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United ways of iowa social media basics 2013


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These slides were used as part of a presentation to United Ways of Iowa member organizations on how United Ways can use social media to engage with their communities. The meeting was held on July 24, 2013, at the Human Services Campus in downtown Cedar Rapids.

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United ways of iowa social media basics 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Basics Get Started Today! United Ways of Iowa July 24, 2013 @ctrappe
  2. 2. Please get out a piece of paper or your iPhone. @ctrappe
  3. 3. Rules, rules, rules… • Got a question? Ask it. That increases your chances of it being answered. • Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. • This session is on the record…  you can find the slides here: UWECI.ORG/marketing/uwisocialmedia @ctrappe
  4. 4. Takeaways - Basic understanding of change in user behavior. - Understand ease of use. - Draft 1 of social media strategy! @ctrappe
  5. 5. @ctrappe
  6. 6. @ctrappe
  7. 7. OMG! Really? Is this guy serious? We know that! But how do you implement this? We’ll get there… @ctrappe
  8. 8. Take a guess: What age group uses social media? @ctrappe
  9. 9. @ctrappe
  10. 10. Networks • Facebook: Pictures, pictures, pictures. (Engaging copy good, too.) • Twitter: Lots of updates. • YouTube: Short! Especially early on. • Pinterest: Inspire! • Don’t always link back to your website! @ctrappe
  11. 11. Social media strategy template @ctrappe
  12. 12. Business goals! @ctrappe
  13. 13. Examples • We are the community connector! • We fix the community together! • We find resources to achieve our goals!
  14. 14. Take a minute Define your business goals! (Have to be easy enough to remember!)
  15. 15. Focus! What are you going to Tweet about? Your expertise. Needs to fit into goals!
  16. 16. Your brand voice • Before you can start, though, decide on your brand voice…. How do you want to come across? • Example for United Way in Cedar Rapids… @ctrappe
  17. 17. Brand voice Serious, but fun. But not silly! Definitely not markety! @ctrappe
  18. 18. What’s markety? • Avoid words like this: – This FANTASTIC event. – Everyone has/will have fun. – Biggest event ever. – The best – The fastest – The slickest – I’m an expert! From: @ctrappe
  19. 19. @ctrappe
  20. 20. Define don’ts! • Would you say it to somebody’s face? • How will this help your brand? • Could it hurt your brand? • Short and specific don’ts! But what if something goes wrong? @ctrappe
  21. 21. Follow up! @ctrappe
  22. 22. Take a minute Define your don’ts! @ctrappe
  23. 23. Define dos! • Social media is social! Be social! (Dinner party) • Share success stories! • Do you respond to national news? • Not much promotion. Not a print ad! • Share knowledge. • Respond! @ctrappe
  24. 24. @ctrappe
  25. 25. Take a moment Write down your dos! @ctrappe
  26. 26. But, but, but does it make money?
  27. 27. Metrics Social – (60 plus starts showing you have influence) – Kred Score (920+) – Reach, Likes, Public perception, too – Lots of paid, tools, too – Referrals to website @ctrappe
  28. 28. Group exercise: Share some of your tweets @ctrappe
  29. 29. Report out… How hard was tweeting? @ctrappe
  30. 30. Couple more things…
  31. 31. Did we go over time? Questions? @ctrappe
  32. 32. We didn’t go over time? Great! Please fill out the evaluations before you go! Stay in touch: 319-804-9853 UWECI.ORG/Marketing @ctrappe