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FUZE Day 2 Presentation for the 2010 National Forest Recreation Association annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Day 1 focused on action plan development for the attendees who were considering relaunching their web marketing initiatives, namely their websites. Presentation covers basic project framework, approach, small business concepts, and web traffic drivers for small business. Part 2 of a 2 day program. Delivered by Bryan Landbauru, President of FUZE.

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FUZE | National Forest Recreation Association Day 2

  1. 1. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE National Forest Recreation Association 2010 – Day 2 Enough talk, how about some action presented by Bryan Landaburu (@fuze) President Fuze
  2. 2. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Hi. My name is Bryan.
  3. 3. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE FUZE
  4. 4. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Particulars • A digitally-led agency est. 2003 • We develop & execute campaigns for clients nationwide that include: – Web, application, system, UI design – Content Management Systems – Business process design – E-mail marketing – Blog strategy – Social & mixed media campaigns – E-Commerce development – Search Marketing (SEO/PPC) – Advanced analytics – Traditional creative services
  5. 5. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Clients
  6. 6. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE What are we talking about?
  7. 7. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Well, we’re going to talk about this… • Where does the web fit, and why does it matter? • What do your customers expect from you? • “Social media” is a real trend. What will you do with it? • How do you communicate with your customers? • What is unique about you? • Do devices matter? • Why does any of this matter???
  8. 8. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Two sessions… • Friday – More detailed discussion – Social Media Concepts – Site reviews – Industry trends – Questions/Answers – Emphasis on tools – Action plan Workshop Style • Thursday – High level overview – The consumer thought process – Trends and things to consider – Tools and tips – Why it matters – Deemphasis on technology – Emphasis on your customer Seminar Style
  9. 9. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The world vs. your world
  10. 10. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE A new world view… • Economics have changed our values and what's important to us • We have returned to our safe zone, family • We favor intimacy over excess • We seek activities closer to home; exploring our own cities • We seek economical holidays • We have a renewed interest in the past • We have a new relationship with the environment • Others??
  11. 11. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE What else has changed? The way we search, research, and the devices we use.
  12. 12. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE What people expect • We connect on new devices; smaller and different screen • We expect relevant and consistent experiences • We expect speedy access • We expect clear content developed for us • We expect things to be where we anticipate them to be • We trust the opinions of others like us – More than we trust you • We expect honest presentations • We have very little patience
  13. 13. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE What did you think of yesterday?
  14. 14. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE NFRA Website Print Blogs Search Marketing Mobile Competitors PPC Landing pages Analytics Conversation Influencers Reputation Social Media Content Reviews
  15. 15. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Can you compare bananas & oranges? the lack of science in making assumptions
  16. 16. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Oranges vs. Bananas • Both delicious • Both healthy • If presented in the same manner… – Which will people like? – Can you say for sure? – Based on what? • Bananas – Easy to hold – Easy to open – Good source of potassium • Oranges – Pretty – Easy to hold – Easy to throw – Good source of Vitamin C
  17. 17. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE “I love oranges, so will everyone else.” -The Management (HiPPO) Ex: Highest Paid Persons Opinion
  18. 18. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE “I’m not sure we should make the assumption that everyone will love oranges. Is everyone like you?” - The Minion
  19. 19. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE “I am online all the time. I book travel online, I shop online, and I’m smarter than you. Hey, who owns this business? Me or you? Sell the oranges.” - The Management
  20. 20. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The danger of assumptive decisions… • What if you put all your interest in oranges, because the HiPPO, agency, etc. told you to? • What if the HiPPO is wrong? • What are the odds of them being right? • Should you be taking odds on your business success?
  21. 21. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The results…
  22. 22. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The results… • Bananas were taken 10-1 over oranges • People only took oranges when bananas were gone • People asked if we had more bananas • People said that oranges were too hard to open and eat • We ran the test again (with a new bowl of fruit) and got the same results – this validated our test • Had we run a test on this sample, we could have probably deducted that we should have purchased more bananas and less oranges • Bananas are cheaper than oranges and we can sell more, that means more $ • Sorry HiPPO, but you are wrong
  23. 23. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE So what? • I’ve oversimplified a complex situation • If you don’t test and don’t “know”, then you simply, don’t know. • Testing comes in many forms • Remove yourself from your decisions…your opinion is one, but there are others • Think like your customer does • Think about who your customer is – persona definition • Sometimes things cant be explained
  24. 24. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE What features do customers care about? Give them what they want…don’t try to steer from the passenger seat.
