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Creating a Safe and Engaged Online Community - CMX Summit West 2016


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CMX Summit is the world's largest gathering of those who are ready to harness the power of collaboration and community in the digital age. Emiliana Simon-Thomas of the Greater Good Science Center shares how you can use psychology to build a great community space.

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Creating a Safe and Engaged Online Community - CMX Summit West 2016

  1. 1. Creating a Safe & Engaged Online Community Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Science Director Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley
  2. 2. Social Life & Well-Being “Social relationships … do not guarantee high happiness but it does not appear to occur without them.” (Ed Diener) “SBT suggests the human brain expects access to social relationships that mitigate risk and diminish the level of effort needed to meet a variety of goals.” “When you allow for all the other factors, you find that chronic loneliness increases the odds of an early death by 20%.” (John Cacioppo) (James Coan & David Sbarra)
  3. 3. The Science of Happiness • Positivity: gratitude, humor, awe, optimism, play, savoring… • Resilience: meaning, purpose, emoversity, flexible awareness… • Connection: empathy, compassion, kindness, trust, humility reconciliation…
  4. 4. (Rand & Greene)
  5. 5. (Aknin & Dunne)
  6. 6. The Science of Happiness -1 -0.8 -0.6 -0.4 -0.2 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 Good Very Good Excellent Exceptional Mean Peer Persona Factor Score Quality of Relationship Between Student and Peer Students Rated as Pro-Social are Most Likely to be in Exceptional Relationships positive pro-social anti-social
  7. 7. Working with Facebook Fostering: • emotional awareness • empathy • social resolution • trust
  8. 8. Working with Facebook Creating norms of: • social and emotional intelligence • upstanding and social support • rich, authentic and diverse expression
  9. 9. Safe, Engaged Communities “Compassion becomes organizational, rather than individual, when it is legitimized within an organizational context and propagated among organization members…compassion in organizations occurs when individuals in organizations collectively notice, feel, and respond to human pain in a coordinated way.” (Kim Cameron)
  10. 10. Safe, Engaged Communities
  11. 11. Safe, Engaged Communities Make Pro-sociality Observable, Highlight Effectiveness, and Don’t Let ‘em Hide • Model self-awareness and authenticity • Publicly acknowledge pro-social values, experiences and behaviors like gratitude, generosity and compassion
  12. 12. Safe, Engaged Communities Normalize, Brand and Scaffold “Habits of Virtue” • pro-social intentions • clear steps to cooperation • multiple means to cooperation and resolution of conflict • pre-choosing kindness
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