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DSMS - Community


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DSMS - Community

  2. 2. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. In-telligent, the real-time communication solution that pushes critical and necessary information right where it’s needed most—into the palms of your residents’ hands. Through the In-telligent app, you have the power to send information to anyone running the In-telligent app on their mobile device. Simply having the platform in place allows you to keep the people in your community safer and better informed. THE IN-TELLIGENT PLATFORM IS A POWERFUL COMMUNICATION TOOL.
  3. 3. When your community becomes In-telligent, you have the ability to transform the experience for your community members and their guests as well as your staff. Once they download the In-telligent app and either manually select the community or use our convenient auto-subscribe feature, they will instantly receive the alerts and announcements that you deem appropriate. The control is yours. You decide what is sent out. This control ensures that the right information is received by users (not unauthorized information from some social media platform). In addition, everyone in your community will be more connected to you through the “create alert” feature. This allows them to become an active member of your community. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. REAL-TIME CONTROL RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS LIFE SAFETY ALERTS GENERAL ALERTS ANNOUNCEMENTS TWO-WAY VOIP COMMUNICATIONS
  4. 4. As explained in the following pages, the features and benefits underlying the In-telligent platform are best in class. Specifically, they include: • Available to both iOS and Android users • Convenient auto-subscribe feature • Ability to issue a variety of alerts directly to the users • Ability to silence alerts when necessary • Ability to co-brand your community on our platform • Robust administrative controls • Ability to track alerts from time sent to time viewed • World-class team of engineers and business partners ensure that the system works when needed • Additional time saving and informational features like: - Local traffic and weather easily accessible - Local and national news feeds keeping your up to date on the latest headlines - In-telligent internet and email searches ensuring that you see the information that you care about immediately IN-TELLIGENT. NO OTHER COMMUNICATION PROGRAM HAS THE ROBUST FEATURES OF IN-TELLIGENT. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected.
  5. 5. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. AVAILABILITY Information sharing and safety shouldn’t come at a price. In-telligent has been designed to be free to our users and free to you. We don’t want a subscription fee to keep one of your residents, guests or staff members from using the service. We know that keeping them safe and informed is critically important to you. As such, we have designed the platform to not only be free to you and your users, but also be compatible with both Android and Apple devices. This way, you can easily and simply reach the most people possible. IN-TELLIGENT IS AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL USERS.
  6. 6. Subscribing to multiple properties can be challenging for even the most talented users. While we believe that we have made the subscription process simple, to make sure that your alerts and announcements are reaching the greatest number of your residents and visitors, we have developed a proprietary auto-subscribe feature. This first of its kind feature on a mass notification app allows In-telligent to find users that are simply in or near your community. As such, you have the ability to send an alert or announcement directly to the greatest number of people possible. No other notification app gives you this ability. Further, due to the flexibility of the platform, we can create sub-communities within your community. As your residents, guests and building staff move through the community, they will automatically be included in these sub-communities allowing you to easily and efficiently target announcements and alerts. ANYONE WITH IN-TELLIGENT ON THEIR DEVICE IS AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTED. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. AUTO-SUBSCRIBE FEATURE
  7. 7. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. ADMINISTRATION FUNCTIONS We understand that it is important to get the right information into the hands of your building’s residents and guests. Through the In-telligent portal, you have the power to take control of the communications. As the Administrator, you will have access to an intuitive dashboard that puts the communication controls and options at your finger tips. Announcements, community information, reminders and alerts are all easily issued through a few simple key strokes. In addition, alerts from users are stored and recorded in the portal to assist you in keeping your community safe. In the end, all communications will be under your control, whether they are from your users to you or from you to your users. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE COMMUNICATIONS.
  8. 8. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. CO-BRANDING FEATURE Using our proprietary technology, In-telligent can now allow our customers to provide an even more customized product to their targeted user groups. Though our co-branding option, the pictures that scroll on the home screen can be customized to either specifically show your brand or logo or can be set to show pictures of your community. No other mass notification system can offer this unique ability to connect with your targeted audience. This is just another example of how, at In-telligent, we are constantly looking to enhance your connection to your residents. CUSTOMIZE IN-TELLIGENT TO BE UNIQUE TO YOUR COMMUNITY.
  9. 9. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. GENERAL PROPERTY COMMUNICATIONS With the app running on their mobile device, you can reach every In-telligent user within your community immediately with any kind of communication you deem appropriate. Through a couple of clicks, you can send a message to all users, some of the users or even just one person. The control is yours. Further, you can create “secured” groups within your community where only people that you select are included. This way, you can have a “residents only” group or a “community management” group that receives private announcements and alerts that aren’t appropriate for general distribution. In addition, users have the ability to contact you via text or VoIP should a concern or need arise. Each of these messages is recorded in the portal for your record keeping. Simply by being able to connect in this manner helps build bonds between your users and your community—after all, by using In-telligent, you are proving that your residents, guests, and staff are all important to you. YOU CAN EASILY SEND PROPERTY INFORMATION TO ALL OR A TARGETED GROUP OF USERS.
