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Communicating Across Channels - Iowa Nonprofit Summit 2013


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Published in: Technology
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Communicating Across Channels - Iowa Nonprofit Summit 2013

  1. 1. Communication Across Channels: Why, How & When Iowa Nonprofit Summit 2013 Altoona, Iowa 1:15-2:30 2:45-4 #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  2. 2. Welcome! • Who is this guy (@ctrappe) ? Where I came from … where I’m heading #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  3. 3. Rules, rules, rules! • Got a question? Ask it. That increases your chances of it being answered. • Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. • This session is on the record… You may Tweet. You can find the slides here: ting/midwinter2013/#npos13 #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  4. 4. Today! Communicating across channels Takeaways: Understand the channels Your own step-by-step guide for a channel strategy Formatting content based on user expectation Measuring success #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  5. 5. By stuad70 via Flickr Creative #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  6. 6. Photo by Sivesh Kumar via Flickr Creative Commons #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  7. 7. One more change: ZMOT #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  8. 8. The Zero Moment of Truth #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  9. 9. Did you know that already? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  10. 10. Channels #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  11. 11. Channels #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  12. 12. Which one is most important? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  13. 13. Channels • Latest buzzwords: Social, social, social…. Huh? Source: Next page, too! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  14. 14. But, most important channel is… #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  15. 15. But, but, but… social • United Way of East Central Iowa – Facebook: 1,240 followers. – Website: Since November '11: 68,000+ people visited website. (Not all internal ) #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  16. 16. Channels and content • So, what does that mean: Website most important, but have to get to all channels. – As much as that’s possible: Some prioritization needed: There are hundreds of social networks! • How deep does content have to go? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  17. 17. Channels • Website: Three levels of content! – Level 1: Short and headlines … most people skim (and visit the homepage) – Level 2: A bit more detail: Video, transcript, etc. – Level 3: So much more … details, details, stats, etc. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  18. 18. User base visualization 120 100 80 Level 1 60 Level 2 Level 3 40 20 0 Users #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  19. 19. Your brand voice • Before you can start, though, decide on your brand voice…. How do you want to come across? • Example for United Way in Cedar Rapids… #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  20. 20. Brand voice Serious, but fun. But not silly! Definitely not markety! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  21. 21. What’s markety? • Avoid words like this: – This FANTASTIC event. – Everyone has/will have fun. – Biggest event ever. – The best – The fastest – The slickest From: #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  22. 22. Take a few moments … • How would you describe your typical customer? • How would you describe a customer group that you would like to engage but haven’t been able to? • How would you describe the atmosphere in your business environment? This could be in your store, over the phone, etc. • How would you describe how you want your business to be described by the public? @ctrappe
  23. 23. Now… How might you sound talking to those customers and describing your surroundings? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  24. 24. Take a few moments – define voice Example structure: This and that but not this. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  25. 25. Brand voice Will you share? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  26. 26. Break: See you at 2:45 #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  27. 27. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  28. 28. Channels - Website • Many would expect to be more formal. (Doesn’t mean has to be too formal!) • Needs to have all the info. (People come here to search for it, even when it’s not public. Example: Private event search) • People will find your content here through search and direct visits. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  29. 29. Channels - Social • Facebook: Pictures, pictures, pictures. (Largest critical mass, but few people engage with brands.) • Twitter: Lots of updates. • Pinterest: People want to be inspired • LinkedIn: Professionals • YouTube: Short! Especially early on. • Don’t always link back to your website! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  30. 30. Channels – News releases • Get to the point! • Write like you are writing to the journalist’s audience (allows copying and pasting) • Include contact info • When people call, answer the phone. • Post these on your website, too! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  31. 31. Channels - Billboards #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  32. 32. Channels - TV • Be available. Don’t make people wait. • Answer questions in sound bites. “If you can’t explain simply you don’t understand it well enough” - Einstein #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  33. 33. Channels - Print Put everything in here… Just kidding! Also use Level 1 – 3 concept. How will people actually use it? #uwmidwinter
  34. 34. Channels – Emails Newsletters • Get to the point. • Keep it short. • Personalize. (Volunteer newsletter replies example) #uwmidwinter
  35. 35. Channels • Which ones did I miss? • How do you talk on them? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  36. 36. Channels – Never the right answer! Because we’ve done it like this! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  37. 37. But, but, but is it making money? • Who here has done print advertising? • TV? • Radio? How do you know that it made money? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  38. 38. Hello? Does it make money? What’s the first light beer that comes to mind? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  39. 39. I’ve talked enough… • How do you measure success? Donations, sure … community change … but how about channel specific? Take some time and think about this … then share in your group and then let’s talk about it. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  40. 40. Group discussion #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  41. 41. Metrics • Websites (Google Analytics) – Visitors, pages per visit, etc. • Social – (60 plus starts showing you have influence) – Kred Score (920+) – Metrics, Likes, etc. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  42. 42. Metrics • Email – Open rates – Click through (if applicable) – Donations (Email direct mail example) • Billboards/Print/Etc. – Surveys – Anecdotes
  43. 43. Managing all these channels • How are you going to do it? – Easy Website system – for social scheduling – One place to keep content! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  44. 44. Channel management • Produce once … distribute to different channels based on user expectation. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  45. 45. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  46. 46. Step 1 I’m out …. I don’t have a camera… Who said that? Anyone? Tools … #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  47. 47. Step 2 • Transcript posted to website – Web searches (Adds content and keywords) – Makes it easier for you to find quotes, etc., for other channels. • No time for a transcript? Write down summary/highlights/best quotes from video! #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  48. 48. Step 3 • Determine other uses (if you didn’t do that earlier) • Could depend on topic (Examples: KPACE, Powerball winner, campaign results) #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  49. 49. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  50. 50. #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  51. 51. Where to go from here… Any questions so far? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  52. 52. Where to go from here… • Storytelling class is tomorrow morning, but … who has a story to share? • Anyone has a story shared on all channels? • How about one shared on a traditional channel…. • How would you package it for others? • Who does it? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  53. 53. Group exercise: Identify stories, how to share on different channels #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  54. 54. Did we go over time? Questions? #INPOS13 @ctrappe
  55. 55. We didn’t go over time? Please fill out the evaluations before you go! Stay in touch: 319-804-9853 #INPOS13 @ctrappe