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  • I’m Sarah – last year I moved back to Otago after several years away, some over seas, but most recently 5 years in CHCH. My background is in libraries and information. In terms of SM, I’m an early adopter of FB [29 June 2007] and Twitter .This is a conversation – so please feel free to chip in or tweet using #comp113 #eqnz.I know some of you may have experienced the eqnz first hand, or have family or friends who have been affected. I want to acknowledge that this is still a really difficult topic to discuss for those who’ve been through it, and apologise if you find anything I say or show upsetting.Covering today:My experience of living through a natural disaster as an info professional and a user of SMThe crucial role of ICT in a disasterUse of Twitter in an emergency
  • This isn’t liquefaction. It was a sandcastle I made a long time ago but when I see this grey wacke sand, that’s what I think of now.What do I mean by “you’re not an island”? Well, you’re all largely a bit younger than me, so I imagine most of your experience is in the world of web 2.0. For me Web 1.0 was isolating IRL, Web 2.0 has brought people together, virtually and IRL. I’ll show you some examples of this.Takeaways:Have an emergency kit (see the reference slide!)Be connected – reach outBe prepared to step up and use your skillsDon’t wait for permission!So lets take a look at SM and the disaster I’m connected with.Play video = 1 minBefore the earthquake, CHCH looked like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN4qKJxgpck
  • Sept 3Had been out for dinner at a friends house. We talked about what we’d do in an emergency. It was one of our few nights out that year, having a preschooler and we were with good friends, so we were a bit hammered when we got home at 1.30am.Sept 4Terrible noise. What we did.Dark and freezing cold. No power no water. No idea where the eqnz had come from or if there was a tsunami coming.Totally unprepared.Didn’t think to get in the car. Couldn’t. Mobile network went down.
  • Sept 4 We needed information. No radio. Media takes too long to report. We found our answers through Twitter.Under the table with Steve’s iphone connecting to Twitter.We didn’t think to get in the car to listen to the radio. Twitter was the first thing we thought to useInfo was coming through thick and fast – nothing official but enough to be reassuring that we weren’t in danger of being inundated by the sea.
  • Here’s a collection of first 3 tweets collected by @kalenahttp://www.ask-kalena.com/personal/first-tweets-after-the-christchurch-earthquake/ My first tweet was about needing a cup of tea.
  • Found out what was going on in the Red Zone directly from people who were living in there.We found SM was often more effective than normal media because it added a personal context, it was specific and detailed, unfiltered by mainstream media. What it did mean was that we needed to do our own filtering and try not to get too alarmed!
  • Sept 4Use of Twitter wasCitizen ledInformation drivenCommunity formingProvided cohesion and support locally, nationally and internationallyEgsThe evolution of the hash tagWe checked it regularly. Saved tags, set up lists, made real life friendsEssential Services that were on board, or came on board soon after:CCCCivil DefenseRed CrossPoliceNews media (NZ Herald, TV3 TVNZ)GeonetActual communications with individuals improved over time – EQC was a good example of not having a good community manager on FB. Transparency has meant more accountability for services and people perhaps taking more responsibility to be involved. Using this service means media and essential services can get their messages out quickly, but also means they can be held to account in a very public forum. In a democracy this is a good thing.
  • Sept 4Spent the day putting together an emergency kit searching the web and tweeting, RTing informationThere’s a link to this in the references!
  • No power no water – for some people it took some time before these were reconnected. This picture seems funny but you actually crave salt in situations of high stress – your adrenal glands need it.No real way of knowing what was open and what had stock to sell. Had to drive around to find out what was open. Luckily things got back to normal relatively quickly. We had power and water back on by mid afternoon on 4.9.10.
  • Feb 22Started well, it was my husbands birthday. We had cake for breakfast and decided it was best to cancel our planned lunch in town as he had a phone conference that was going to run past 1pm.Our daughter Iris was at kindy that morning. I picked her up at 12pm, walked home and was getting lunch sorted. I had just poured myself a coffee when everything started shaking. Cupboard doors opening and contents pouring out, fridge lurched towards me like a monster. Iris was by herself down the hall on the way to the toilet. September was nothing compared to this.I was petrified. I found Iris.Under the table again after clearing away broken glass and preserves.Txt my family before the tower’s crashed (we knew this would happen) to say “we’re ok. Are you ok?”Next thought was Twitter. My Mac.I could hear water – when I looked out the kitchen window, this is what I saw.
