However, accessible titles are little use if the reading system is not usable • Two sides of the same coin- both need attention - IDPF, BISG, DAISY Collaboration
  7. 7. Reading systems a11y testing Evaluates the accessibility features implemented in a wide range of mainstream reading systems. Our first goal is to ensure that fundamental accessibility features are supported by the mainstream reading systems. So that customers can choose companies that have considered the needs of everyone.
  8. 8. All users should be able to consume the content of a document by: • adjusting the display such as adjusting font size and color combination • reading the text with screen readers or read aloud applications • reading the text with a refreshable Braille display • reading with assistive technologies designed for persons with dyslexia or other disabilities • creating the best way to read with eyes, ears and fingers
  9. 9. We provide • An extensive set of tests • A documented process for executing the tests and compiling results • An opportunity to participate in creating helpful guidance for higher ed institutions, students, accessibility specialists, librarians, developers, content creators
  10. 10. Reading System Test Example: Reading order
  11. 11. Reading system test example: VS Bookshelf
  12. 12. Live demo
  13. 13. Latest test results • Let’s take a look at the results grid
  14. 14. Where are the reading systems failing? • Simple navigation (such as next paragraph) • Read alt text • Go to page • Where am I?
  15. 15. Future developments • Evaluating the experience with math • Strengthening the dyslexia requirements • Adding to the evaluation for low vision
  16. 16. Inclusive publishing initiative • This is part of the DAISY initiative funded by • This focuses on both content and reading systems • These together are explained on the hub
  17. 17. Call to action • Check out the existing test results • Talk to your suppliers and reference the tests • Contact with questions • Accessibility testing: prospective moderators, evaluators and testers sign up on the same site • Still improving! Send your comments and suggestions.
  18. 18. How can I get started? • Go to • Instructions for evaluators: • Select / click on EPUB 3 support grid to review test results