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  1. 1. GenreBar code /Price/Issue dateMastheadThis is all important information so readers know how much the issue will be each week, what month the magazine is covering and so readers know that the magazine is giving them information they would need in order to keep purchasing Kerrang. This issue is from May 2009 and priced at £2.20. The price and the date can influence the reader’s decision to buy the magazine as it could be an old issue or too dear to buy in their opinion so this is very important in a magazine. The price for Kerrang is reasonable as there is plenty to read, lots of extras and more than one poster which all come free. <br />The genre is a music magazine. It is largely associated with rock music and all the cover stars are known to live a rock and roll lifestyle. Artists such as Red hot chilli peppers and the Kaiser chiefs are also very popular artists which feature in this magazine as they fit the genre extremely well. Kerrang Is a rock music magazine published in the United Kingdom. The magazine's name is onomatopoeic and refers to the sound made when playing a power chord on an electric guitar. Kerrang is also a successful radio station along with a TV channel full of the more mainstream side of the rock music as well as classic rock bands like Aerosmith, and Guns N' Roses.<br /> <br />Costume<br />Cover lines1428750120015<br />The costumes are very stereotypical as they are whatever rock artist would usually wear. The costumes always consist of the spiked funky hair and the black eye make up. The colours which have been used such as the grey shirts indicate that rock artists are not very formal as their shirts are loose and not smartly done up as an artist such as Justin Timberlake would who is a completely different genre of music .The colour grey is seen to be a neutral colour and so this contrasts well with the heading which is white blocked capitals. The facial expressions of the artists are also stereotypical traits of rock band members as this shows they are different from any other kind of genre as you wouldn’t see a classical artist create such poses. The whole costume contributes to their kind of music and sums up the whole genre of the magazine as it plays on the whole idea of Kerrang which is crazy and unusual. There are several articles featured on the front page. For example world exclusive studio reports on Paramore and also “your one – stop guide to Marilyn Manson”. All these cover lines apart from the main feature are placed into boxes near the bottom of the page. The cover promotes many inside articles to let the readers know what else they can expect in the issue. The names of the bands are all in blocked capitals to make sure they are seen just as much as the main feature in the centre of the page and to symbolize other artists music and make the magazine sell more. The names of the artists are also all in red which stands out from a neutral background which will again gain other readers to want to purchase this and read more about all the other bands inside.<br />RepresentationThis magazine is extremely male orientated as the images are all of males. There is not one female issued on the cover suggesting that this issue or every issue only represents male bands as being rock artists and that females don’t apply to this genre of music. White is the dominant race as every single member on the cover is white and this is also stereotypical as there is not mainly black artists that tend to create heave rock music. At the top of the page there is a banner which says “30 seconds to mars” along with three other examples. These also relate to the genre of Kerrang magazine and to also grab the reader’s attention on to other additions this magazine is presenting in this month’s issue. BannersThe ideology being represented here is that male bands are the greater genre in music. the images used show that bands think and act as they are in control and don’t conform to certain roles in society because they are quite rebellious and play on this as that’s what rock bands are often stereotyped as .IdeologyCover starThe cover stars for this issue of Kerrang is the band Green Day. The band matches the genre of music represented in the magazine as they are known to create heavy rock music. The pull quote “we’ve made the album of our lives” shows they are passionate about their music and this is a great issue of this magazine as green day are extremely famous .Furthermore they suit the genre of this magazine and because of their popularity it will attract many readers.FreebiesThere is also an offer of “5 free posters” for every reader. This is a good way of attracting the readers as they are more likely to purchase a magazine which is promoting free items than a magazine which has nothing else to offer. The colour scheme of the box which is promoting the free offers has used them exact colours as they are different from the other colours such as green and grey to stand out more and to set them apart from everything else on the front cover which creates a better effect.<br />