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Why Advocacy Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy - CMX Summit West 2016


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CMX Summit is the world's largest gathering of those who are ready to harness the power of collaboration and community in the digital age. Alicia Taggio of Hootsuite talks about how they built their massive ambassador program and why every company should consider one.

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Why Advocacy Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy - CMX Summit West 2016

  1. 1. Why Advocacy Should be Part of your Marketing Strategy #CMXSummit
  2. 2. About Me Alicia Taggio Advocate Marketing Lead, Hootsuite
  3. 3. What’s on Tap ! What is Advocacy? ! Building an Ambassador Program ! Building Internal/Employee Advocacy ! Measuring Success
  4. 4. Why Advocacy?
  5. 5. “The use of marketing strategy, budget and resources to encourage customers, employees, or partners to do something on behalf of your company with or without the expectation of mutual benefit.” Source: Forrester, Advocate Marketing What is Advocacy?
  6. 6. Why be leaders in advocate marketing? WOM Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 - 50% of all purchasing decisions. - McKinsey Social 63% of today’s consumers search for help from other customers via social. - Lithium Credibility Advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by people around them. - BzzAgent
  7. 7. Gain valuable insight from your power-customers Drive reviews Generate trust Engage customers as individuals Increase referrals Deepen relationships WhyAdvocacy? Amplify existing social activity, extending your reach Connect your fans with each other
  8. 8. Why does advocacy matter? Official Channels Advocate Amplification + + x Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Linkedin Followers Number of Advocates* 200 Average Facebook Friends 61 Average Twitter Followers 240 Average Linkedin Connections 440k 425k 36k 400 = = TOTAL REACH TOTAL REACH 210k 3 M
  9. 9. Leads Personas Prospects Consumers Target Audiences Customer Segments Humans
  10. 10. Our community of advocates help to move our business forward by building credibility through third-party validation and amplifying our reach. Our Objective
  11. 11. Our Advocate Spectrum Brand Ambs Audience Partners InfluencersFollowers Users Fans Increasing value Advocacy Programs Students Peeps
  12. 12. Building an Ambassador Program
  13. 13. Brand Ambassador Program 500+ Ambassadors in 50 countries
  14. 14. Ambassador Program Objectives Amplification Product releases shared with ambassadors to drive 200% more engagement & reviews Insights Share regional insights, offer product feedback and support initiatives in 22+ languages Support Support our 15,000 registered customers in the Support Forum with 80% response rate Hootup Events Drive localisation efforts by hosting 200+ events in 62 countries
  15. 15. “I joined the Ambassador Program to share my passion with people that have the same interests, want to grow together, and inspire. 
 I love being part of this community.” Valeria Landivar Lanaudière, Canada
  16. 16. 400+ Active in our Hub 375 Hootups Hosted 299 Published Content From 112 Surveyed NPS 74 26,262 Social Shares Ambassador Program 2015 snapshot 74
  17. 17. Where do they come from? Advocate Program Growth + Mktg Peeps The Wild Support Customer Success Partners
  18. 18. v Acquisition Selection Criteria ❏ Active user of your brand or product ❏ Has a deep affinity for your brand, company and solutions ❏ Perceived expert or thought leader ❏ Charismatic; good public speaker ❏ Net promoter; refers or references you ❏ Motivated to have a personal relationship with you ❏ Motivated to help/educate others ❏ Wants to improve their knowledge/use of your product ❏ Able to participate as part of their job function/role ❏ Motivated to build their personal brand ❏ Meets your brand tone on Social Media/Content Production An approved Ambassador should meet at least 75% of these boxes
  19. 19. All ambassadors have day jobs, so minimizing their effort asks early on, and concentrating on maximizing value to them, will get them to participate more often and more consistently. Gain commitment → Cultivate enthusiasm → Deliver benefits Grow Advocacy in steps
  20. 20. Sample Ambassador Benefits • Promotional accounts • Beta access • Exclusive updates • Education Certifications • Swag • Speaking engagements • Brand association • Thought leadership • Global network • Knowledge sharing • Exclusive event invites • Job opportunities Product Profile Community
  21. 21. v The Ambassador Journey Acquisition Onboarding Check-ins Consistent Engagement Quality vs quantity Invite existing customers Website application form Focus on personas Agree to T&C’s CASL compliance Welcome Swag pkg Onboard to platforms Connect to others 30 / 60 / 90 days 6 month check-in Identify persona Update CRM profile Knowledge sharing Better event topics Better rewards More regular feedback
  22. 22. v 1. Listen Find your Advocates Harness the Advocate Experience 3. Engage Retain the Relationship 4. Share Content Sustain the Relationship 2. Build Advocacy Deepen the Relationship
  23. 23. How to Grow your Ambassador Program LISTEN Create programs to keep your community active and engaged in your business; look to incentivize your Superfans through custom giveaways, early product offerings, swag, recognition etc. Two-way street to sharing insights about your customer experience; provide relevant content, share their content to sustain the relationship; Remember, sharing goes both ways, remember the human aspect Add value by inspiring, educating or entertaining customers with thoughtful moderation, relevant content and online/offline experiences; Look for every opportunity to connect advocates with each other Find and build relationships with key members of the community, both internally and externally by nurturing conversations and exploring their interests and how they interact with your business SHARE BUILD ENGAGE
  24. 24. Maturity Model Source: Influitive, Advocate Marketing Guide
  25. 25. Tools: Ambassador Forum Event updatesAsks for participation in marketing activities Advocate Hub General communication and connectivity Content tracking, engagement metrics
  26. 26. Tools: Hootsuite Amplify Visibility of who else is in the program Read-only messages & program/company updates Social Shares Shares, Traffic, Adoption, Reach
  27. 27. Employee Advocacy
  28. 28. “The general public wants to hear directly from employees as ‘Ambassadors for the company.’” Source: Edelman Trust Barometer
  29. 29. Who are they? Employee Personas The Manager Champion The GSD Growth Leader C-Suite The Social Seller The People Finder
  30. 30. Advocacy and your business Content Creation & Amplification Social Sales Internal Communication Thought Leadership
  31. 31. Your people know your business ●They’re tapped-in to the latest news ●They benefit from seeing updates from across your organization ●They’re on social ●They care! TIP Give them the tools they need, such as swag and on-brand content
  32. 32. +7,100,000 Followers 1 Post 254 Sessions 64 Clickthroughs 300 Advocates 1 Post 572 Sessions 191 Clickthroughs Initial Data
  33. 33. What We Do ShareContent sent to Amplify Employees/ Ambassadors open Amplify Increased Impressions Increased Clicks Leads
  34. 34. Engagement Tactics: Incentives Supported our customers the Vancouver Canucks with their campaign by Amplifying their new video TIP Reward your employees for sharing with giveaways and incentives Results: → 123 retweets from our employees → 103 shares of their Fb video
  35. 35. Measuring Success
  36. 36. Identify YOUR metrics to measure Business Goals Awareness Thought Leadership Word of Mouth Talent Acquisition Leads Sales Advocacy Goals Reach Comments, inbound links Shares, Reads, Likes, RTs Impressions, clicks Form Fills Online Purchase Metrics Total Impressions Mentions Shares Applications UGC Conversions TIP Measure what matters. Target, benchmark, optimize.
  37. 37. ! Shares ! User-generated content ! # of advocates in key local markets ! Advocate engagement and participation The metrics we track
  38. 38. Key Takeaways 1. Give advocates ways to share experiences that validate you 2. Listen, build, engage & share 3. Enable your superfans and your people 4. Align your advocacy goals to your business goals 5. Ensure you have the proper resources and budget to support your program
  39. 39. Thank you