  10. 10. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. SAFETY & ALERTS Emergencies and safety threats have become all too common in today’s world. When they occur, communicating quickly is key to keeping residents and their guests as safe as possible. Further, effective communication will help you maintain a calm and orderly response to unexpected incidents or events. In-telligent has been designed to ensure that alerts can be issued to the widest audience possible. Emergencies do not follow standard paths. As such, these robust features have been built into the In-telligent platform: • In instances of life safety, In-telligent takes control of the user’s device’s notification settings causing a loud noise and flash to be issued ensuring that the user is warned of the dangers that compromise their safety. • Alerts are easily differentiated on the user’s device by noise and message color to ensure that there is no confusion between life safety alerts and normal alerts/announcements. • Every one of your residents, visitors and staff members can be notified simultaneously and instantly. • Users also have the ability to share alerts and announcements with their Facebook and Twitter communities doubling the reach of your communication efforts. • The Administrator has the ability to determine if a user is in or near the property to assist first responders in the case of an emergency evacuation. • Secured (limited access) sub-communities can be created allowing for more focused alert targeting. WHEN THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENS. ALERTS
  11. 11. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. TRACKING ALERTS We know that it is important that your alerts and announcements reach their intended audience. As such, we have developed a state of the art tracking system that allows the administrator to see when an alert has been issued, when it was received on a specific user’s device and when it was read by the user. This ensures that you can easily see and prove when an alert was issued and when it was viewed. No other notification system gives you this power. Examples of how this can benefit you are: • Confidence in knowing that your message was received • Resolution of disputes around miscommunication • Protection in litigation • Potential reduction in insurable risks and the associated liability In summary, In-telligent provides you these abilities: • Tracking of alerts and announcements showing when it was sent, received and opened • Recording of user initiated alerts (through text and VoIP) to provide supporting documentation of actions taken • Ability of the administrator to issue a personal safety alert which logs the user response and launches a VoIP connection, if required NO MORE GUESS WORK AROUND WHETHER YOUR MESSAGES WERE RECEIVED.
  12. 12. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. ALERT SILENCE FEATURE If a violence driven attack should ever occur and fleeing isn’t an option, it is standard procedure to instruct your residents and visitors to find shelter and hide from the threat. In these situations, the In-telligent users can suspend the notification override feature for two hours, allowing the user to safely hide until the event is over. This features allows you to continue to issue life safety alerts to your users as a whole quickly and easily without having to worry about putting someone in harm’s way. Please note, even with the notification override feature suspended, the users will still receive the alerts and announcements on their devices ensuring that they are kept informed and up to date. THE ABILITY TO BE SILENT IN AN EMERGENCY.
  13. 13. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. FIRE EVACUATION When the fire alarm goes off, there may be either an inherent sense of panic from your resident population or frustration at being bothered with a false alarm or fire drill. Getting a life safety alert issued by the In-telligent portal directly to their mobile devices influences their actions and behavior. Further, when a fire event calls for a property evacuation and it is important to steer your residents, visitors and staff away from certain areas, In-telligent can be used to communicate that guidance to everyone, immediately. Plus, remember that you will be able to ping users to determine their location, which could be key information for rescue by First Responders. IN-TELLIGENT CAN HELP YOU SAVE LIVES BY INFLUENCING ACTIONS.
  14. 14. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. ADDITIONAL FEATURES In-telligent is designed to put convenience into the hands of the user. Your residents will enjoy having access to the following information and content: • TRAFFIC: Users have the ability to view local traffic and access directions to gain a better understanding of congestion around the community. • NEWS FEEDS: Users can toggle between local and national news sources to stay aware of the headlines as they are happening. • WEATHER: Users have the ability to quickly learn about the current local weather and forecast. YOUR RESIDENTS WILL ENJOY ALL OF THE APP’S ADDED FEATURES TO SIMPLIFY THEIR LIVES.
  15. 15. In-telligent offers your users a proprietary search function that transforms how you look for information. In-telligent search allows the user to continually search the Internet and their email based on user determined keyword protocol, creating lists and sending alerts when content is found. • Ability to search the Internet via Twitter, Chrome and/or Safari on a continuous basis with lists being created and alerts being issued when results are found. • Ability to search the user’s Gmail account for specific terms, with lists being created and alerts being issued when results are found. A SEARCH FEATURE LIKE NO OTHER. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. IN-TELLIGENT SEARCH SEARCH
  16. 16. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. Our strategic partners are an integral part of the In-telligent app’s robust design and reliability. Every partnership has been carefully selected to ensure that our platform provides state-of-the-art security and performance for your property and residents. Powering our notification and application-related services: • APPLE DEVELOPER • GOOGLE PLAY Powering our mobile advertising and user analytics: • GOOGLE ADSENSE • AMAZON MOBILE AD NETWORK Powering our development, safety storage, features and technical support: • SURGE • SINCH! • TWILIO • AMAZON WEB SERVICES PERFORMANCE POWERED BY EXPERIENCE AND STABILITY.
  17. 17. The app that keeps your community safe, secure and connected. Keeping your community safe and informed is critically important. Through In-telligent we have harnessed the best parts of the Cloud and the architecture supporting Apple and Android powered mobile devices to create a transformative communication tool. We believe that through using the features and benefits of the In-telligent platform, everyone who lives in and visits your community will have a truly unique experience. We are here to help you learn more about the power of the platform and to develop a successful integration campaign for promoting In-telligent at your property. We look forward to working with you to make your property In-telligent! GET CONNECTED TODAY.