  25. 25. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE I argue, people only want this from you • Realistic presentation of what you offer • Professional and clear photos & videos – If low-fi, then they better be from real people • Usable directions & maps • Reservation options (preferably online) • Real time communications • Ways to connect with you and stay in touch, passively • Light reading, zero thinking • Seasonal information • How to prepare for current conditions • Reviews and real peoples perspectives • A tour of some sort • A way to plan/share a trip
  26. 26. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  27. 27. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Conversation starters. The following slides are intended to start a conversation. Unlike tube socks, one size doesn’t fit all.
  28. 28. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Redesign doesn’t begin with design You need to develop a plan first
  29. 29. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Establishing a budget Q) how much is a website?
  30. 30. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Establishing a budget Q) how much is a website? A) how much is a 3 bedroom house?
  31. 31. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Budgeting Factors • Business planning • Marketing planning • Business organization/experience • Industry experience/position • Product mix complexity • Access to product data/images • Preparedness to manage site • How many people on the team • Previous project experience • How will content be managed • How will orders, reservations, inventory, etc be managed • How complicated are your selling rules • How custom do you want it • How many products/sections/features • Timeline • How many templates • How much integration • Bottom line, we interview our clients the same way they interview us. aphexafx
  32. 32. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Fuze [typical]Methodology • The Story [goal establishment] • Strategy & Research • Information Architecture – Sitemap, user profiles, template overview, data and content maps • Website Design – Mockups/wireframes, template design • Core Development – CSS construction, template build out • Functional Development – CMS integration, feature development • Web Page Layout – Content load with design in mind • Analytics setup – What performance indicators are we tracking? What tools will we use? • Q/A & Testing • Launch • Marketing rollout/Site promotion • Email Campaign Calendar • PPC/Search Optimization/etc. • Ongoing monitoring and re-testing $5K-50K and we sing kum-by-ya
  33. 33. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Simple plan For the budget conscious
  34. 34. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Simple Plan To Web Prosperity • Set up a blog based website (WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.) – Don’t use host-provided “templates” or buy templates from templatemonster or similar. They weren't built with your business in mind • Build your photo and video library • With a plan in mind, develop content • Set up your social media accounts – Facebook fan page, YouTube Site, Flickr Site, Twitter stream • Integrate the elements – When you publish in your blog, embed video from YouTube, reference photos from flickr, on save, publish the content simultaneously to facebook and twitter • Send regular emails to your customers, using content you’ve already written in your blog. • Use PPC or other traffic injectors to build audience • Use analytics to track your progress • Test and try new things • Measure results • Your only job becomes the necessity to continue to develop unique and real content
  35. 35. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  36. 36. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  37. 37. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Traffic Drivers Search Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Campaigns, Traditional Marketing. It’s a nice little mixer.
  38. 38. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Before you start paying for advertising: If you’re not ready to track the return on your investment, save your money! Or put it in an envelope and send it to Bryan Landaburu, 846 Victorian avenue…
  39. 39. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  40. 40. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  41. 41. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  42. 42. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  43. 43. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Conversion tip: The destination for any paid advertising probably shouldn’t be your home page. Don’t present people with a seek & find. They won’t play along…they’ll move along.
  44. 44. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The Great Social Media Discussion Where do you need to be? What do you have to say? What’d you have for dinner?
  45. 45. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE The majors • There are countless options, more coming every day • Watch what the big guys do, focus there. • The ones that matter (for your group) – Facebook – Fan Pages – YouTube – Repository for your videos – Flickr – Repository for your photos – Twitter – Communication mechanism – Your own blog – In your own words, with dialog • Reviews and reputation management
  46. 46. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Are you the life of the party, or the turd in the punchbowl? The same rules apply online and off.
  47. 47. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Things to remember • Be relevant and timely with your communication • Control your frequency • Be authentic, always • Remember to interact • Encourage communications, start conversation…ask a question • Mix offers with info – you have to give to get • Don’t be overly concerned with “follower counts” • Brand all your activity – consistent experience matters • DON’T FOSTER PLAGIRISM
  48. 48. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Copyscape research
  49. 49. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Copyscape research
  50. 50. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  51. 51. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  52. 52. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  53. 53. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  54. 54. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  55. 55. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  56. 56. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  57. 57. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  58. 58. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  59. 59. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  60. 60. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  61. 61. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  62. 62. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  63. 63. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  64. 64. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE
  65. 65. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Site reviews… Anyone want to talk about their site?
  66. 66. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE Q&A
  67. 67. twitter: #NFRA | @FUZE In case you want to reach out and say what’s up… Drop me your business card if you want these slides. Or give us a jingle… twitter | twitter.com/fuze my blog | bryanlandaburu.com Email | bryan@ifuze.com phone | 877-879-3893 Use These