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Teaching Tech Online


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Ken Baldauf, Director PIC at the Florida State University shares the latest in teaching tech online in this webinar.

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Teaching Tech Online

  1. 1. Teaching Tech Onlinepresented byKen BaldaufDirector, Program in Interdisciplinary Computing (PIC)
  2. 2. Tallahassee
  3. 3. MOOCMassively Open Online Course
  4. 4. “Welcome to the brave new world of Massive Open Online Courses — known as MOOCs — a tool for democratizing higher education.”Massive OnlineFall, 2011: over Lecture videos,160,000 people assignments, tests,signed up for a and communitycourse in artificial tools.intelligence, offeredby Sebastian Thrun Coursesand Peter Norvig Non-credit-earning courses offered byOpen universities (andAnyone may enroll. sometimesOffered on a time- individuals).table to promote Sometimessynchronous providing ainteractions. certificate of compeletion.
  5. 5. MOOC and Online Education Platforms• Udacity (independent)• Coursera (33 universities)• EdX (4 universities) MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT• Google Course Builder• Stanford’s Class2Go
  6. 6. School’s Reactions?
  7. 7. Let’s go online!• Motivated by MOOC competition• Motivated by budget cuts• Tech/Computing courses are an ideal start
  8. 8. Pedagogical Technological Thinking Thinking
  9. 9. Online CourseComponents
  10. 10. Content DeliveryConsiderations
  11. 11. CONTENT DELIVERY CONSIDERATIONS Content should be packaged specifically for online delivery taking advantage of web technologies!
  12. 12. CONTENT DELIVERY CONSIDERATIONS Format Choose HTML over proprietary formats like PDF and DOC whenever possible. Proprietary Where is it stored? Is the content easy to move from system to system. Who owns it? Accessibility Is it easily accessible without password from all kinds of platforms?
  13. 13. CONTENT DELIVERY CONSIDERATIONS Media Lecture capture, screen capture. Resolution and size. Embedded media. Proprietary Where is it stored? Is the content easy to move from system to system. Who owns it? FLIPPED! Accessibility Closed captioning! Is it easily accessible from all kinds of platforms? Is a password required?
  14. 14. CommunityConsiderations
  15. 15. COMMUNITY CONSIDERATIONSHigh levels of communication betweenmembers to create a learningcommunity is the key to success!Allow students to learn about eachother through member profiles andphotos.Not easily accomplished through LMS!Utilize social media!
  16. 16. Assessment and Record KeepingOther Accessibility Mobile accessConsiderations CAN ONE SYSTEM DO IT ALL?!
  17. 17. CASE STUDY Blackboard LMS Learning Community Course Administration Course Content Assignment Submission Public Splash Page Gradebook Lessons in all formats Grade Submission Exercises/Assignments Assessment Community/Communication Assignments Member Profiles Quizzes Course Announcements Syllab Exams us News feed Agend a Discussion forums Calen dar Synchronous chat Email & messaging Virtual office hours
  18. 18. Skills & Toolsfor Online Teaching
  19. 19. SKILLS AND TOOLSCurriculum and Teaching Technology• Chunk course content into Web manageable learning paths HTML, Web Servers and Hosts, WordPress• Consider delivery vehicles: text, Media image, or video (picture worth graphics editing, video editing, lecture 1000 words) recording, desk lecture, screen video capture,• Live an online lifestyle vimeo, youtube, screenshare, prezi Social Media and Online Learning Platforms
  20. 20. Best Practices
  21. 21. BEST PRACTICESWhat students can teach each Understand that it’s not just a day job.other is just as important as whatthe professor teaches. Let students get to know you as a person. Online should never mean easy, for High-quality course materials teachers or students. count even more online.Giving thoughtful and regular feedback is Be willing to revise and refineessential. your lessons. Decide how you want to communicate with students.
  22. 22. Questions?Ken Baldauf | |, on twitter, linkedin, and skype@kbaldauf on google+ and facebook