How to overcome suffering -You are your own master-


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How to overcome suffering -You are your own master-

  1. 1. FOREWORD All problems on this planet are man-made. Allproblems, including individual problems, familyproblems, community problems, national problems,cross-border problems and global issues, are our owncreation. Terrorism, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism,Environmental issues, Global financial crisis, Globaleconomic depression, EU debt crisis…etc. are allman-made problems. As a result, many people in theworld are suffering mentally and physically. In theshort term, a large number of unrelated peoplesuffer from the problem which a small number ofpeople created. But in the long term, problemcreators will suffer from their own creation. Howsilly, meaningless and unnecessary things they aredoing! However we can solve all the problems by ourhands because they are our own creation. Only thingwe have to do is to investigate the source of each1
  2. 2. problem, eliminate the source and establish a newsystem to prevent the problem from occurring anymore. There are always motivations behind ouractions, so it’s sufficient to check our motivations forfinding out the cause of the problem. It is surprisingto find out that almost all problems occur due to ourself-centered motivations. How many people on the earth notice this simpletruth? Because various problems are occurring moreand more in the world, those people must be limitedto our regret. If we compare with 20th century, thesituation must have improved a little because thereis no large-scale war and the number of small-scaleconfrontation has decreased. However, many corruptpeople still exist because it’s obvious that thenumber of intellectual violence such as political,administrative and economic corruptions andmental and verbal violence like bullying isincreasing as a form of non-physical violence in a sly,underhand manner. As far as these problems keep occurring, all 2
  3. 3. sufferings won’t disappear on this planet. Eventhough everyone wants happiness and doesn’t wantsuffering, some corrupt people are creating thesource of problems. It’s definitely a contradictionbecause there is inconsistency of desire and action. Ifwe really hope to be liberated from sufferings, onlysolution will be elimination of self-centeredmotivations which are the source of our sufferings.In order to achieve the hope, we have to understandour mind system which influences the motivations ofhuman actions. This book will guide readers to findout the sources of sufferings and advise how toeliminate the sources of sufferings throughfundamental knowledge about mind system. I hopethat many readers will overcome sufferings anddetermine to transform mind for meaningful,healthy and happy life.April, 2012 Hitoshi Tsuchiyama3
  4. 4. CONTENTSFOREWORD 1Chapter 1 Varieties of Suffering 7(1)Physical or material suffering 7(2)Mental suffering 8(3)Relation between body and mind 10Chapter 2 Sources of Mental Suffering 12(1)Self-centered mind 12(2)Greed 13(3)Attachment 15(4)Arrogance and Pride 18Chapter 3 Source of Self-centered Mind 20(1)Ignorance 20(2)Human beings as social animal 21(3)Interdependence 21Chapter 4 How to Eliminate Sources of Suffering 23(1)Human structure 23 4
  5. 5. (2)Mind system 25(3)Control of destructive emotions 33(4)Reduction of self-centered mind 40(5)Cultivation of compassionate mind 43Chapter 5 Concrete Solutions 47(1)Holistic view 47(2)Appreciation 48(3)Broad-mind 48(4)Cause and effect 49(5)Hope for the next good chance 50APPENDICES 52(1) The whole picture of Good Circulation of Mind 52(2) The whole picture of Vicious Circle of Mind 53AFTERWORD 545
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