  • Play video 1 min http://www.flickr.com/photos/steveandsarah/5472479284/in/set-72157626123949382/ Feb 22It felt so big I thought it must have been off shore. There was so much water I thought it was a tsunami. Benches and railway sleepers were floating in my garden.
  • 1.21 mins And a couple of blocks away Steve and his workmates in town mins after the quake.Play video = 1.20 mins – Cathedral Squarehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2SWleuCgn0&feature=related (play first min)Play video = 1.30 mins - shows day to day issues like getting water, digging out, drivinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or2Ic2Z6zn8 (play from 40 seconds)
  • So we got out#eqnzhashtag pays off, September prepared us in more ways than sorting emergency kits – many more people were now connected.The hash tag leapt into usefulness againThe community reconnectedHelp and information passed on – it was a good way of gauging where quakes were coming from by the intensity described – and while we waited for the official Geonet tweet, we played #eqnzbingo. We got good at it.
  • Image source: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/profiles/staff/people/ekant_veer.shtml
  • What helped? Lots of people stepped up. Thanks to Twitter we found out about this service. And through the service we were able to find out where we could buy a ration of petrol to take to my parents.Play video 5.51 minshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Zv7gEhKEMmw What did I do? Aside from feeling scared shitless, motion sick and hopeless, I shared information where I could.I have my Twitter set to ping to FB but I also wrote into FB about resources and services that were available – most of our friends don’t use Twitter. [look at the FB timeline]Rebuild Christchurch – FB, then Twitter and own siteArcuser mash up http://blogs.esri.com/Support/blogs/arcgisonline/archive/2011/02/22/new-zealand-earthquake-social-media-map.aspx
  • FACEBOOKFacebook and Google docs (request help form) http://www.sva.org.nz/https://www.facebook.com/StudentVolunteerArmyI used the site to get help for neighbours and ourselvesNote Jan 2013 = 27,378 likes
  • Here’s an example of how I helped.Thanks to Twitter I was able to connect Hamish Keith (Listener’s Cultural Curmudgeon) with Walter McGinnis, software architect of Kete.Hamish wanted a way for people to register artworks that were missing, lost or inaccessible in CHCH – together they set up http://lostartchch.org.nz/ @wtem and @hamish_keith
  • SHARING INFORMATIONI start firing of info gathered from Twitter into Facebook where I know many of my friends and family will find it. I got calls for info, and requests on FB.Thanks to Twitter friend @five15design, @stevegallagher and I were given temporary desk space at The Distiller in the CFI on campus. http://www.thedistiller.org/We worked from Dunedin, but at the same time I was using these services to share information with people at home.Facebook still provided a link to the affected community through a closed group called EQC Insurance woes.
  • BLOGGINGI blogged about my work experience and a bit about having no library and travelling to other libraries in the company with no librarian12 June I was heading to Tauranga – I was told by the disaster recovery expert that I was sitting next to that the sunset was due to a Chilean Volcano having erupted. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about that.I was worried that I wasn’t going to get home because of the ash cloud – then, at lunch time the following day, my worst nightmare happened, there was another series of quakes while I was away from my family.
  • This is what I cam home to.
