Thriving in the social media jungle for internet marketing association 2013


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Chances are your team does not have all the tools to win in the social media jungle. This session will share how you can help your team identify unique stories and then share them strategically, organically and in an authentic way that helps brands connect with customers. We will also share social media guidelines that people in the field can actually use during everyday communications as well as crisis communications.

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  • Define does and donts. Just a few!
  • By participating I mean responding, yes, but we won’t go into that much today. Participating also means leading! Sharing stories that are relevant. What’s relevant? Of course your audience/customers decide that…. But stories work.
  • Authentic stories vs. talking pointsQuestions to ask: Does it fit into overall mission?
  • After sharing traffic ticket and then walking story ask the typical questions!
  • Even if it’s internal first.Change at UW…
  • Have to be on board…Positive reinforcementGet them sharing storiesMy story!
  • Thriving in the social media jungle for internet marketing association 2013

    1. 1. How to thrive in the Social Media Jungle By @ctrappe Las Vegas Sept. 26, 2013 @ctrappe #impact13 Photo by Luke Jones
    2. 2. Survive by sharing … • relevant content • authentic content • snackable content • constant content @ctrappe #impact13
    3. 3. What it’s not… • Only selling • Marketing-related departments only come up with stories • Ads! • Interruption! • Few updates • Unrelated updates. “Happy Thursday!” @ctrappe #impact13
    4. 4. Show of hands: Who has a social media policy that looks somewhat like this… Photo by
    5. 5. Our social media policy … Seriously: Social media fits into overall communications! @ctrappe #impact13
    6. 6. Objective today: Getting ideas to really allow your organization and front-line employees to participate in social media! @ctrappe #impact13
    7. 7. Did I mention stories? Anyone got a good story? Was it a personal or business story? Traffic ticket story Walking daughter to school @ctrappe #impact13
    8. 8. Lessons Stories most meaningful when personal! (Engage SMEs, employees, etc.) Interesting, different and new things get people to pay attention! @ctrappe #impact13
    9. 9. Create a space to share stories @ctrappe #impact13
    10. 10. Channels @ctrappe #impact13
    11. 11. Help people spot stories If you want to share something because it’s unique, interesting or caught your eye for another reason it might be a story! Share the story with somebody to see if it’s interesting to others! @ctrappe #impact13
    12. 12. How people spot stories More questions to ask on handout. (Also here: questions-can-help-with-specific-stories/) @ctrappe #impact13
    13. 13. One last thing: The C/VP level @ctrappe #impact13
    14. 14. @ctrappe @ctrappe #impact13