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Safe city-people-vehicles


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Safe City CCTV

Published in: Technology
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Safe city-people-vehicles

  1. 1. Viseum UK Safe Cities Viseum UK Safe Cities
  2. 2. THE SOLUTION TO SAFE CITIES SECURITY AND COMMUNITY REGENERATION Fear of Crime and Disorder Gone. Businesses and Lifestyles Regenerated. Community Spirit Restored.
  3. 3. • All types of CCTV cameras available today miss crucial video information. • Each client has different coverage requirements for their secure areas, and each complex and challenging remote site layout has different surveillance requirements. • Technical and Operational CCTV Training and Support for security staff needs to be provided separately by each software and CCTV camera vendor. • Software and CCTV Camera Compatibility and in-life issues between the many different software systems and CCTV cameras used in a CCTV command control, need cross company collaboration to resolve. Cameras: Command Control:
  4. 4. Terrorist / insurgent attack & related reconnaissance for: • Drive-by shootings - small arms / RPG. • Close quarter assassination or Kidnap. • Building assault. • Placement of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in a public place. • Suicide Pedestrian IED (SIED). • Suicide Vehicle-borne IED (SVBIED). Opportunistic • Crime. • Low-Level Spontaneous Violence. Public Disorder Any of which can affect public confidence and Government / Police reputation. Highways Road Traffic • Vehicle Traffic Flow. • Accident Management.
  5. 5. “I would not have taken on this business here if it wasn't for this camera.” UK shop owner. “This security success is very important to us and indeed the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.
  6. 6. There are 32 Local Authorities in London. Each of these have a control room and monitor their own CCTV cameras and store video for 30 days. The Metropolitan Police has the Central Command Control Communications with feeds from each of the Local Authorities live cameras. Population: 8.303 million (2013) Area: 1,572 km² Around 10,000 CCTV cameras monitoring and recording at any one time.
  7. 7. • Metropolitan Police Service - New Scotland Yard The Viseum technical support team set up and commissioned the cellular mobile CCTV communications services for this police force. • Olympics Major Public Event • Viseum UK products meet quality compliance as used to protect the construction of this event. • Viseum UK also sponsored the Olympics CCTV security for the Olympic Torch Relay. Viseum’s Rapid Deployment CCTV
  9. 9. “Viseum UK is the only CCTV Technology provider in the world to successfully address the UK Governments latest National CCTV Strategy Recommendations.”