50th General Assembly of Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative


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50th General Assembly of Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative

  1. 1. Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative 50th Annual General Assembly
  2. 2. My first encounter with LCCrC was in the 1987 something. When cooperatives are still under DA. We attended various seminars to learn more about coop management and coop as a distinct business
  3. 3. Then when I transferred to DA to CDA being the first CDS-II for Pangasinan, LCCrC was more than willing to help me prepare the stage for the CMC celebration. I most remembered Ma’am Salud including the other officers of the cooperative who were helpful and supporting
  4. 4. LCCrC also became a big brother to KKMPC where they have provided us some form of assistance. They never hesitate to extend assistance
  5. 5. LCCrC have been an active partners of CDA in the implementation of our program. They were so kind enough to accommodate most of our request.
  6. 6. For my professional growth, LCCrC accommodated me in nationwide training like in Subic and Coconut Palace.
  7. 7. I became a member officially two years ago and I was able to purchase a second hand car and house repairs thru their lending program. Being a practitioner, I paid my loans in full. Then this year my husband and daughter became members of LCCrC and we are proud members ever since.
  8. 8. For the update part  The LCCrC was organized in 1964 Re reg Oct 20, 2009  13,122 member (Dec 2012)  P 111,576,298 Paid Up Capital  P 249, 268.201 Total Assets  P 129,143,575 Total Networth  P101,566,000 Volume of Business  P 6,681,025.52 NS
  9. 9. Performance Review th out Regional Level Rank 4 of 212 Millionaire Coop nd out of Provincial rank 2 105 Millionaire Coops
  10. 10. 2012 Rank 2nd Regl out of 175 in effect an increase of 37 new millionaire coops Rank 2nd out of 92 – increase of 13 millionaire coops in Pangasinan
  11. 11. IN terms of Membership Tubao 25649 SACDECO 19048 LCCrC 12282 SHSC 11068 FVMPC 3382
  12. 12. In terms of PC CPRCE MPC 247,353,520.12 Tubao 210,104,429.51 SACDECO 139,892,272.91 LCCrC 111,576,298.31 (same rank 2012) GLEDCO 92,652,000
  13. 13. In Terms of TA • • • • • SACDECO TCC CPRCE MPC GLEDCO LCCrC 785,525,880.37 653,878,179.73 329,951,675.59 306,808,285.38 249,268,201.22 same rank 2012
  14. 14. In terms of NS CPRCE MPC SACDECO TCC GLEDCO LCCrC 2012 way below 45,995,288.81 34,521,912.17 14,968,260.42 7,498,130.08 6,681,025.52
  15. 15. 2013 Winner Provincial and Regional Levels Best in Community Development and Involvement for Gawad Parangal
  16. 16. These are your significant achievements (2012-2013) For 50 years of existence is a manifestation of a sound guidance and a thoughtful, valued perspective. You have a legacy to be proud of and many accomplishments to celebrate.
  17. 17. It’s a common knowledge that LCCrC have encountered some form of internal shocks and controversies surrounding the case of the former treasurer – be as it may LCCcR is a model coop that can withstand any crisis, it showed resilience in dealing with the financial crisis and that incident was a wake up call – officers faced their responsibilities and there was structural reforms implemented, officers were more vigilant more than ever.
  18. 18. The leadership, dedication, professionalism and expertise and most importantly facts in terms of OVI speak for the image of the cooperative. You were able to build a competent cooperative worthy of trust and respect of the CDA and the coop sector in our region.
  19. 19. 22 MCs for 2013 MC 2013 – 02 Supplemental Rules on the training reqmts of Coop Directors, officers and Committee members
  20. 20. MC 2013-04 Clarificatory Policy on Share Capital
  21. 21. MC 2013 -06 Clarificatory Policy on the member’s Right to examine – Under Art 83 -52 of RA 9520
  22. 22. MC 2013-20 Revised Guidelines Governing the conduct of conciliation mediation proceedings before CDA
  23. 23. Certification of Non Settlement
  24. 24. MC 2013 -21 revised Guiltiness Governing the conduct of Conciliation Mediation Proceedings at the Primary And Union/Federation Level The following matters are not covered by mediation and conciliation proceedings:
  25. 25. REVISED GUIDELINES GOVERNING THE CONDUCT OF CONCILIATIONMEDIATION PROCEEDINGS Page 3 of 6 BEFORE THE COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (CDA) a) Violation of Article 47 of RA 9520 (Dealings of Directors, Officers or Committee Members); b) Violation of Article 48 of RA 9520 (Disloyalty of Directors); c) Violation of Article 49 of RA 9520 (Illegal Use of Confidential Information); d) Violation of Article 83 of RA 9520 (Right to Examine); e) All matters relating to franchise or certificate of public convenience and necessity of public service cooperatives as stated in Article 111 ( 2) of RA 9520; f) Non-compliance with other laws as stated under Article 135 of RA 9520; g) Violation of Article 140 of RA 9520( Penal Provisions ); h) Issues which are criminal in nature cognizable by the regular or special courts; i) Violation of Article 125 of RA 9520 (Prohibition ); j) Other disputes which is not subject to a compromise; and k) Other matters which fall under the administrative and regulatory functions or matters that pertain to compliance with the mandatory requirements of law and related issuances.
  26. 26. Certificate of Non-Resolution If the conciliation/mediation is not successful before the CDA, a shall be issued by the Authority within five (5) calendar days from termination of conference/failure to appear during the preliminary conference despite due notice or written notice of parties’ noninterest in conciliation-mediation.
  27. 27. MC 2013 Guidelines on Mainstreaming Gender and Development (GAD) in Cooperatives
  28. 28. The ICA has declared the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade. The blueprint strategies involve 5 critical interlinked themes: Identity, Participation, Sustainability, Legal Framework and Capital as an aimed implementing strategies until 2020 for the growth of cooperatives globally
  29. 29. The ambitious plan in this Blueprint - the “2020 vision” - is for the co-operative form of business by 2020 to become: • The acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability • The model preferred by people • The fastest growing form of enterprise
  30. 30. The overarching agendas are: (1) Elevate participation within membership and governance to a new level; (2) Position cooperatives as builders of sustainability; (3) Build the cooperative message and secure the cooperatives identity; (4) Ensure supportive legal frameworks for cooperative growth, and (5) Secure reliable cooperative capital while guaranteeing members control
  31. 31. Simply Participation, sustainability, identity, legal framework (poor legislation will always be a barrier) and capital PARTICIPATION - it was challenging to make everyone working together Vision 2020 aims decade of co-operative growth in rural communities also to make the rural population’s voice heard.
  32. 32. Cooperative enterprises build a better world; Thank you very much for your contribution to this goal - in bringing 13,122 people working together; TYVM for your contribution for improved livelihoods
  33. 33. TYVM Raising the profile and image of co-operatives beyond the limits of the sector itself, in civil society and amongst governmental and intergovernmental bodies.
  34. 34. We wish you continued success as you celebrate this important milestone. Congratulations on 50th Anniversary, and God’s Blessings to your LCCrC and those who will benefit from it. Wishing you all the very best for many more decades to come