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Baugo Community Schools


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Securly's ability of to provide identity-based reporting is the main reason why Baugo Community Schools switched!

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Baugo Community Schools

  1. 1. 1.855.SECURLY Baugo Community Schools choose Securly’s web filtering solution to keep its students safe 24/7 with identity- based, and at-home monitoring. Customer Name: Baugo Community Schools Location: Elkhart, Indiana Business ImpactBusiness Challenge Baugo Community Schools has about 2000 students and 250 support staff including 130 teachers. Students are provided Chromebooks, while teachers use PCs and MacBooks. David Wolford, the Instructional Tech at Baugo Community Schools is determined to implement a 100% 1:1 Chromebook policy. This parity is essential to enable students and teachers to live in the same world when it comes to the technology they use. Though the school did use Untangle, their inability to provide identity-based reporting in place of IP-based reporting prompted them to look for other solutions. Identity-based reporting and active reporting were considered important to help the school monitor bullying issues and intervene immediately. Problems arose due to the gap between at-home monitoring and parents’ understanding of at-home web filtering, which the previous provider was unable to resolve. Customer support from other competitors under consideration included “ridiculous response time”, and complicated whitelisting procedures. Cost was also a major factor in view of the transition to Chromebooks and the 1:1 goal. Monitoring beyond social media, by detecting bullying threats over email Identity-based reporting instead of IP based reporting helps educators and parents zero in on the problem areas Blend of active monitoring, periodic alerts, and social media activity monitoring can enable quicker analysis of problem Parent portal that provides parents visibility of student’s activity and encourages engagement Any device. Anywhere. Secure. | 1 (855) SECURLY |
  2. 2. Social media and email monitoring to tackle cyber bullying | 1 (855) SECURLY | Securly is a leading provider of cloud-based web filtering for schools and parental controls for homes. For more information, visit Chromebook filtering As the school moves to 100% Chromebook use, Securly’s zero-touch filtering using Chrome extensions without the hassle of proxying or SSL certificates becomes important. At the same time, it can support any blend of devices including MacBooks and PCs, which are currently being used extensively by teachers and the support staff. “The speed at which you guys are innovating product is awesome. Securly is already an amazing tool to keep kids safe on the internet and it just keeps getting better. From an IT standpoint, it is seamless to deploy” — David Wolford Instructional Tech, Baugo Community Schools David Wolford looked at various options, but Securly’s cost-effective solution that provides active identity-based monitoring along with alerts and Facebook monitoring, and the ability to detect threats of bullying over email tipped the scales in its favor. The incidence and danger of cyber bullying cannot be played down for the cyber generation, and Securly’s ability to detect threats over email can help schools and parents tackle the problem head on. The PageScan and Auditor features give Securly an edge over other providers by enabling in-depth and exhaustive filtering and monitoring. Not only does Securly keep students safe on campus, it also provides the same level of filtering when at home. Students’ activity reports are then sent to the parents’ inbox. This will help bring the school and parents on the same page and find workable solutions for students’ problems. © 2017. Logos and trademarks are the property of their respective companies. All rights reserved.