  • And we all wanted to do what we could to help – lots of community agencies were established and many, many of these utilised social media promote their work, generate support and create communities.Rangiora Earthquake ExpressComfort ChristchurchMaking lunches www.keepthemgoing.orgDunedin EmbassyGap FillerNew Brighton ProjectAvon River TrustCCCGreening the rubbleCERA
  • Share an idea – 2minsThe CCC did a pretty good job, I thought of consulting with the public about what they wanted from their city, it was a achieved IRL and online, via the Share an Idea project. 4 themes, 4 colours. The concept / practice has since won and international award.What kids thought http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=BK5AoTXjN34 The 140 character model morphed into tool for people to add their ideas for CHCH rebuild into a website. The colours represented different functions e.g. environment, infrastructure …and an IRL experience gave people coloured post-its to write on and stick on walls
  • I found out about Gap Filler after the September earthquake and Coralie Winn and I were working on an idea for a Book Exchange – it was a few weeks off launching when the February earthquake struck. We finally launched it on 14 July 2011, 2 weeks before I moved down here. It was only supposed to be for a couple of months, but it’s still going strong. I promoted this a lot through Twitter, Facebook and Bookcrossing.It was mentioned in the film When a City Falls and also on Media 7 with Russell BrownPlay Video 1 min (from 20.20)http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/media-7-series-7-episode-13-2011
  • I get a bit of a buzz out of the fact that a couple of social media ninjas @amandapalmer (punk burlesque rock star) thought her husband @neilhimself (author extraodinare) would love the book fridge (he spent a lot of time in libraries as a kid).I wanted to show you this to demonstrate the concept of Reach – it’d been RT 46 times and favourited 36 times since 25 Jan 2011.In terms of reach at the time - @amandapalmer had 533 847 (788 226) followers and @neilhimself had 1 681 478 (1 807 434)
  • Data – think about the amount of it generated by this event
  • Data sourcesSocial mediaGNSMobile phone dataRed cross grantsWINZEQCInsurance companiesCCCElectoral rollData usesTracking population growth or decline in areas of Christchurch Economic development in the city of ChristchurchCultural development in the city of ChristchurchCommunity response and development post quakes Tracking urban renewal through stories and photographsTracking the psychological effects of the quakes on individuals and families Economic / health effects of disasters on different population demographicsStudies on memory and eye witness accountsExperiences of children over the period of the quakes
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_popout&v=QLF7ySK8khoNOT THE ENDThanks to Twitter I met Allie @rumplesnorcak – turns out we lived around the road from each other and our kids were at the same kindy. She’s now renting our house in CHCH, and is hoping to buy our section off us.And despite this being the worst thing that has ever happened to many people in CHCH, it’s provided some amazing opportunities. People have had to stretch themselves, be innovative and contribute. I urge you to be ready to do the same.TAKEAWAYSBe prepared to use your skillsDon’t wait for permissionMake an emergency kit (see refs)Be good to each other
  • #eqnz: Sarah Gallagher

    1. 1. #eqnz @sarahlibrarina | 22.1.13
    2. 2. You are not an island
    3. 3. 4.9.10
    4. 4. I don’t know what’s happening to the world right now(Iris 4yrs)
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    8. 8. Getting ready to get out
    9. 9. Not much chips
    10. 10. 22.2.11
    11. 11. Getting out of dodgehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/steveandsarah/5472479284/in/set-72157626123949382/
    12. 12. Meanwhile, in the citySource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2SWleuCgn0&feature=related
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    14. 14. "After a major crisis community hallsand churches would traditionally berallying spots and places for acommunity to connect with othersaffected. However, with many ofthese buildings deemed unsafe foroccupation and transport linksdown, social media emerged as thechurch where people couldconnect, share stories andexperiences, and find solace in the Dr. Ekant Veercomfort of others.” University of CanterburySource: http://english.cntv.cn/20120822/104643.shtml
    15. 15. IT responseSource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Zv7gEhKEMmw
    16. 16. Working through it
    17. 17. 13 June 2011
    18. 18. We can all contribute
    19. 19. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=BK5AoTXjN34
    20. 20. Thanks to Christchurch City Libraries
    21. 21. @neilhimself @amandapalmer
    22. 22. Source: http://www.ceismic.org.nz/
    23. 23. EQNZ data Data sources Data uses• Twitter • Disaster planning• General news (web and print)• Photos (tumblr / flickr / • Building design instagram)• Txt• Banking transactions• Videos / film• Seismomiter• Red cross• Winz• Super markets – buying habits• Geonet data
    24. 24. Ukulele song to finish http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=play er_popout&v=QLF7ySK8khoSource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_popout&v=QLF7ySK8kho
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