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12: End of everything


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Today we wrapped the 2012 class by reviewing what we covered and did. We also talked a bit about the exam.

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12: End of everything

  1. 1. COMP 113Social Media & Online Communities, Summer School 2012 12: End of everything
  2. 2.  2
  3. 3. What did we do? 3
  4. 4. Did WE achieve these? Gain a solid grounding in social media concepts and services Practical experience implementing social media to foster and grow online communities Appreciation of wider societal issues resulting from changes on internet Practical experience writing and setting up blogs and generating other online content Opportunity to work collaboratively on an web technology centred project 4
  5. 5. Did YOU achieve this? Attend and actively participate in all classes Contribute to online discussions on related social spaces (e.g., wiki) and add content Work collaboratively and constructively with your fellow students Create Twitter, Facebook and blogging accounts and keep active Provide feedback by talking, tweeting, completing online surveys, etc. 5
  6. 6. What did WE talk about? Web 2.0 & social media  Language change Online community,  Blogging social capital & ties  Disasters (#eqnz) Users (recruitment,  Gamification types, retention)  Politics (US election, Identity management & Arab Spring) privacy  Web tech (AJAX, IPv4, Social media strategies IPv6, DNS, HTML, CSS, Web (under the hood) cookies,CMS, https, ...) Copyright issues  Mobile tech (OS, App Memes store, Wifi, 3G, GPS, …) 6
  7. 7. Online community  Common interests  Reciprocity  Emotional investment  Time  Social capital
  8. 8. “… social aggregations that emerge from theInternet when enough people carry on publicdiscussions long enough and with sufficient humanfeeling to form webs of personal relationships incyberspace” --Howard Rheingold 8
  9. 9. What tools did WE try? Wiki (Mindtouch Deki) Microblog (Twitter) Social network site (Facebook) Blog (Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, ...) Cloud apps (Dropbox, ScreenR, Google docs) WCMS (Weebly) Mashups (Yahoo pipes) Others?
  10. 10. YOU were assessed as followsAssessment Weighting TotalBlog assignments 3 x 5% 15%Group project: 40% • Report 15% • Prototype 15% • Presentation 10%Final Examination 45%Total 100% Group project with 3 (or 2) other students Presentations to expert panel (cf. Dragon’s Den) Final examination to be digital! 11
  11. 11. What can YOU do now? Evolve your project idea (next level) Start a new online community Become active contributors (bye bye lurker) Revise your privacy, security, & backup decisions Keep on top of social media developments Consider a related vocation: – Community manager – Social strategist/manager/director – Social media marketer/advisor/consultant Become more social! 12
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. The exam? 15
  14. 14. Ideas? Multiple choice  Draw pictures Open book (e.g., Google)  Swap answers with class Easy short answer mates No essays  Give exam before the Write blog posts exam Rote questions (single  Video then questions answer)  Show and tell Non-obscure  Case study and tasks 140 character limit  … 16
  15. 15. The exam (45%) When: Tuesday 21st February, 9:30 – 12:30 Where: CO3.16 Method: Blackboard (paper-based backup) Format: –? What: – All classes potentially open to exam – Work done on assessments (indirectly)
  16. 16. Logistics Arrive by 9:15 Only pens required No notes, paper, phones, etc. Exam starts when everyone logged in Supervised by team Word and notepad available Save regularly! Anything else?
  17. 17. Preparation & resources Ensure you can access Blackboard (today) Talk with each other The Wiki (slides, links, video, ...) Read each other’s blogs (see references) The internet (Google!) Your past exam experiences Other ideas?
  18. 18. Other stuff Deadline for report & Facebook page: Friday 17th by 12:00pm All internal results will appear on Wiki Aim to get internal results out before exam
  19. 19. Debrief 21
  20. 20. FeedbackGood stuff Stuff to work on Relaxed atmosphere  Waited too long to explain Reminders, prompts, … on exam Twitter No Blackboard!  Slow return of blog marks Access to computers during  Earlier internal assessment classes Good internal weighting  Not enough treats Great start times   Better video selection Contribute to course decisions More morning teas Variety of methods Frankness 22
  21. 21. Finally, this is my last day …
  22. 22. Last job: Summer school survey 25