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Safesheltercollab nexus st


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Presentation on Safe Shelter Collaborative for Nexus Youth Summit at the United Nations, NYC.

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Safesheltercollab nexus st

  2. 2. Who am I? Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup Susan Tenby Director of Community and Partnerships Caravan Studios @suzboop @caravanstudios @safenightapp
  3. 3. We build technology to make a better world. Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. @CaravanStudios
  5. 5. Source: Partnership for Freedom
  6. 6. How can we reimagine our resources to serve all groups of survivors?
  8. 8. The Safe Shelter Collaborative is designed to improve access to urgently needed shelter for an increasing number and diversity of human trafficking survivors.
  9. 9. And also by: Funders:
  10. 10. The Safe Shelter Collaborative has three components:
  11. 11. The Safe Shelter Collaborative: 1. Provides technology to maximize the ability to find available and appropriate shelter space 2. Offers a means to source funding for a hotel room, when that is an appropriate and safe option for the survivor 3. Increases the capacity of organizations to offer survivor- centered, trauma-informed care to survivors
  12. 12. [1. Find available shelter space via tech platform] • Provide access to a technology platform that allows organizations to send and receive requests to and for shelter. • Provide data to organizations on how their agency is serving survivors. • Provide data to the field on unmet need for shelter.
  13. 13. . Agencies contact each other with enough non-identifying client information to request shelter. The average response time is under 5 minutes.
  14. 14. [2. Source funding for hotel beds.] • Provide access to a technology platform that allows organizations to request funding. • Manage the SafeNight Fund to help meet needs. • Actively engage individual donors to respond to requests via a mobile app.
  15. 15. Engage supporters to make a tax- deductible donation for hotel stays via the SafeNight app.
  16. 16. [3. Increase capacity.] • Provide training to organizations offering shelter so that they can better serve human trafficking survivors. • Provide technical training to keep skills fresh and provide access to promising new practices.
  17. 17. Bay Area Safe Shelter Collaborative Training: Trauma-Informed Care
  18. 18. All components of the Safe Shelter Collaborative are being used in: • New Jersey • San Francisco Bay Area • Dallas-Fort Worth metro area
  19. 19. We have identified an additional 15 metro areas that have the necessary infrastructure to support this work and an opportunity to build more capacity.
  20. 20. Members of the Safe Shelter Collaborative Benefit • the ability to band together with other agencies in their region to quickly locate available and appropriate shelter for individual survivors • ability to source funding via Safenight mobile app to pay for hotel stays for survivors (when appropriate) if a shelter bed cannot be located
  21. 21. Data we collect • We can generate aggregated statistics from our data to learn and share insightful information about needs and outcomes, and what populations are being served or underserved • Designed to ask the bare minimum amount of information about a survivor that would allow other agencies to determine if there is a *possible* bed. We are very intentional about not collecting any personally identifiable information about survivors • SafeNight is an example of how crowdsourcing data can help illuminate the problem
  22. 22. Survivors are getting shelter faster.  On average, agencies are responding to shelter requests in under 5 minutes.  Shelters are helping a broader diversity of survivors than expected.  Intake is expedited, reducing survivor re-traumatization.
  23. 23. SafeNight Fund for Human Trafficking • Longer-term vision: provide a larger, sustainable funding pool: ensure that placements can be made both quickly and effectively; build a community of support that can augment individual donations.
  24. 24. Our Ask – Share SafeshelterCollaborative • Make connections in the next cities where we plan to launch the SSC • NYC – Expected release this summer – in progress • Dallas / Houston– Expected release by June • LA • Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs • Seattle • Connect us with potential funders for launches and ongoing trainings • Put safenight app on your phones and respond to requests • Make donations • We expect to set up the SafeNight fund this summer • Until then, donations to individual organizations through SafeNight is appreciated. • Spread the word –SafeShelterCollaboartive, Safenight and Caravan Studios are not well known in the anti-trafficking world. Please introduce us to your networks via social media and email outreach
  25. 25. Thank You!
  26. 26. We build technology for social change. Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup Global, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. @caravanstudios @safenightapp